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  1. 83 Rat chopper Venture. Manual Vmax boost. Homemade pipes, forward controls, and everything else. VTX radiator. Misc. lighting. Well I guess you get the idea. Finally out of the basement and down the road. I can now tie my shoes without bending over. Zag
  2. Bought a couple of used parts and check the dealer price. Wow.... I wonder what a MKII would cost part by part at the dealers. Anyone knows this trivia? Or want to take a guess?
  3. This I guess I'll never understand. The future of the Venture is in question. I went in to order some chrome for my 2009, and all but one part was discontinued. Now my first reaction was they were changing the Venture next year, and why make bling for a machine that is to be changed. OK, I guess I can live with that, but when I asked the sales staff, they knew of nothing. Same goes for the staff at the Star Tent at Sturgis this year. Now, don't ya think it would be to their advantage to get the word out to generate as much excitement as possible. Other auto manufacturers do. You can't really say it would kill the sales of the current 2011 Ventures, I've been in 8 stores over the last month here in Florida, and there are NO Ventures on the floor to sale. Harley has a big show of all their new an coming models at Sturgis, and you see in the news what is up and on the horizon for them. This is for a reason...it causes interest and excitement. Can Mother Star really be that stupid in the marketing field? It's not just them, it's all the metrics.. Wouldn't you love to know what's up? I sure would! I long for the day a non-Harley motorcycle company gets their sh*t together and starts to make the commitments necessary to become real competition for Harley, they already make a better bike, now act like it!
  4. well i got retired from my job this morning. what a shock. they cut the night shift and i am officially home permenantly to harass my wife. this is my second retirement, so i guess it will be my last. time to tighten the belt and enjoy these so called golden years. lots more time to work on the 2015 rally.
  5. 1st gen,,,, nice looking 86 with absolutely no bling, don't even know if it runs yet. Guess I have something to do this winter, unless somebody wants it more than me.
  6. I guess that it is called a fender badge also, I would like to get one. Anyone have one for sale or know of a place that still sells them. Orlin
  7. I pick the phone up & some1 from the desk says " sir I was wondering if you had went out to your bike to get your GPS?" I said NO why ? "well a guest reported some1 was getting it... So i slam the phone down and run out the door, ooops back in put pants on & then out the door. Sure enough some Son of a *itch" had tried to get my NEW 7'' screen Zumo GPS...they had it unplugged and out of the case BUT couldn't get the cord.. then some1 i guess scared them off... Needless to say I didn't sleep. I guess i went out to see if I could catch some1 messing with the bike 25 times.....I told my wife I guess it was good I didn't catch some1 cause I would have confronted them & my luck the SOB would had a gun & killed my AS$..
  8. Carl and his lovely wife stopped by to deliver my T shirts. (Thanks for getting that all together Don! (XV1100SE) They had to get to their daughter's but had enough time to stop in and have a cup of coffee with us anyway. Great to see Marca again....and well....Carl too I guess! Unfortunately they were in the cage so I couldn't ride with them....but I still sent them on their way via a nice scenic back route.
  9. Jaybird happened to be at the Chrysler dealer doing some windshields and stopped to say Hi, guess he should have known better
  10. Its a boy !!!!!!....Louciano William..7 lbs. 7oz....Mother and child doing great....Guess I'll have to change my info on my bio page.......
  11. I am going to replace the thermo switch on my 1989 VR 1300. How big of a job is it to do? Do I need to take the right side of fairing off to get to it? I guess it went bad when the PO had it. It has a toggle switch on the left side of fairing to turn fan on and off. Thanks.
  12. anyone ever bypass the class and still use the compressor if so is it as simple as putting a toggle switch on it and run manually i used the search bar and guess im not putting in the right keywords or word
  13. Guess where this is located. Bigbob
  14. We have had no power for just over 24 hours!! finally back on. We lost our side fence, but everything else is okay. We have a big water geyser coming over the fence from next door... so guess everything in our storage shed is now crap Wind still very strong, and they say we have this weather for two more days
  15. I want to put convex mirrors on the top outside corner of the OEM mirrors. I"m thinking the 2 inch convex might be too big but I haven't been able to find anything smaller. For a 1st Gen Mk II Any suggestions? I'd suggest it is so I can keep an eye on the 2nd gens behind me...but I am looking for help here so I guess I'd better not.
  16. just heard from pegster. he said he does'nt have a bike yet and misses all his friends on here. there seems to be alot of members that fell by the way side. sure do miss them. i guess it's a sign we are getting old. i emailed a few of them like dooder, cinderella, la, etc., but haven't heard back from them yet.
  17. Finally made it after 3 years of trying.
  18. Hi all Interesting thing happened today....Wife and are out for a nice Easter ride, about 45 miles or so from home, when I go to downshift while approaching a light and wa-la, my shifter is laying on my floorboard. I pull into a wide spot (the wife follows me in on her Shadow) and guess what? the machine screw (that holds the heel toe in place is somewhere on Rt 33. I put the shifter back on and all is good ( I hold it in place with my foot after each shift). Now what I can use is the exploded diagram of the shifter for a 2005 RSV midnight. Thanks inadvance.
  19. Don't need to get jealous now,,,, we all do our own thing,, that makes us different and as the old saying goes: It's nice to be the same, But great to be different.
  20. I'm specifically wondering about the meaning of the left most and the right most blocks (one on each end) blinking? Guess it is time to order a service manual.
  21. i did a search and guess i'm more challanged than i thought. the search thing dosen't like me or something cause i don't get good results, and yes i tried modifieing my search.done some research lately and found that i need two if not three different air gauges.i based that on the theroy of getting a gauge that is in half of the zone. Ie the forks max p.s.i. is 7lbs so 0-15 would be correct,tires avon rear max 50 p.s.i so 0-100 would be correct.i guess the rear shock would be the same as the rear tire,my question is why would i need two different progressive air pumps(0-15& 0-60) when the 0-60 would work on both ? since i'll be useing two separate gauges.the pumps coast around 42-47 dollars and the gauges coast 14-21 dollars.my finial and guess real question is,could i not use a bicycle pump(small tube style that goes on frame)to work on the forks and shock? sorry for the drawn out gibbresh.
  22. One of a different kind...the escorting of the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. I have never had the opportunity to see it, and to participate of the escorting of it is truly an honor. According to the internet site, the Wall will be at Lackland AFB thru Friday...I really cannot understand why it will not be at the Gateway to the Air Force over the weekend, but, I guess it is what it is.
  23. Hello. Im new to this forum, just got my first 2005 RS de luxe...yehaaa.... I test rode it, it was nice... I rode it immediatly the next day, and the 3rd day this happend: I decided to try the cruise control(did not tryied in the test ride...I know...dumb), and whe I reach my desired speed, I engaged the CC, but the engine died... I start it again, came home and try to start it again; It did start in neutral, but since then, every time I engage the 1st or any shift, it died immediatly!!!! So, at this point I can start the engine fine, as long as is in neutral, but it dies on me everytime I change to a shift. My first guess was a failing side-stand switch, but I tested continuity and works fine. My second guess is some sort of clutch sensor or switch, but thats all I can think of.... Any help will be appreciated.... thanks in advance
  24. This Pats-Ravens is a good game. Giants and 49er's should be also. 2:00 warning, Ravens need another stop. Guess I'm rooting for a HarbaughBowl.
  25. Guess what we got.....:snow2::snow2: about 10" of the stuff.
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