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  1. Good suggestion mid-summer. Out of curiosity....what are the sizes of the Metzler 888's? OEM sizes? Would like comments regarding how they compare with the E3's especially for wear. I got up to 30,000km on a set of E3's.
  2. Was a good turn out and great to meet Adrian...hopefully we made a good impression ! If there is interest again...could consider a day early in September.
  3. With the E3's mostly highway I got around 30,000 km on a set. That was 2-up (combine rider/passenger weight of about 310lbs). After replacing the Bridgestone (OEM) tires that I only got about 8,000 km on I've used E3's. Shame they are no longer available for our bike in the OEM sizes. See this chart for load index (borrowed part of a document from Venturers). Note Max Loads.
  4. There is a write up in the read only/electrical section for installing a tach. @Carbon_One advised before on one he had purchased off ebay (I got that one but 10 years ago). Baron's is mentioned as having a lot of bounce. The one Larry advised on is stable. Issue to keep in mind of is the spark fires twice...one is a waste burn.
  5. I think all bikes have this. Right side just in front of the tank. As for the "striker"....there is a stop to keep the handlebars from going around too far.
  6. Just a thought....are you looking at the lock as a "security" feature? I use my key lock when I'm parked somewhere for a short time or in an overnight area I consider safe. I wouldn't rely on it as a very secure handlebar position lock. I haven't tried but I would think that with enough force it could be broken. There is a reason there is a hole in the stopper and the striker. It's for a padlock. If I felt that I was parking in an area where someone might want to try to steal my bike, you can bet I'd put a padlock on it.
  7. I have seen bikes where the "block" on the frame stops the handlebars have been broken off....then welded back on. Is the stop on the forks hitting the stop on the frame? (thinking from memory of where they are). Since you got the bike....has it ever worked? Wasn't that something I was able to get to work when I was at your place? Is it just you???
  8. By any chance do you have a spare key you can try? Also check to make sure it is straight and not bent...in either direction....side to side or up/down. Failing all this.... do I need to meet you again?
  9. 3 hours later and they revised the forecast. Nice job to have....constantly changing your answer, being wrong most of the time (long range forecasts)...
  10. Still on for Saturday...Absolutely 60% certain ! Supposed to be hot ! (100-40%)
  11. Sounds like when you try to take the key out of your car ignition and it won't come out. Need to jiggle the steering wheel a bit to release the key. Same with the bike. If the handlebars aren't aligned to the right spot you can't turn the key to "Lock".
  12. Congratulations. Here's to a long and healthy retirement !
  13. Everything looks good for Saturday August 6th. Same time as last time...1pm, Tim Hortons on the South side of Paris - Rest Acres Rd.
  14. I wouldn't mind running into him to set him straight.... but from his attitude what would be the point. ANYWAYS....the point of this thread was to suggest that anyone with a Facebook group supporting Ventures should have a link to venturerider.org and publicly support this forum. Without this forum (and Venturers.org) there would be a definite lack of technical support knowledge. I've yet to see a Facebook group that has the vast array of easy to find documentation that exists here. Kudos to Freebird and all current and past members !
  15. Yup....that's the guy that a number of us have had run in with. Think the admin's name is Sonny. Sorry to say but he is a Canadian out of Hamilton Ontario - bad example of Canadians, eh. He was a short term free member here and scavenged some documentation. Facebook is "free" and like you said he makes profit from advertising but has a hard on for spending $1 per month to get (mostly) intelligent and experienced information. We all know that Freebird doesn't have this site to become rich.
  16. There is a write up in the 2nd Gen read only section (under electrical) on how to connect a tach. Not difficult....power and ground, wrap other wire around cylinder 4 negative cable....
  17. I post get togethers here, not on Facebook. I'd rather go to vr.org rather than Facebook any day ! Besides...all the important people are here.
  18. For technical articles, reference info, support from members...the Facebook pages don't come anywhere close. I've seen posts from new owners saying they want to learn about their bike and you really can't learn anything from the Facebook groups. Here...easy to get assistance, go thru the technical articles.... Ben - the guy you referenced had an issue with having to pay $12 a year. He banned a number of us from his group for suggesting people look here. Think he is out of Hamilton.
  19. Are you referring to the fork deflectors? Or the ones that attach to the engine guards? I have a set of the clear fork deflectors I could sell.
  20. @slowrollwv made them as well as a number of other items. Carb covers, twinkie covers, horn mounts (for below/behind passenger floorboards), passing light mount..... Don't think he is doing them anymore but you could see if he has any remaining.
  21. Sorry to hear of his passing.
  22. After getting banned a few years ago from a Facebook group for Ventures because I referred a couple people to VentureRider.org... just wondering why some of the Venture groups that are administered by members or former members here don't have in their "About" section a reference to here.
  23. I'm open to a "do over" for those that missed it. Saturday August 6th is open for me. Post (weekend) dates you are available and we'll go with the majority.
  24. Carl....just so you know....it is the one closest to your place. Hate to see you have to do a u-turn to go the the correct one. Anyone taking the 403....get off on Rest Acres Road heading North. Timmies will be on the left as you are coming into town.
  25. Okay - Friday July 15th at the Tim Horton's (Rest Acres Rd/highway 24) at 1pm. Good size parking lot to meet, then go for ice cream. Ride possible (if Carl leads...he may be out of practice though and forget about doing a u-turn....or he might do more than the obligatory one u-turn).
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