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  1. I just bought a 1987 venture line driver backrest but i dont think all the parts are there, does any one have a parts break down of all the parts so i can see what is missing, i have looked all around and cant find a breakdown on all the parts
  2. Well I have a little problem. I was bleeding out the front brakes and got one side to bleed out nice then moved to the other side. Well I cannot get it to bleed out. I get nothing from it when I squeeze the lever. Is there an easy way to fix this or should I replace the line. I will NOT ride without a front brake, four wheel boneheads make that WAY to dangerous. Shaun
  3. Just wanted to toss up a quick note to all the 1st genners that are thinking of delinking their front brakes and going with the R1/R6 front calipers. I just finished this mod on the '86 I currently own, and I used several different lines. The main line from the front brake master cylinder was off a 2nd gen. I sent this down to what I think was a Vmax splitter and then the R1 calipers I bought had the lines with it and I used them to the calipers. The reason I am writing about this is I ran into a problem when I 1st put it together. I want to save you fellas some headaches should you want to try this. Let me start out saying that all banjo bolts are not the same. Also all brake line connectors are also not the same. The original equipment lines on the 1st gens have a groove inside the fitting and the banjo bolt has a full sized shank. The 2nd gen line does not have this groove in the line, nor does the R1 lines, so there has been an engineering change with this and the bolts are not interchangeable. What I ended up doing, was grinding a groove in my old bolt at the splitter, and also on the master cylinder bolt as I wanted to use the original ones to make sure they worked properly. I used the banjo bolts that came with the R1 calipers on them. The pics below are of the differences in the bolts, and the mod plate I did to mount the splitter. I bled the brakes out tonight and have a good feel to it with newer lines.
  4. Does anyone know what would cause an '87 VR to red line in 2nd gear at 65 mph but not get above 4500rpm and 75 mph in 5th gear. It does sputter a little around 6000 rpm but will recover up to the red line. I normally don't do this to the engine but was trying to blow out the jets in the carbs after 2 cans of Sea Foam run through her this past year. It runs great but just a little slugesh in high gear. Any insight would be great and I just got carbs sync. this weekend. Is this normal? THANKS!!!
  5. 1987 with 36k with sidecar was averaging 38-40 all of a sudden dropped to 21, 26.2, 31.7, 28.6 , 29 no long idling no excessive speed rig coasts fine no brake drag i thought if there is a return line do to fuel pump maybe it broke or was leaking but there is no gas smell or residue. is there a return line line and any suggestions to look for for milage drop could it be clutch?doesnt seem to be slipping.
  6. Hello all, In trying to help with bleeding of the linked brakes I bought a brake line with the bleeder from an '89 Venture Royale on ebay. It didn't come with a mounting bracket for the bleeder, and I can't figure out from the parts house diagrams what I need to mount it. Can someone take a picture or point it out to me on a parts diagram? I figure I may be able to find one in a parts or bolts lot that are listed on ebay. This is the line I have, bracket would be for the top end of the line. Thanks, Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good ride! Richard
  7. That the Bills would fire their Head Coach?!!? Just announced ole Chan is on the unemplopyment line! Yeah, right, like we didn't see THAT coming...
  8. Just ordered my new Nokia lumia 920 windows 8 phone with AT&T as the carrier from CAR TOYS on line for a Penney. What a deal that is for new customers only or customers eligible for upgrade. Here is the link www.cartoys.com :)
  9. Tx2Sturgis, Brian, here is a rig that is being slowly moved...that combines your line of work with my old line of work. http://www.autoblog.com/2012/11/06/this-192-wheel-vehicle-is-carrying-nuclear-waste-to-utah-right-n/?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl4%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D232024 This rig weighs in at 700,000 lbs., can only be moved at 25 mph, and will take three weeks to go 800 miles. Oh, and it is 400 ft. long, and has...192 wheels under it. Imagine the pay that this truck driver...or crew of them...are getting to move this.
