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  1. I'm 76 years young and have experienced many things in my lifetime---------------- But I'm certain that I will go to my grave bearing my one of my biggest regrets of never having attended one of these MD's. I'm absolutely certain that I would have blended right in with this group of highly skilled--uhh-h-h-h---- (insert buffoons, clowns, prevaricators, ice cream snobs, dedicated practical jokers) gentlemen who's main purpose in life seems to be to heap gross indignity upon one another. My congratulations and envy goes to each of you for your diligence in mastering this ongoing celebration of life. Many happy returns.
  2. That plaid upholstery reminds me of a pair of bell-bottom pants I had in the 60's!
  3. That must be an older truck, it seems to prefer bow ties. Or is it wearing a red tuxedo?
  4. I always try to park so that I can just pull out and go, no backing. Sometimes at a motel I will back the trailer in so that when leaving I won't have to deal with backing it out of the parking space. If backing becomes necessary, a quick dismount and pick up/slide the back of the trailer to the desired angle is what I do.
  5. And now the whole world knows (or at least the ones who visit this site).
  6. Which trailer did you buy? If it's the Tag-a-Long then the springs and tongue need no modification. LED lights are an improvement. If it's the flat utility trailer then some of the suggestions are worth noting, some of these guys have a lot of experience with them. On my TagAlong I repacked the wheel bearings, replaced the grease zerks, added some lighting, changed some hardware to stainless steel, carpeted the inside, changed the OEM lock to one of better quality. Picture is with left turn signal activated. WOW, I SEE SNAGGLETOOTH ALREADY POSTED THIS PIC.
  7. Never a very light load. If there's a need to use the trailer then the load will be substantial. Typically luggage, cooler inside the trailer, covers for both the bike and the trailer, maybe lawn chairs, etc. Other wise I just use my homemade 2nd travel trunk attached to the hitch.
  8. This rendition seemed to me to be sincere, heartfelt and presented with respect. I (as others have stated) think a traditional singing is most desirable (remember Roseann in San Diego?) but these young men put so much energy and emotion into it that it makes me believe that they were totally serious and respectful of our flag and nation. I think it was well done.
  9. I've had mine up to 90 MPH, have pulled it for lots of miles @ 70+ MPH, never had a problem with swaying. IF IT'S EMPTY or not properly loaded it might cause a problem. I used a bathroom scale, made sure tongue weight was around 20-25 pounds and weighed each wheel/tire to make sure the load was pretty much balanced side to side. After that I just made sure that the load was similar to that original test load. I have not altered the axle, springs, or tongue.
  10. Where was video recorded? If not in California lane splitting probably not legal.
  11. Mel

    guns Canada

    Link below is to a video of what I have. You mention .22 pistol, here is an alternative to semi-auto. The video is of a Stainless Steel revolver, Taurus 992 available in 4" or 6 1/2" barrel. Mine is blue, almost black, 6 1/2". A search will find lots of info on this handgun. They are hard to find, I got lucky when a local dealer just happened to get one in two days after I emailed him. The .22LR is probably the most affordable of all ammunition. Enjoy and be safe with whatever you get. The .22WMR (magnum) ammo is roughly double the cost of the .22LR. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC3ltKduHbE]Taurus Model 992 Tracker 22 Long Rifle / 22 Magnum Revolver - Gunblast.com - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Push rods and lifters? I remember those. I also remember V-8 engines and rear wheel drive. Mostly all things of an era gone by.
  13. The toilet paper she provided is about as useful as I find all these "smart phones" and other portable electronic devices to be. Of course I do not understand them, nor know how to use them. My desktop PC, laptop, and a cell phone with texting capability works fine for me, and some times that's too much.
  14. I know that in the past there has been some discussion about if Harbor Freight was still selling these trailers. This link is to an ad that came in my email yesterday, Thur. March 14, 2013. I have not checked to see if they have any at my local store, but that's where I got mine a couple years ago. They were more affordable (cheaper) then. I've had no problems with mine, added some lights and swapped some hardware for stainless steel. http://www.harborfreight.com/600-lb-capacity-78-inch-tag-along-trailer-66771.html Yikes!!! I just noticed that in the item description they state there is a $89.95 oversize item shipping charge. Best to find one at a store
  15. Holy buffalo, look at all them cowboys.
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