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  1. Got a response from Performance Cycle about gasket cost. Their response : "Those gaskets are $44.71 each and would have to be ordered which might take up to a week to get. When we do the job we also replace the sealing rubbers on the bolts which are $16.31 each, and you need 16, they would have to be ordered too." Comments on the sealing rubbers on the bolts? This makes the cost $350 to start. Not sure what it would cost to have the dealer do this (if they have a mechanic that knows the Venture - Performance Cycle used to...don't know if they still do)
  2. Found the gasket part number - 4NK-11193-00-00 Common shims, particularly the 265 and 270, 275 sizes Steps by V7Goose also suggest changing the coolant and plugs...remove and clean the carbs Also... - sizing chart - - step by step guide to doing it -
  3. We can probably order the gaskets we need from Brantford Motorcycle. How many bikes in total are we talking so far ? Mine and Phil's.... @skydoc_17....do you have part number for the gasket(s) required?
  4. I'm agreeable with this.... if Carl doesn't mind. Earl... availability of the shims? I have the tool.
  5. That garage looks familiar. Carl renting out his garage now?
  6. Out of curiosity....if I were to request the shim kit over the winter....possibly end of December....are there other members in South Western Ontario that would be interested in doing theirs as well? @sleepy2 @Wizard765 @Grez007 @saddlebum @stickhandle2 @animal575 @Midicat @Uthred @dusty roads @racerguy36 @Barry.B @dogman @DonnyRudeDude @CALEDON @Not That Guy @Grey Wolf @Evan @Brownie57 @Scifiman @herb1 @Barnie @rickv Think I listed the members in the area to see if there is interest. Hopefully @Marcarl would be interested in providing his proven and respected input, his guid
  7. When the border was open and I went across to the U.S. side I'd generally pick up two things. Seafoam and Velveeta cheese. Both are half the price just south of the border. Wouldn't go to the U.S. just for that but was interesting crossing back into Canada and just having cheese to declare. Got a few funny looks....then a "have a nice day" from the border guard.
  8. Figures I just paid $12.99 at Canadian Tire. Will have to find a Home Hardware and pick up a couple more cans.
  9. Haven't been on much the last week and a half. My Father passed away on October 9th. He was 98 years old. Right up to the end...including the morning he was admitted to the hospital....he still lived at home, cooked his own meals, cut his own grass. Was physically and mentally strong. The Wednesday morning (Oct 7)morning my sister called me, he had walked a couple blocks to get his hair cut but became disoriented...not like him. He made it home and my sister got a call from the barber that something was wrong with him - everyone knew him because he was always go-go-go, would be see
  10. Reminder....back-ups are your friend. Take a back-up before you begin !
  11. That is really cool. Looking forward to following your build. Can't help you with your wiring but definitely like to see your progress.
  12. No matter where you are in the world....when someone helps another pick up their bike, does it matter if the bike is leaning to the left or right? Hmmmmm I tend to follow a wide range of news from Canada, U.S., and the U.K. The numbers are only those that have been tested, there are more untested people wandering the streets - with any test they aren't perfect and some have shown to lean toward giving a positive result, others more to the negative. I practice social distancing and glad that work has put in overkill measures to keep us safe. Here...everyone wears masks in stores and publ
  13. Larry ( @Carbon_One) used to make and sell them. You can check with him if he has any left.
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