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  1. Just saw that Web Bike World had picked this as one of their products of the year. I've never even heard of it but I know there was a recent discussion here about the best action cameras. At a list price of $399.00, it had better be very good. Sena Prism Review - webBikeWorld
  2. Last year a member asked me to help fix his bike, turned out that water had got into the motor and it was ceased. He picked it up and has it parked since then under cover. It's been a few years since it has been used. He wants to donate it to somebody deserving. Let me know if you're interested. It's in Georgetown Ontario
  3. Yesterday when we got up it was about 10 below zero here. It is warmer today...actually zero right now and is supposed to climb to a balmy 12 degrees F today. Actually staying fairly warm on the sleds but took the time yesterday to drive into Hayward and picked up a couple of facemasks. Also picked up a couple of very nice RibEyes. It's a tough life here but somebody has to do it.
  4. Well i wnt on a ride today rode in34degree weather the bike sounded like it droped a cylinder every now and then then picked it back up have jardens for mufflers. Or was it the wind changing the sound
  5. Picked up me new '12 venture Aug 13..... Loving it loving it loving it (and it looks great parked next to my TD)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/embed/vsVCHE7ayPE?rel=0
  7. This has been a good year in the bike turnover department. Think I may have found one to hang onto for a while. If you may recall, I recently picked up a 1975 Moto Guzzi 850T barn find. Well, the word got out and I sold it for $300 more than I paid without even putting a battery in it. So, now there is a hole on the garage floor that needs filled. It was filled Sunday with a 1986 BMW K75C with just over 20,000 miles on it. Was working with the previous owner for 3 or 4 weeks to get the pricing to where it needed to be. He finally gave in on Saturday and I picked it up on Sunday.
  8. Who ever picked up one or more of the auxillary tail light harnesses for a TOUR DELUXE , that I sent up to Don for Maint Day please contact me at stevemarilyn@hotmail.com or 386-314-6945. I need to recall the TOUR DELUXE harnesses, due to a major brain fade on my part I have mis pinned the the connectors, they will still work, but the color codes and functions are not correct on the wiring diagram. If you will contact me I will arrange for a replacement unit to be sent to you. This does NOT affect any Venture harnesses only the TOUR DELUXE.
  9. I'm on the home stretch of my cross country ride. My '83 has run flawlessly. One major project for me to prepare for future rides is to either have my seat redone or look at aftermarket seats. I know the Corbins are nice but Its hard for me to think about sinking $700 into a seat. My question is, has anyone had they're seat recusioned and covered? How much did it cost you? My chunk of foam that I picked up in Lousiana is the only thing saving my bottom. Btw, I am still impressed with my bikes performance. New paint coming up soon. Maybe a dark brandy wine. Al
  10. hey everyone. i'm new around here, but figure i'll just jump right in with my questions. this won't be the last, i'm sure. alright, i recently sold my '02 rsv and picked up a low mileage (16k) '05 rsv. the problem with the low miles is that it's been sitting up the last year and a half or so. well, i picked it up, rode it the 300 or so miles home. it runs great, better than my '02 did. however, after sitting overnight, my garage stinks of gas. i looked under the carbs. everything looks pretty wet. i see no evidence of gas running out of the overflow tubes. any suggestions?, or
  11. As for now, Bob and Becky are planning on being in Johnson City, Tn this Thursday evening around 7PM. We hope to get some of the locals and anyone else that would like to meet up for a get together and have a visit and a meal. The location has not been picked yet and am open for suggestions. For anyone that wants to get together, please let me know so we can put something together. If my number is not in your phone, it is in my profile. RandyA
  12. Somebody just gave this to me: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Dynamometer/02.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Dynamometer/04.jpg It's an eddy current dynamometer, but I am not sure which manufacturer or how much power it can hold. Based upon the size I think it could handle the power of a certain V4 metric cruiser we all may be familiar with. My father in law picked up for me this morning. I need to get it home from Detroit to IA. It will need rebuilt, but the machines are very simple, just heavy. A set of bearings and some copper wire should get i
  13. Bought a Fender Guitar in an SKB hard case with some sort of electronic tuning gizmo, like new, for $100 bucks. Don't know how to play, but it will look nice sitting next to the Ibenez I picked up last month..... So... anyone else pick up anything interesting at an auction lately???
