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  1. On the Geek Squad Warranty thread, we've been having a lively discussion about how auto mfg's have had marriages both currently and in the past to make vehicles. Examples like: GM teaming with Toyota, Isuzu, Daewoo, Suzuki, etc. Ford teaming with Mazda, Nissan, Kia, Jaguar, etc. Dodge teaming with Mitsubishi, Mercedes, VW, Fiat, etc. It got me to wondering, why don't we see that in the motorcycle world? Or, has/does it happen and I just don't remember hearing about it? Examples?
  2. Guest

    Seafoam/Advance auto

    Seafoam is 7.99 a can today at advance auto parts, if you enter the code labor it will take another 25% off, 5 cans cost me 31.96..
  3. With a little bit of searching, I found a cooler thermostat that will work like the Napa THM156. Part THM111 for Napa or Stant part number 14157. This is a 170 degree thermostat. Don't be surprised if Napa, Autozone, Advance, Carquest, etc don't have it in stock. Napa had it in one day for me. If you try another local auto parts and they can't locate the part by the number, the vehicle that this comes from is between 1990 - 1994 Subaru Justy. [ATTACH]70435[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]70436[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]70437[/ATTACH]
  4. Looking at getting a camera that Nancy can use while we are riding so she can take pictures while we are rolling. Hoping to get recommendations. We went to a camera store and the one they are recommending is the Canon Powershot D20 12.1mp 5x optical zoom with 28mm wide angle lens, digital zoon 4x 3" lcd waterproof (to 33 feet), shockproof (up to 5', temperature resistant (14 to 104F) gps tracker 1080P for video shutter speed 1-1/1600sec auto sensitivity - ISO100 to 3200 (optimal ISO auto set) built in flash continuous shooting - 1.9 shots/sec This would be for still shots, small percentage video. Want something waterproof (obviously) that has a fast shutter. Suggestions?
  5. Searching Autotrader I've found a car I'm interested in at International Auto Group in Milwaukee. Anyone know if they are a reputable dealer? I would like to know a bit about them before I drive 500 miles to pick up a car. Thanks, Dennis
  6. Anyone ever try and diagnose or repair the auto volume microphone in the 1st gen. ? Mine was working until this week. Possible that I got water in it washing the bike. Or I changed out my speakers. Pulled the radio and both side panels to install them. Also installed a noise filter on the C.B. I got used to the auto volume. JB
  7. FYI for those that use Rotella its on sale at Advance Auto right now, at least in South FL market. Gallon jug of T6 full synthetic 5w-40 is 22.99 (reg 26.99) and the 15w-40 Dino ROtella is 12.99 for a gallon (Reg 17.99). RSTDdog
  8. I have Diamond R Light Bars installed on my 07 RSTD. The relay has quit working. I have power to it from the Switch the relay is not energizing so, no out put to the lights. Ground is good. Does anyone know where I can purchase another relay? is there a part number for the relay that may be common for a auto parts store to carry IE Auto zone or advance auto parts? Thank You in Advance for you assistance Jim Bell ky.widows.sons@gmail.com
  9. Does anyone have a part number for Fuel Filter Options at local auto parts stores? Thanks for any replies.
  10. Any recommendations for what battery to buy for my 83 Venture. My battery passes all the tests at the auto store but won't crank the bike. Thanks Steve
  11. I am fixing up a Cavalcade and the carbs were leaking. I ordered seals for the float bowls but not o-rings for another part. Can I get o-rings from a hardware or auto parts store or do I need to get them from a Suzuki dealer? I am new to carb work.
  12. What would be the proper relay to wire the passing lamps? I'm assuming that something like this could be purchased from the local auto parts store.
  13. i have an escapade trailer with the old style 1157 bulbs in in it , is there an easy way to convert these to leds? i have found flat led plates at the local auto supply but wondering whats needs to be done to swap over thanks for the help steve
  14. I need a new battery and can't seem to figure out which one from Advance Auto, Auto zone, or Walmart will work. Anybody know which one will fit my 2007 RSV?
  15. I am considering an EFM auto clutch for my 2008 rsv. Anyone have one on their rsv? Do you like it? Was it an easy install?
  16. i just picked up my second feeler guage and they jump from .10mm to .12mm to 15,3 whers 11 13 and 14. i picked these up from auto zone. was wondering if anyone had luck getting more complete sets and auto parts stores locally:fingers-crossed-emo
  17. www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/02/14/2062567/motorcyclist-killed-in-monroe.html Just what I did not want to read about. The weather is warm and motorcycles are out and about. Another idiot auto driver that doesn't look.
