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  1. If anybody is interested, here are my notes on converting from incandescent headlights to LED. I ordered a set from LED Factory Mart. Info: 2005 Royal Star Tour Deluxe. So here is obviously your staring point. There is a screw on either side of the main headlight assembly. Remove the main headlight plug. Remove the rubber housing. Undo the spring bar. This will take a bit of effort. Before you remove the two long screws found a 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock you may want to take note of approximately how much of each one is screwed in. These also act as the aiming adjustments. You will still need to re-aim your light after you are complete anyways. Here is the inside of my driving lights before making any modifications. The LED 4" lights I ordered came with a very nice plug assembly but there wasn't enough room in the bucket to keep it. I had to cut it off and wire in directly. It will be a tight fit to get the 4" lights back in the bucket. When lining up the main headlight to go back in the housing note that if you line it up with this screw at the top it will not be centered. That screw is a bit off of 12 o'clock. Finished project.
  2. I need a source (auto parts store, amazon, etc) and a part number for a LED Flasher for my 1st gen bike. Do I need a 2 wire or 3 wire flasher? Where is the stock flasher located in the fairing? I read about a dual component flasher and a starter circuit unit that's combined into ONE unit together; then I read of a individual flasher; I'm just a little confused. Does my bike have the dual component or the single flasher? Thanks in advance.
  3. Something I don't understand. I have a mini-mag light, and put the conversion kit on it to make it a LED flashlight. Powered by 2-AA batteries. Man, that makes some light. Has 3 LED bulbs in it. How come can I not get that brightness from LED lights on the back of the bike?
  4. I'm thinking about replacing my tail light bulb with a red LED to make it brighter. Has anyone done this,, does it work with the stock red lens or do I need to change to a clear lens.. Eventually I also want to change the turn signals to a cluster with running lights, brake lights and turn signals but not willing to spend quite that much at this time.
  5. This is pretty cool. Wonder if it would work on the Venture? http://www.webbikeworld.com/r3/spider-led-light/
  6. OK I have the resistor connected to the BLINKER WIRE, and then to the same ground in the plug. The blinker blinks but no running light. Changer back to 1157 (with R still installed) and have blinker and running light as they should be. Change to DIFFERENT LED and (still) have blinker but no running light. 4 different LEDs do this. Doug
  7. I am wanting to add some LED accent lights to my '89 VR. I have read through the threads, online searches etc. What I am looking for is ideas of where to place them. I know I want under carriage ground effects but also how to best show of the lines of the VR around the engine and front etc. I plan on taking out my damaged side panel vents and replacing with clear lexan and the light the engine. My bike is the pearl white version and want to go with blue. What other areas do others highlight? I have not found many pictures of other VRs. Also, recommendations on the LED types, wattage etc. Thanks. Gary
  8. http://www.truck-lite.com/wcsstore/tl/new/images/en_US/LEDHeadlampPR.jpg http://www.truck-lite.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/GenericView?pageName=/new/PressReleases_en_US/LEDHeadlamp.html&storeId=10001&langId=-1 Here is the one paragraph that matters to us: “While initial production is limited to 24 volt,” stated Brad VanRiper, Truck-Lite’s Sr VP of R&D & Chief Technology Officer, “we are actively testing 12 volt 7” LED Headlamps and we expect them to go into production shortly.” Yall stay tuned!!
  9. Well I jumped off a ledge and bought these for the VENTURE. I wanted to post what I bought so if any other member is looking for the same thing it makes it easy. I want to thank everyone here with there help and assistance in making up my mind. I spent quit abit of time talking to there staff and figure this is the right way to go. Thanks again Custom Dynamics Yamaha Cruiser LED Turn Signal Conversion Kit GEN200-Y-KIT LEDs: Amber Front, Amber Rear Bases: 1157 front, 1156 rear Equalizer: GEN-UNV-STABILIZER & GEN-MDK (Add $45.00) Genesis 100 LED Yamaha Tail Light Board GEN-100-1157YAM http://www.motorcyclehidxenonlights.com/Yamaha-Royal-Star-HID-Xenon-Lights/
  10. OK guys, I need some expert electrical help. For Christmas I bought LED turn signal inserts from Custome Dynamics. I already had the Run-Stop-turn from Kuryakyn for the back so the rear hooked up and worked perfectly. The front are another story. I also bought the load equalizer and diode kit from Kuryakyn. Both installed easily. Here are the problems. The turn indicator is always on when I connect the diode to ground acording to the instructions. The front lights come on as running lights but they go out and dont flash when I select either turn. At the same time the rear flash fast. If I remove the diode and reinstall the original front bulbs the rear LED lights flash normal. I read and followed all the instructions (maybe my first problem). Is ther something I'm missing or is my wiring different? Any help or possible solutions will be entertained.
  11. Has anyone installed the complete set ,headlight and passing lights ? And if so how do you like them?
  12. Thinking about putting a 1157 LED bulb in the tail light of my 07 RSTD is it worth the $20.00? Will be adding some LED light on the back during the winter just feel you can't have enough lights for people to see.