  10. We are moving house on Thursday, so "puter will be shut down and packed. You all behave yourselves till we are back on line
  11. Boys & Girls IDK if anyone else has posted about this product so I will. My right front seal has been weeping for awhile. (Muffinman can attest to it, he saw it at the meet & greet) I tried using a 35 mm film negative & it worked for a little bit but I still saw an oil line of demarcation. When I met Jeff at the Meet & Eat, he was kind enough to give me a list of all the parts I needed to replace the seals. I was looking up remedies on the web & ran across this. http://sealmate.net/Images/fix_leaking_fork_seals_logo.png http://sealmate.net/seal_mate_instructions.html Basically it's the same principle as the film strip but the thing is not as fragile. It cleans the seal & then you have to reseat it by pumping the forks. (I did 3 sets of 10 pumps each) I used it as instructed cleaning the fork tube & dust cap. I cleaned the seal twice around, then I wiped down the tube. I pumped the front end to reseat the seal. & noticed the oil line. Wiped & cleaned & repeated the front end pumping. I saw a lesser line. By the 3rd time my tubes were dry. It's been 4 days now without any issues. If you plan on doing a few bikes I would pick up a couple of them. I found that they sell on EBAY as well. It's cheaper & free shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/140818428402?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 This is the seller RJ Engineering (RJ ENGR) http://myworld.ebay.com/rjengr?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Not a bad fix for $4.70 I will post an update again in a week.
  12. I will be removing the cassette deck and turning it into a storage box. It just so happens that my crackberry will fit in there perfectly. I would like to add a power outlet in the back of the box for charging the crackberry. Does the cassette deck have a power line running to it? If so can I add a power outlet to the end of that line after I take the cassette deck out? If so is there a separate fuse for that line and if so will I need to change the fuse for this? Finally if so which line is it on the back of the cassette deck? Thanks for your input on this.
  13. wanted to drop ya a line and let ya know i made it to Kabul its been a long last few months but we will have some fun out here:draming:
  14. Saw this sign when we went camping this weekend in Gettysburg. It reminded us of someone. So I just had to take a pic of it. It's the last line of couse that apply's. Margaret
  15. Completed a "happier" mission today. Welcomed back for a Chief Petty Officer from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan. Seeing his wife and son hugging him home, was well worth the time spent on the flag line at the airport. Watching all the other passengers clapping as he walked through the flag line to his family was priceless. I challenge everybody to join their local chapter of the PGR. Yes, some of the Missions are sad. Escorting the body of my friend Sgt Brian Walker was the hardest motorcycle ride I have ever taken. But, the look of appreciation, the handshakes and the thank you's from family members are payment in gold. It's an incredible group of people serving those who have served us. I now ride in honor of two heroes that I knew. So, join. It's free. You don't have to be ex-military, heck you don't have to even ride. Just be willing to stand as a thank you for those who have stood for us. Check it out: http://www.patriotguard.org/Home/tabid/53/Default.aspx The only piece of equipment that is a must have, is a big DARK pair of sunglasses. It helps hide the "allergies."
  16. Ok, I'm off to the rally for the week and will not be on line for a while......so for all those who are attending the rally ride safe....see you all there...
