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  1. Shipped my Road Glide seat off to Rick Butler this morning. I have put some miles on it and was pleasantly surprised with it for a stock seat. I've done a Saddle Sore and a Bun Burner on it so I know that I can do a thousand mile day on it with no major problems. There is still room for improvement though so I figured that with the snow on the ground, it was a great time to let him work his magic.
  2. I just purchased a new set of hearing aids, surprisingly, over the internet. If you don't mind, I would like to blog the hearing aids with you for awhile. The hearing aids have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. I have just received the hearing aids today at 3pm, but I know the hearing aids shipped last Thursday (March 6th, 2008). The hearing aids were shipped via DHL next day, but I had to have the aids sent to work because I had no one at home to sign for the aids. So the aids sat on John Deere's shipping dock for a weekend . So to give myself a few days of cushion, I want to have these hearing aids fully vetted by May 1st, 2008. I want to break this up into several post to allow anyone who is interested to easily find the information they are looking for. I would like to start with my medical history.
  3. I wanted to personalize our riding jackets & I came across a FANTASTIC source for custom patches & such http://arizonabikerleathers.com/ I actually found them on EBay http://myworld.ebay.com/arizonabikerleathers?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 The place is owned by George & Ann Ziegler. They made my custom name patch for $4.99 SHIPPED!! I had my choice of background color, border thread color, as well as Letter forn & thread color. Made same day & shipped same day! The glue is right to the edge & holds the patch SOLID I just set the iron to max, used a thin towel to cover. Preheated the material, placed the patch covered it with the towel 8 seconds repeat & let cool before touching. Here's a few pix of our jackets: Highly recommended
  4. As most already know the brakes on the MK1 suck. I found a nice set of forks for a 90-93 on ebay but missed the end of the auction. I sent the seller a pm and hope he gets back to me. Is $100 shipped a decent price? I figure I will get everything piece by piece until I have everything to do the job.
  5. Latest news on the Tsunami Harley is that the owner doesn't want it back. He would rather see it used as a memorial for all those who died or lost their homes and family. It is to be shipped from Victoria to the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee. After a year under salt water being bashed about in the ocean I doubt it could be restored. It will make a good memorial left as is.
  6. anybody have an 83-93 seat they want to sell. must be black. can be either from the 1200 or 1300. let me know and how much you want for it shipped
  7. I am starting a Poll to find out witch belt buckle everybody wants , The Stainless Steel from one of our rally supporters , Bill told me his have a life time warranty , no matter what you do to it , he will replace it . it is just like the pic but it will have VentureRider at the top and your name or handle at the bottom, cost $55.00 shipped in US $3.00 more to CAN. PM me me for other countrys Min. to order in lots of 10 The leather one are from Wayne , a local guy here Rockport , the same as the the pic but with your name on it , no warrantry cost $ 35.00 shipped in US $ 3.00 to CAN. Min. to order in lots of 25 If any money is left over I'll hit the donate button Thom
  8. For anyone going to MD and wanting a Crusin' for St. Jude t-shirt, I have shipped some up to Don for him to distribute as he see's fit.
  9. Before I trashed my Cleirview shield (since it snapped off) I pulled the vent out of it. I bought the shield from a fellow member here who bought the shield from clierview with the vent installed. The vent works fine (the ball bearing could use a cleaning and lubrication I'm sure) but all the pieces are there. I was going to hang onto this vent and install it in another shield but I think I'm going to give the round pop-vents a try and figure I can pass this along to another member that wants it. I'm asking $30 (USD) And that is shipped to you (in the US). If anyone in the Vancouver BC area wants it, I can deliver it to you for no charge sometime between 6-21/Oct/10. I have attached some pictures. I can take PayPal, Personal check or cash (if we meet in person).
  10. Last week I discovered my Avon Venom rear tire was coming apart, so on the 5th I ordered a Elite 3 from South West Moto. So today I was talking on the phone with a friend that I'm waiting for my new tire to get here, when my phone started beeping with an incoming call. It was South West Moto. They told me my tire was supposed to be shipped to me from one of their warehouses close to me but somehow got shipped to their Tucson location by mistake. Was told how sorry they were for the mistake and would overnight the tire to me at their expense so I could ride by the weekend. Within 15 minutes I got an e-mail with a tracking number and told tire was on it way. Members have posted before how fast they shipped and now I can say how good their customer service is. Plus was the best price I could find. Thanks to the members who have posted about this fine company.
  11. Recently I bought locally, an 86 VR. The P.O. was trying to sell it to me, for about 1.5 yrs & it came with a Corbon seat w/ backrest in addition to the stock seat. I finally caved in, when during a call back home, a neighbour wanted me to pick up another Venture. This bike is for an Ontario trip next year, which I am to go with him on, from the wet coast. He has been looking after my place for the last 3 yrs, while I am in Wainwright. He is making this a "Bucket List" trip & don't want to do it, on an air cooled bike. So the work on it begins. Progressive fork springs Done CLASS controller solder job Done Ball studs for side covers Done SS Braided line kit Arrived Speed Bleeders Arrived Re-build masters & slave Parts shipped Console top pieces Parts shipped Exhaust gaskets Parts shipped Wheel bearings for as needed Parts shipped assorted grommets Parts shipped Tires Order later Deka Battery Order later I will be getting more into the work on it, after PIP.
