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  1. Shipped my Road Glide seat off to Rick Butler this morning. I have put some miles on it and was pleasantly surprised with it for a stock seat. I've done a Saddle Sore and a Bun Burner on it so I know that I can do a thousand mile day on it with no major problems. There is still room for improvement though so I figured that with the snow on the ground, it was a great time to let him work his magic.
  2. well i got retired from my job this morning. what a shock. they cut the night shift and i am officially home permenantly to harass my wife. this is my second retirement, so i guess it will be my last. time to tighten the belt and enjoy these so called golden years. lots more time to work on the 2015 rally.
  3. Friday morning I'm having the 6th operation on my leg. It has made this year almost a total flop. If this one don't work I got a new chain saw. I know. Back to my corner.
  4. Started the morning with one of my horses standing out in the yard at 4:30 this morning so get dressed and put her in with the others,and its below zero outside so I am wide awake now so much for sleeping in. Then no cold water got that going and the drain pluged up got the plunger give it a couple of good plunges the pipe came apart coffee grounds and water all over the floor, had to talk with Sharon about the coffee grounds, Then I got to chat with a couple of good friends and now I have a big pot of Venison stew cooking away on the wood stove and does it ever smell good. Starting to feel like the start of a good year. Happy New Year Orlin
  5. Capt-D "Derrick" and myself took a nice cold ride around lake O this morning and put on about 190 miles I hope to do it more often but it has to warm up.
  6. so I am going to call it a night. Just in case the world does end in the morning at 6:11 am and I am still asleep, I just wanted to say it has been fun. If the world don't end, maybe we can look at the morning as being the first day of the rest of our lives. RandyA
  7. OK folks. The flags were here when I got home yesterday. Today I will get them in envelopes and addressed and then sent out first thing Monday morning. I think they turned out pretty well. Appear to be good quality that should hold up for a long time.
  8. Just in case people forget, there are Amazing soldiers standing at the Tomb through this craziness. This a picture from this morning. [ATTACH]72591[/ATTACH]
  9. Ok I have BATTERY /charging or lack of it on my bike.. I've checked the battery it's good, I've checked and there is NOTHING drawing...& 13.5 -14.2 charging.. Well wife & I went a cple day ride & sure enough we go out Sunday morning & the bike wont crank....135 miles from home and NO1 round I do what any man would do.... I walk acoss to KMART and by a 500 cold cranking jump box...and hope n pray it is charged enough to JUMP the bike off...well it does...we ride almost 130 miles & i stop for gas kill the bike fill it up & it wont start... i was like WTH... jump it off.... well we stop several times after and bike cranks.. I go out this morning NOTHING....now my battery isn't 6 months old... matter of fact it's the 2nd battery i've bought in a yr .....now I'm looking at a HIGH output stator or open to suggestions.... uggggg don't know what or where to turn....
  10. i have a noise coming from the back end maybe from the final drive sounds like im dragging something metal on the ground at first i thought it was my mud flap dragging from riding 2 up but that is to high off the ground it does not make the noise when leaning right for right curbs only does this when leaning left or hitting bumps in the road on the center stand in neutral spinning the wheel there is one spot i feel where the wheel rubs something on my 84 any ideas what it could be before i start tearing things apart to repair i would like to make sure i have all the parts i need so i can do this in one day early morning tear apart late morning early after noon fix late after noon put together and ride im using my 84 as a daily rider until the 99 RSTD is running.
  11. Heavy frost and 28 degrees yesterday morning. Greeted this morning by a thin layer of snow/sleet. Mid 30's rain and snow for this weekend here in Western Nebraska. Several motorcycle related events cancelled or post poned.
  12. I'll now this morning, if I'll be on a new ( newer) bike. The bike shop is willing to make deals. we'll see....
  13. Not much to say other than I have put 200 miles on my bike this morning riding laps up and down highway 41 & 26. Nice to ride roads that actually require shifting.
  14. Are there any other members of this forum that will be riding on this years....37th annual...Three Flags Classic ride ???? If so, give me a shout, and we can meet up in El Paso on Thursday, just to say, Howdy. I will be leaving my house on Tuesday morning, and riding straight through to El Paso...about 1,775 miles one way. I should be there by Wednesday morning, as it should take me about 24 hours to ride that 1,775 miles. If there are any other 3FC riders here, just look for the very dirty Black RSTD in the parking lot, and that will be me, trying to wipe off a few of the bugs collected along the way.
