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Found 19 results

  1. There was some discussion in another thread about making the Goldwing more comfortable from a wind buffeting standpoint and I thought it would be beneficial to break it out into dedicated thread. It was suggested to change the windshield to a taller and wider windshield like the F4 Customs +4 (4 inches taller than stock) and to also install air wings under the mirrors. I've looked at the F4 web site and there are conflicting statements on that site regarding maintaining adjustability with the taller and wider shield. Does anyone know if there is any adjustability with the +4 shield. It probably doesn't matter to me because I would be looking through it anyway. Another shield option I am considering is the Clearview shield. The F4 shield is nearly $400. Clearview offers shields that are 3 inches wider and up to 5 inches taller and they state that the adjustability is maintained. They are priced at about $220. Would they work as well as the F4+4? Any other suggestions? Dennis
  2. do they make a wider rim that will fit the 1st gens i will be getting a 1st gen hopefuly by next week and was wondering? i like wider tires on the rear just a comfort thing gives me peace of mind knowing i have more ruber on the ground just thought i would ask
  3. At our club bike night last night, a guy and his wife showed up on a 2001 RSV with pillow top seats. My wife noticed that the pillow top passenger seat is a good 4 to 6 inches wider than our stock 2000 seat. So... is it a wider seat base or is that just extra padding adding to the width? A wider seat base would give more support but extra padding at the sides doesn't look to me like it would make much of a difference in comfort as there would be little, if any, extra support. Anyone? Andy
  4. Has anyone out there put on the aftermarket 4" shorter by 2.5" wider windshield? How does it compare to the OEM?
  5. I just ordered the large Baggershield windshield. I already have the same size shield (10.5 inch) now but would be nice for it to be a little wider. This new shield is about 4 inches wider than my current Cee Bailey. My wife gets alot of turbulence on the back with this shield. Hopefully the wider shield helps with that. I'll report back when I get the shield installed. Ron
  6. Well, with the electrical work done on the RSV and the weather turning nasty, it's time to start doing some new work on the bike. With that, I have some questions. I want to replace the stock windshield with one that is 3 inches lower since I can't easily look over the top of the stock windshield in the rain. I've looked up the threads on the subject but one question to which I found no answer was this: do the wider windshields (Usually 4 to 5 inches wider overall) give better hand protection (I'm more concerned with the cold than the rain, but better rain protection would be nice)? I know from the threads that a number of members have gone to the wider windshields so I'm hoping someone can pass on their experience. Also on this subject, my 5 ft. 2 in. wife (I'm 5ft. 10 in.) says that she gets some buffeting at face level at highway speeds. Does anyone have any experience as to what effect a move to a lower and wider windshield would have on this. I can't really tell if the air she gets hit with is coming from over the top of the windshield or from around the sides. I'm guessing that a move to a lower and wider windshield would have little effect on gas mileage since the surface area would stay roughly the same. Some windshields, however, seem to sweep back at a greater angle than the stock one, so it's possible mileage would be improved. Anyone have any experience with that? And also, does anyone have experience with handle bar heaters? The price is better than for heated grips, but I wonder if they do as good a job. Well that should do it for now....at least until I see if I can figure out how to get my grips off the bike. Chrome insert in the end and a collar at the other end and both spin? Who thinks this stuff up anyway? Andy
  7. Has anyone tried cutting the bottom of an RSV windshield and then slotting and drilling new mounting holes? I like this Idea since I think I would have problems getting such a smooth curve cutting the top portion and it would bother me every time I looked at it. Seems possible - potential issues. Limits fine tuning of height after the first cut so I had better get the height I want first time. I'm thinking 3" shorter for me but will check sight line over top with some scotch tape and inch marks. Bottom area of windshield will be slightly wider but seems there is enough clearance in the slot it fits into to accept the wider width. Anything else?
  8. finally got to take my bike out with the new F4 windshield.....for anyone that's around 6 ft tall and gets head buffeting with a stock height windshield and wants to stop it, this shield , which is 2 inches longer than stock and much wider, ...works..
  9. I've got an '83 VR and am looking to bring the handlebars back about an inch or two without pinching the ends. (I'm running a leaning sidecar and the wider stance of the bars gives me more leverage) Is there something that would allow me to do so?
  10. Sorry, I know we have posted a lot about the Avon Venom X tires, but most of the posts seem to be from RSV and later model RSTD (after 2001). I'm looking for someone who has run the Avon rear 150/90 15 which seems to be slightly wider than the Dunlop. Are there any Tour Classic owners (98/99) who have used the Venom and who can tell me if there is a problem because they are wider? I want to order a pair of Venoms (front- 150/80 16, rear- 150/90 15) because I like the fatter front tire. Really appreciate the group and great bunch of riders. Thanks very much in advance for your help.
  11. Wow Ive just been reading some of the post on the metz 880 I wasnt aware of all these porblems. I have a set on my 07 VRS and had no trouble at all in fact Iwas looking to see if anyone had put the new upgrade on theres. THe wider one the 180,s on the back. I have 15k on mine and am looking to replace them with another set. Also just woundering if which part of the country you live in makes a different, the temp you ride in and the road construction.
