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  1. We have to be in Niagara Falls later in the afternoon but can come in the morning. We will be on four wheels though.
  2. Welcome aboard ! Several Canadians on the sight. I'm in Kitchener Ontario.
  3. If you are looking for passing light visors....I got these years ago from Harley. They don't have the HD symbol on them. https://www.harley-davidson.com/ca/en/shop/passing-lamp-visors/p/67783-78T
  4. Sorry to hear about your wife but hopefully it can be dealt with easily
  5. Still riding my 09 RSV. Will ride it until I can't ride it any longer.
  6. Our condolences to the family
  7. I used the speed clips and in 12 years they've never come off. Much better than the OEM plastic. Here is the tech article to fix the chrome piece in front of the windshield -
  8. I have an almost new set (including mounts). PM me and we can discuss price.
  9. If you look in the tech articles there is a fix for the broken tabs.
  10. @slowrollwv used to make them....that's where I got mine.
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