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  1. CQ KD4FOV DE W4TAD There are a few of us OM.
  2. I'm home safe. Great time with great friends.
  3. . Packing the bike now. I can't wait.. As soon as I'm done being what I'm supposed to be tomorrow I'm headed up for friends and relaxation.
  4. It's sad that we have to drive so far to catch up....lol
  5. Now who in the world would lead a ride in the rain....oh wait.....lol
  6. My week got changed due to work issues. Looks like I'll be coming up Thursday afternoon/evening. Skid, leave the light on for me...lol Seriously, as soon as I'm clear of Thursday duties I'm on the road. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  7. And it was a good lunch. Great seeing those I knew and nice meeting those I didn't know till today.
  8. Hey I can visit you more often there. Only about 8 hours away...
  9. Vas, I'm with you. Looks interesting. Please if you get one soon keep us informed.
  10. Be sure to take a camera and people watch. I usually get a good few chuckles out of that. Especially in a tourist area. Be obvious when you take some pics... has caused a few good converstions because of that but also be ready to run... lol:)
  11. .. YO! GRANDMA! roflmao
  12. Crap missed this post alltogether...I was looking for a reason and missed this one. Maybe I should check in a little more often. Oh well, hope you guys had fun.
  13. Puc, Prayers will continue for all my friend. Hey those Electrophysiologist dudes/dudettes are great people. Coming up on two years since my ablation and I would do it again versus the alternative. My Electrophysiologist and I are on a first name basis..... We have the same first name.
  14. >> National Guard...... We did and they are still here!
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