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Found 19 results

  1. So I talked to Rick about reworking my seat and he says it's a corbin and can't be done easily so I'm looking to buy a comfier seat (and matching passenger seat) Anyone got one for sale/trade, or can recomend one? I included a picture of what my seat looks like now, and I really like the studs and fringe, but it's not worth the pain in my butt. http://i917.photobucket.com/albums/ad19/fsatatkid/royalstar.jpg
  2. Several folks expressed some interest in the ball stug repair for the broken side cover pins. I have also included a pic of the brake I put on the side vent to keep them open/closed.........
  3. After a lot of work taking the front end off, cleaning things, and doing a bit of "personal touches" which included installing HID's, finally got part of the scoot back together. http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73978&d=1355696731&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73979&d=1355696733&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73980&d=1355696735&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73981&d=1355696736&thumb=1http://gl1800riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=73982&d=1355696738&thumb=1
  4. This company is still making trike kits for the 1st Gen. I emailed them and they sent me a brochure. The price is $5995.00. Wheels and tires not included. Check out the brochure.
  5. --- from far and wide. Here are just a few states represented. If you would like, add your state or province if it is not included. For example, I will add the province of Ontario, which was well represented. Thanks again to Don and Eileen!
  6. This is just a note letting those that might be interested??... I've received a couple of PM's from members who didn't get the word about the last of the Fork Braces So.... I just ordered another 10 Braces. They should be here the first or second week of October. Since I didn't want stick my neck out, and order 50 for max discount this time around, the price is going to be a tad more. $67 for the US, and $77US for Canada, and that's shipping included. Still a pretty good deal, and I don't have to sit on big bucks for over a year. That got old quick. So if anyone else wants one and missed out, here's your chance. Shoot me a paypal for the amount paypal@cast-aways.com and I'll get the brace headed your direction as soon as they come in. With the paypal, include your VentureRider.org 'handle' in the comment box.
  7. The genius of German engineering. Very impressive! But, just remember what your parents taught you about looking both ways when crossing a street. Check this link out, English captions included .. http://biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=21816
  8. i have : 3, 50w, 32 degrees....2, 50w 12 degrees...and 2, 30w, yamaha..........passing lamps, par36....the 50w are sold under the haloXen name...they all work shipping is included....however, since i don't know how fed ex ground handles canada...i won't send them there FIRST COME....FIRST SERVED....
  9. I have made a write up covering some basics on the use and installation of relays in motorcycles. I worked in railroad signaling for 15 years and most of this time I was a signal circuit design engineer. I primarily dealt with relay based design involving signaling and highway crossing protection. During this time, I gained some knowledge concerning relays and the design of relay based circuits. The write up refers primarily with the relays used in Ventures. It does not include any information regarding the starting solenoid or flasher relays. I have included some basic information and definitions regarding relays. There are pictures of the internal workings of Venture and automotive style accessory relays that are available at various auto parts stores. Also included is some basic information involved in wiring and fuse size selection. I have included examples of several practical applications of relays involving Ventures including: Driving lamp addition Passing Lamp addition for RSV’s Headlight cut-out when starting for RSV’s Air horn addition Ignition switch bypass modification for RSV’s To open the PDF file, click on file name shown in blue below. Relays 101.pdf
  10. I hate to do this but I have to sell my 2000 MM (#272) Venture. All of my Georgia and Alabama friends can vouch how nice this bike is. With the matching trailer it is a real eye turner. Other bikers and cage drivers are always complimenting on how nice it looks and wondering what kind of bike it is. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words but some points to remember: • Always garage kept • Always under custom fit cover (included) • Never been down • Corbin Seat (What a great seat) • Wheel Chock included (great for parking bike) • Chrome Battery Cover (I also have the original painted ones) • Chrome Air Cleaner Covers • Passing Lights • Yamaha Air Wings (what a difference they make) • Bulb exhaust (I also have the original exhaust pipes) • Only 35,000 miles • Good Tires • Plus other extra features too numerous to mention This bike is one of a kind (OK 1 of 1,500) so the question is what do you think it is worth? Is anyone here interested or know of someone who might be? Your help is appreciated. The bike is located just south of Atlanta in Pine Mountain, GA.
