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Found 25 results

  1. Just got a text message from Ponch. He send me some pictures from a place, restaurant or something, named "Freebirds". It was pretty cool. What was REALLY cool though was just hearing from Ponch. I sure miss that guy. He included a message that he misses all of us too.
  2. I have now had the opportunity to put a few miles on my (new to me) 2006 Venture with 1,500 milles. I am hearing a high pitched whine coming from the engine at higher RPMs or speed (above 50 mph and continuing). I believe it is coming from the engine as the sound disappears when I close the throttle or pull in the clutch lever. Can someone enlighten me as to what I am hearing? Do I have a problem is or is it new owner jitters. Thanks.
  3. I just purchased a new set of hearing aids, surprisingly, over the internet. If you don't mind, I would like to blog the hearing aids with you for awhile. The hearing aids have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. I have just received the hearing aids today at 3pm, but I know the hearing aids shipped last Thursday (March 6th, 2008). The hearing aids were shipped via DHL next day, but I had to have the aids sent to work because I had no one at home to sign for the aids. So the aids sat on John Deere's shipping dock for a weekend . So to give myself a few days of cushion, I want to have these hearing aids fully vetted by May 1st, 2008. I want to break this up into several post to allow anyone who is interested to easily find the information they are looking for. I would like to start with my medical history.
  4. 83 Standard. Looking into cleaning up a rats nest of wiring and would like to have some input on whether I should eliminate the cb/intercom system. If I do I would add in a conventional am/fm radio in its place for those times the wife might want to hear some tunes. For me I'd never use either of them due to poor hearing. Considering the bike I thought keeping it simple would be the way to go. Thoughts pro & con are welcome. Larry
  5. dilemma ... My bike is SUPER load... from what I can find out the previous owner had Cherry Bomb Glasspack mufflers put on the bike... Now don't get me wrong if u like loud and awesome sound then this is the way to go... BUT i'm 51 and already my hearing from years of working in a machine shop and LOUD music has taking a toll on my hearing. Now my bike is adding to it...how much could i expect to pay for a set of used STOCK exhaust? ( i'm not really sold on going stock , but)...
  6. I know a lot of us bike riders are kinda hard of hearing. My case is that and my wife has talked me into taking a hearing test. I have had a problem with this for a while now. To the point that I am having trouble at home and work understanding what people say. It is very embarrassing for me sometimes. I feel so stupid sometimes, but that is what I heard. So my question is for those that are wearing hearing aids and what should I get or do ? Brand, the most comfortable and the ones that really work. My hearing test is next Wednesday at 10:00 am. I will know more then. Just wanting to get a heads up from those who have been there and done this. Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions....... Please type loudly ... Loud pipes do save lives, and also hard on your hearing. Uuuuuh, Whattttt you Sayyy ? Fuzzy
  7. I would like to buy a used Aluma MC-10 trailer. If anyone knows of one in the central Texas area, I sure would appreciate hearing about it...thanks in advance.
  8. Since we are due 2 feet of snow over the next day and a half with 30-40 mph winds I guess we won't get the bike out for a few more days. Where is this global warming I keep hearing about?
  9. Happy New Year to you all I am looking for a set of footpegs and a backrest for my 2001 RSV which I acquired last fall after being a member of the Gold Wingers since 1984. I want to add these creature comforts and have found some on the internet but I would prefer hearing from you as to what has worked well for you and any company(s) to stay away from. Thanks much Ken Jenkins aka Jinx56:puzzled:
  10. wow.....i was in shock...get this letter from missouri DOC.open it and start reading that his first parole hearing is already scheduled......Im thinking "how screwed up can the justice system be to be doing this already" Im about to totally flip out........I finally got to the date and had to reread it 3 times to make sure i was seeing correctly... Scheduled for sometime in oct of 2021......!! this means he will not do less than 13 yrs if you count the year he did while waiting for trial etc. Ok so now im liking this!!!...... my worst fears were that he would serve 6 or 8 out of the 18 he got. The DA's office gave us some stats several months ago on what percent they usually serve.......so this is definately good news. hmmm guess i better get started on my speach for the hearing so he stays put longer......:rotf: Just wanted to share this tidbit with you all since youve been here thru all this with us..
