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  1. I have a 2011 STVS and would like to know if I can use another CB radio that has a built in SWR meter to adjust the antenna for SWR on my Royal Star. Thanks Bob
  2. Is anyone planing on attending this ride that has not signed up on the events calendar? I need to know so we can adjust the reservations for breakfast and dinner.
  3. I'm looking at buying a RSV and have read the owners manual on line. One thing it does not explain, and the salesman at the dealership couldn't tell me either, is how the intercom works. The manual only tells how to adjust IC volume. I'm used to the GW and HD where you can use it as PTT or as open mic. How does this one work?
  4. Hello fellow riders. I'm a brand new member to the Yamaha family. I've been riding cycles since I was 16. My first bike was a Harley Sprint. That died on me when I was young and didn't get another bike until back in 2003 when I bought a Honda Shadow 600. That kept me happy for the last 9 years but I wanted something bigger that I could ride 2 up with the wife. Was just kind of looking around and fell in love with the 2006 Royal Star Tour Deluxe that a local dealership had for sale, so I pulled the trigger and now I'm the proud owner of said bike. I've got a few questions. 1. The bike itself didn't come with a owners manual. I've got the one off of Yamaha's site, but I'd also like a service manual. There are some things that from the owners manual didn't seem very clear to me and I'm hoping that the service manual will help clear it up. Any suggestions as to what service manual I should get? I've seen a lot of the electronic ones on e-bay for 2. This is the first bike that I've owned that's had adjustable suspension. What kind of tool do I need to adjust the suspension? 2a. I think I've found the suspension adjustment (again, the PDF from yamaha wasn't very clear) for the front forks but can't find where the rear adjustment is. (I have hard bags on if that makes a difference) 3. I'm not afraid of doing some of my own maintenance especially since there really isn't anywhere local I can take the bike to get serviced. (thus question 1 about which service manual I should get) Are there any kind of "specialty tools" that I need to get? It already seems to me like I might need to get a tool to sync the carbs and some kind of low pressure inflator/gauge to check and adjust the suspension? I think that may be it for now. Thanks in advance!
  5. Why is it that the right 2 cylinders on the carb tune fluxuates about 2 to 3 horizontal indicators while the left two stays almost dead still. I can adjust the left two to each other or away from each other. I can adjust the left and right banks to each other. When I rev the engine all 4 banks response then return to its adjusted level. Is everything ok or it that an indication of something else needing repair?
  6. I took the floorboards of my 89 VR and definately noticed that the shifting mechanics were much smoother and quiters. I put the floorboards on my 91 VR. Does anyone know why or is there a way to adjust the shifting with floorboards.
  7. My RSV has the Yamaha passing lights. Presently they are aimed to converge on the ground about 20 feet in front of the bike. Not really useful at night. I tried to aim them further down the road, but I'm having a problem. While it's easy to rotate them side to side, I can't find a way to adjust them "up and down" so that they are aimed further down the road. I was going to check the headlight aiming point and aim them just below that to light up the road without blinding oncoming traffic, but I can't find a way to adjust them "up and down". Am I missing something or is this how they are supposed to work? Andy
  8. I know how to adjust the up and down the know behind the fairing but how about right to left? Thanks
  9. Any one near Philly Pa with a valve adjust tool I can have for a day, or where is a good place to get one on the web? thanks
  10. I notice that my left hand driving light is pointing considerably lower than my right one. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to adjust them and what the process is? Thank you in advance Chris
  11. I have a 2000 RSV. Suddenly yesterday it was very difficult to downshift. Upshifting with my heel remained easy. Seemed to be easier to downshift if I was at lower speeds. After riding for several hours it worked back to normal. If it is a linkage issue any idea how I would adjust it? Doesn't seem that it would be an internal issue because I didn't feel or hear anything. Thanks for your thoughts. Bob
  12. Hi guys.. I'm not sure if it's because it's still cold or what but when engaging my cruise control, it will stay on but for only a few seconds and then dis-engage.. not hitting any bumps or birds to switch it off.. I remember reading somewhere that there may be cables that might be slopping or switches being made that can cause that.. Does anyone recall what where and how to adjust and / or check for this? At 70 mph in 5th gear, for example, would a tall wide windscreen and heavy winds be enough to cause the bike to do that? Cheers
  13. hey guys i need some help,i have the manual but it doesnt show or tell what i want,1st off mine is an 84 venture xvz1200 and there is one screw around the cable adjustment on the drivers left side what is it for? and then there are 2 screws in the same area on the right side,what are those? and if possible how to adjust all 3 cause until i can afford to get the carbs synced i need to adjust my idle cause it is to low and fluxuates a little to much,one of the guys here told me that there was a round screw knob around carb 2 but mine doesnt have one, so please help all u can with these 3 thnx and i have pics of the 3 i will try to add here but if not email me and i`ll send em to ya thnx troy
  14. My Dell PC is now 11 years old and after an upgrade this past summer its finally starting to fail.....a slow death! Every 10 minutes it keeps re-booting all on its own. My daughter happened to call last week about the time this all started and asked if I wanted her 1 year old iMac.....Her husband bought her a newer one. Does a bear poop in the woods!! Long story short, they came by Tue night and swapped it out for me. Man, its great. I just have to adjust my way of thinking now a bit while I get used to this. Took all of 20 seconds for this to fire up where the old PC took at least 2 minutes. Cant believe just how fast this is. Tomorrow I go and buy a wireless router and an apple tv adapter and no more mail in dvd discs from Blockbuster!! Not too sure just how many new tricks this old dog can learn but ill give it a try.....