  12. I have recommended this site to a few friends who have raved about the prices compared to buying locally. Today I had the chance to try them out. I needed to replace the rear door window regulator on my SUV. Prices ranged from 182.00 to 250.00 depending on the location. I looked up www.rockauto.com and found my part for 141.00 shipped. Ordered it this AM and was shipped today!! Most of their prices are heavily discounted compared to suppliers like Advance auto and Auto Zone.If you do your own work you owe it to yourselves to check this place out. A friend saved major bucks on front end parts for his Camry by using Rock Auto.
  13. A member here is letting me have a 1986 1300 motor, It is located in the Ft. Worth, Tx. area. I was wondering if anyone would be in that area would be making a trip to Houston, time doesnt matter, I can get the motor picked up in the Houston area by my son who is over there on a regular basis. My only other option is to get it shipped, which would be quite expensive and that just isnt in the budget right now........I would also need a place to have it dropped in Houston, hopefully a member local to Houston could help me out in that respect...........I know we have quite a few there, even Cupcake might be able to help.
  14. Last couple Items I have had shipped to my residence in Canada are being shipped from a Canadian address in Mississauga. I get a COD charge on top of the crazy shipping charges we normally have to pay on US shipped items. This hasn't been my experience over the last years. This is something new. Most Items I have ordered never have any charges...$10 COD on top of the $20 for shipping on a $64 item...no more! I'm done with that crowd!
  15. Looking to sell the chrome luggage rack that clamps onto the passenger backrest uprights. Bought it for my 05 TD. It is in like new condition, only had it on the bike twice and don't see me using it so.......$120.. shipped. Any interest? Sold
  16. After reading the recommendations for using the 44K over Seafoam, I bought some off eBay. I bought 10 cans and now I'm awaiting delivery, so if anyone near Amarillo would like to try it, I may have a little left over. $12/can is what I paid for it shipped. Thanks, Forrest.
  17. Just received some Replacement OEM Parts from http://partshark.com/. (877.999.5686) Very satisfied with the order. Their website was easy to navigate, the pricing decent, and I was able to see the pictograms of the parts as I ordered. Upon ordering I received a confirmation email, followed shortly thereafter with an email explaining the status of my order and a promised email upon the parts being shipped. I did receive that email, with tracking #, the day they shipped. Parts arrived 7 days after ordered. The parts were correct, the process painless and as promised, hence the plug for these guys!!!! By the way, what does OEM stand for?
  18. Does anyone have another source for purchasing a Signal Light relay for the 06 RSV? My stealership wants $126 for it and since it's on back order I now have to wait 2 to 6 weeks if I'm lucky for one to be manufactured and shipped in from Japan.. (that's what it feels like).. Any idea where a person can get another one sooner and cheaper? I can get my deposit back if I intercept them before it's shipped out.. Thanks in advance..
  19. All wraps were shipped out today......(except Yamaducks... check your PM's)..LOOK for them in your mailboxes in a couple of days...Canadian members also look for yours...still have about a dozen on hand, some of each color...will not be ordering more till after Christmas.....remember these ,along with any other item I take care of for the club can be ordered year round..Some people seem to think that these items are one shot deals....check out the vrstore for those stocking stuffers or gifts for yourself or your loved ones....support our club....thank you for listening to another rant from me.... I know..I'm shameless:whistling:
  20. Ok, just got off the phone with the vendor....the head wraps will be delivered to me Tuesday or Wednesday..He is a little behind on orders but will be caught up by then...that means I will be shipping them out next saturday morning on the 12 th.....sorry for the delay.......I, myself am having some health issues and have been running back and forth to doctors all week and will be doing the same for the next week or two.....nothing to worry about..just need to take care of some issues....I have been notified by Lewis regarding two of the st judes winners and those items are packaged and will be shipped out this saturday the 5th.. Karl, Christopher, and Mini your long sleeve t's are to be delivered tonight and barring any wrong sizes (sorry Karl) will also be shipped Saturday the 5th as well.. Sorry on the wait everyone, but sometime life kicks you in the butt when your not looking as it did me this week....hopefully I can get back into the groove shortly and resolve some of my health issues (note to self and all other guys out there...take care of the little things before they grow into bigger issues and listen to your wives...sometimes they know what they are talking about)..ok, give me a little time and I will back harassing all of you in the grand manner you all expect....really nothing to worry or be concerned about...just have to take care of no 1 first...
  21. #1 is a M2R MR650 full face helmet, size XL. I took off the wings glued to the top, painted it flat black, and added a new flip up shield. $55.00 shipped. http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j204/DragracerUSA/IMG_5246.jpg #2 is a Vcan 608 modular, size XL, in flat black. The helmet's shield has a scratch on the left side, but it's out of your line of vision. $55.00 shipped. http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j204/DragracerUSA/IMG_5244.jpg http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j204/DragracerUSA/IMG_5245.jpg Shipping included.
  22. shipped your surprise package yesterday. hope you and allan like them. bill
  23. Just Canceled my reservation. If is somebody interested room is available. Cindy forward dinner cost towards kids raffle. Still wanna T-Shirt Shipped to me. Don't Ask Why.
  24. Hi all !! Well I am going to have a hip replacement and work done on my right knee the first of July. I have put a block over my order page on my web site till I'm back up on my feet and able to make grills again. I have orders now and if anyone on here has an order in I will have them all out no later then the 23rd. ( others that I have emailed know when theirs will be shipped. ) I want to thank everyone for their support of my product and I'll be making them again as soon as I'm able. I hope everyone has a safe summer riding season and a fun one !!!!!! Have a good one and Ride Safe Steve
  25. I just got mine for $80.00 shipped brand new. the British pound is falling and the dollar is not falling so badly. I got a new one shipped for what most guys are asking for their used ones.
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