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  1. Thanks everyone. Unfortunately it appears that there is no easy way. So I am stuck with the mirror and laying on the ground. Thanks, Ride safe, labill
  2. I am sure this topic has come up but could not find anything. Anyone find a better way to check oil level then what we have? Thanks, labill
  3. Forgot. When the dogs ride with us I can unplug the extension and the wife can use it. The dogs don't like headsets. labill
  4. I had to attach a sidecar and I had a 5 pin extension wire made that I could plug into the passenger plug and the take it over to the sidecar and plug the passenger in. Don't know if that what you had in mine but was in expensive and works great. Labill
  5. It's been a while but I was able to buy some 5 wire coiled cable. Saved the plugs from the ruined set and after some very tedious, eye staining work I now have new headset cables for less then $20.00. Thanks to everyone that responded. labill
  6. Thanks for sending the pics. Did look at his before, did not know it was the same one. My V-Star is being turned then I will be selling it. Will check back to see if you still have it. I may be interested. Bill
  7. I did not see a date but with it being almost a year I figure it's sold. I have a 2000 MM but had to add sidecar for wife. I want to sell my 2007 V-Star and get something in the 1st gen style for some comfort when I want to ride on two wheels. Getting older one looks for the comfort. Thanks for the reply. labill
  8. I see the Globe and Anchor, Semper Fi Is your bike still available. If so not interested in the trike kit. I have a 3000 Venture and had to put a sidecar on for the wife. Looking for something I can use to ride once in a while. Thanks, Bill
  9. Bart, first, Semper Fi. I could not find when you posted your bike. Is it sold or still available? Thanks, Bill
  10. I have a 2000 Venture. I would think both have the 5 pin setup. When you can send the pictures. Thanks
  11. My two head set cords are coming apart. Does anyone know where I can purchase the expanding, coiled wire? I can cut the plugs off and put them on new wires. Places I checked they are in the $70.00 range. Thanks, labill
  12. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for sharing your experience. labill
  13. Sometime back I developed a leak in my handlebar reservoir. I got help from all of you and replaced the seals, spring, etc. My problem now is I still am losing fluid. With the bike seating, not running I have worked the clutch leave and do not see any fluid leaking. It appears to happen when I shift for a while. I took off the side cover and can see the slave but I don't see any fluid leaking. Can not find any wet areas on the clutch line. I have 50000 miles on it, the last 10000 with a sidecar. Could the slave be leaking inside and I can not see it? Thanks again, labill
  14. Need a clutch reservoir for my 2000 Venture. Have tried a rebuild on mine but still getting a leak at the leaver and figure need to replace.
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