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  1. Several members have commented on Sonny before. The guy is a real piece of work if you ask me.
  2. Some options for canisters and bladders - https://adventuremotorcycle.com/gear/motorcycle-auxiliary-fuel-tanks These ones are shaped to fit inside your saddlebags - https://www.reda.co/reda-gas-can Good comparison of the different types here - https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/shopping-guides/how-to-carry-extra-fuel-on-a-motorcycle
  3. The picture isn't what is centuries old.
  4. No matter whether it is a 2 lane road or 4 lane....OWN THE LANE. 2 lane road turning right...stay toward the left so people don't go around you 2 lane road turning left....more about 1/3 to 1/2 in from the centre lane 4 lane road turning right.... right lane but on the left side of the lane 4 lane road turning left.... right side of the left lane And in all cases....flash your brakes to make sure people coming up behind you see you....and watch your back. Turn signal on at a reasonably early time and begin slowing down. If someone is behind me or coming towards m
  5. Subscribed even though my membership expires in June. Order 299. I don't want to miss out on the fun !
  6. 6250 miles on it...basically has had one oil change. When new this bike sold for around $18,000. I see it has the passing lights and trunk rack...not much has been done to it so hasn't been messed with. $6500 - sounds like a good deal to me. Run carb cleaner thru it (Seafoam is good)... because of the age of the tires (probably original) you'll want to change them, oil and coolant obviously... My ride is a 2009 with over 100,000km on it. No issues. The gear whine that was mentioned is due to straight cut gears and seem to be pre-2009 models. For the 2009 year they changed the clut
  7. In the read only section there is a write up on repairing the tabs on the chrome windscreen trim. I did it to mine and worked out better than new. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll post a link. Found it.... https://www.venturerider.org/forum/topic/85-repair-of-chrome-windshield-trim/?tab=comments#comment-305
  8. Was fun working on the two bikes at the same time. Made it easier comparing how to take certain parts off and how to put them on....routing cables and hoses.... finding "missing" pipe clamps that found places to hide... Carl as supervisor and advisor... Pic of bike stripped down and almost all the parts taken off... then not even a single extra bolt....and the bike back together and running.
  9. Carl's garage...Carl was the boss. But only inside the shop !
  10. I added a usb charging port in my trunk. I have a 6 gang fuse block under the passenger back rest (there is a hollow area there). This goes to the battery terminals. For the USB port I use the running lights to enable a relay so that the usb port is powered when the bike is running. I figured the trunk was watertight so if I'm riding and recharging my phone or other device it is out of the elements.
  11. Show off !! You got a really good deal !
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