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  1. My front brake handle - mastery cyl isn't generating my brake light. I have looked on bikebandit parts diagrams to purchase the new switch and lo and behold I picked the wrong part. Diode? Anyways, was wondering if anyone had the right part number for this bad boy before I throw anymore money away!
  2. Sooooo, changing the rear brake pads I have discovered the pistons are stuck. Had the rear master cylinder opened and still couldn't push the pistons in, just barely moved. Questions: -Before rebuilding, what if I try a bigger hammer so to speak, and C-clamp these into position? -How hard is it to rebuild? Will I have to bleed the brake? -Saw used rear calipers on Ebay for $50, no idea if the pistons compress. Other thoughts, ideas? At least it's raining so, I am not missing riding today! Cheers,
  3. New here and first post as a question. Will be installing a brake light strobe. However I can not locate the brake relay on 2018 Star Venture. Service manual diagram says it is item 171 but where it is on bike is confusing. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Well I have a little problem. I was bleeding out the front brakes and got one side to bleed out nice then moved to the other side. Well I cannot get it to bleed out. I get nothing from it when I squeeze the lever. Is there an easy way to fix this or should I replace the line. I will NOT ride without a front brake, four wheel boneheads make that WAY to dangerous. Shaun
  5. Hello, I have a 2009 Royal Star tour deluxe. It was my dad's and my first bike so I have been learning and doing everything myself. I'm not an engine guy to begin with but I know the basics. My back brake is spongy and has harldy any pressure. I have bled the brake line. I noticed the pistons are still sticking out slighly and the pads still touch the rotar when I release the brake. Is it spongy because the pistons are not fully sliding back in giving it the normal pressure? The bike sat for almost three years and I have already fixed the front fork seals and clutch release cylinder from sitting. I'm thinking the pistons need to be cleaned same as the slabe cylinder. I bought a whole new slave cylinder but my local shop prices a new rear brake caliper at $469. Am I on the right track with my diagnosis? Can I rebuild the caliper? Am I stuck buying a whole new caliper?
  6. When I purchased my 1987 Venture Royale I noticed right off the bat that the left front rotor/caliper had major problems as did the rear caliper. The left front caliper was sticking so badly that it destroyed the LF rotor. After pricing rebuild kits for the three calipers, the rebuild kits for the front and rear master cyls. and the replacment of the bad front rotor my navigator/accountant said that perhaps I should just part the bike out! I sung the blues to SQUEEZE ( by the way thanks very much for giving me the courage to do this!)and he assured me that the solution was to replace the calipers with calipers from the Yamaha R1 and "de-link" the braking system. I really liked this idea because I also have a Honda V65 magna with the usual braking system. Both front discs operated by the hand lever and the foot pedal operating the rear brake. I purchased 2 front calipers from a 2002 R1 from Ebay for $40.00 with shipping. I also purchased a brake line set from a 2002 VMAX for $28.00 with shipping. Lastly, I purchased a set of stock, used rotors from Ebay for $55.00 with shipping. I picked up a front and rear master cyl. rebuild kit from Rick @ Buckeye Performance (by the way Rick, thanks a bunch!) and althou he was not too keen on me de-linking the brakes he was very friendly and provided excellent service, plus gave me a nice VR ORG. discount. Once the parts arrived, I removed ALL of the old brake lines, rebuilt the front and rear master cyls., installed the VMAX brake line set, moved the right front brake caliper to the rear (waiting on another good buy on a RF R1 caliper.) added a set of speed bleeders on all three calipers, and this was the beginning of the good part, I bled all three wheels out in 8 minutes!! Needless to say the braking is nothing short of UNBELIEVABLE! During one extremely hard brake test I came VERy close to lifting the rear wheel off the ground with NO front brake lock-up, and the decell was breath taking. The more brake lever you grab, the harder these new calipers work! I have included some pics, Part 2 will be the addition of an R1 rear caliper and part 3 will be the replacment of the stock front rotors with a set of modified R1 floating rotors. I will keep you posted as the rest of this story unfolds. Any questions, please feel free to ask me, SQUEEZE is the Master, I'm just the desiple. Ride Safe, Stop Safe, Earl.