  11. I listed an Eclipse Vest and Chaps in the riding apparel section. The chaps have never been used and one controller is included. These item's are from a friend that has quit cold weather riding.
  12. Please check this list to make sure you are on the group buy for the regulator/rectifier! We are close to finalizing numbers on this, so the list will close as soon as we complete the costs. If you want to be included and you're NOT on the list, PM me to be included, DO NOT add a post to the thread! This way I can make sure you are included. Thanks everybody, Dan
  13. just an up date on the rally and a plea to get registered. getting ready to get in to high gear and finalize all the rally events. a bunch of us are going to meet at the hub memorial day weekend for brunch or lunch and you are all welcome to join us. we should be there around 11 am on sat. the 23rd of may. it will be a fun ride and you can check out the site for the 09 rally. we need all that are planning to attend the rally, to register as soon as possible, so cindy can order the t- shirts, and make the name buttons. i also need to tell randall how many will be attending so he can figure food for the catered last meal and breakfast and dinner throughout the week. the last meal which will be fried chicken and prime rib is included in the registration. the rest is on you. there will also be a childrens menu. i have a great committee that is working hard to make this a successful meet. if your not sure if your comming thats fine. if you are sure help us out and get registered as soon as possible. thanks. bill
  14. For anyone that lives within striking distance of Birmingham AL (or for that matter, anyone wanting to take a road trip!), the 3rd Annual Vintage Festival takes place Oct. 19-21 at the Barber Motorsports Park. Here's a link to follow for more info: http://www.barbermotorsports.com/events/barber/event-ahrma-general.php We included the Museum during last years' AL Meet & Eat. It is an amazing and highly-recommended place to visit! Terry
  15. I was just over at the DELPHI Royal Star Venture and Tour Deluxe forum. Everette has a long list of parts and what not for sale from his venture. http://forums.delphiforums.com/vrider/messages look for post #8665.1 if the link does not work. Here is his list Hopnel Bib/Like New $45.00 Shipping included Saddle Bag Trim STR-4XY72-70-00 $125.00 Shipping included K&N 303 Oil Filter 9ea $95.00 Shipping included Barons Risers $45.00 Shipping included Wagner Grill $135.00 Shipping included Harley Davidson Light Kit $135.00 Shipping included Morgan Color Tune/New $40.00 Shipping included CarbTune w/pouch $60.00 Shipping included Utopia Pillow Top Back Rest $165.00 Plus Shipping Larry's Lift, Free Standing $125.00 Shipping included 3 Piece Pillow Top Seat Excellent Condition $300.00 Plus Shipping 2 piece Corbin Seat W/Passenger and Rider Back Rest Star Stiching $300.00 Plus Shipping Scorpio Alarm SR-I600s Two way FM alarm w/silver/orange remote, perimeter sensor module $200.00 Shipping included Clearview Windshield GT X-Large with Tint and 5 Way Vent Excellent Condition $200.00 Plus Shipping Clearview Windshield GT Medium with Tint and 5 Way Vent Excellent Condition $200.00 Plus Shipping
  16. I am shamelessly plugging a classified ad I have posted in the First Gen. Parts Section. http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=1724 It is the "Fix" for the leaking drain right below the radiator. Included are a new O'Ring and a new Stainless Steel Allen Head Cap Screw and S.S. lock washer to replace the Phillip's Head Screw. Install the upgrade and no more leak. Shipping is included in the price. The three pics below are location of drain, old parts and parts in upgrade. PayPal, Checks, Money Orders excepted. Earl
  17. Don, You might want to add "ride like a pro" to our vendors that give us a discount list. I ordered their DVD for 35.99. I also included a note asking if venturerider.org gets a discount. Final price was 29.99 with shipping included. Kenw
  18. What years are in the 1st gens, and what is a MkII? Kevin
  19. Well, been waiting since my birthday and for the tax check to come in so I can go get an iPhone. As this is supposed to have the ability to switch from listening to music to answering a call with the included earphones, has anyone hooked one of these up on their bike so it works through the intercom system and headsets?
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