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  1. I was just about to push the button on a new set of Pirelli Diablo for the duckie when I noticed the rear was stamped “Made in China”. Sorry but not trusting my life to that. Ended up going with Dunlops made in Japan.
  2. Check out the current Rider magazine, July 2012 edition. It has an interesting article as to why you should not use car tires on motorcycles. It also has a quote from John Mosby, a representative of Kumho tires, "Kumho passenger car tires are not made to absorb the reduced contact patch of high camber angles that motorcycle tires frequently experience. Because of this durability can be affected by operating at such high camber angles, which can lead to tire failure. We strongly discourage anyone from using Kumho passenger car tires on their motorcycle." It's a very informative article including detailed pictures and talks about in the event of a crash... will he be the target of a costly lawsuit because he fit his motorcycle with tires not designed or intented for motorcycle use and may have contributed to the crash. "Are the few dollars saved by turning to a car tire outweighed by the potential loss of a house and whatever dollars may be squirreled away for retirement?" I thought this was a very interesting read... i couldn't find it on their website, but please try to find it and read it. i know this probably won't sway the darkside believers... because.. well..
  3. I need some help finding long distance touring tires. My Yamaha dealership swamped me into a Vons claiming they would rival Michelin long-distance tires. The michelins claimed double the usual expected mileage. That would equate to 40,000 k. I have since learned my Yamaha dealer may have totally lied about the capability of the Avon tires. Not wishing to rely on them for advice I'm asking here. The Dunlop Elite 4 tires seem to claim amazing range. What is my best option and does anyone know where I could get them installed in short notice.
  4. Greetings! Just purchased a 1988 Venture. Just registered with your site also. I've been out of biking for over fifteen years until a good friend of mine and his wife purchased an '07 Venture and appeared to be having a great time and rekindled my interest. The '88 model I just purchased is in great shape but it's needing tires. Any advise on what's good or what to stay away from? Thanks!
  5. Ya'll have convinced me. Once again I've read great advice from the many experienced riders/owners on this forum. Took my bike in for routine maintenance (do most of it myself but sometimes you just want a certified mechanic to look things over) and asked if they would lower my front forks. I'm going to go with 3/4". I'm 5'11" and can reach the ground with flat feet but the seat is a little wide so I do have to put them down solid. This will help that a little (as opposed to raising the rear) but mainly I'm looking forward to the greater agility at low speed and the feeling of less weight I'm hearing about. I should get it home this Friday (shop is very busy this time of year in NC). I'll let ya'll know how it feels for me soon as I can.
  6. Before I alter my rear wheel, I thought I better ask this collective of experienced minds, if any of you know of a better way to get a 16" rear wheel onto the back of a newer RSTD ? I want to run on radial tires. Period ! So we all know that no one makes a quality brand radial tire in a 15". You have to go 16" or bigger, to be able to buy radials for the bikes. Therefore, I am looking at sending my rear wheen down to Kosman Industries, to have the make my OEM rear wheel into a 16" rear wheel. Their website explains all the procedures, and costs. http://kosmanspecialties.com/ I would do this in the Winter, when I am going to be needing new tires anyway, and I can afford to have the bike down for a couple weeks. So, before I do this, does anyone else have ideas of an available 16" wheel that will correctly fit on the rear of a second gen bike? Or something else to do ? IMHO, I believe I can make this bike a better ride on good radials, versus the bias belt tires. Please let me know...what you know. Thanks, Miles:detective:
  7. Hello Everyone: As most of you know, our 05 RSTD was heavily smoke damaged about a year ago. While it was in the shop for restoration, I decided to have new tires installed. The PO had Metzler 880's on it. I did not do any research. I trusted my dealer to guide me. He installed Dunlop 404's. $611 total for tires and labor. We enjoyed 7,000 miles of two up riding last year. I noticed yesterday while installing new pipes that the rear tire is worn more than I expected. I am not unhappy. $300 for an entire season of fun is cheap entertainment. I guess I expected the tire to last more than one season?? I see by many other posts that 7-12K is the norm? I might be able to go another $2500 miles, but really do not want to risk it. What are your thoughts, experiences and suggestions on brand, size etc. I appreciate your input. I have read good things about E3's. Thanks in advance
  8. It is time for me to ride SOUTH. I was supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning, but...as we all know too well...weather at this time of year dictates when we can ride. Finding that we have a perfect window of clear, dry weather for the next several hours, we have decided to leave Washington state now, and make it down to Eugene, OR., and stop for the night. We could easily go farther, but we have a large hill to go over at the Oregon/California border, and there is usually lots of snow and ice on the road this time of year. We want to do that hill in the daylight, after some sun has hit it. Have an appointment in Redding to have our tires changed out, for the ride down to much warmer/hot weather down in South America. We will leave our winter tires at this shop, as well as most (not all) of our heated clothing. Then on the way back north, we will have the same shop take off our summer tires, and re-install our winter tires, and give us back our heated clothing that we left with them. Total ride down to Bolivia/Chile' should be about 15,000 round trip. We plan to do some sight seeing in Bolivia, retrace the steps of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and then take in day # 10 of the Dakar Rally in Chile'. I will be riding my 2012 Super Tenere', and my riding partner is riding a 2005 R12GS. We are well prepped and planned for this ride, but..."IF" anything goes wrong, well...my friends, it has been lovely getting to know many of you. Hope to be back on here in 4 weeks. Stay safe, and be nice to one another while I am gone. Adios,
  9. Need to get new tires for the cage (08 Taurus) Went to Sams Club, where I can get BF Goodrich Touring T/A tires for a little over $100 each, ....more like $140 each installed and out the door. Michelin Defender XT tires would be a little over $155 each, plus the add on charges, which I didn't get a quote on, but should take the price to around $190 each installed and out the door. Are Michelin's worth the extra two bills for the set? This car (great car) has 120 k miles on it, so this will probably be the last set of tires I'll put on it. I anticipate this Taurus will easily run 200K, but at that point I'll probably want to get something a bit fresher. So, the question is: are Michelins really that special?