  11. Well today was the pretrial hearing....The judge decided we would handle the pretrial tomorrow along with the motion hearing......so nothing happened. well about 5;15 tonight i got a call from the prosecutor.......... the perp accepted the plea ...and 18 years,which is what we offered.( hes 55 or 56 now) This is cause for major celebration..!!!.......no trial...no haylie having to go thru it all over.... ive been sort of numb ever since the call.....im happy, im sad.....im relieved.....i just cant explain it. ive cried......ive smiled....ive laughed. tomorrow at the hearing he will give his guilty plea.......the prosecutor is going to to try to get the entire thing settled tomorrow......the sentencing included so its done..over...we're outta here! if the judge doesnt oblidge us i imagine we will be back in about 6 weeks for sentenceing . he did let us know things can sometimes fall apart between plea and sentencing when the judge orders an assesment......the reason being because he has no prior criminal or any kind of record......the only thing they will most likely turn up is that he is a drunk...so this could sway the judge to lower the sentence.....or some other dumb thing.......so we're pushing for the whole shebang. i like to think "its finally over"......dale wont say its over til he hears the sentence..... but he will be a registered sex offender........would never be allowed to move back here as long as we live here...... plus he gets to relive what he did over and over when bubba gets ahold of him and hes walking around with his thumb in the front of someone pants...and becomes his b****.. haylie will be attending court with us tomorrow as well as some of her BACA family.....she still just doesnt grasp the court and everything thats happening.....but i believe being there for this tomorrow will be a help in her life when she understands it all. To knows she was a part of the end where there was some justice and not just a bystander. ok let it rip...................................... alleluia............... yee haa............ woooo hoooooo:cool10: I will fill ya all in tomorrow after court.......10 am:D
  12. It's official! The bad news is VA says my hearing is going south particularly in the higher frequencies...not quite bad enough for hearing aid(s) yet, but going away. The Good news is now I have an excuse when my wife says I'm not listening:Laugh: SO, your all going to have to speak up a little bit, OK? Thank You!
  13. Just thought I'd take a moment to thank each and every one who has been paying their taxs for my new hearing. The VA finally, begrudingly, acknowledged that my hearing had gone to H... and fitted me for a hearing device. Not really a hearing aid as one would think of in the traditional sense. This device, the Phonak, filters out the background noise, and provides a clean audio signal. It's really amazing to realize that folks arn't mumbling. So, once again, Thank you. My wife also wants to thank you as she no longer has to repeat every thing two or three times.
  14. got a call yesterday that they want to meet with us finally. Up until now it has been solely contact with our victims advocate. The ada in charge of our case went on maternity leave so another ada has took over and he wanted to meet with us. Wants to go over the strong and weak points to our case and find out where we stand on an offer to the perp to keep from going to trial and having to put haylie thru that. This is a hard one, how much would you be willing to give? Im really torn on this. His prison time should be as devastating to him as his act was upon her and us. I feel the need for him to still be locked away when the day comes that she understands and starts to have to deal with what happened to her. Ive been doing a lot of reading and some talking with with other vicitims ( from some forums)and the impact its had on them as they aged and had to come to terms with it all. Its not a pretty outcome many times. They also said we may have to delay trial because of the dna retest not being back in time. This upsets me also...i want it over. Being that the trial is scheduled for June 1st.......we had planned to deal with it all and then head to ohio for much needed relaxing, unwinding and enjoy MD for the rest of the week. Motions are all due by next friday so we will be at a hearing that day at 5...and there is the motion hearing itself scheduled for the next fri at 9 I'll update you all after we meet today..have a 4:00 appt with him.
  15. Guest

    V7 Goose sighting

    I must be in a good place. I've had two visits from Venture riders in as many weeks. V7 Goose and his brother stopped by a little while ago. They are in their second day around our great state. Oh how I wish I could go too! He said he would update his thread if he could get an internet connection tonight. I'm looking forward to hearing about their adventures. Jackie
  16. I went this week for a hearing test. I knew that I had a High frenquency loss since that is why I had a medical discharge from the Army. It has gotten worse over the years and my wife ,daughter and even my son/n law were on me to get it checked. I have "ski slope" moderate to severe loss. The higher the sound the worse it is. Now the question is the Audiologist recommended some 16 channel digital aids for 2000 each. I have done some searches online and have found some companies with12,16 & even 32 channel ones for about 1/2 this price. But I have no idea whether these other companies are better or worse since I'v had no experience with aids before. They all show 45 days trial periods,and have anywhere from 2 to 3 year warrenty.Anyone here have any experience with hearing aids and have good or bad things you know about em? I may end up having to spend 4000 on a set but that would buy a lot of toys if I didn't have to spend that much. TIA Craig
  17. A friend sent me this and I thought I would share it. Hope it gives you the same feeling I had after hearing it. Enjoy. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0rQzUVQjd8]YouTube - So Lucky to be an American - Baxter Black[/ame] MIKE aka Uturn