  17. Even though I keep marking the "remember me" when signing in, something in the system keeps signing me out...even when I am staying on line. I have cleared the cache...any other ideas? Appreciate your help. Jim Turner
  18. I stopped down in Missouri the other day and dropped into see my x bro-in-law. Been a long time since we have had a chance to sit down and visit. We used to get together a lot and could spend all night swapping guitars and BSing. He was a hell of a picker and he was a huge fan of the Gretsch line. He owns a White Falcon and a Country Gent and a couple other tucked way I can't remember the names of. For those of you familiar with those guitars you know the sound. It's all its own. I can't remember how many times I would just stop playing and let him roll on by himself. I'd leave the deck running and record him. He never belived it was him when he heard the tapes play back. But he was saying there was the Gretsch Roundup down in KC. It's kind of a massive jam session for the Gretsch bunch. Bring your guitar and jump on in. He had been thinking about going but didn't feel up to it. I razzed him about getting out and do something for himself for a day and just go. I left him with a little jazzin' about slacking off and hoped he went. So today I came home and found an e-mail from him. He went. He was a bit wired as not only did he go but had some good news. Part of his e-mail: Last but not least.........................I won the Grand Prize for the night. A brand new Gretsch Electromatic. This guitar was just built, shipped from the factory to Gretsch Corporate, photographed for the upcoming new Gretsch catalog, and shipped to KC for the Roundup. It's a new model, white 16" body, double cut, large "f" holes, and a pair of Electromatic Filters..... and a Bigsby with all gold hardware These aren't getting to the streets until July, and haven't even been released or announced to the public yet. Last night was the unveiling of this new line. Now get this *&^%....................the last 3 digits of the s/n are "000". I just about crapped myself Mike. Winning something like this was just crazy, but to also have the "000" is pretty special. Some poor guy will think his number "001" is the first. LOL..............I'll have that pleasure thanks to you LOL I think he had a good day. Mike
  19. Been off line for nearly two days. Big outage here in Perth.... my internet provider had some real issues getting me back on line, but all sorted now Did I miss anything? :confused24:
  20. I keep reading that there is supposed to be a vacuum line connected to the #2 intake port on the 96 Royals. It is supposed to go to the ignition (boost sensor?). Can anyone verify this? Mine doesn't have it. All four of the ports are capped. Does anyone have a vacuum line routing diagram? My clymers doesn't have one. I'm thinking someone may have removed it for some reason and that it may be why I haven't been able to remedy my decel backfiring. Thanks!
  21. Working on my letter for my up coming trip. The only thing I have to work on is the States, Both Canada & the US. I plan to paint them in, as an out line, then add the colors as I go alone
  22. Had our home a/c serviced yesterday and was told the price of freon was gonna ski rocket next year. Anyone in this line of work have any insight.
  23. the front right brake line that links to the fork (see Photo). Does anyone know where to get one? It's for a Venture Royale 1983... Thank you for the help.
  24. Hey all, flying down Sunday the 15th to buy a New to Me bike in Florida and riding home. I plan on buying a Side Car for the Grandchild were raising, and to help with weight balance if needed. Unfortuantly Reverse is not available on a RSV. Thought about a trike, but not for me, not yet. Charlene really liked the colors of the 105th Anniversary Edition on the Heritage we just sold. We both missed the RSV, and the touring line with all the extras, and I could never get comfortable on long rides with the Heritage due to my back. The touring line is a bit more than I want to handle, but the future side car will help out. We are buying a 08 H-D Ultra Classic with 2250 miles, like new. I hope the Ultra is as good a bike as my RSV, which is in great hands with Old School. Still enjoy being on this wonderful site and the Great people here. Later-James "Red Ryder" Beyer
  25. OK folks,I heard from Ponch and we talked better than an hour. First let me say he remembers some things and some folks but has a hard time with it. We talked about our last visit with him In route to Cody and while we were there. Bottom line..He doesnt remember much of it at all. The one thing that I feel everyone needs to know, because he told me, is that he appreciates everything ALL of you folks did with the Prayers and thoughts. He can not get on here to Thank all of you because he cannot see that well and has trouble getting the words from his mind to come out on here so it has been frustrating. Whether or not he stays on the site will be totally up to him and his progress..he is having trouble focusing, He said it hurts him to get around motorcycles..I dont know if he misses it or it brings back bad memories. I do know he asked me to relay this message to all of you for what you have done,with that he really teared up and I knew it was heartfelt. I only hope I got this message as he wanted it...If I drifted to far the bottom line from Ponch is "Thank You All ! "
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