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  1. I have small VentureRider patches available for anybody who is interested. Price is $3.00 each and that includes shipping to the USA and Canada. Payment can made via PayPal to: PayPal to: dnelson@venturerider.org These are oval and about 3 1/2" wide and 2 3/4" tall.
  2. SOLD OUT! Very nice quality. Should last a long time I think. Approximately 6" x 10". $12.00 each includes postage within the USA. $14.00 each if outside the USA. To order, please PayPal to dnelson@venturerider.org
  3. Folks, I'm getting emails every day asking if it is possible to join or renew memberships by credit or debit card for those without PayPal accounts. Please note, you do NOT need a PayPal account in order to pay with a credit/debit card or an e-check. If you do not want to use PayPal but DO want to use your credit or debit card, you can simply click on "settings" at the upper right corner of the page, scroll down until you see "Paid Subscriptions" in the left menu. Click on that link. You will then see a page that says "VentureRider Support" with a drop down box on the right side. Click on the arrow on that drop down box and select the only option, 1 year - $12.00. The click the button that says "Order". That will open a new page. Click the button that says "Order Using PayPal". There will be a link on that page to pay using a credit or debit card without a PayPal account. In that case, they are just the credit card processor. That will open another page. From that page, you can login and pay with your PayPal account OR you can select the option that says "Don't have a PayPal Account"? Click "Continue" beside that option and you will get a page where you can use your credit or debit card or e-check without a PayPal account. In this case, I am simply using PayPal as my credit card processor. In the attached image, I have circled the part that I am talking about. Thanks, Don
  4. Recently, I was notified by Paypal that I had to verify my account because I had neared the $5,000 send limit. According to their writings, the verification process is to prove you are who you say you are. In reality, it appears to be a somewhat different ploy. My account was set up using two credit cards I have had for years, not the least of which was American Express. Both of these cards offer high levels of security. They are all I care to use on the internet, ever. The fun part of Paypal's "verification" process is that there are only two ways to get "verifyied" so you can continue to use their system. The first is to provide them with your personal banking information. The other is to apply for their credit card. Being in the accounting profession for 35 years, and owning my own practice for 25 of those years, I sometimes actually take note of things "financial". So, after researching, and trying to contact Paypal, I found no other way to get "verified", even though my own credit cards have already done that, and my Paypal account has had $4,500 pass through it without one glitch, ever. Paypal is quite straight forward about their demands. If you do not give them your banking information or apply for their credit card, your account with them is locked. In other words, no more using Paypal until you succumb to their demands. Now, all of that being said, I see absolutely no reason for why I would or should ever give Paypal or anyone else my banking information for no legitimate reason. That comes up smelling a lot like marginally legal phishing for financial information without cause. Neither do I care to apply for a credit card I do not want, or need. That is just plain old fashioned over the top aggressive marketing in any other language. So, here I am in the initial stages of letting people know that Paypal is conducting business in such a way that they try to force people into giving up personal information or creating a credit card account they may neither want, nor need with the same intent of gathering personal information on their customers without cause. Paypal is nothing special. It is a service type vendor subject to success by treating its customers fairly. This "verification" process clearly verifies that there are many serious reasons to avoid them or to close any existing accounts people may have with them. Paypal claims it is for security reasons. If Hackers can get into the FBI, CIA and most major banks and governments around the world, Paypal is not even worth mentioning. It should be a piece of cake for the hackers to steal whatever they wish from Paypal. Read the fine print and decide for yourself. But, for me, I am going back to direct involvement with selected vendors, thus ceasing doing business with Paypal and EBay. I do not need these two companies at all.
  5. Hi, Is there a way to pay to join this erstwhile group, without using Paypal? I have been looking for two days to find a way to pay with an e-check, bank account, or some other way...but all I can find is how to pay with my Paypal account....which I don't have one of, nor really know if I want one of! a little help for the engineer in Texas??
