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  1. OK I have the resistor connected to the BLINKER WIRE, and then to the same ground in the plug. The blinker blinks but no running light. Changer back to 1157 (with R still installed) and have blinker and running light as they should be. Change to DIFFERENT LED and (still) have blinker but no running light. 4 different LEDs do this. Doug
  2. 83 VR So im doing some work that required me to split the case. But I see that the PO had already split the case for whatever reason. I was wondering what do I need to see to determine that the 2nd gear issue was repaired? I've got 55000 miles on the bike with no gear issues right now. Also, I understand that I could buy another years transmission and be done with transmission issues all together. What years would that be? Could I get a trans. from a 1300 that would fit or do I HAVE to undercut/ buy parts for my 1200.
  3. Just a thought- Has anyone considered creating a letter to Yamaha from this group as a whole, signed by any of our members that want to, that would express our collective admiration about our ventures as well as our frustrations with recurring issues (i.e. the whine), the lack of updates and give our suggestions regarding new models? The idealistic part of me would like to think that if we were able to send this (ultimately as a hard copy as well as electronically) to one of the upper Yamaha corporate officers that it may at least peak their interest. Even though the cynic in me says "what's the point", I've always tried to live by the motto that if you don't try to improve things you don't have the right to complain. I'm a fairly new venture owner, and maybe not intimately familiar with all of the venture issues, but I would be happy to help in creating such a letter with help from the group if the interest was there.
  4. There are some issues with the chat server. The link in the menu bar will not work for now. Please use this link until I get it resolved. CHAT ROOM
  5. Hi new to your site and am looking for some information from the experts here. I am going to look at a 1987 Venture Royal on Sunday and hoped that someone would be kind enough to tell me what some of the known issues or problems are related to that model, things to look for etc. Any help is appreciated........
  6. Hi new to your site and am looking for some information from the experts here. I am going to look at a 1987 Venture Royal on Sunday and hoped that someone would be kind enough to tell me what some of the known issues or problems are related to that model. Any help is appreciated........
  7. We don't have to register our trailers here in Tennessee. I heard someone say last week, that my trailer has to be registered, because some states require it. Is this true? I will be pulling my trailer to Ohio next month for MD, and don't want any issues.
  8. So I started looking for my proverbial gas smell on my 89. Couldn't find anything wet or seeping. Decided to sync the carbs. I also checked the vacuum caps that I had to remove to hook up the sync hoses. I checked them by sucking on them and letting them stick to my lip. The last one I checked would not create suction. I could not find a crack, or leak, but it would not create suction. So, I replaced it with one off of the 87. after syncing and the new cap, boy...it runs smooth. Here is the question: When syncing the 89, the Carbtune reading was close to 32 on the scale. Is there a level/reading that it should be ? What/how is that adjusted ? I was able to balance the carbs and the sides. I was also playing with my 87 and even though I still have major carb issues on that one, The reading was around 20 on the scale. Now I know that the 87 could, and probably is not an accurate reading due to the carb issues, but it got me thinking about the readings.
  9. Right next to my 08 RSV now sit's a 1987 blue Venture 1st Gen. It's in real good shape for it age. Rode it home with no issues just a few rattles. Pics will come after i wash it up.
  10. I have to adjust the cable until I hear the relay click, then I can start it. Sometimes it will even have issues immediately if it dies suddenly after starting. I have to go back and do it again. I was having issues getting it started the other day. Not sure if I couldn't hear the click since the battery was low, maybe not enough voltage for the relay. Hoping that's the only issue. But I would like to ride it again. Planning on taking the trip down to Yellowstone before I move. Pretty much the whole reason I bought it, plus I only paid $1000.
  11. So .... Having completed the IBA SaddleSore 1000 on my XS750, I am in desperate need of something comfier ... Mrs Twigg is all for this idea I found This: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/IMG_0465.jpg It has done 56 000 miles, and has a few issues, mostly cosmetic, but not all. It needs some love, and I shall give it some. It needs minor things in the main, but they add up to quite a bit of work, so I will be busy.
