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  1. Yesterday when we got up it was about 10 below zero here. It is warmer today...actually zero right now and is supposed to climb to a balmy 12 degrees F today. Actually staying fairly warm on the sleds but took the time yesterday to drive into Hayward and picked up a couple of facemasks. Also picked up a couple of very nice RibEyes. It's a tough life here but somebody has to do it.
  2. Thinking about taking off tomorrow and just riding all weekend, however Mr. Weather Man is saying it's going to top 100 degrees even in the mountains. Have not rode in 100 degree temps since last summer so I ask is anyone else planning on riding this weekend in the heat or is everyone going to just chill out indoors?
  3. Just on local news in Oklahoma, it's 120 to 130 degrees in Australia!!!! Hydrate!!!!!! Best from the states!!! Stay cool :scorched:
  4. ok there are coolants that claim to help a motor run 10-25 degrees cooler, do they work? or is it better to use antifreeze/coolant for the summer?
  5. Took a little ride today down to Greensboro, NC to meet up with the Muffinman as he was helping out one of our new members that picked up an 83 Venture for less than a song. It was great to see him again and be able to visit and have a meal with him. He is one of the best. I was glad Brian, HotRodYJ, got to meet him. It was a bit of a cool ride, for me anyway, as most of the day was cloudy and from about 50 to 55 degrees. We also ran thru some misty rain, but it did not get us wet. Normally when you drop off the mountain going from NE TN toward the middle of NC, it gets hotter. Today at about
  6. I searched the site for information on VR engine oil and came up with nothing! Where did this stuff go? I know I have seen many threads on this hot topic . . . Anyway, I have a question. The manual says to use; SAE 10-30 type SE when not operating above 60 degrees F SAE 20-40 type SE when not operating below 40 degrees F We get to operate from 10 to 110 in Oklahoma. What are you North Texas boys running?
  7. Hello Everyone: Swapped out my 404's for Elite 3's yesterday. Unusually nice weather for March in W. Nebraska. 75 degrees. Took a 30 mile ride during my lunch break. Felt good!!!!
  8. We went for a ride this Sunday started out about 41 degrees @ 9:20 when we left, finally got to 61 degrees by the time we headed back towards home. We wound up riding over 500 miles got home at the last glimmer of sunlight. Was a good day could have used a Taller F4 windshield but it beat sitting here waiting to hear that I won. Just a few pics. http://http://www.venturerider.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=63478&stc=1&d=1326774095http://http://www.venturerider.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=63479&stc=1&d=1326774095http://http://www.venturerider.org/forum/attac
  9. What do you do in South Dakota when it hits 60 degrees? I think the picture says it all........
  10. Went out riding this weekend up here in Fargo ND, only 15 degrees outside with a 20 mph wind. I took the 05 RSTD and boy was it fun. I love the bike the wind coverage. I wanted to ride more but had work to do. So Thanksgiving will be the next time out. God did I say I love this bike.
  11. Got up today - it was six degrees (42 F)!!! It's STILL six degrees with a high of only 17 (63 F). Ugh. Guess most of our long day rides are over - as soon as it goes below 10 degrees (50 F), I'm way too cold to go on the bike any distance. May look into heated gear next year. Short rides are okay, under an hour max but all day rides? Can't handle it at all even with multiple layers and lots of leather. This summer was WAY too short.
  12. Yesterday, my wife and I were following a young guy on a crotch rocket. We were stopped at the light as we were coming out of a shopping center onto a 4 lane road. The sport bike was turning left so he had to cross 2 lanes before getting into his turn. He had a car in front of him as he turned, so he was doing all of about 15 mph. With all the style and grace of an experienced road racer, he shifted his weight to the left side of the seat, hooking his right knee and extended his low side knee outward 90 degrees to the bike. I laughed out loud... I mean COME ON.....15MPH????? He didn
  13. The National Weather Service seems to think it will only hit 111 degrees in OKC today. Local stations are predicting breaking the 113 degree record. I only know that I will not be walking on my wood deck in bare feet . . . 169 degrees!