  7. Finally managed to change all three sets of brake pads out for EBC FA123HH's, can not believe the difference over the stock Sumitomo pads. One thing I noticed was some slight contamination of the left front pads due to brake fluid leakage, not sure if I managed to drip some fluid out of the bleeder the last time I flushed the brakes or if the piston seals actually leak. Anyway, I was looking at the parts diagram for my '89 VR (http://tinyurl.com/4kefl2) and noticed two part numbers for the caliper seal kit: Ref# 6: 1KT-W0047-00-00 and Ref# 15: 1NL-W0047-00-0, price is within a few $$$. I don't have any idea what the difference between these two kits is, maybe somebody has ran into this problem before? Thanks in advance, Klaus
  8. Would anyone be interested in the purchasing of replacement sight glasses for the Brake & Clutch master cylinders? I know that there are some of these that have discolored or leaked in these older bikes. I have just finished replacing both of my sight glasses with a mineral glass watch crystal. I wanted to powder coat my master cylinders. To do this, I needed to remove the sight glass as it would not take the heat of the curing process. In doing so, I destroyed the sight. I have replaced both of these now with the watch crystal. I used quick setting jewelers 2 part epoxy to bond into housing. I had to buy 3 crystals & the epoxy to meet suppliers minimum order. I have had the extra crystal soaking in brake fluid for several days now. It shows no signs of discoloration. If I could do a bulk purchase, it would cost $12.00 for two crystals, including shipping to you. If you wanted, I could also get the two part epoxy for another $5.00. I know these work on 1st gen bikes, but I am not sure about 2nd gens. The crystal I used is 17.5 mm dia., & 2mm thick. 1st picture is of old sight removed & O ring that is under it. 2nd picture is of installed crystal. Let me know if interested. Gary
  9. Several folks expressed some interest in the ball stug repair for the broken side cover pins. I have also included a pic of the brake I put on the side vent to keep them open/closed.........
  10. This is my first brake rebuild on this, my 87 model. I was getting leakage on the front wheel. and resulting loss of brake "pedal". When I took the caliper off the bike, I couldn't tell which of the four pistons was leaking. Now I realize I only have one set- not two, which is what i need to do both sides. I'm pretty sure the one closest to the banjo bolt was the culprit- I'll do the "outer" side. I guess it could have been the banjo bolt. I was going to pull the pistons. But how do you get them out without damaging them? Do I need a special tool? I thought this would be EZ. With a 14mm bolt stuck in the banjo bolt hole (inlet) I compressed one side with pliers but boy do they seem tight! Any advice?
  11. I have a RSTD, DARK SIDER, with 109771 Put on New tire and changed r/brakes noticed the brake disk was worn. Does any one have one to sell or can u tell me a good place to buy one. The New tire was a NANKANG 165/80R/15 .. the old tire got Kumko got 29391 miles. Ride 2 up and pull a trailor. Love this bike. "PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS" [/b]AND THIS COUNTRY
  12. You know, I always wonder what the other people look like, who I chat with on this forum. So, this is Me. Brake Pad Tall & Silver Hair Late 40's I can't find a picture of just me
  13. I need help guys and gals. I want to put new caliper seals front and back, are they the same? sorry I am not as mechanical as most of you and want to make sure I order the right items. Any website deals that you know of? SS brake lines as well. Thanks for any help. Ben
  14. 15% off MSRP Galfer 10% off MSRP EBC Misc. other discounts including Barnett cables, bleeders & fluids. Carry brake lines, clutch lines, throttle cables, clutch cables, brake rotors, brake pads, and other brake related products to make your bike perform better! Visit site @ cyclebrakes.com Request your forum membership discount with quote.
  15. I just found out that I have no brake light on my 85 vr when I pull the front brake. I am presuming this is the switch shot in the lever, has anyone done this and what is involved in replacing it? I would like to save a buck or two if I can do it myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Brian
  16. went for a ride today and discovered my foot brake bottoms out with no discernible braking action. I do not appear to have any leaks (no spots on the garage floor), so I am figuring the master cylinder is shot. If someone has a good used one they want to unload let me know, otherwise I'll be going the rebuild route. Thanks!
  17. I just recieved my headlight AND brake light modulators. Where did you all mount yours and make the connections???? I heard you can access the brake light wiring under the seat.....and I'm going to be mounting the Yamaha passing lamps at the same time (useing the relay), so I assume I'll have to seperate the fairing....and that's Probably where I'll install the headlight modulator. Any tips or advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks all!!