  6. I just received a ton of St. Jude shirts from Jason Murphy that they had left over. Its to late to start auctions since we are going to St. Jude on the 6th of next month. What I would like to do is offer them up for donations. The shipping would be Priority Mail and the cost of that is $5.00. That will cover as many as I can stuff in the box, which is normally 3-4. Instead of starting a bidding war on them, a $10.00 donation per shirt plus a $5.00 for shipping up to 4 shirts would greatly increase our donation to St. Jude. So you can donate by paypal or you can snail mail a personal check to me. [ATTACH]71530[/ATTACH] Please note, if you use paypal I need shirt sizes and your mailing address. If you pay by check place a note with your sizes in the envelope.. If you plan on going to Memphis on Oct 6, you can pm me and let me know how many and what sizes and I will set them aside for you and get your donation there. Thanks to everyone for supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Paypal addy is partin_guy@yahoo.com Snail mail is ........ Lewis Cramer 160 Teal Pl. Newnan, Ga. 30263
  7. Looking for someone willing to pick up a cb system for me and ship it.. The owner would prefer to deal locally and is unwilling to accept a paypal payment, makes me a little skeptical.. If you can help please email me @ norr3mi@aol.com or Call me 309-620-2855 thanks!
  8. Last week I received a suspicious email from PayPall saying my security needs updating. Notice the spelling in PayPall. I fordwarded this scam email to PayPal and thought all was well. I never opened the link. Decided to check my emails today and found several notices from PayPal about a new recurring 50 buck withdrawl. Went to my account and found I was hacked. Somehow they got my password and set up an automatic withdrawl. So far my bank account was charged 100 with another 100 pending. PayPal had me update my security info and put a stop on this new account and is going to issue the refund within 7 days. You guys may want to look at your accounts as well. First time I ever had an issue with PayPal and they resolved it swiftly.
  9. The last day to order the Raffle tickets for the Aluma trailer will be Midnight, July 8th. This is for tickets ordered thru Paypal and/or checks mailed to my PO Box. Any tickets that are available after that date, will then be sold at the Rally and will be $10.00 each (for any quantity). The drawing will be held Wednesday night at the Annual Dinner. So, get them thru Paypal now!! The cutoff date for Paypal and checks is Midnight, July 8th!!! Go to the "Stickey" area at the top of the page and click on trailer tickets to order yours now! I still have tickets available...... Get 'em while they are still available. Any questions, PM me. JIm
  10. Tried to order some diaphragms for my 87 this week from http://www.siriusconinc.com , but they won't have them in stock for another 5 weeks. Does anyone know where I can get the sd-1 diaphragms faster than that? If someone has a spare set lying around, I would gladly send money via PayPal in order to get them. I inspected one of mine and it has a few good size holes in it. I dread to see what the other ones look like. Thanks in advance. JP
  11. Six weeks ago I ordered a new toilet on e-bay for our motorhome from T & S RV Parts for $155, and haven't received it. It was paid for from PayPal, using our bank account. I had followed up with several e-mail messages to T & S with no response. I also filed a dispute with e-bay's resolution center and still no results. Today, I called PayPal, which is close here in Omaha, and almost immediately I got an e-mail stating that a full refund has been deposited into my PayPal account. I think that is a terrific jesture and response on the part of Paypal. I've re-ordered from another vendor and also found the same unit for $140. I'm a happy camper now! PayPal has my vote! (About made a nervous wreck out of me though!) Owen.
  12. how do i send don my dues via paypal?
  13. I have tried three times in the last week to purchase some pants and a jacket from LeatherUp.com and have had all three rejected for different reasons. The first one said they couldn't verify the address (canadian, eh), the second said it had to be paid on paypal (instead of credit card) so for the third attempt I used paypal and I just got a note that they've been told that paypal hasn't approved my purchase of $200 and I've got room of over $500 on the account... Very sad here... wanted to get this stuff in time for my May 1 initial ride of the season... BUMMER! Has anyone else, north of the 49th, had any issue with them? or is this just personal? Thanks.