  15. Battery dead this morning! I had been wondering how long she might last!? Been 7yrs and not once did I ever have a problem. When I went for 3 weeks this past month to the Bitterroots of Montana, Canada, Glacier National Park, and back to Tennessee I had thought about installing a new one but I to curious to see just how long the original would go. I usually have my trailer hooked up but I been running led's in those trailer lights since the beginning. I also installed a led rear light after the 1st couple of years! She was a damn good battery Although my morning ride to the Ocoee river did not happen I am glad that she died at home! Batteries Plus has me back on the road again!
  16. Came around a curve on the way to work this morning, doing about 45, and saw some turkeys right on edge of road just ahead. A hen flew up and took a low trajectory right across in front of me, there was zero chance of missing it. Caught me right on the throttle side hand grip. Jerked the bar back hard & bike went into a tank slapper for about 10 occilations. Got it to settle down and kept bike upright. Bird did not survive, fingers are a little sore. I have turkey crap across the black tank cover, but no damage I could see to bike. Tweety 1, Turkey 0, we advance to the medal round... Gary
  17. Only 2nd time its been on a trailer. My wife didn't want to ride that far, plus not enough room to take all our stuff. We are on our way in the morning. Staying at the Micromotel. Gary
  18. Any Ontario riders heading to the international on Monday morning.
  19. after riding yesterday my head lights worked this morning i went out lights would not com on any answers
  20. Well, damn. Had my tank off so that I could run the GPS wire under it and decided that I had 47k on the bike, figured I'd change plugs. Took out an old one, #2, was an NGK DPR8EIX9 Irridium. Hmmmmmmmmm..... Wonder when these were put in? They looked ok, not really burnt, but what the hey, go to the parts store, they don't have them i stock but can get them by the morning. Kewl, I order. Picked up this morning, read a few posts here, anti-sieze, grease for the caps, man, what a deal! Finish for the night, get out my log to write down al I did and as I am coping the numers, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plug numbers are different? Does anyone know wha the difference in an; NGK DPR8EIX9 and an NGK DPR7EIX9 is????????????????? I've already got them gapped and installed..................................
  21. I have putting off the invetiable foo long now, starting a liquid diet this morning and wont be able to eat anything solid till around noon tomorrow:crying:. Tomorrow morning I will be heading to the hospital for my colonoscopy. I should have had this done a long time ago, but procrastinated way too long. I havent been having any problems, or symptons of anything, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a clean report after its over. So what are your plans for today..???
  22. So who all if anyone is heading from SE WI to the WI MD next week? Just wondering who I might be able to hook up with for the ride. I am planning to head out on Friday. I don't know if I can get off work Friday so I am not sure if I am leaving Friday morning or evening yet. My planned route at the moment is I94 to hy19 to 14 to 56. Open to other plans.
  23. Saw a real nice Blonde 1st Gen outside a church in Moncks Corner Sc this morning,
  24. Appreciate prayer for my brother Chris Fultz. We are very close. He got up this morning to get ready for the day and he always carries a small Smith & Wesson auto 380 pistol (we both have our CCW permits). He reached for the gun this morning and it accidentally went off and shot himself in the stomach. He rarely has the gun fully loaded with a round in the chamber. But he had loaded one in to kill a snake a few days earlier and forgot to remove it from the chamber. The bullet went in the front near the belly button and all the way and up and next to the left shoulder blade. The doctor removed the bullet from the rear near the shoulder blade. The doctor made a large size incision in his stomach. There was no vital organs damaged, other than a graze to the left lung. So God was watching over him. The worry now is recovery and that with out ammonia. He is running a low grade fever for now. I just got back from the hospital a little while ago. I was the one that was called right after 911 this morning around 4:30 AM. I lead and actually out ran the state police to my brothers house. The accident had to be treated just as a regular shooting until all was clear. I am thankful that the situation was no worse than it is. Could have been a lot worse. Please always, even when you awake and are sleepy headed, remember to respect a gun and always suspect the gun to be loaded fully when handling it. Treat it as loaded and ready at all times. My brother and I have handled guns all our lives (30yrs) and have never ever had an accident even closely related to this. So please always be careful. Guns are safe if handled properly. We appreciate all thoughts and prayers for my brother and his family. His son (15 yrs old) is in the hospital recovering from a rare lung surgery. So please remember him also. Part of the reason why my brother was so sleepy headed and careless. James Darrell Fultz (Fuzzy)
  25. There was a bit of confusion at the grocery store this morning. When I was ready to pay for my groceries, the cashier said, "Strip down facing me." Making a mental note to complain to my congressman later this morning about Homeland Security running amok, I did just as she had instructed. When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to my credit card. I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future. They need to make their instructions to seniors a little more clear....... P.S. That was my favorite grocery store........ Alas
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