  12. OK folks, I had mentioned in another thread about a new windshield that I was going to try on my bike. I had heard about this company from Bob Dakin but knew nothing about them. A few days ago I got an email from the owner of the company asking if I would be willing to test their new RSV shield and provide feedback to him and to our members. I told him that I was willing to do so but that he needed to understand that my report would be 100% honest and I would NOT support a product that I didn't believe in. Now it turns out that F4Customs is only about an hour from my house so I took a drive over there and picked up a shield. They offer it in 3 sizes. 14.5", 17.5" (stock height) and 19.5". The 17.5" and the 19.5" are both available in stock width or 4" wider than stock. I went with the 19.5" shield in the 4" wider size. This is about the same height as my Clearview shield. The Clearview shield was also wider than stock but this one is a bit wider yet. Now I want to say here that I was NEVER unhappy with my Clearview shield and have recommended them many times here. It is now about 9 years old and is still in very good shape. I would not have been in the market for a new shield at this time. There are a number of claims that F4 makes about this shield. It is scratch resistant, no optical distortion, they say it is very slick and really sheds water well. You can use Rain X on it and they actually recommend that you clean it with windex and paper towels and you will not scratch it. The RSV shield is new but they have made shields for other bikes and Nascar for some time now. I understand that they are a very popular brand with the Goldwing riders. I have no reason to doubt their claims but it will obviously be a while and many miles before I can fully verify them either. What I can say is that the shield fits well. All the bottom holes are actually holes and not slots as Clearview and the stock shields use. There seems to be substantial material to hold the shield if a screw or two get loose. The holes were all drilled properly and lined up as they should have. It is a bit wider at the bottom than my older Clearview shield. One thing I did notice is that the wider part of the shield at the bottom sweeps back a bit. The Clearview shield was pretty much straight in line with the chrome strip. To the point that you actually had to flex the shield back a bit in order to remove the chrome. This one sweeps back probably an inch. Not saying that is a good thing or a bad thing, just a difference that I wanted to point out. Also the bottom of the wide part of the shield angles up just a bit. Where the Clearview shield is pretty much straight across where the width extends at the bottom ... aligns with the top of the fairing...this one angles up maybe 3/4" or so. Again, not saying that is good or bad but a difference. I THINK I actually like the Clearview better in this one regard but this is something that F4 could probably tweak if it turns out that everybody feels the same way that I do about it. After I put a few miles on it, I may end up liking it this way. We'll see. Anyway, this is my intial report. The shield is well made, fits nicely, secured very well with all holes and no slots. As for it being highly scratch resistant and shedding water so well, only time will tell. They did show me a demo of a shield with a windshield wiper wrapped in steel wool. He said they had run the wiper for over 100 hours with the steel wool scrubbing the shield and it was not scratched at all. It IS a very clear shield and I've noticed no optical distortian at all. That wasn't a problem with my Clearview either but some with the new swept back version of the Clearview have complained just a bit about it. I will report further after I've put some miles on it. If you want to know more, the F4 Custom website is: http://www.f4customs.com/
  13. I've noticed some wind buffeting on my RSTD that I don't have on my 07 V-Star 1300T. I installed Buck's lowers on my 1300 and the buffeting was noticeable less. The 1300's windshield is about 2" taller so cutting the windshield shouldn't help the buffeting, but Buck's lowers are considerably wider and longer than the stock RSTDs. Has anyone experimented with their lowers or done anything to improve the buffeting? The RSTD is not all that bad but after putting the lowers on the 1300 I am spoiled. Thanks for any comments!
  14. O all knowing moderators... I probably have a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. Why do some of the threads appear on my monitor a screen width, but some are much wider and I have to scroll to the right to read them? Is there something I need to set differently? Thanks in advance for the help!
  15. Does anyone ride with a shorter wider windshield? I am considering the purchase of a wider and shorter tinted shield but i'm not sure I will like riding on long trips with it. Also I am not sure of the way it looks. If anyone here rides with one can you please post a pic, and tell me what height it is possibly? Maybe some pro's and cons of it too? Thanks in advance, Big Mike
  16. My 84 Venture Std. has this rear tire: 140/90-16 Michelin Hi-Tour A66, that came with the bike when I bought it last summer. It is a 71H. The wife and I are at maximum load without any "Stuff" in the bags. This tire is actually 148mm wide inflated. There is still more than 5 mm or .2" between the tire and the drive shaft housing. Any one tried a 150/90-16 rear? 1. It would have a higher load rating. 2. It theorically would be .4" wider (but mine is already 8mm or .3" wider), the speedometer would be 1.5 slower (more accurate) due to larger diameter .7" and circumference 2.2". (Plenty of room) On the front I could not use a larger tire. The fender is very close to the tire. But 65H is not overloaded.
  17. As the pics show, you can fit a wider tire then the I put on. This is a BFGoodrich T/A Radial 155/80R15. There is a good 1/2 inch of clearance between the tire and driveshaft. If I ever wear this tire out, I will go wider. ADDED : If you have a sidecar or a Voyager Kit, this is a must do mod. ADDED EVEN MORE : Current mileage is 74265
  18. A 14 inch tinted windshield and wider then stock any idea where to get one? Joe
  19. So I snagged a used Corbin 1 piece seat on eBay (got a GREAT DEAL).. but it comes without backrests. Looking on Corbin's site, the backrests are like $250!! So I did some digging around, and I found this company that sells backrests that supposedly mount on the Corbin seats.. anyone heard of or had one of these? http://www.harrisonspecialtiesstore.com/servlet/the-27/Corbin-Seat-Drivers-Motorcycle/Detail This backrest is 1 inch taller and wider than the standard Corbin backrest.. very tempting for the $$ but thought it might be wise to check here first. Thanks! Doc
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