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  1. Who chose October 7th ? Their party ! Phil? Carl? Ben?
  2. I'm in. Reni as well if she is off work
  3. Late in posting but....I have a brand new set of fork deflectors if anyone else is in need. One of mine broke (cracked bracket) while still within the 5 year warranty. I got one of the stainless sets from a member here and have the OEM ones on a shelf in my garage.
  4. As long as it is a weekend....I'm good for any day. My preference would be a ride beginning in the morning and ending late afternoon.
  5. Am I the only one that can convene get togethers? Pick a date and post it !
  6. Some people went with a narrower front tire to improve handling....but then you get the tracking issues. I have always used the recommended size from the manual. Check what the size is and let us know.
  7. Congratulations ! Looks very nice.
  8. Weather forecast for this Saturday (August 19th) looks great ! Hope to see other Venture riders (and whatever else you come on or in) !
  9. Have you considered adding another admin or two and keeping the reins ? Chance to bring someone else up to speed on the maintenance side of things. I work in I.T. but don't have the website experience and not sure about the time. Like you would like to keep the site in the "family".
  10. From the electrical parts list - item 58 - shows to be in the left lower cowl. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/yamaha/motorcycle/2007/royal-star-venture-xvz13tfw/electrical-1
  11. Can you give a description of what is happening? Bike won't start at all? When you turn the key do the lights come on? Engine crank at all? You sure the kill switch isn't on? With kickstand up or down? When you turn on the ignition does the fuel pump click? Good write up on ignition switch issue - https://venturers.org/Tech_Library/index.php?action=article&cat_id=002007&id=339 Wiring diagram - Top right of the Venturerider.org window is a magnifying glass (search). You can do a few searches to narrow down the issue.
  12. Rescheduled for Saturday the 19th
  13. Sorry about your loss Phil. For the get together....forecast is for rain.. Will confirm Friday but if rain still forecast we'll change the date to the 19th.
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