  14. Just picked up a parts bike tonight . 1986 royal same Year & color as my trike .Bike runs great and has some cracks here and there ,paint is faded a little also but that is ok. All radio and compressor and Cb works great also. Picked it up here in Wisconsin but the bike came from GA. 79000 miles . Leaks a little oil by rear valve cover but that is all.Has new rear tire . Got it for $1500. Just had to wait to find one. I have been looking for 2 years but now I got one for spare parts
  15. I was on my way to the Post Office and a truck entered the highway pulling this unique trailer. I was doing 60 mph when I shot this photo. So.....If you ever are wanting one, they can be picked up along any roadside driveway! Some People ! BEER30 http://venturerider.org/forum/[img]http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm312/BEERCART/droid/International%20Bike%20Show/IMG_20110323_153234.jpghttp://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm312/BEERCART/droid/International%20Bike%20Show/IMG_20110323_153234.jpg
  16. Ok after the M&E saturday everyone else headed out for a ride and Laura and I set out for the Biltmore. We stayed there about 4 hrs and never went inside. Laura is studying to get her sertificate in photgraphy and part of this semesters classes is in drawing...Yeah I dont know either but she does so all is well. Anyways she chose the biltmore as her final project in the drawing class . She had to take pics of the biltmore and do drawings of the 3 she picked so she went a litle crazy. This is most of what she took. http://s569.photobucket.com/albums/ss133/painterman6709/Biltmore%20es
  17. This morning one of my Facebook friends posted that she and hubby were at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson. (He is a big time Harley rider) Not knowing where it is I "googled" it. After I picked at her about the name of the street where it is located, VENTURE Drive, she responded "LOL" and not long after that the posting disappeared! :rotf::rotf::rotf:
  18. i just picked up my second feeler guage and they jump from .10mm to .12mm to 15,3 whers 11 13 and 14. i picked these up from auto zone. was wondering if anyone had luck getting more complete sets and auto parts stores locally:fingers-crossed-emo
  19. I'm thankful this holiday season for 3 terrific sons, all who love to ride with their parents. They all picked women that like to ride also. So.....how bout you? What are you thankful for?
  20. does any one know if a 650 v star drive shaft would fit our knuckle? i have some cray plans for a 83 vr i just picked up and was wandering.
  21. I just picked up an 83 venture royale.....can A vmax engine bolt in? the second gear is out and I was wondering if I picked up a good running vmax engine...would I get a bit more powerfull cruiser. I also drive a warmed over Bandit 1200, which is all customed, so I am looking to build a cool ass cruiser now for some highway rockin and rolling.........
  22. OK, I bought this mintish Silver Nolan 1002 X-Lite Flip to match my '99 off ebay from a local seller. It's marked size is an xxl, and I never tried it on when I picked it up. When I got back to the barn I gave it a try, and it ain't a xxl. I have two Nolan xxl's and this one isn't. I don't even think it's a XL.... probably more like a L. So here's the deal. I picked it up for $71.00, which is a great price. So, thought I'd give this a shot. Anyone here interested in it for $71 bucks plus shipping??... unless your close by, and can pick it up like I did... LMK
  23. So I just picked up an 83 venture royale and wanted to thank this site for all the info that helped me decide. Over all the bike is in great shape, the only thing that i found that is not working is the The Temp guage.74k I was a little concerned about the 2nd gear problems known in these bikes, but it is at 74k and shows no signs of problems (i ran hard through 2nd gear to see if i could get it to pop out). I have a question about the brakes they seem very weak to me, but i am coming from riding sport standard bikes, for reference it seems to stop slowly, and even applying breaks very hard
  24. Your Trucker friend picked them up Thanks
  25. installed ......and picked up bike today.....definitely gone.....
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