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  1. Hi everyone, Firstly just a short introduction, I live in the UK just purchased a 1990 Venture Royale XVZ1300, Cali import. Been riding 21 years, always been on sprts bikes but decided that I need to act more responsibly now I'm over 40 ha ha. Love the bike, fantastic fun to ride and so comfy.. however I have a problem. I had to buy a new battery, got the right one in the end 12v 20ah, then discovered that the reg/rec wasn't working, so at great expense ( VAT, and customs !!) , purchased a replacement one from the US. Fitted it to the bike, the problem is that when the bike is revved at 2000 rpm, with a tester on the battery terminals it is only showing 12.16 to 12.19v . There is power coming from the reg when the plug is tested, and it rises and falls when revved, there is also power coming from the stator... I always thought that when revved it should show around 14v ?. The battery never drops below 12v even when idling and the lights are on, brake operated etc etc. Is it different for the Venture Royale, or is there another problem somewhere else, and if so ...... any ideas ????? :icon_smile_question Thanks... and hello again
  2. You know its coming. This is the year!! :banana:
  3. Want to take a moment and thank all of you for being there throughout this past year...my first year with my 1st Gen VR! Your help has been very much appreciated! Wishing you Happy Holidays... and... Health, Wealth and Happiness for the coming New Year! david
  4. I have not seen any threads on this so I will ask. I have an 88 yvr that has water leaking into the trunk every time it rains. I cannot find where it is coming in. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so , how do I stop it? Thanks so much for any and all help I can get on this problem.
  5. I have now had the opportunity to put a few miles on my (new to me) 2006 Venture with 1,500 milles. I am hearing a high pitched whine coming from the engine at higher RPMs or speed (above 50 mph and continuing). I believe it is coming from the engine as the sound disappears when I close the throttle or pull in the clutch lever. Can someone enlighten me as to what I am hearing? Do I have a problem is or is it new owner jitters. Thanks.
  6. Wishing all VR members here a safe & happy New Year. Hope to see many of you this coming riding season at various events. Larry
  7. That the Bills would fire their Head Coach?!!? Just announced ole Chan is on the unemplopyment line! Yeah, right, like we didn't see THAT coming...
  8. Just popped in to make sure that everyone was still playing nice. Then decided to take this moment to wish one and all the very best for the coming year and hope that this festive season finds you well and with those you care for the most.
  9. Ballmilled Twinkies Coming Soon... <a href=http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/4650/imag0353i.jpg' alt='imag0353i.jpg'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]
  10. They are really building up the possibilities of winds/rain/damage for this coming storm. The NJ Governor just did a press conference (sounds like a nice guy btw). For members on the East coast take care the next couple days. Sounds like it will hit near New Jersey and then head North West and come as far as Toronto. I know the forecast/predictions are usually worse than what we get but better to be safe rather than dead or injured.
  11. Go to this link...see what is coming!! http://www.redstate.com/2012/09/13/obamas-abusive-epa-edict-targets-bikers-atv-afficianados-gardeners-too/ MIKE aka Uturn
  12. It does happen, well it seems to anyways,,, and it's not the first time she went and did this,,,can't blame me really, I mean I was trying everything and I really wasn't looking forward to do any straining or hard work. Ya I know, I should have been more cautious out there in the farmers' field doing a slow turn, but crap happens and it happened again yesterday. And then the smoke started coming out of the wires,,, oh no, that means I might have to walk home,,, not a good thing either,,, but hey, all is well that ends well,,, right???? Now the story. Went for a nice ride yesterday to Wainfleet ONT to enjoy the times of yesteryear. Lots to see and do. Followed our fearless leader over hill and vale, around curves and corners, dodged pot holes and road kill and finally ended up at our destination, but alas there was limited parking for kickstand bikes, but if we did a u-turn in a field we could park on some gravel... good thought,,,,, until,,,,,,,,,,,,, well that's where it happened, doing a slow turn, unable to give much throttle, through pasture, the front wheel decided to head further left than it was designed and Scamper did a slow roll over. All seemed to be ok, except for Marca who decided not to stay put,(can't say as I blame her) and put her foot out and promptly fell over and hurt her shoulder, (it's ok now). She says she knows better, we have been down before and she stayed put with absolutely no damage at all,,, interesting to see that,,,, bike on it's side and Marca sitting there yet like it's going somewhere, but not this time. Got help from Wayne and Steve to set Scamper back up and view any damage. Not much really, a broken air wing, a mirror facing the wrong way, hiway peg not in the right spot and just a little smoke coming out of a wire,,, life was good, could have been serious. Turns out, the smoke was coming out of the running light wire, right where it attached to the fuse block,,,was a loose connection, but rode home with the 4 ways on until I could get it fixed,,,, ready to ride again,,,, 10 am Monday. Freebird will want to keep me as a member,,, I pay well.
