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  1. @Davvid What are you riding? The Venture has back seat, trunk, speakers. Do you have the Tour Deluxe? Any speaker used on a motorcycle would need to be waterproof/marine grade. The Polk speakers are 4" and marine grade.
  2. Doesn't have much in the way of lower leg protection...other than legs being behind the cylinders. Nice that it has LED lighting, high output, shaft drive....not sure about the big screen (how costly to update the onboard maps?). And also noted the oil/air cooled.
  3. BMW must have been listening to Puc. Nice looking and well equipped bike ! And starting at $24k ? Wow.
  4. Puc - almost 100% agree with your list of what the 3rd gen shoulda been. Shoulda coulda. Yamaha blew it and had they listened to us, at a reasonable price (somewhere between what a 2013 RSV cost and a HD) they would have taken Honda Goldwing and HD tourer sales away .... as well as BMW, Kawasaki.... Whatever group Yamaha said they listened to were the wrong people. Maybe a division at Yamaha wanted to cheap out and jump into an overcrowded v-twin market. Mind you, Yamaha marketing seems to be like what IBM marketing used to be. Produce a great product but not tell anyone about it. Someone at the time said that Yamaha monitored VR.org ... obviously not. On Puc's list....only thing I would change would be heel/toe shifter with floorboards. Heel/toe shifter has spoiled me and I wouldn't want to go backwards to just a toe shifter. With heel/toe you don't have to worry about how tall the toe is on your riding boots.
  5. All you have to do is post a date/time and location.
  6. Check out MPC in Brooklyn Ohio https://www.mpcplating.com/about
  7. For the air intakes...consider getting the plastic OEM covers chromed. Given the price and availability of the polished aluminum Yamaha intakes....chroming the original intakes looks great and isn't that expensive (couple hundred $ at most). Frankly...chroming them looks as good as the expensive intakes. I had a set chromed for someone and they turned out great.
  8. An '18 Venture with the VMax engine, water cooled and shaft drive would have been nice. We can all dream about that as being the upgrade for the '99-2013 RSV. Looking at the market now though, with Honda and Kawasaki getting out of the big bikes (European emission requirements from what I heard, as well as poor sales numbers), had Yamaha given us the bike we thought they would rather than the v-twin, odds are that it would now be end of line as well. Touring bikes are a small market and not enough for a manufacturer to continue with. Maybe a V-4 would have taken away sales from Honda but we'll never know. The future is electric bikes. Until they develop technology to give comparable range for a day's worth of riding (600 miles +), big cruisers and tourers will be a thing of the past. E-bikes don't have the capacity to haul a big bike and are going after a small segment of in-city casual riders. I'll be keeping my '09 RSV for as long as I can ride. Nothing out there now or for the foreseeable future compares to the range, comfort, or reliability.
  9. For passing lights I still run the GE H7616 - halogen spot lights. Really bright and throw the light a long distance....but not the white of an LED headlight. My concern was more about how much they light the road in front and not the light colour. I haven't seen an LED for the passing lights that has as good a distance.
  10. Yamaha part number for the seat.... 4XY-2470F-10 Partzilla - $248. Surprised it is still available - https://www.partzilla.com/product/yamaha/4XY-2470F-10-00 Entire seat - 4XY-24710-10 - $297 You are right....better just to replace the entire seat !
  11. What headlight did you use? Just put in an LED bulb or replaced the entire unit?
  12. I believe Yamaha still sells the seat covers as a replacement part. You can get just the cover if that is all you need.
  13. Do as Eileen tells you....women are always right. Look for a trike. If she is suggesting a trike that shows she is still interested in riding. Hopefully that means that her health is in a better position. The rain may pass by you by noon today. You just might get a dry ride home.
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