  10. Guest

    Avon Tire question

    This is not a question of whether an Avon is a good tire or how good their customer service is or warranty or how long they last or how they handle. I like the way Avon's handle on my 91 VR. I am on my 6th or 7th SET of Avon Venom's in the last 5 years. And frankly it could be the 8th. I have lost track. I have yet to get more than 5000 miles out of either a front or rear tire before the sidewalls have cracked extensively and usually I get more in the range of 1000 to 3000 miles. All of the tires were mfg'd within 6 to 9 months of mounting. Understand that I maintain the tire pressure per the techs at Avon, bike has been garaged, I do not wash the tires with anything but rain water, I haven't washed my rims in 10 or so years. I use no chemicals or products on the rims or tires. I put the tires on and ride. The bike did sit for a few months after I had a hip and knee replaced but otherwise I try to get out and ride (ie: exercise the tires ...) when ever I can. I have found the Avon reps (and I have been through 2 different companies that rep for Avon here in the states) agreeable and out of all the Avon's I have had, I have only paid for one (1) set and mounting twice. Good for Avon. Whoopie. The bike has a touch over 200,000 miles on it. No problems that would affect it's ride or tire wear or condition. Period. Once again after a short time on this set I am experiencing rather extreme sidewall cracking. So here is my question: Has any one actually heard of or experienced a sidewall blowing out as a result of this type of cracking (not related to age rot) or is this just cosmetic? I am getting tired of putting tires on this thing every 3000 miles.
  11. My 84 came with a Kenda on the rear & a Dunlop 491 on the front. Both tires are in excellent shape & I have no issues whatsoever on the Interstate or the streets. I remember the p o told me he changed the rear tire but not the front because it was in good shape. Since the wife & I are planning to take longer overnight trips I decided to check the tire date codes. The rear was in fact replaced as it had a date code of 0711. The front although perfect is 8 years old with a 2304 code. SO... Although I am happy with the current performance of this tire combo, I was wondering should I match the the front tire with a Kenda as well? At least for the life of this set. Has anyone had issues with Kenda tires up front? I hear that Gen 1's are fussy about tires. The next full set I will ask you guys again for what would be top of the line, but for now I always like matching tires, but if the Kenda is problematic up from, I will just get another Dunlop 491.
  12. I tried looking for this specific question but could not. When I had my Suzuki Boulevard, I got new tires. I asked the tire guy about whether I should go by the pressure on the side of the tires or what was in the manual. He said always go by what the tire says. I had a new set of Kenda Kruz tires. Really great. I did 40 psi. front and back. So which is the correct pressure to go by? I have an 06 RSTD. Thanks in advance Dave
  13. Need some advice I have an opportunity to buy a ’70 BSA Rocket 3 750 triple for $5K. Been in dry storage covered for 30+ years. One owner. Has racing wheels and tires w/ original tires and wheels in boxes that go w/ it. Copper color, looking at it today to determine condition and will post pics. If it is in good condition would it be worth 5K? I know nothing about BSA.
  14. On CNN today.... cool ! Hopefully one day on bikes ! http://www.wired.com/autopia/2012/09/self-inflating-tires/
  15. I have some good used tires that I would like to give away to someone who could use them. They are all about 50% or better. Best if you could pick them up as shipping could get expensive especially if crossing the border. 1 Avon front black wall 1 Avon rear white wall 1 Dunlop rear white wall
  16. well I finally after 25 yrs of riding I finally got a nail in my back tire. I went ahead and put in a plug and I'm thinking it should get me to the end of the year. I plan on new tires next spring so the 1,000 miles or so left in this season seems like no big deal. I have plugged car tires with good results so hoping this should be the same. what sez all you wise people.