  14. Trailer Raffle Has Concluded. No more ticket sales. Winner will be drawn soon. Thank you all very much for your support. As most of you know, Dano hit a dear on his RSV about 3 months ago and spent a good a long while in the hospital. He is home now and doing outpatient rehab but it is going to be at least a few more months before he is able to think about working again. Dano is self employed so no work means no money. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to meet him and Rose know that they are just great people. Dano is one that is always there when anybody needs his help but now he could use our help. Jeff and Margaret kindly donated the trailer that they bought and loaned Aussie Annie and Quickstep to use during their travels in the USA last summer. We are going to raffle this trailer off with all proceeds going to Dano. If you have no interest in the trailer and but with to donate to the fundraiser anyway, that would be great also. The trailer is a 1994 Cycle Mate. It had new tires installed last summer and the wheel bearings were all repacked at the same time. Now please be aware that this trailer is presently being stored at a members house in Washington State. Getting it home will basically be the winners responsibility but I know that as a group,, we can do a trailer relay and help get it to the winner. Rather than all the funds going through me or somebody else, I think the easiest way to do this will be to have you send your donations directly to Dano. The tickets will be $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00. If you use PayPal, PLEASE do NOT mention anything about a raffles as PayPal does NOT allow their services to be used for raffles. When you sent him the money, click on the "personal" tab and mark it as a "gift". That way there will be no PayPal fees held out of the donations. Now this will be an extra step and a bit of an inconvenience for you but if you are actually sending a donation and want to be included in the raffle, you need to send me a private message and let me know that you have sent Dano the donation and how much it was so that I will know how many tickets to be added to the raffle in your name. I will not be sending out ticket stubs or anything like that. At the conclusion of the raffles, I will use a random number generator to choose the winner. So let the fun begin. I hope that many of you will help out. If you can't send $10.00 for a raffle ticket, then $1.00, $5.00...whatever size donation will still be appreciated. It all adds up. Here is the info for Dano. You can use this email address to send funds via PayPal. Just got to paypal.com, login, click send money, enter Dano's email address, click on the tab that says personal, mark it as a gift and send. If you don't use PayPal, you can send a check, money order, whatever to this address. Dano's PayPal email address is: danob11@comcast.net His home address is: Dan Obert 8699 W 800 N Indianapolis, Indiana 46259-9402
  15. Gotta love big companies http://news.yahoo.com/paypal-strikes-again-time-antique-violin-pays-ultimate-001236886.html Gary
  16. Here are the winners of the 1st round of auctions for St. Jude. 1. Yamma Mama-----2 Auctions---$55.00 2. Rickster.............1 Auction----$30.00 3. Freebird............1 Auction----$50.00 4. Dingy...............1 Auction----$30.00 Don forget to include you shipping address and shirt size. You may use Paypal to pay or Snail Mail. Send me a PM and I will send you my address. Paypal partin_guy@yahoo.com Thanks for supporting St. Jude Childrens Hosp.:thumbsup:
  17. I posted this idea in the prayer request thread, but it may get lost or missed there. Even with good insurance, With minimum 30 days in the hospital, out of work, rehabilitation, etc their out of pocket expenses are likley to be huge. I know that Don (Freebird) only does this on a very selective basis, and if I am over stepping my bounds posting this let me know. If he has a paypal addy using that would be easiest but would not be good to post in open forum perhaps. Anyway, 100 people $100 dollars that's 10 grand, 200 people at $50, that's also 10 grand. That would cover 20% of 50 K medical bill assuming he's got 80/20 coverage(30 days will likley approach exceed 100K) Skip a night out to Carraba's for Ponch. If someone knows Ponch's paypal addy or has another idea to set this up, I'm good for the first $100.00. Derrek RSTDdog
  18. After 12 years of making my Radiator grills I need a break from the fiberglass dust and paint fumes. With the heat we have been having the shop is like a oven and I'm not as young as I use to be. I will be heading to fl. this week to see the kids and relax alittle. I have blocked the order page on my web site using Paypal for now. I plan to start to remake them again the end of Aug. ( just need some clean air for awhile ) and yes I do use a resporator. See you all at Vogel
  19. I'm selling my 2006RSV and have it in the classified section here, but was wondering where the best other places to list it would be! I've never sold a vehicle outright so I'm not sure where to turn. I don't want to mess around with paypal and just want a normal transaction. Any help you folks can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, kenw
