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  1. 6-9 JAN 2023 North American International Motorcycle Supershow, The International Centre Mississauga 17-19 Jan 2023 Toronto Motorcycle Show. Enercare Centre, Toronto
  2. If Carl is going I'm sure he won't mind you being a passenger. I know you two are "close".
  3. Checked his carbs yesterday... were already nicely balanced
  4. https://www.carbtune.com/ is what I have....and don't mind helping out a neighbour !
  5. I'm partial to the Ontario rallies we had for a couple years....but then I am biased about them. Rallies that I miss and will hopefully be able to attend again : Maintenance Day (wide range of members from all over); WNY (great group of people). Work gets in the way of more travel....and the covid restrictions the past couple years of course. Hopefully with retirement in about 3 years I'll be free to do what I want and go where I want...
  6. I'm blushing from the good words that have been spoken. Pay it forward....I've been helped by several members and continue with the same attitude the majority of the members here have had. Help those that need assistance. Not enough space here to mention all that have provided me with support whether it was learning to do things on my bike, but also those members that made adapters and (shiny) parts. Members I've met and members I only know online...and having said that, credit where credit is due. If @Freebird hadn't started this site I wouldn't have the friends I've made over the years, wouldn't have learned what I have, and wouldn't be able to provide the same assistance to others that has been provided to me.
  7. Group get togethers have definitely been missed the past couple years. Hopefully this summer people can meet 'n greet again. Sometimes the best way to attend one of these is to be the organizer.
  8. Sorry to hear that Eileen is having issues. Hopefully something that can be treated easily.
  9. Cameras have image stabilization. And don't forget....we are talking about a smooth running Venture...not a HD that rattles and shakes. 🙂
  10. I have mine mounted on the left side of the handlebars and use the RAM mount. They have different lengths of extenders and I ordered one that puts the camera far enough to the side to be clear of the windscreen.
  11. I've used Microsoft Streets and Trips to map my routes, save it as a gps file and load it on my Garmin. Simple. In Streets and Trips you can set waypoints and identify gas stops
  12. Yes, Canadian bikes got the metric only speedometer. U.S bikes have MPH/miles (odometer) but speedo has kilometers in small letters. In Ontario there seem to be a lot of bikes that were brought into Ontario for sale so you'll see several of them around.
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