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  1. 83 Rat chopper Venture. Manual Vmax boost. Homemade pipes, forward controls, and everything else. VTX radiator. Misc. lighting. Well I guess you get the idea. Finally out of the basement and down the road. I can now tie my shoes without bending over. Zag
  2. I went to change the rear tire on the '83 for my brother, and when I finally got the tire off the rim, I saw that the Ride-On in the tire had dried up and turned into a big mess. First when I went to break the bead loose, it was much harder than normal to break, and when it finally gave in, a big cloud of dust came out of the tire. It seemed that the Ride-On had glued the tire to the rim. I worked on cleaning the rim with water and a wire brush, but the Ride-On didn't disolve comletely. Anybody have any ideas on what to use to help clean up the rim? On the Ride-On web site, they say that it wont dry up, but obviously they aren't telling the complete truth. In their defense, the Avon tire has been on the bike for 8 years and 22,000 miles, but......
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know about Ivans jet kits available online installed in my venture-actually uses smaller main jets and finally got my carbs synced right and it has more power and is smoother
  4. Finally got this set installed. I love them. its weird putting a set of hd pipes on to quiet the sound. David
  5. While removing my tank.. The gas hose to the petcock was very stubborn - stuck on the nipple good.. After much work I finally got it to start twisting so I could try to slide it off the nipple.. Well it was the actual brass nipple that was turning and came right out of the petcock! Can this be shoved back in and it won't leak or do I now need a new petcock? Anyone have this problem before? I finally managed to get it out of the end of the hose.. not sure if tapping it back in the petcock.. maybe a little JB Weld would work? Thanks
  6. Finally got around to looking at the pics, so I will share some with you..................
  7. BradT

    New Home

    Well we finally made it. With all the issues we had earlier this year, Rhonda and I finally got moved into to our new home. IT was not easy and we both went through a lot. I want to thank Brooke and Matthew for moving all the stuff we have and not complaining too much. And of Course Rhonda for putting up with my crankyness over the last few months. (Love you) Brad
  8. Tomorrow at 1:30. I would have given you this one a couple of weeks ago but this team is finally starting to show signs of becoming a Bob Huggins team. Could be interesting...
  9. After a lot of work taking the front end off, cleaning things, and doing a bit of "personal touches" which included installing HID's, finally got part of the scoot back together. http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73978&d=1355696731&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73979&d=1355696733&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73980&d=1355696735&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73981&d=1355696736&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73982&d=1355696738&thumb=1
  10. Last of the boxes unpacked after the move... all paperwork sorted for utilities... alarm for house all transferred ................. and finally have the bugs sorted out for the internet and the phone Hello -- I'm Baaaaack
  11. I've been looking for a Trike all summer and I finally found one. a 2007 GoldWing with a Champion Trike kit. The bike had 3 miles on it when it was triked in '07' and it's all the way up to 3000 miles now. Looks like an oil change and ride Pick it up tomorrow from a private owner WooooHooo !!
  12. I was riding down Black Mountain today. I had a truck riding my rear end in the rain so I decided to change lanes and let this old gesser pass. Problem was it was raining hard and I was already leaning in the curve.I hit one of the dotted white lines and the front tire broke traction. Scared the crap out of me. Bike felt like it fell over and then came up wright . To make matters worse I had the bunkhouse trailer hooked on and it went to wagging around back there.When I finally got it under control I was less then a foot or so from the concrete divider wall . I rode for the next 2 hrs white knuckling my old girl before I finally calmed down. David
  13. well I finally after 25 yrs of riding I finally got a nail in my back tire. I went ahead and put in a plug and I'm thinking it should get me to the end of the year. I plan on new tires next spring so the 1,000 miles or so left in this season seems like no big deal. I have plugged car tires with good results so hoping this should be the same. what sez all you wise people.
  14. I'm back after a summer filled with starting a new job and getting Kelley off to college at NKU (Northern Kentucky University). I have only put about 500 miles on my bike this summer and wanting to put more, but haven't had the time. Getting Kelley into college has been a headache and money filled adventure of it's own. I just never knew what it took to just fill out the financial aid application alone on top of everything else just to get her there to learn. Finally got health insurance so I am able to ride more, didn't want to take the chance of going out and something happening. Thought my girlfriend was going to leave me because we haven't logged any real miles this summer! Really like my new job and think I have finally found the place where I can do the kind of work I like. BIG commercial plumbing jobs, even though I had to cut my hair and my beard, but a much needed job nonetheless. Any news that I need to know since I'm 500 pages behind? Still don't have the time to look through all of that!! Anyway glad to be back and look forward to hearing from you soon! Mark
  15. Well, we were looking forward to finally getting some riding time in again after my 2 knee surgerys. But it looks like I will be putting it off for even longer now. The VA has finally decided my knee needs to be replaced and waiting any longer is pointless. Guess it helped that I had to have 2 surgeries inside of a year. Course the bad thing is my last surgery was June 1st, now I have to have the replacement on Sept. 20th. Oh well no rest for the wicked. So I have a quesion for anyone that has gone through this, how long were you down? How long after that was it before you were comfortable riding again? TIA Joe
  16. my 86 is being cranky again... Went to start her up and she didn't want to start. Finally started but wasn't running so hot. Noticed the RPM gauge was at dead zero and not even twitching. when I rev it... the RPM gauge takes a second but finally comes up. I took it for a quick spin and even at higher speeds it's bogging with out much power and also when it does bog... the RPM gauge goes back to zero like the bike is off. Then the RPM gauge will come back and it runs normal again. Kinda goes back and fourth from running fine to no RPM's and not running fine. HELP!!!! my baby is sick! hahaha... thanks in advance!
