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  1. Congratulations...nice to be able to ride together!
  2. You're over the top, my friend. Get your pup/friend fixed, and if you need more, let us know!
  3. There is nothing at all special about the switch…in fact, the design is really poor as it has plastic pieces sliding over small contacts…one of which was broken, causing the problem this time. I have seen info on some generic switches from Radio Shack that I like, but the switches are not rain proof. Might have to go with it anyway.
  4. Just had to replace the fog lamp switch again...second time in the past two years. At $50 a pop, for a device that probably costs a dollar to make is ridiculous. Anyone else have this recurring problem? Any ideas on a more long lasting fix?
  5. I ran into a couple of those guys a couple of years ago just outside Springfield Illinois. They were having a "convention". Their bikes, like those in your pictures, were not your daddy's Cushmans. Theirs were beefed up...they said they would do 95...that has to be a bit scary on a scooter of that size.
  6. I have a 2007 Wing with the nav system. the screen for the map has many black spots showing through. anyone else have this problem? is there a fix for it? thanks in advance.
  7. letmethinkaboutitithoughtaboutitnothanks...
  8. I kind of half watch the program...I did happen to be looking when Ken Jennings was flashed up, and wondered what the heck! I tape it so I can watch it after I get home from work...so I will watch the whole thing again...thanks for the heads up!
  9. I would think that leaving it in first gear would be a good idea when laying it down or picking it up (looked like it almost got away from him when putting it back up. Also, if installing a car tire, deflate it and use wax paper to help the tire slide in or out.
  10. Today's problems are often yesterday's solutions!
  11. You can check out any time you like...but you can never leave!
  12. I've been a member of the site since 2007, even though five years ago I traded for a wing. I check this site almost daily and will continue to do so as long as it exists. Yes, I've gotten a lot of good info on the site, but its real strength is its people. I have made lifelong friends here and ridden with many of them. I'm sorry that membership is declining, but 1000 solid members is better than 10,000 who are at each other's throats all the time. I wish things were more solid, and I wish that I could come up with something to help. It certainly isn't for lack of work on behalf of the site fou
  13. If the schematic is accurate, I used it to determine how much higher and in I want the handlebars when I add the risers next month. According to this, if I raise the bars .5" and bring them back 1.5" I should be pretty comfortable. Right now I reach too far and it adds to discomfort on longer trips.
  14. Very sorry to hear this disturbing news. Of course our thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of your family.
  15. Don, I get where you are coming from regarding VentureRiders...I don't know if it was your first site, but it certainly IS a class act...directly indicative of your presence. I, too, purchased another brand of motorcycle, but I have continued to check this site every day...I have made several friends directly attributable to this site, and I thank you for that opportunity. It is obvious your heart is with this site and the people of this site. Good job, and I believe, for what it's worth, you've made a good choice...quality over quantity! Thanks for all you do.
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