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  1. Yesterday when we got up it was about 10 below zero here. It is warmer today...actually zero right now and is supposed to climb to a balmy 12 degrees F today. Actually staying fairly warm on the sleds but took the time yesterday to drive into Hayward and picked up a couple of facemasks. Also picked up a couple of very nice RibEyes. It's a tough life here but somebody has to do it.
  2. Are you and your family traveling this holiday season and staying in a hotel, well you better watch this...........you might change your mind. http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf?token=a7f_1194813218
  3. Only 2nd time its been on a trailer. My wife didn't want to ride that far, plus not enough room to take all our stuff. We are on our way in the morning. Staying at the Micromotel. Gary
  4. Decided to take a trip while my daughter was in Camp. We are going to leave the 11th ride to Aiken then along the lakes check out a couple of the falls and stay overnight in Greenwood SC. Day 2 Cherohala skyway to the Dragon staying overnight in Alcoa TN. Day 3 on to Gatlinburg down to Cherokee and Staying overnight in Greenville SC. Day 4 onto the the house. I based my stops on where I can stay for free http://rideplanner.harley-davidson.com/rideplanner/share/478931 Anyone want to tag along or would like to meet up for lunch of dinner let me know.
  5. Well we have a new Atlana area member, some of you met him at the N. Ga. M&E. Gene rides a Kawasaki Concours. I told him he would be in for some good natured ribbing about not riding a Venture or Yamaha, but he did ride a V Star 650 before moving up to is nice looking Concours. I guess thats sorta like staying at the Holiday Inn Express.............:rotfl: By the way Gene and I work for the same company, so I will make sure he keeps up with you guys Welcome to the family Gene, you just joined the most addictive web site in the world!!!!!
  6. I have not seen anything on Dons MD this year. Does anybody know the days and dates? Also where is every body staying this year. I missed last year so i,m planing early this year.
  7. Hello Everyone: I hope all is well? Patrolman46 and I are making a 5 hour run today to Sturgis. Staying overnight in Sturgis at a local residence. Breakfast with some A.B.A.T.E buddies in the morning and riding back tomorrow. I know BJ66 and TX2Sturgis are there, and it appears Annie is also in the area . I would still like to meet other VR members. Give us a call 308-765-0167. Otherwise my wonderful wife and I hope to travel back to Sturgis on the 11th staying until Sunday the 14th. Take care everyone....
  8. I just read the post from flyinfool, didn't do any of that! It's been three years and Leslie finally agreed to go for a short ride with a couple of friends of ours. We went out last night, staying on secondary roads, riding for about an hour. I wouldn't say she is a big fan, but said she may go out again. Her friend Ann mentioned taking a trip up island.
  9. For anyone whom I may have missed from this area going to Don's MD here's the plan. We'll be meeting up near Monroe at exit 15 & I-75 at the TA travel center Friday morning. Kickstands up at 10 am. Also some of us will be arriving earlier (about 8:30) and having breakfast at Denney's restraunt across the street. From there we'll be taking a leasurely ride to the hotel/Don's using mostly secondary roads. Staying off freeways as much as possible is the goal. Currently it looks like we'll head up 8-10 riders for this group. Hope to see you either there or at Don's. Larry
  10. Finally got around to registering Eileen and I for the International Rally. Also made hotel reservations. We will be staying at the Comfort Inn. Would have liked to stay at the Skyline because I think that is where most of you are staying but I've got free rooms at the Comfort so need to save the money. Really looking forward to the trip and I hope that MANY of you will get registered soon. We really need to start ramping this up now and get all you folks excited about it. It's going to be a GREAT time.
  11. Been a while since I've posted, "life" gets in the way. Gayle and myself are heading to Waikiki for a couple of weeks next week. Lots of things to do in 2 weeks but just wondering if anyone has been and has a suggestion of those not to miss places or things to do. Bike shop is right next door to were we are staying so that is on the list. We are 2 blocks from Waikiki beach, walking distance to Diamond head and looking forward to getting away. 8 more:draming: Hal
  12. Well it looks like I'm ridng down to Moultrie, Ga on Friday to the funeral of SFC DonDeagio Bennett (retired) who was my platoon sgt for nearly 2 years and severed in Iraq with in 03'. If anyone is in the area get my number from my profile. I'll be staying at a hotel in Trifton. http://www.wrdw.com/crimeteam12/headlines/Family_speaks_after_Army_vet_hit_and_killed_by_alleged_drunk_driver_113966429.html?storySection=photo
  13. Monty