  18. I have a question for you all. I am looking at changing out the front reflectors for some LED marker lights. I had this crazy thought that I could maybe make them also part of the turn signals. I was reading on a nother site how a fellow connected a light bar something like what some of us are using for extra brake lights only his was a single function, but he made it dual as tail and brake light by adding some simple resistors and diodes available at radio shack. This is his diagrham. Substitue the turn signal for the brake in the pic. Could not find a 4003 number diode @ RS anymore so not sure what you would use limit wise. 330 ohm as long as it was 12v or more right? http://www.gadgetjq.com/ledbrake-run_circuit_single_image.gif (pic form Gadgets fix it page for Vulcans)
  19. OK so I have 3 (probably simple) questions about doing an upgrade to R6 front brakes with stainless lines; I am also going to delink the system. I am going to order the calipers tomorrow. #1 As for the master cylinder will my current one work (IE is mine a 14mm or a 5/8)? #2 When I remove a line from the rear master cylinder what port will I use for the new brake and what port will I block off? And what kind of bolt do I use to block that port off? #3 For the front lines is a V-Max splitter necessary to use or can I use something like this https://www.denniskirk.com/russell/brake-line-fitting-male-3-t-junction-r4298c.p191349.prd/191349.sku OR just run a double banjo bolt and 2 seperate lines from the master to the calipers? I looked and could not find a clear answer to my question, and I know they are probably simple to answer. Thanks ahead of time everyone! And yes I know I said I have 3 questions and there was closer to 4
  20. I found a nice way to go to work , down thru the river bottom, it has large trees and nice curves. The other day going to work in the dark i was fixing to hit the curve hard like i like to do and i see brake lights halfway in the curve,so i slowed down. There in the curve is a power line hanging down windsheld high. someone looking out for me. On the way home coming around another curve ,brake lights again. This time a 100 year old tree across the road.Some one really looking out for me or telling me It's time to put the bike for the winter
  21. what size socket do you use to remove the brake pad pins from the caliper? Is it a 6mm 12 point? Thanks
  22. A random thought occured when I was looking through the RSV Periodic Maintenance & Repair section of owners manual & saw this, "Replace the brake and clutch hoses every four years or if cracked or damaged." How many people actually follow this recommendation? I looked up the cost of parts for an RSV and cost at dealer would be around $350 for parts only. Gary
  23. Well yesterday I was finally feeling well enough to finish putting the R1 brake calipers with new pads on the 93 trike. At first it felt marginally better but not by much. I took it out for a test ride and after a few stops from varying speeds using the front brakes only (both sides) they starting getting better. By the time I got back home after about 20 miles I was able to cut down the stopping distance using front and rear by almost half of what it had before the change. Now as soon as I can save a few more dollars I will put the SS brake lines on, then see how much it improves. So far I only have $134.00 invested in this project.
  24. I am not one to really complain about service but I really got a kick out of this exchange. I found a place that had two sets of pads for the front and one set for the back EBC Sintered pads. (because that is what I want!) for $86.00 shipped. Having not heard of this place before I decided to shoot a simple email to their customer service (which is what they said to do on their website to ask any question) and ask a simple shipping question. Here is the exchange simplified for reading... I will not post the company name but they claim to be one of the largest suppliers of parts in the country. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To: customer service MONDAY Dec 17, 2012 9:52 am Subj: brake pads If I ordered EBC brake pads today, when should they ship? -------------------------------------------------------- To (TDunc) TUESDAY Dec 18, 2012 1:34pm Subj RE: brake pads Could you please provide your order number so I can better assist you? -------------------------------------------------------- To: customer service Dec 18, 2012 1:51 pm Subj RE: brake pads Never Mind.. The original question was MONDAY 12/17 @ 9:52am: "If I ordered ebc brake pads today, when should they ship?" Original order WOULD have benn for $86.00 worth of pads. I was asking for an approximate ship date? See Below for original e-mail. -------------------------------------------------------- TO: (Tdunc) WEDNESDAY Dec 19th 1:29pm subject ...... All orders take 1-4 business days to ship out. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Thank you --------------------------------------------------------- TO: Customer service @ __________________- Thank you but I have already asked the same question, received an answer, placed an order and received the product on my doorstep in the time it has taken you to answer one simple question. Thank you very much for your time and Thank you tremendously for the laugh you provided by a company that 1) can't answer a simple question and 2) does not care that they made a mistake and never tried to save the business.. Good luck in the future sir. TDunc............... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was good for a laugh for me...... Or am I being a scrooge!
  25. I need to purchase a front brake switch for an 86-93 VR (with cruise)...any sellers? Thanks Dave
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