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  1. So the other day, my headlight refuses to come on after the bike starts. It has happened before, but it has always resolved itself. This time...nothing. Good thing I have fog lights. So I start taking things apart. I thought it might be the HID light I just installed but a standard H4 refused to light as well. Long story shorter; it was the starter switch. It was refusing to return all the way after use. There is a tiny gap between the spot where the light turns off and the starter lights. It was stuck in that spot. It would start but wouldn't light the lights. A little lu
  2. Something I don't understand. I have a mini-mag light, and put the conversion kit on it to make it a LED flashlight. Powered by 2-AA batteries. Man, that makes some light. Has 3 LED bulbs in it. How come can I not get that brightness from LED lights on the back of the bike?
  3. My Neutral light doesn't come on and as such I cannot let my bike idle while on the kickstand. This is even IF it is in neutral. Where do I look first?
  4. I have a '83 standard that I have been altering the electrical system since I got it last year. So far I have added the Shindengen R/R, a cooling fan run timer, a Internatrix security alarm, replaced the fuse box with a ATO style, moved the TCI onto the top of the airbox and today I would like to share the installation of a HID Bi-Xeon headlight. [ATTACH]37353[/ATTACH] I bought the HID kit on Ebay for only $58.00 and the shipping was free from Hong Kong. The package arrived in 6 days! I had followed the previous thread on the projector type headlight replacement but didn't like the chang
  5. OK I have the resistor connected to the BLINKER WIRE, and then to the same ground in the plug. The blinker blinks but no running light. Changer back to 1157 (with R still installed) and have blinker and running light as they should be. Change to DIFFERENT LED and (still) have blinker but no running light. 4 different LEDs do this. Doug
  6. 05 Venture with 93K on the odo. Some extras like lights and Gps. I have a batt indicator light that after a few days of sitting showed the batt was low. Batt was over a year old so replaced it and now it still shows low after a few days. Bike will crank with yellow light have not let it get to red yet. So it looks like I have a slow batt drain somewhere or possible my light is defective but don't think so. I have done no troubleshooting so far was just wondering if someone knows a weak part on this bike for me to take a first look at?
  7. So I get my LEDs, get the load resistors installed, and now the polarity of the light socket is wrong. I got no running light and a dim blinker, reverse the bulb and Ii get the dim running light. I would like to pull the wires from the plug and reverse them, I know there is a little tongue in there that won't let the terminal come out the back of the plug housing, it works much like a wire tie locking mechanism, I'm SURE there is a $85.00 tool that will pop right in there and do what I need done, I'd rather cut wire and re-solder than spend that kind of money on this. Paper clip is too big, my
  8. I have a 2008 RSV, I pulled up to a stop light one day when the light turned green I let out the clutch and the bike stalled out. When I looked down I had no power, I checked the main fuse and battery both were good. My neighbor looked on his phone while I was checking these, he said the ignition switch was notorious for going bad. I pulled the ignition switch cleaned it up, I put it back together and it worked fine. I rode for a week with no further problems, then getting ready to leave for work the same thing happened. I used a volt meter and checked the ignition switch sometimes it would ma
  9. Eck

    Hey cowpuc

    So........... what do you think of the difference of my rear fender and tail light housing/light assembly now? The first 3 pics are the before.. and the last pic is the after.. I like it..
  10. Gear position Indicator upgradefor standard Ventures (Non-Royales) I have installed a gear position indicating system on my 1983 Venture. This is the stock model without the dash readout from the factory. This is the second Venture I have owned. The first one was a 1984 Royale. Two of the things I really miss from that bike were the gear indicator and the cruise control. The cruise control is coming later. I have all of the stock parts now needed to install it. I obtained a Neutral Switch Assembly from a 1984 Venture Royal through an Ebay auction for under $10.00. This assembly wil
  11. I just found out that I have no brake light on my 85 vr when I pull the front brake. I am presuming this is the switch shot in the lever, has anyone done this and what is involved in replacing it? I would like to save a buck or two if I can do it myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Brian
  12. I have the Yamaha passing lamps on my 07 RSMV. I have also upgraded to the HID headlight. The HID is so bright, you can't even see the passing lights or they just barely appear kinda yellowish. I want to change them out for something that puts out more light and will hopefully be able to use the current Yamaha light bar. Any ideas?
  13. I just recieved my headlight AND brake light modulators. Where did you all mount yours and make the connections???? I heard you can access the brake light wiring under the seat.....and I'm going to be mounting the Yamaha passing lamps at the same time (useing the relay), so I assume I'll have to seperate the fairing....and that's Probably where I'll install the headlight modulator. Any tips or advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks all!!