  12. Bought a 1987 Venture Royale less than 48 hrs ago. I paid $1750 knowing that there would be a few issues to fix. She seemed to run great during my test drive. However, I have found a few thing that need fixing since I have put a few miles on her yesterday. I also discovered the service manual for the bike and have just about read it from cover to cover. Major Thanks to whoever uploaded that gem. Just a bit of history.... The bike used to be ridden daily, until the po before the po decided not to ride anymore for what reason. So, it sat for a while and was no longer running. The plastics and stuff started falling apart as it sat in thee unbearable Texas sun. The guy I bought it from, picked it up and got it running again. New throttle cable, breaks, oil, air cleaner and the lik. He replaced or "repaired" the broken plastics as best as he knew how. So, I have an awesome bike with 75000 miles on it that needs a bit more tlc. My goal is to ride it to and from work as much as possible (50 miles each way) and to take rides with my wife and son. Any help/advice would be appreciated in my quest to restore this beauty to her former glory. If there is anyone who lives around Houston, tx that would be willing to help guide me through the fixes, lend a hand, or help me find parts, etc, your time and efforts would be well rewarded (I brew my own beer) and appreciated. List of known issues: CLASS air pressure drops in front (rapidly) Radio/tape deck issues (possibly replace) Idle issues - when warm, idles so low that it dies, or it won't idle down , backfiring/popping noises at idle or throttle let-off, etc Electronic cruise control isn't working. Lights come on, but won't set cruise. Speedometer just started bouncing around until it warms up. Battery needs to be replaced (or charging system fixed) and red flashing light needs to be fixed. A lot of cosmetic issues. I am not sure where to start and where to find the parts I need. Guidance would be appreciated as to what repairs to affect first and in order of importance. And pictures are what we all want..... [ATTACH]68026[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68027[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68028[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68029[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68030[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68031[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68032[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68033[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68034[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68035[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68037[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68038[/ATTACH] Thank you for taking the time to look at my long post.
  13. I've come across a '96 Honda Magna, that a neighbor owns. He is thinking of selling and it is in really good shape. I would spend a little extra to get it since I know it has been well cared for, but he is still on the fence about keeping it. Anyway, my son is looking for his 1st bike, and I am a little nervous about this one. I know that these bikes are fast and quick, everything else about it I like. Especially the V-4 motor. I know for a fact that these bikes can get up close to 130 mph or more, and this worries me with a 17 year old. Aside from the speed, if anybody knows of any other issues let me know.
  14. Been off line for nearly two days. Big outage here in Perth.... my internet provider had some real issues getting me back on line, but all sorted now Did I miss anything? :confused24:
  15. I recently sold my '89 Radian as I was looking to get into something a little more suited for longer hauls and the Venture caught my eye. I found a '86 Venture Royale with 74K miles that I plan to check out tomorrow. I called the owner and he had this info to pass: Runs great although lately haven't ridden much and therefore at low engine speeds need to apply a little choke. Has the air shocks, cruise, clock, factory am/fm/cb, intercom, headphone for both riders, driver back rest, wind wings, highway floorboards, aux driving lights, extended chrome fender w/ fender trim, trunk rack, chrome light bar on trunk, waterproof cover and dust cover, taller windshield, venture bags, excellent condition paint, tires are good, garage kept. Currently owned by an elderly gentleman that has owned it since '92. He has done the service himself or with a mechanic friend. He seems mechanically inclined as also restores old cars. He said he had the clutch plates replaced not too long ago. It was laid down once by the owner before him but only the slightest little scrape on the mirror was the only damage and he said he has had no issues with it since. I am planning on riding out tomorrow to go check it out and was wondering if you guys had any advice. He's asking $3500. Does this seem like a fair price? I have spent the past few days scouring this site learning as much as possible. I plan on asking if he has had any issues with 2nd gear and if the starter has had any high heat issues. Beyond that any other advice would be appreciated. I am familiar with Yamaha carbs as I was constantly cleaning and syncing the carbs on my Radians. If I do end up tearing into these ones I know to check the diaphrams and hope there are no issues there. If I were to negotiate what would be the areas of concern? Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing what y'all have to say. Matt
  16. Can any CD player be used in 1st Gens? Just wondering cuz of the position it has to be installed in. Those of you who have them...any serious skipping issues or is that a thing of the past with newer automotive players?