  17. My red 84 is finally sold and gone, he also wants me to build a new trailer hitch for her and will buy my trailer also!!! Thank GOODNESS it finally happened! She left the house about an hour ago, I feel a little bit sad because of all I've been thru, done to and did with her But that's alright, 'cause now I can start putting all the goodies on the 08!!!
  18. Well, we had a couple of close calls with deer this spring, but one finally caught us tonight! We were on our way back from visiting our youngest daughter for her birthday up in Toronto when a doe jumped from behind the pillar of an overpass and landed in the grill of our car (Just 20 KM from home...DAMN!). My wife was quite upset (I wasn't exactly overjoyed either!) but as I told her ... we are OK and we weren't on the bike. I shudder to think what would have happened if we had centre punched that deer with the Venture. Here's what the car looked like. Now to see if they'll fix it and then hope it won't have a hidden problem showing up in a year or so! Damn - we were finally able to buy a decent car when my wife got a long term contract a couple of years ago. Thought we were set for our "retirement" vehicle. HA! No such luck! Oh well, as I said, we're alive and uninjured. We'll settle for that at this point. Andy
  19. I've rejected the need for an Ipad for a long time now but Dano sent me this video and now I finally understand that they DO have a purpose. I still think that there are cheaper alternatives but at least I understand. http://www.snotr.com/video/8965/
  20. After 19 years of rideing my 89, finally decided its time to get a new bike . Not getting any younger, so decided, to get one now and most likly will last me till its time to " Hang it Up " as they say !! ( Whoever they are ? ) Anyway, as of yesterday I'm the proud new owner of a " New" 08 RSTD " ( Blue/Black ) . Purchased at Enumclaw, Wa. Yamaha. What to do with the 89 ?? Hmmmm ?? not sure, the Darn thing is still " running like a Swiss Watch " !!! OK, down to business, Modifications !!!! ???? --- Will be setting it up for " Solo " traveling. I'm removeing the Passenger seat, and will need a Solo, Luggage Fender Rack. Started searching last night, but not much luck ???? Anybody know who carries a Fender, Solo, Rack for the RSTD ??? I'm all ears !! And one more thing !!! Its still Cold, and Raining in Seattle this week !!!!! Also: Whats the source for that Niffty little Hand Pump, for Airing up the Shocks ??? Can't locate that information. I remember a few years ago, sombody mentioning the " Preferred " hand pump to carry on the bike And just to " Stir the Pot " After, about 30 miles on the new bike, I " Love the Handling " Very different world from rideing the 1st Gen !!! Not better, Not worse, Just different !!!!
  21. I purchased a set of saddle bag lid rails from SOMEBODY???? on the forum last year. To save on shipping they were sent to Bongobobny and he brought them up to MarCarl's in Brantford. Paysaw got them off Carl figuring he was a bit closer...but I just never had a reason to go there. FINALLY, Ray (Paysaw) was coming out this way and I met him and his lady at a Tim's in Kingston. Unfortunately it was a very brief meeting...but it was nice to put a face to the name. I wanted to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE involved in getting these to me. Gotta love this site!
  22. While looking for a part on a Yamaha website I saw that the loyal and trusty cassette player is no longer available.........now they can go on and make a new RSV finally!!!!
  23. Well, I finally got all the plastic back on my ’83 VR and took it for a little ride. I only rode about 5 miles because I still need new tires. I am really pleased with the way it is running. Now I’m really getting excited about getting it on the road. I’ve haven’t had the carbs synced yet but I really don’t see how it can run much smoother. Of course I’ve been riding my 1100 so maybe it just seems smooth because I’m going from a V-twin to the Venture. So now comes my question. When I returned from the short ride, my rear brake rotor was very, very hot. I knew my brake was dragging, but I guess it was worse than I thought. I’ve done some more work on the proportional valve and it seems a little better but I was wondering how much drag is acceptable. When I try to spin the rear wheel, it will only turn about ¼ turn after I release it. I would appreciate any ideas on how to free it up. I’ve had the calipers apart and cleaned them. The brakes do seem a little spongy.
  24. Finally made it after 3 years of trying.
  25. I just wanted to take a minute to say HI to Y'all, it's been awhile since I've even had time to check email, let alone read all the good info on here..... working 60-100 miles from the house eats up my downtime. hoping to get some carb parts to get the 'ol couch up on the road soon, before monsoon season makes riding miserable:fingers-crossed-emo.......My bobber FINALLY passed emisions, now I get to dial the carbs back in so it'll run right.... any how I'm off to do errands again.......
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