  18. With tire changer I made. Have had for long time auto changer simular or same as HF. pic 1 Only permement mod was to weld a 5/8 nut to top. pic 2 Cut hex to fit 5/8 nut in 1/4 plate and welded to old 14-15 auto rim(anti rotation). pic 3 Just set rim over nut on stand. pic 4 Tread 5/8 all thread into nut to tight(notice hole at top for screwdriver shaft). pic 5 Another piece of 1/4 plate with 5/8 hole and 5/8 jam nut secures auto rim to stand. pic 6 Split rubber tube on edge of auto rim protects MC wheel. pic 7 MC wheel placed down all tread. pic 8 5/8 washer and another nut secures MC wheel to auto rim/stand. pic 9 Piece of plastic water pipe protects all thread-threads when tire spoons pried against. pic 10 Final view. pic 11 Also built balancer with lumber. Appears to work, same spot of existing tire/wheel always stops same. Now I just need to commit to do it.
  19. Friend at auto body shop, not computer savey brought a car engine code reader for $425 from snap-on guy, asked me to look it over, I found it works with windows xp only, he has win7, told him give it back. All snap-on ones work with xp only. Anyone know off one that would work with win7, for no more cost. Its not something he has to have but he sees alot more warning lights on the dash and he has to send it out to clear it before he returns it. thanks for any help
  20. My wife drives an 2006 Malibu 4cyl auto. It is making a humming noise in the front end. I have rotated the tires, no change. jacked up and checked for any free play in both sides, nothing that i could feel. While still in the air with car in drive the noise is there and only changes with the speed of the wheels or vehicle speed. Don't think it is related to engine or trans cause the sound does not change with the rpm only wheel speed. The sound is not a clunking sound that I would think a bad cv joint but like the sound of big mud tires on a truck! Could it be a hub assembly going bad and not have any noticeable looseness? Any thought or help would be appreciated.
  21. Well inspired by Sylvester I decided to get some pillow top seats for my MM. I just went to the auto parts store and picked up some can spray paint that was close in color to the stock MM seats. The color is a little lighter but not much. If I had it to do over again I would take Sylvester's advise and have the color I want made up at a auto paint supplier and I would use a spray gun. It would probably be cheaper. The stuff I used was made to cover plastic and auto seat vinyls. It coats it well but you need to make sure that the vinyl is clean. I don't know how well this stuff will work over time but for now it seems to stick pretty well and is very pliable. I like the pillow top seat very well and this is an effort to put them on my MM. If this doesn't hold up well then I'll bite the bullet and find a reputable upholstery shop around here and have them recovered. Anyway here are a few pic's of my MM.
  23. I have recommended this site to a few friends who have raved about the prices compared to buying locally. Today I had the chance to try them out. I needed to replace the rear door window regulator on my SUV. Prices ranged from 182.00 to 250.00 depending on the location. I looked up www.rockauto.com and found my part for 141.00 shipped. Ordered it this AM and was shipped today!! Most of their prices are heavily discounted compared to suppliers like Advance auto and Auto Zone.If you do your own work you owe it to yourselves to check this place out. A friend saved major bucks on front end parts for his Camry by using Rock Auto.
  24. Peggy and I are on a mini vacation, We left home Friday and went to the North Ga. M+E. From there we rode over to Acworth,Ga. then Sunday morning we rode up to Townsend Tn. When we checked into the hotel I disconnected our trailer, to roll it into the room. It's a small Tag-Along trailer. Anyway as I was rolling it in I was hearing a chirping sound. I took off the wheel and hub and found the inner bearing was worn. So we started looking for a place to get new parts. Sunday night the streets are rolled up nothing open. Panic set in then I started looking at the VR assistance section and found Jim Garner from Maryville,Tn. (He owns a NAPA Auto store) I called him Sunday night and explained my problem. He said to get the hub to him Monday morning. Well let me tell you Jim changed the two bearings greased the new ones installed a new seal. All in about an hour. What a great bunch of people we have here on this forum... If you're ever in the Maryville, Tn. area and need something from an auto partsstore. Stop in and get it from Jim. He went out of his way to help me Thanks Jim:thumbsup2:
  25. Alright, I'll throw this out here and see what peculates up. For the past couple of months my left elbow area has been acting up. Not sure if it is the joint or muscle. Clutching sucks and is painful. Picking a cup/sugarbowl of the cabinet shelf is uncomfortable at best and flexing my arm after having it in a steady position (like riding) for a while definitely gets my attention. I can't quit work (duh!), I can't switch hands, I've tried a tennis brace, auto clutch might be nice but won't make the problem go away , advil doesn't do anything and chiropractic adjustments don't help either. Anyone had this and what did you do to make it go away? Thanks!
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