  13. I m wondering if a bearing is bad or the clutch basket is wobbling. I replaced the pressure plate bearing but the noise is still there. The noise is a whirring sound almost like something is wobbling coming from the gear area loudest at 3000 rpm, stops when I pull the clutch in. At idle a slight rumble goes away when I pull the clutch in. I get on acceleration a rumble/vibration coming from the gear area. The noise is really starting to bother me. The carbs have been synced. Any ideas?
  14. No a tire ,I didnt know transport tires could fly like that ,coming down the 401 last night on fumes because I forgot my bank card real close to my exit I heard a bang,and smelled rubber thought it was my bike, then I seen it coming, put up my left arm becausea huge piece was coming right at me,ran a few over, hit in the leg, small bruise now, but did pretty good, I pulled over cause that did scare me, so did a suv, a harley,and a cop,told everyone I was fine,the guy on the harley was nice enough to want to buy me a coffee, Made it home safe:),still didnt get any gas,good thing I didnt have to push it home Woodstock has lots of hills Naugh-T
  15. Just replaced the battery in my 86 VR, I noticed the battery that came out of the bike had a wire coming out of the top of the battery, what does this wire do? The new battery has no wire or a hole for the old wire to go into, do I need to drill a hole?Thanks.
  16. Folks, The scoot in question is my 84 VR MKI with CLASS. Question is; where does the air go? ... or better yet, where is it coming out? Seems as though every time I go for a dialy ride, I have to add some air to the front forks via the CLASS compressor - I like the feel at about 16-18 lbs. And if I skip a day or so, the forks are flat empty, and have to go from zero to 16-18 lbs. Is this normal? Where is the air leaking from? What's the remedy? I'll be putting in Progressives once the riding season is coming to a close, so fork air won't be so critical - but for now, I'd like some input on how that air is getting out. Thanks so much - any input is much appreciated.
  17. Saw this article in the local newspaper this morning: http://www.southernminn.com/faribault_daily_news/news/article_8c1f0cf5-24b3-5c3c-ac32-442eae3c96e6.html They have always been fair to me, and a friendly place to shop. I think they just took on too much debt at the wrong time, not that they could see a recession coming.
  18. Anyone coming to Newton? I will be working. http://www.iowagrandrally.com/
  19. Noticed this weekend....the front end/handlebars have quite a bit of vibration on all but the smoothest roads. Is this another venture quirk? My guess is poor balance of front wheel or slop in steering head section...sound about right? Haven't checked either yet...but new tires coming Thursday. That and some dynamo beads should eliminate any balance issues. Looks like 9000 miles on original 404's
  20. Sharon, Oscar and me want to say thanks for coming it was a great time we got to meet and make some new freinds and got to see some old freinds and got some bikes worked on. And I hope that we get to see all of you again soon. Our 12 year old now wants a white Venture like iceberrg3rd and has some stories to tell of the bonfire at his place with some bikers and what a great time they all were. We want all of you to know that you are wellcome back here anytime. And hope that everyone made it home safe. Thanks again Orlin
  21. To all coming tothe Int'l rally and bringing donations, PLEASE PLEASE pm me to let me know what you are bring so we can get a count and idea of what is coming. I need to make sure we have enough table space and tickets. The rally is getting closer and we need to get this all finalized. If you hve any question you can call me at my home number 716-707-2033 after 6pm EST. Thank you in advance for all your donations.
  22. I have the left front lower off, checking the fuses ( there good) what's the black box above the fuses? with two sets of wiring coming out?
  23. Iv'e looked through page after page,and can't find anybody having my problem. I can turn the key off of my 2002 RSV and put it on the kick stand and walk away, and the next thing you know the radio and my GPS that is plugged into my 12v outlet comes on. I can get back on the bike push the starter button, it won't start then I can set it back on the stand and it go's back off. All with the key in my hand. After standing it up, and it coming back on,then setting it back on the stand,and it going back off several times it stays off. Now it has set for a few days I get on the bike stand it up and it comes on. I start it, the battery is charged I turn it off and the radio and GPS is still on after the key is out. I lean the bike over on the stand it go's off.
  24. I need suggestions for a cartoon caption to be put by the Tweety bird I have on each side of the trunk. Going to have Jaybird put something on at Freebirds this coming weekend. I have a similar Sylvester the cat emblem coming that will go on the rear center of trunk. He will have a cartoon caption reading '"I thawt I taw a Tweety Bird!" These are a metal key chain emblem that I have removed the round connector at the top and attached with automotive emblem glue. Looking for something sort of cute and funny, and not demeaning to anything. Might get a cage done around 1 of them, and something else on other one. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/Tweety1.jpg http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/Sylvester1.jpg
  25. Anyone headed to sturgis this year? Got any plans once you get there? Were you coming from? Ridin or trailering? Campsite?
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