  20. I didnt wait for the poll to complete, as I found a couple of good deals and I obtained 3 prizes for the raffles. I hope to add a couple of more to the pot, but so far I have purchased a Dell Latitude D620 Laptop. Now this is a refurbushed unit from Dell, but is a very nice computer and looks brand spanking new. Here are the details. 1 Gig DDR2 Memory 60 GB Hard Drive CDRW-DVD I GB Ehternet LAN Wireless WIFI 4 x 2.0 USB Ports Speaker Mcirosoft XP Pro Preloaded with Recovery CD AC power supply/battery charger I have tested it and it is very nice computer, wish I could have bought one for myself, but then I already have 3 laptops........ Secondly I purchased 2 Music & Video Player 4GB . Features of these are: 4 GB internal mem. 1.8" color LCD display Digital Voice Recording Rechargeable Li-ion battery Stereo Headphones USB Cable CD-ROM video conveter User Guide If you want to purchase raffle tickets for these items you can do so by sending payment to my paypal acct. PLEASE DO NOT MENTION RAFFLE WHEN USING PAYPAL THEY WILL NOT PROCESS IF YOU DO. JUST MARK IT AS A DONATION TO VOGEL. Please make sure it is marked Donation and in the comments just put Vogel. Also make sure you include you VR handle as well as your legal name. I will get your tickets back to you by return mail. You do not have to be present to win. The tickets you purchase will cover all the items in this raffle. There will be a seperat raffle for the 50/50. The price for these tickets are $10.00 ea. or 3 for $25.00. Paypal addy is....... partin_guy@yahoo.com Or you can use snail mail to Lewis Cramer 160 Teal Pl. Newnan, Ga. 30263
  21. I have a source for the solid motor mounts for the 1st Gen and Vmax. Made from 6061 Aluminum, all six pieces as 1 set. At this time I would like to see if there is an interest from folks. Pricing is $50.00 for each set including shipping to 48 states, I will need to check on shipping to our Canadian members. All orders would be shipped from me and a Paypal account setup to receive funds, those that wish not to use Paypal arrangements can be made accommodate you. AT THIS TIME this is just an offer, if there is enough interest (20 sets) I will get things moving forward. My plan is to offer these to be delivered in time for a great winter project. If you have priced these you know this is a good deal. I am not interested in making a personal profit from the group buy. All of you have offered me plenty of support and knowledge that can never be repaid. So if interested please respond by sending a personal message via the forum. If you need more info my telephone number is listed in my profile. Thanks to all of you. Steve Neal
  22. Since it is taking too long to auction off all the t-shirts I still have for Crusin' for St. Jude Children's Hospital, I am going to offer them up first come first serve for a minium donation of $10.00 per shirt plus $5.00 shipping, of course you can make a larger donation and I wont refuse it. Sizes are limited ranging from Med to XXXL. If I dont have the size you request I can substitue another size, so give me your first choice size and a second choice if I am out of the first. Please do not use this post to make your donation , please use the PM function!!!!!! Do not send any money to paypal till I verify I have what you want, then I will advise you when to send it and give you my new paypal addy to send it too.
  23. Folks, it has just come to my attention that I gave everyone the wrong address for my PayPal account for donations to the 2011 International Rally. I have corrected the address in the thread. The correct address is CFAS4U@Charter.net. Please accept my apology afor any inconvenience this has caused anyone. Again, the correct address is CFAS4U@Charter.net
  24. I was sitting here doing my income taxes when I got a call from PayPal. They said that somebody in Germany had tried to use my PayPal debit card this morning for about $75.00 worth of Netflix movies. They caught it and declined the charge. So, now I have canceled that card and ordered a new one. What a world it is that we live in today. I DID finally get my taxes finished and filed. That could have gone better also.
  25. Here is a list of the winners of the St. Jude Benefit Auctions. 1. Big Tom............................$31.51 2. Coles grandpaw (2 auctions).....$58.00 3. Squidley............................$31.00 4. 515Rod.............................$31.00 :clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2: I will be posting more auctions for more shirts in a few days. Thanks to everyone who bid on all the auctions........the kids at St. Jude are the real winners in this. You can make your payment via PayPal. Please mark you payment as a donation, that way PP will not deduct any fees from the payments. Also be sure to include you shipping address and shirt size when paying. My paypal addy is partin_guy@yahoo.com
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