  14. With the miserable hot weather we have been having, Linda and I decided to load up the little camper and take off to the mountains. We ended up staying at Mt Pisgah Campground, which is about 5,000 feet up and about 25 miles south of Asheville, NC. The temps on that part of the parkway were about 75 degrees and Thursday morning temperature was 58 degrees. We did get into some heat when we went down to Brevard and ate on Thursday evening and again when going to Cherokee, NC yesterday. We had a little rain shower in Cherokee and it cooled off then we headed back up the mountain. We are supposed
  15. Well, with this heat, Linda and I again took off to the mountains. With some great curvy back roads thru NC and TN, we ended up on Roan Mountain and the low temperature we saw was 64 degrees. We did a little hiking out to the point to walk off some of the great meal she treated me to at Western Sizzling in Burnsville, NC. I took a picture after I parked the bike and it was 66 degrees. We did encounter a hard rain for a few minutes while we were eating, but it was no big deal, but it did keep us grazing at the buffet longer. RandyA
  16. http://www.coolwingrider.com/ OK I got my cooling vests in and tried them yesterday,102 degrees F , FANTASTIC but a little pricey,BUT worth it if you want to stay COOL AND DRY!!! I bought the 2 up special which includes 2 Vests and a set of cooling bags or whatever they are called PLUS they come with an additional set(2) that can be put in the cooler bag to change out later in the day. The thing I was afraid of is that the cooling gel packs would not do as they say BUT they do! In 20 minutes the gel packs are frozen in ice water,(It only takes 65 degrees water to refreeze)they say it will d
  17. Yes Beartooth pass officially opened all the way across last Monday. My wife, her sister & brother in law from Rome, Georgia and I rode across. Beautiful and cold. 33 degrees at the top with probably a 20mph wind. here are a couple of pictures. Norm
  18. I know there are mixed reviews on here, but... Friday, I changed out the coolant in my '03 RSV. When I was refilling it, I first added a half bottle of Water Wetter, that I purchased from Auto Zone. I then filled the system with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. We went on a good ride yesterday, and the bike is actually running 20 degrees cooler than it was. I am very happy with it. Some may say Water Wetter does nothing, but I believe what I am seeing. I have a temp gauge on my bike, and it is definitely running 20 degrees cooler. http://www.redlineoil.com/Products.aspx?pci
  19. Just got back from a 3000 mile trip from KC to Florida. Encountered weather from 33 degrees, rain and also 85 degrees. The Tourmaster heated jacket is the single best purchase I have made for my bike. I could ride at 33 degrees for long periods of time and be fine. It extends the riding season by 2 months for me. My only limit is the road conditions (Don't bike under 32). I think the jacket with the collar is best. The heat on the inside of my arms really helps to keep me warm. I would not have thought that. The jacket also allows the use of Tourmaster gloves which is likely my next p
  20. Calling for 61 degrees today.... I am goin' riding....:stirthepot: I am not bragging, just saying!
  21. Whats a good half helmet to buy? One that you don't sweat in when it's 80 degrees, also has a nice bill on it..Thanks
  22. True story: The weather here has been better than some places, but still too cold in the mornings to ride the hour + to work for me. The forecast for this morning was for 31 degrees with a high of 62. No kidding, I actually woke up at 3:00 AM thinking "I can do 31 degrees" then went back to sleep. At 6:00 when I got up I said "what was I thinking!" So cage to work again. Time passes, take a break at 2:30 and walk outside. 64 degrees, no wind, not a cloud in the sky. Go back inside and make some lame excuse to the boss, and out the door to home I go to get the bike. I can probably get i
  23. I am looking for a part # for the front T/S bulb on mt 2007 RSV. I have the rear T/S, and brake bulbs but I need to find the LED bulbs for the front. these bulbs have 3 indexing pins spaced 120 degrees apart instead of 2 at 180 degrees.
  24. Greetings all, Just back from a weekend in Tasmania around Cradle Mountain. Decided to try some panorama photography. This is one of my better shots. Around 200 degrees view - five exposures 'stitched' together. Enjoy.
  25. The dealer that did my Hannigan trike used a rake of 4 1/2 degrees.Hannigan, in Murray Ky, uses a rake of 6 degrees. Does the 1 1/2 degrees make a difference in the steering.All trikers chime in.
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