  13. I am a fan of Maglite flashlights. Never mind that I worked for them, and took my retirement from there. They are made 100% in the USA (Ontario, California) and I know how exacting the quality control is for everything from machining the aluminum to assembly of the finished product to packaging. At one time Mr. Tony Maglica sent a bunch of lights (thousands, I think) to (hmmmm, was it Desert Storm?) troops because he had read that they didn't have adequate lights for night activities (machine maintenance, etc.). Didn't cost the military or the troops a dime. They now have these AWSOME LED flashlights, but they are mostly very big $. Wait a minute----- check out Home Depot----- a combination LED 3D + a LED 2AA (with batteries, a non-roll device, and holster for the 2AA) for only $27.98. That's less than most places get for just the 3D LED flashlight. The 2AA LED can be more than $20.00 some places. I got mine from the local store, also available on the internet. This link only shows it in black, but I think if you search around you might find the colors. I got blue. http://www.homedepot.com/Maglite/h_d1/N-53xZ5yc1v/R-202550919/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&storeId=10051 I have no dog in this fight, just sharing what I found to be a very good price on an outstanding MADE IN tHE USA product. And Home Depot still offers a 10% discount for military active/retiree/veteran. If you might have an interest in reading about Mag Instrument's growth and history, here's a link: http://www.maglite.com/company_aboutmag.asp
  14. The brake light is not working on my 98 royal star. The tail light works but no brakes light up in the front or rear levers. The light looks to be an led aftermarket and not stock bulb type. Any ideas on this?
  15. I recently mounted this led brake/tail/signal light bar that was on sale here in Ontario at Princes Auto for about $20. I liked this bar as it could be separated from the frame that it came in so it fits neatly under my trunk. Was able to avoid drilling holes by using plastic ties around my trunk rack. Mounted the light bar immediately below the trunk, so my helmet holders including locks are still functional. Used wood shims visible in the picture but not visible from behind to keep the light bar hanging straight. Also, I wired the lights by just plugging into my trailer wiring plug.
  16. My 84 has been running great all summer long, until last week. It has sat for about a week, due to rain and the like. Pulled the Tender, and it fired right up. The LED Volt meter did not lite and the "Battery" showed in the bikes display window. The bikes volt meter was in the middle of the scale. The bike ran and idled smoothly. I reved the engine several times nothing changed. LED volt meter was still out and the "battery"lite was on. After about 10 minutes running, the volt meter fired up and settled into 14 volt charge indicator and the battery lite went out. Could this be a bad LED Volt meter? Could it be shorting and causing the battery lite to come on? Is it a bad battery? Stator? It does something to ya riding a bike and the red light is flashing and the battery box is on. It sat for three days and today it did the exact same thing. :detective:Does anyone have any ideas. Saddle_Bag
  17. DRS Fabrication has designed a durable metal, powder coated FRONT LED light mount, utilizing existing Royal Star Venture bolt holes. This is mounted low, away from the headlight and creates an enourmous amount of road illumination, as well as attractability. Combined with the Whelen LED Flash module, this allows many different, unique attention getting flashes or always-on setting. I have used a 27 watt LED light on each side of the front fender. It makes a magnificant light. The nice thing about using the Whelen LED Flash module it has the ability to a reduced light setting as well as a high light setting. The lights range from $25 on up depending what wattage, brand, size, shape, etc., each. I've seen the module as inexpensive as $33. The mount is priceless. If you're interested in getting a price on the mount, contact Dennis @ 814-360-9233 (Pennsylvania); a 2006 Royal Star Venture owner.
  18. Does anyone know if the " silver bucket" inside the headlight assembly comes out ...im installing a "led" headlight from "trucklite"???????????
  19. I am looking at the LED headlamps and passing lamps sold by customdynamics.com. Is anyone using these yet? I think they're pretty new. I am thinking this might be a better way to save amps than LED turn signals/running lights and/or swapping out the stator for the HO one. Thanks for any and all input. Don
  20. well...i did it! i couldnt help myself. yes, pricey. 169.00 with free shipping. so, for starters, i opened the box and nearly fainted! then i giggled like a 7 year old for about 5 minutes...till my belly hurt. these things look like they belong on an Aircraft Carrier! now i understand why the Dakar riders use these. Mr. Shock and Awe designed these! but surprisingly, they are lightweight! if you didnt see the vid i posted about "torture test" , watch it. install was a snap! you see where i put them. just for more giggles, my 3D cell LED Maglite produces 134 lumens. these lights......a mere 2600 lumens @ 30Watts! bet your Walmart lights cant do that! hehe...Darkness?...what Darkness.......CAN YOU SEE ME NOW! i love my bike..... time to prepare for my ride from Makinaw to Key West. of course, with a stop at Freebirds!
  21. I need some help...I just recently switched to LED turn, run and brake lighting. They work great thanks to Custom Dynamics. I also changed my driving lights to LED Sun spots and they too are great. So here's the problem: I have a Phase 7 LED headlight to replace the original, but HOW DO YOU OR CAN YOU REMOVE THE METAL HOUSING BUCKET FROM THE GLASS? I need the housing in order to mount the new LED bulb. Is this possible because without the metal housing I cannot mount the new LED bulb? If I cannot use the metal housing can anyone shed some light on a possible alternate solution. I really cannot use the LED driving lights with a regular headlight bulb because it doesn't look good at all. Thanks in advance:) Jakbag
  22. Installed led's on the saddle bags the look great.
  23. OK so I have been searching around looking for info on LED bulbs for the turnsignals and also the brake. What I would like to know is if you use the replacement type looking LED bulbs do you still have to put the special flasher units, resistors, controller or whatever in the mix? And I thought I read somewhere that the auto cancel function dont work with the LED's either. Something like this. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDIzWDQ0MA==/$(KGrHqN,!oME9c54uKu(BPr+S840(g~~60_1.JPG
  24. Anyone... seen these? or tried them? http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/led-h4-high-low.html Or better... are they simply for "Aux" lights?
  25. I'm looking to replace my head light with an LED Have any of you installed one of these or anything similar http://www.truck-lite.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=92025&langId=-1 Do our head light reflector housing come out on our 2nd gens? I can get one for around $250 off of Amazon. My head light is the only light on the bike that is not LED at this point. I just changed out the passing lamps for LED's What a difference!!!
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