  17. I received this notice for our chat room hosting company. Should be minimal if any downtime. Hello, Recently it has come to our attention that some clients are having performance issues due to poor routing of upstream providers. As these issues have caused severe degradation of service for some clients we're unfortunately forced to push up the time table for our network upgrades. We will be scheduling a 4 hour window starting at Saturday 11PM PST to Sunday 3AM PST. Projected impact on network connectivity is minimal but as such major upgrades don't always go according to plan we wish to give network admins time to back out the changes. The new network will be based around multiple redundant Cisco ASR 9000's and performance optimized by Internap FCP hardware. We apologize for the short notice but we firmly believe this action is needed to keep the 123 Flash Chat hosting network at peek performance, we appreciate your understanding. 123 Flash Chat
  18. Ok, the question is, will the heads from an '83 1200cc motor fit on top of an '88 1300cc motor? IIRC, Dingy put 1200cc V-Max heads on a 1300 motor. This is the issue I am having. I have a incomplete donor motor from an '88 Venture that I picked up for my '83 Venture that was having 2nd gear issues. When I cracked open my '83 case, I found out that the two center crankshaft bearings were damaged, with the journal of one having scrapes deep enough to catch a fingernail. The other exposed bearings looked dull. Also, the PO had opened the motor before, sealing it back up with red gasket sealer, getting it everywhere, even in oil passages. So I am a little concerned about the block. The '88 motor had almost all of it's covers removed, and the intake/exhaust ports left open. Some of the valves are stuck open. I pulled the heads and the cylinders look fine, still has the cross-hatch marks on the walls with no up/down scratches. The exposed bearings look nice & shiny, and I see no damage on the crankshaft. My '83 heads are still fine as the bike was still running before I tore it down. So what I want to do is put the good gears back into the '88, button it back up, and swap the heads from my '83 onto the '88, then install the '88 back into my bike. I'm looking at head gaskets for an '88 and the valve cove gaskets from a 2nd gen. I know I'm asking a question that I kinda have an answer for (and most likely the direction I will take), but I'm just seeing if there is any issues or problems that I should be aware of or look out for. I was hoping for a simple transmission swap but it's turning into a big headache. -Andrew
  19. wells guys just bought my first venture. been a bike fan since i was a kid and my first boss had one of these. thought it was awesome then and still do. i been getting acclimated to the site. there's lots of info on here and have to say i'm real impressed to see a group of people so willing to help each other out! thanks for letting me be a part of this. i guess i'm ready to test some of my wrenching skills to get this thing safely ready for the road.. it's got 30,000 miles on it and the paint was redone 2 years ago. visually its looking pretty good but i have a few of the gremlins that are common. i've been gleaning off the threads but i thought i'd start my own and maybe list the things i've noticed and we could work together on getting them reslolved. i was told the 2nd gear issue was resolved at the dealer already and i haven't noticed any issues. FIXED - 1. starting issues, especially when the bike is warm. gonna check out battery and charging FIXED -2. front end suspension seems off. saw oil on the brake caliper. feels uneasy in turns. it takes the bumps really hard up front, but feels okay on a smooth road FIXED - 3. the air suspension monitor seems to not be functioning. i only see "psi" on right side FIXED - 4. seems to idle a little rough, you have to choke it slightly to get it to idle at 1000-1200rpms. then idles okay part in the mail - 5. the pipe stubs on the front side of the exhaust crossover are broke on both sides. makes it pretty loud FIXED - 6. rear trunk has the small cracks around the front holding tabs, making it a little wobbly FIXED - 7. felt like the clutch was slipping when i took it out to open it up at high rpms. may have felt like an engageing issue, not sure its the fibers, maybe master cylinder? FIXED - 8. seemed like neutral was a little hard to find when the bike was hot i'm hoping to get the starting / running issues resolved and then keep working on the list. here's a pic to give you a vision http://i642.photobucket.com/albums/uu148/DOZER520_photos/DSCN3465.jpg http://i642.photobucket.com/albums/uu148/DOZER520_photos/DSCN3468.jpg
