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  1. How do they sound?? Much difference than stock muffs?
  2. Yes! On my 85 the whine is most audible at 3k RPM. It doesn't matter whether the clutch is engaged or not. Thats for the info!
  3. Thanks for input.. I reckon I need to look into what is making the whine noise. I have a feeling it is in the final drive or a bearing in the clutch. I will do some tests later with the clutch engaged and raise the rpms.
  4. I've never ridden anybody else's 1st gen.. and I'm kinda new to the XVZ1200 Venture Royale's. I picked up this brown 85 April of this year and I have put about 4k miles on it.. I have done a ton of maintenance on it already, and changed all the fluids, cleaned carbs and synced etc etc. I have shrugged off the whine as just the nature of the bike but I am curious if I might possibly have a bearing going bad somewhere? Does yours have a whine?
  5. Did you finally get that ST? Sounds awesome! How ya like it? All the best! Colin from Hernandez! ps - my ol brown 85 is doin great!
  6. yeah the switch is bad.. thanks for the help with the part number mbrood!
  7. Whoops!!! My Venture is an 85 model.. the really fast brown.
  8. My front brake handle - mastery cyl isn't generating my brake light. I have looked on bikebandit parts diagrams to purchase the new switch and lo and behold I picked the wrong part. Diode? Anyways, was wondering if anyone had the right part number for this bad boy before I throw anymore money away!
  9. I had actually put the dang cover on without getting diaphragm sealed in its groove properly. I just got everything together. I took the carbs off and cleaned them. Appears there may be a bit of rusty tank issue. Carbs are clean now and I hope the fuel filter does its job! Also the sliders had like 4 washers in there for the needles. I went down to 3 and then two washers on the needle jets. I had actually cleaned up a bunch of issues like removing this canister on the left side, removing my yics, and plugging everything. I just need a good sync and I'm home free. Its running great right now!
  10. I stumbled upon what I think is wrong with my bike.. I took the airbox off my 85VR brownie and my left rear carb slider isn't moving like the rest. It is motionless. I checked the diaphragm out. Does this mean my float is stuck?
  11. I'm having the same EXACT problem with my morgan carbtune man!
  12. I never would have thought my carbtune would be off or at least check it sometimes! I have a bad hose or damper in a hose on my morgan carbtune. I synced with the three other good hoses I have best I could switching them around and now she is running good. I'm glad I had checked it too because I was about 2 seconds away from pulling the carbs off the bike! She runs very sweet at 65 now.
  13. Just an FYI that I have synced the carbs! Valves adjustment was checked out but valves were all within spec. Brand new K&N filter installed in the stock airbox.
  14. I've recently purchased an 85. Love it. Only 18K miles on it and its been well kept and inside etc. I've been working on getting it up to par etc and wonder what I may need to do next. It seems that I have to hold it at about half throttle to maintain a 65 mph, and it seems like it may be missing or hesitant. Running it up to 65 I dont feel the issue and when I romp on it - it really flies. I have new diaphragms installed as of last week. New plugs and wires installed. Been running sea foam through it. I can't figure it out but I do think I have something a miss.. Any suggestions or help is appreciated!
  15. it was the way I was putting the diaphragms on! Its working good now. Put new plug wires on today and with the diaphragms fixed too!! IT FLIES!!! wow!
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