  18. Well noone let us know but I was looking at the court records last night aand this suddenly appeared : Docket Entry:Bndover Circ-Waive Prel Hrng Text: State appears by Asst. P.A. Defendant appears in person and by attorney. The Court finds that Defendant has been advised of his/her rights & enters a valid waiver of preliminary hearing; the Court orders that the Defendant appear and be present in Division One of the Circuit Court of Clay County for arraignment. Associated Docket Entries: 11/04/2008 - Hearing Continued/Rescheduled Associated Docket Entries: 11/04/2008 - Hearing Scheduled Associated Events: 11/18/2008 , 09:00:00 - Hearing apparently he waived his preliminary hearing and we finally have him in the circuit court....new judge, new court room ( finally in criminal court ) Of course i plan to call prosecutor today and see what they have to say. This means we can get his dna ordered........ if i understand right ..he now gets to make a plea again next tuesday..... if he pleads not guilty again....we start moving on to a trial...... I intedn to find out if there has been anything said about a plea bargain at all..... I really wish it wouldnt have to go to trial but with a plea bargain we would have to give in a little and that would be hard to do I also had to laugh....as i was looking thru the cases for the 18th in the court div we had been in...lo and behold shows up his sisters name ( the mother of the girl Haylie played with at their ( his parents and his) house.) Anyways looks like she is in a lil trouble herself.....Possession Of Up To 35 Grams Marijuana pretty ironic a brother and sister both in court the same day---------need i say more??? :rotfl:
  19. been having a lot of trouble hearing audio. due to outside noise and being hard of hearing. spent a fortune on helmet speakers amps, etc. finally found a cheap solution. got the premium sound on my wing and it is fine with the speakers until you hit wind. i bought the edsets, much better til you hit wind. went to radio shack and bought a set of sony earbuds. on sale for $29.95. then bought a 5 pin to 3.5 mm single pin adapter from cycle gadgets, and now have concert hall sound and sealed out road noise. my sirius radio has a whole new meaning. all i can say is awesome, try it if you are hearing impaired. bill
  20. I'm such an idiot! This spring I started hearing a really horrible noise that sounded like metal scraping metal then changed to sounding like a knock. I thought I spun a bearing. So I pull the engine so I caould put in the engine out of the other VR I picked up for parts after I got hit last Halloween. While I had the engine out of the other bike I decided to take it to the car wash and clean it up before I instal it. On my way home I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that one of my straps had come undone. Before I could come to a complete stop it fell off the trailer. Luckily I was only going 5 mph or so. But it was enough to destroy both valve covers, the stator cover, a couple camshaft caps, and the bottom of the crankcase where the oil filter mounts. :bawling:Got the crankcase welded up and replace all the broken stuff with parts from the old engine. Finally got a friend to come over and help me get the engine in. She started right up and run great. For about half a tank anyway. Then I start hearing that noise again. Like I had spun a bearing. Either I have the worst luck and the new engine is crap too, or there is something else causing the noise. Just to rule out one possibility, I yanked off the eahaust collector, cut it open, gutted it out, stitched it back up and threw it back on. Low and behold the noise went away! I wonder where it went. Long story short... I'm such an idiot. With guys like me around, the rest of you look that much smarter!
  21. OK, chaulk this up for a new owner getting to know his bike. When I turn the ignition switch to the "on" position, everything lights up fine... but I also hear a clicking noise for about one second or so. Help a newbie learn more. What is the sound that I am hearing. Thx. in advance.
  22. Gotta admit to getting old or my past coming and biting me but I am getting hard of hearing and probably should get hearing aids. The question...does anyone else use a headset with their hearing aids in or out? Do the aids work ok or will I need to adjust something in the helmet or take out the aids while riding? Any idea what I'm talking about? lol.
  23. My wife and I took a ride this last summer up, into SD and ND, through WY. We live in Colorado and have lots of roads to look at here. This next summer we plan on Yellowstone and a bunch of Id. My question is about roadside coverage for a problem. AAA has it as part of a RV package but I don't have a RV. Is there any thing else out there that is reliable. Look forward to hearing from you guys. This site is the best for working out questions that come up. Thanks.
  24. Since my accident I get to get new speakers since one was totally destroyed, also getting rid of stock radio. I'm going with polk db401's but I'm sure they will distort at higher levels being only 4" speakers and since most of my rides are 55+ mph hearing them is harder without distortion. Anyone using bass blockers? Hows the sound? I like some bass does it totally knock it out? Any opinions?
  25. We just picked up this video and watched it this weekend. For those who have it, who spotted the white Tour Deluxe? It was only shown for a few seconds, but it was in there. Do you know what my favorite part was? Come on, guess. The part where the guy says, "Scraping your floorboards should be music to your ears". My wife just roared. I had to pause the video to let her finish laughing. She normally will poke me in the ribs if I do it with her on the back. She doesn't like that realization of how far we're leaning over. But after hearing that line and then watching and hearing how much they do it in their demonstrations, she said she will become more accepting of it. I am the pegscraper! :D
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