  20. Over the years there have been a number of thread by folks regarding issues with their Web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc etc) ... I don't think I've even once seen anyone post anything about Maxthon ... except myself. This leads me to wonder ... does anyone else on here use this web browser or am I the only one? http://www.maxthon.com/mx3/?v= I have been using this browser since it first came out back in the late 90's. Then it was called MyIE. Of all the others I have tried and worked with, I always come back to Maxthon. It has some really great features and some of those features which are now available in IE, FireFox, etc were in Maxthon long before. Maxthon uses the same rendering engine that IE uses (Trident). If you haven't taken a look at it yet, check it out ... you might just find it a good (or maybe even great) alternative to what you are now using, especially if you've been having issues.
  21. Just want to introduce myself. My name is Jeff, and I'm a bike nut. Whoops, wrong forum...this isn't motorcycles anonymous. LOL Anyway, last week I picked up a 1983 Venture for $200.00 (payable in shots of Southern Comfort at my local American Legion) The bike hasn't been treated well for the past 3 years. I bought the bike from the second owner, but I also know the original owner fairly well. The bike used to have very nice black cherry color paint (original), but now it's Harley orange, and not a quality repaint at that. That's changing soon, as I worked at Home Depot for several years and if I never see Orange paint again, it will be too soon. All the bodywork is currently in a pile as the second owner took it all off so he could get the motor out to repair the bottom case after bottoming out on a large rock that was in the middle of a dirt road. The case has been professionally repaired, but he could never get the bike started again, hence my purchase price of $200.00. With the advice given here, I have a TCI on the way from Dingy that should be here in a couple of days, so hopefully that will get the bike to fire on all 4. I'm slowly figuring this bike out (it's the newest bike I own other than a 1997 Kawasaki KE100) and I'm sure that I'm going to have a lot more questions. Looking the bike over, I think that the mechanical issues are going to be few, but I can see some more electrical issues (other than the ignition) already. I have a new fuse block that I hope will cure a lot of the issues once I install it. Thanks for the help in the few posts I've made since joining here last week. Jeff
  22. I haven't been on much lately. Lots of things going on. Bad thing is the MM may have to go on the market. Not sure yet. I'm gonna hang on to it as long as possible but it's just another of the same old stories that I've read about on this forum so many times. Health issues and hard times have landed in Southeast Missouri. I'll keep you guys posted. Sincerely, Ken aka slick97spirit
  23. Been home from work the last 4 days. The right knee that I had surgery on less than 2 years ago is failing. Im scared to get the knee replacement I need. Several friends who have had it are now having scar tissue problems along with mobility issues. Right now riding is out of the question. Had to take 4000 mg of naproxen last friday just to get through the night at work, which is causing some other issues. Thats 3000mg more then recommended. Selling the bike was also a thought, fleeting as it may have been. So, I have some major thinking to do...... Now, where are my drugs......
  24. I will be in DC on business over the Columbus Day weekend. I Have three days off and what to take a road trip to see the fall colors. I will be in a rental car so bike issues are not relevent. I am thinking Penn? Any Suggestions? Thanks.
  25. Anyone install the passing lamp bar spacer ( the one Tony makes) on a lowered front end 2nd gen? are there any issues with it hitting the fender? Thanks
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