  15. I swear I have searched throught here and not found how to adjust my idle. How do I adjust my 2006 RSV idle? Thanks.
  16. Can someone tell me how to adjust the headlight on my 1999 RSV? I know how to adjust it up and down, But need info on side to side. As of right now the head light is aimed more to the far left than normal. Also do I need to split the fairing to do this?
  17. on the center stand everytime you adjust the class system air pressures? I know the book says to do it that way ,but really do you do it everytime?
  18. How do I adjust the headlight on a 2nd Gen? Do I have to remove the Headlight ring? Craigr
  19. I think I know how you are supposed to adjust your headlight, but not sure where you do the adjustment on the headlight. I see two small recessed horizontal screws one on each side at the bottom of the headlight. If this is the adjustment then, facing the headlight, which screw is for the vertical and which for the horizontal? I've tried turning them and can't see the difference. If this is not it, then where? Thanks for any help!
  20. My brother bought a '95 Kawasaki Voyager last summer. The driver backrest seems "not right". When it's set as far back as it will go, it's so far forward that your butt dosn't even come close to touching the back of the seat. When you adjust forward at all, you're almost sitting on the tank. We were just wondering if anyone might be able to explain. It all looks oem to the bike....
  21. How do I get at the handle bars to adjust. I see an allen screw in the front of the instrument pannel and two bolt on the rear(tank side). If I take these out will the instrument panel come off so I can adjust the bars? Also, can I place a 1" riser without changing cables? Thanks for any advise. Mark
  22. I have a 1996 Royal Star and am getting some popping on deceleration. I want to set the mixture screws and have been reading some posts on the site. I read the write up by Goose and the 3 methods he knows. I am familiar with the "drop idle method" but I think it requires a tachometer that can read in 50 rpm increments, which I don't have. My question is... Has anybody tried setting the mixture screws using a vacuum guage and adjusting for maximum vacuum like we used to do on automobile carburators ? Also, do I sync the carbs and then adjust mixture or adjust and then sync ? Enjoying the site, lots of good information and knowledgable people. Thanks Doug
  23. Just bought some barons bag slash slip on's for my 05 RSTD. Can I just put these on? Or, do I need to adjust carbs, etc? Thanks in advance!
  24. Any one know how to adjust the camber on the rear wheels of a Mitsubishi Outlander we have had it done at the shop but end up with a ton of - camber where the tire leans in at the top and just totally eats the inside edge of the tire. I just can't tell if the camber is adjusted by strut location or one of the control arms. there is a small control arm just in front of the rear drive shaft that looks to have a oblong bolt in it but not sure if this would adjust rear camber. I just can't take it in right now and would like to give a good bit of + camber to ride on the other side of the tire till i can deal with it the right way. Any help would be appreciated greatly
  25. I rode with my buddy to the Harley shop the other day to get his idle speed adjusted. (08 Ultra Classic) His was running around 500 rpm and the oil light would come on at times. He was worried that it might be starving the top end on oil so it needed to be raised to around 950-1000. We pulled in at about 1100 with an appointment. They took the bike right back into the shop. We looked around for a while and then went to lunch. (2 250 pound guys on my Venture wasn't pretty!!) Making the long story shorter, about 1500(3pm) they come out and say it's ready. The guy said he was sorry for taking so long but that after every setting he had to turn the bike off and let it cool back down. After setting everything back to stock specs his bike went from getting 50mpg to about 40. He's not to happy with that. The idle is at 1000 though. I thought that was a lot of trouble for just getting the idle set. Yes I did show him how hard it was to adjust the idle on my Venture.
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