  17. I've got 2 Ventures, an '83 with YICS and an '88 without YICS. Twisting the throttle wide open, the '83 accelerates briskly and without delay from a starting slow rolling speed, but the '88 seems to pause a moment before full on response, with no popping back through the intake or other indications. Almost like the machine is thinking about what the twisting of the throttle is all about. The carbs are clean and well balanced, pilot screws adjusted well, fuel level correct, engine starts quickly cold or warm, and has a nice steady idle. Is this delay just the nature of the beast, or should I expect instant response like my '83? -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83 46K miles Avon tires '88 52K miles Bridgestone Spitfire tires
  18. Hi Everyone! It's time for me to replace tires on my '87 and was wondering which tires are your favorites. Since I'm always looking for a bargain I found Shinko's 777 and 230 Tour Master for less than $80. Anyone tried them? Havetime
  19. After getting putrid miles out of the Brickstones that the bike came with, and then slightly better out a set of Pirelli Rt66's, I then went with ME 880's. I now have 15K miles on them, and have been totally happy with them. The rear tire is right at ready to be replaced, but I swear there's another few thousand left in the front. Having said that, my question is, why do I see a fairly large number of folks bashing the Metzler ME880's, and instead recommending tires like Avon Venom, Dunlop E3's, and Michelin Commander II's? The reason I want to know is, if I'm fixin to buy knew tires before the 2 week trip we are taking in September, then I need to know why these other tires are so much better than the Metzler's. I might consider them if they are way better. It's not like the Metzler's we currently have are doing light duty either. Besides the weight of the bike, I'm a pretty good sized fella too (6'6" 300lbs), and my wife adds a bit at 130lbs. Just wondering.
  20. I've always ran Metzler tires on my sport bikes. So now that I have a 85 Venture project I have to decide on a set of tires. As always budget is a concern, but are the Marathon 880's good. Its only a few bucks more than the Kenda Cruz @ Royal Distributing?? Or is there somewhere better to get tires in Ontario??
  21. Well, after about 4,000 miles my Avon Venom rear tire had developed cracking and needed to be replaced. I phoned Avon and discussed the matter with them, and though they seemed very helpful (and not unaware of the problem) they advised that I would have to go through my retailer for a replacement. I tried to call SWMototires but got no answer, so had to email them about the problem. They responded quick enough and advised that there should be no problem getting a replacement. Then I started thinking that I might just want to try the new Michelin Commander II's I had been reading about, and use the Avon's as backup tires if the Michelin's don't prove to be all their Marketing Department says they are. I know, the Commander II is not available in a 150/90HB-16 front, but I had been wanting to give the narrower 130/90HB-16 a try anyway so this was not a problem for me. They do make a direct replacement for our 150/90HB-15 rear tires, so that's was a no-brainer. Once I got them mounted and balanced, I only had enough time to put about 15 miles on them. I did like what I felt, and will report back after I get a couple of longer trips made on them.
  22. OK does anyone know of a good place to buy tires in Canada:snow2:. I am getting tired of getting ripped off for the price we have to pay up here in the great white north . I am planning on getting a set of Avons for my 07:thumbsup2: I will gladly order from the USA but most places can not be bothered to ship to Canada:confused07:
  23. This is a question to those that change their own tires. How do you recycle the used tires? What I have been doing is to wait until my son has a car headed for the junk yard, and just put it in the trunk. Trouble is, he hasn't had a car to junk lately. Frank D.
  24. finaly made it home from roosterville (Marion) NC. thanks to 1rooster for selling me the 84 venture my daughter and i left NC sunday late afternoon and with the hickups of trailer tires going flat along the way i finaly made it 500 mi to gulfport with the bike in one piece will post pics soon :cool10: i dont think the venture liked the trailer for as many tires i went thru on the trailer
  25. Brought my beast in yesterday for the spring service. I'm planning a road trip next month and when we looked it over the service guy and I agreed the the stock rear (11000km) was looking a bit iffy for a long run. He had a pair of venoms in stock, and I said "Sure, why not." When I picked it up that afternoon I took it for a run to get the 'new' off the tires. OMG! I've never been willing to push the beast hard because it felt heavy in the turns, a little squirelly. Within 10 minutes I was taking lean angles I'd never dared with it before and the thing was running like it was on rails. I actually managed to touch a floorboard to the road. Felt like the v-star 950 I traded in for it... It's a completely different bike. I know I've restarted the tire brand debate,but I had to say it.... I'm REALLY impressed with the venoms. I'll let you know how the durability works out, but the first impression is amazing.
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