    This sux

    Well, my oldest Son's house caught fire today. It started out on his deck. We got the fire trucks here pretty quick. My adrenaline was pumping, so I just grabbed the line off the truck and told them to charge it, and we got it put out before anything inside the house burnt. He lost a wall, that we had to open up, and the deck. No damage to contents, except for a futon that was sitting by that window. Pipes will probably freeze now, since the power is off. Luckily, everyone got out, although he and I both got lots of smoke. It's a rental house. We called the landlord, and then moved their stuff out to the sheds, and down to our house. They'll be staying with us until they figure something out. The Fire Chief had the gall to ask me if I wanted my old job back...lol. I said no thanks. Everyone is safe, and all is well for now...except it's snowing like crazy. Kinda puts a damper on their Christmas too.
  14. Here is the Menu for Thursday Night/Evening for those staying at my place and riding on to Big Bend Friday AM. 1. BBQ Beef Brisket 2. Baked potatoes 3.Salad 4.Pinto Beans 5.Tortillas 6. 5 cheese garlic bread 7. Peach Cobbler 8. Blue Bell Homemda Vanilla Ice Cream 9. All the coffee you can drink! 10. Frozen Margaritas 11. Sweet Ice Tea If you dont like any of this you better get a bite to eat before arriving..Be Safe ALL!!!
  15. It's still really beaking my heart parting out the Venture. Oh well, got to move on sometime I guess. I'm staying here though. Too much good company and information. Besides, I know there are other LT's here.
  16. I'll be coming into Kingsport on the bike either on Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon. Starting on Sunday evening I'll be there to work a few days. Just wondering if anyone lives close and wants to try a dinner get together. I'll be staying at the Jameson inn. Also, any suggestions on roads to ride in the area would be appreciated.
  17. BIG TOM


    Anyone left staying at the Oberlin, or do I have the place to myself ?..........
  18. I'm on the road and my rear brakes are making a noise. Anyone out there know where I can find brake pads in this area? I did a google search, but I didn't have any luck. We are leaving the room in a few minutes, but I'll check back on here when I can. We will be staying in Christiansburg tonight. I don't really want to tear it down until I can find a set. Thanks
  19. Besides it being the middle of winter here in S. Dakota, mother nature decided to let us have it again today. 5 to 8 inches of really fluffy snow today, and winds are going to blow about 35 mph. Looks like i'm not doing anything at all AGAIN. So besides all the blowing snow and the -25 below windchill we'll have tonight everybody will be safe at home and staying there for a day or two. I havent ridden in so long that i'm starting to get a bit bummed. So now that i've vented you may return to your normal programming.......
  20. we go by. The wife and I are leaving Saturday on our annual bike vacation. Had planned to do West Virginia but the weather is too cold for my better half. So we decided to ride the Trace to Natchez, MI and go over to Gulfport for a couple of days. We are staying at the Naval Base since a two room suite is only $59 and no tax. Will head back to Tennessee via Montgomery, Al and Columbus, GA. If you see a fast BLACK Midnight go by pulling a Piggy Backer--toot your horn.
  21. We LOVE our new Venture, but it seems to me unless you're into the throttle, it will bog down a little when you do roll into the throttle. Sounds alot like the choke is staying on when it is disengaged, or something. Any ideas out there, or would this be a warranty issue??? It only has 1700 miles on it, less than a month old!!
  22. We headed for Arkansas later yesterday. Taking a LONG route and staying off all the superslabs. My route added a hundred miles or so to the trip but that's OK, much more pleasant ride. We only did about 275 miles yesterday and spent the night here in Kokomo, IN last night. We are getting ready to head out again and will probably only do about 350 miles today, again staying on the slower backroads, state highways, etc. Will probably end up somewhere around Quincy, IL tonight. Sunday we will do another 300-350 miles and that will put us down around the Arkansas border and only an hour or two from the Hub so we will probably pull in sometime around mid day on Monday. Just taking it easy and enjoying the ride.
  23. We got a Garmin Nuvi for xmas and haven't ever used it. We are going to Banff on bike this summer and just tried to put in an address that we are staying at up there. Does this thing not have Canadian maps?
  24. ...and looking for company on the road to Don's. We are staying at the Inn. Anybody want to ride along?? I'm bringing a surprise to the meet...
  25. is everyone staying at the oberlin was gonna look for something more reasonable any sugestions?
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