  14. Hi - I own a 1985 Venture with a computerized monitor - I just replaced the battery with a sealed version - nowhere to stick the sensor from the old battery - warning light is on on the dash - how do I "trick" the system to get rid of the light on the dash - tnx - Jim
  15. http://www.aftermarketcyclepartsnation.com/Drag-Specialties-RECTANGULAR-TWIN-MARKER-LIGHTS-detail.htm?productId=7724779&catalogId=&searchProducts=2040-0299 Now that I have the rear light bar on the bike I was replacing the bulbs & found the one of the sidemarker crystals has stripped screws so I can't replace that bulb yet. Of course my OCD is driving me nuts that I have a side marker out (even though I don't see it while driving). I want to pick up an extra crystal (this one is also scratched) before I try to extract the screw. I have nightmares of slipping & cracking t
  16. I'm still in the process of getting my '83 roadready. I did actually ride it for the first time the other day. She really runs nice considering I haven't had the carbs adjusted yet. The problem I'm having now is that the red warning light is always flashing. Where do I begin in the process of chasing down the problem?
  17. I'm looking at getting the 100 LED brake light and the integrated LED run/brake/turn signals from Custom Dynamics. Rear Signal lights - Dynamic Cluster - "The Dynamic Clusters will fit into your turn signal housings. You will need to find out if you have 1156 or 7507 bulbs in the rear. Now for the running and brake of the cluster you will have to hard wire that in. The signal light just plugs in. You will also need a load equalizer or a metric signal stabilizer. The Metric Signal Stabilizer will not produce any heat. That will allow you to run your 4 ways flashers and not do any damage.
  18. Currently on my 84 I have a few lights added to the oem setup. I have: 1. the rear light bar which has 8 Baron mini twin running lights 2. a pair of 50 watt driving lights 3. a small amp for my MP3 I have the factory radio turned off. When I drive around with just the amp, the OEM lights & the markers on everything is good. If I turn on the driving lights on the charging drops below 12 volt at 3000 rpm. if I shut them off goes to 13.5. Obviously the light are too much for the charging system. I'm going to replace the bulbs from 2 - 50 watt to something lower. Can somebody
  19. I recently purchased a used Roto Cover. I took it all apart and cleaned it up nicely including all the electric contacts. Each side has 2 pushin light bulbs. When putting it back together I noticed that the light bulbs have some differences. I've included a picture of the light bulbs. One has a blue dot in the center and a blacker tip where it pushes into the socket. My question is, are the differences of any concerns as to which one goes into which socket. A 2nd picture is attached of the sockets. One of the sockets has an extra wire that I think is the ground.
  20. When I look at the turn signals on the front, they stay lit all the time and flash for turn signals, the rear only flash for turn signals. Looking to add more light to the back, has anyone tried mounting front turn bodies on the rear and wired them as running and turn signals?
  21. I have a question for you all. I am looking at changing out the front reflectors for some LED marker lights. I had this crazy thought that I could maybe make them also part of the turn signals. I was reading on a nother site how a fellow connected a light bar something like what some of us are using for extra brake lights only his was a single function, but he made it dual as tail and brake light by adding some simple resistors and diodes available at radio shack. This is his diagrham. Substitue the turn signal for the brake in the pic. Could not find a 4003 number diode @ RS anymore so not su
  22. Nina (my wife) was stopped at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn green. She was heading West. It turned green. Before she had a chance to go, two vehicles collided in the intersection, one of which plowed into our truck. What happened is, a person travelling south was stopped at their green waiting to turn left. They were not out in the intersection but still at the crosswalk. The light changed and they proceeded to make the left turn. Totally illegal ... they should not have moved but rather, stayed at the crosswalk. At the same time, another driver was heading n
  23. Ive got a Yamaha light bar on my 2005 RSTD. One of the driving lights got busted in it. Anyone know of an aftermarket 4 1/2" sealed beam light or replacement light I can replace it with? Yamaha said they're on back order till Oct ? Cheers, Steve
  24. Does anyone know what company made the lights that go in the light bars that wrap around the trunk and saddlebags? I need to find a replacement for one as the lens is broken. Thanks for any info....[ATTACH]72923[/ATTACH]
  25. Stopped at the grocery store after work with everything working normal. Came out, fired up the VR and no headlight and dashlights no CMS backlight. Engine started OK, turn signals, tail light and brake light were working OK too. Checked the fuse box found no blown fuses or weak or corroded holders. Wiggled and pulled the start button. Also checked the headlight bulb which was good. Are the headlight and dash lights connected in some manner or did I win the lottery and get two problems at once? I'm at a loss. Any ideas? I need to ride this thing to work tomorrow morning.
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