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Found 14 results

  1. I am pleased to announce for our VR members a starter clutch mod that will last forever and put an end to that "Clunkety-clunk" that you hear when your starter clutch is going bad. I will let Squeeze explain it much better than I ever could: The stock Starter Clutch is a one Way Clutch which uses three spring loaded Rollers the connect to the big 72th Gear Wheel which is the last Gear in the line of several Gears coming from the Stater Motor. These 3 Rollers connect (in Fact they run) to the inner Area of the Wheel by spring Force and clamping Force. This whole Assembly sits in a Housing which is bolted to the Flywheel with 3 Bolt in M8 Thread. Over Time, these Bolts tend to get a little bit loose plus the Rollers and the Surface they're running at develop some flat Spots and chattering Marks too. This is the common Scenario where the Problem starts to get heard. If the Battery is cold and/or isn't in the best Shape anymore, the Rollers can't "bite" strong enough to the connecting Area and the Clutch lets go for a half a Turn. If The Rollers bite on a chattering Mark or a flat Spot the Connection they may hold on or let loose again. This Movement creates the hammering Sound and puts a Lot of more Force on the loose Bolts. This, of Course, allows even more uncontrolled Movement of the Clutch Assembly and a even more dysfunctional Clutch. As an nasty Side Effect, the Clutch can, and i know of two Cases where it actually did, cause the Starter to act as an Generator because the One Way Clutch wasn't a Clutch anymore but a solid Connection. This caused the Starter Motor to burn down on both Cases. I suspect a Lot more of these Cases, but there's not enough reliable Data for me to make a final Call. I've seen a Lot of these Clutches and not one of them was even partially reusable. I have Buddies which tried to reuse some Parts, but they did the Job twice or even three Times in the End. I know a Bunch of Guys with heavily modified Engines, meaning 1500 cc Vmaxxes at least, and each and everybody of them had their Share of Head Ache in this Regard. The Record Holder of those is the Guy with a 1600 cc High Compression Motor who needed three complete Starter Clutch Assemblies each Season. So, in the End, you have two Options to get the Job done First Option is to buy a complete Set of new Parts, not just the small Set of Rollers, Springs, Caps, but also three Bolts, the Housing and the 72th Wheel, mount the Assembly exactly in centered Position to the Fly Wheel, red Loctite the Threads of the Bolts and don't forget to punch the End of Threads with a Center Punch. Then cross your Fingers, say a Prayer or both and hit the Starter Button after completing the Install. Feel good about the cheap (around 185 Bucks for the Parts) Repair but you need to keep the Procedure in Mind, because most likely you'll do that again some Time later. Or Second Option Send your Rotor over to Dano in a 12x10x5 Inch Package, get it back with the Gaskets (optional), don't worry about having the Clutch Assembly mounted exactly centered to the Flywheel, just mount the Rotor and the new 72th Wheel and have a good Time while being a happy Camper. This is because Dano will mount a much more sophisticated Clutch Assembly, which uses 18 Ellipses instead of three Rollers. The Ellipsis are spring loaded too and because of their Shape, not only bite at the 72th Wheel, but lock up the Connection between Rotor and 72th Wheel. Because of the ellipsoid Design, you won't need to worry about burning down your Starter Motor. I sure you weren't worried about that before, but it's good to be sure anyway. Not to mention, getting the Flywheel off the Crank Shaft can be a ... well ... how do it say this ... pita ... Yes, this Upgrade is more expensive than Option 1 and it will need a little bit more of Downtime because of the Transit Times of the Parcel. But you'll be a happy Camper and never think about the Starter Clutch Issue again. Oh, except maybe the Times somebody tells you his 1Gen or Vmax produces a hammering Sound upon starting ... Squeeze Now for the nitty-gritty. All you need to do is remove your flywheel/rotor, send it and a check for $275.00 (US, VR discount and return shipping included, Canada shipping a bit more) to me and a couple of days later I will return it to you with the starter clutch mod already mounted ready to go back on your bike. You will also need to get the 2 left side cover gaskets and crush washer for the lower bolt on the middle gear cover. If you would like me to supply them, an additional $15.00 will be added ($290.00 total US). If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to PM me or call me at 317-370-0139 anytime and I'll be happy to discuss it with you. An additional note here for non-members wishing this mod- Price will be $295 US, gaskets priced the same. Dan Shipping address: Dan Obert 8699 W 800 N Indianapolis, In 46259-9402 Paypal & email addy: danob11@comcast.net __________________
  2. Dano knows what this is for.....
  3. Ok Dano and Rose... Got her loaded up this morning and will be headed your way.... I'll get it to our place and figure out the rest of the trip... Thanks for all the help Wayde.....
  4. Few pictures of the pre-festivities kickoff. 1st pic - Rose (Ms Dano) Dano 2nd Pic Taz RandyR 3rd pic Dingy 4th pic - Eileen (Ms Don) Don (Freebird) Taz AtlantaDragonRider (Bob Graham) was with us, but missed him in pics.
  5. Trailer Raffle Has Concluded. No more ticket sales. Winner will be drawn soon. Thank you all very much for your support. As most of you know, Dano hit a dear on his RSV about 3 months ago and spent a good a long while in the hospital. He is home now and doing outpatient rehab but it is going to be at least a few more months before he is able to think about working again. Dano is self employed so no work means no money. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to meet him and Rose know that they are just great people. Dano is one that is always there when anybody needs his help but now he could use our help. Jeff and Margaret kindly donated the trailer that they bought and loaned Aussie Annie and Quickstep to use during their travels in the USA last summer. We are going to raffle this trailer off with all proceeds going to Dano. If you have no interest in the trailer and but with to donate to the fundraiser anyway, that would be great also. The trailer is a 1994 Cycle Mate. It had new tires installed last summer and the wheel bearings were all repacked at the same time. Now please be aware that this trailer is presently being stored at a members house in Washington State. Getting it home will basically be the winners responsibility but I know that as a group,, we can do a trailer relay and help get it to the winner. Rather than all the funds going through me or somebody else, I think the easiest way to do this will be to have you send your donations directly to Dano. The tickets will be $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00. If you use PayPal, PLEASE do NOT mention anything about a raffles as PayPal does NOT allow their services to be used for raffles. When you sent him the money, click on the "personal" tab and mark it as a "gift". That way there will be no PayPal fees held out of the donations. Now this will be an extra step and a bit of an inconvenience for you but if you are actually sending a donation and want to be included in the raffle, you need to send me a private message and let me know that you have sent Dano the donation and how much it was so that I will know how many tickets to be added to the raffle in your name. I will not be sending out ticket stubs or anything like that. At the conclusion of the raffles, I will use a random number generator to choose the winner. So let the fun begin. I hope that many of you will help out. If you can't send $10.00 for a raffle ticket, then $1.00, $5.00...whatever size donation will still be appreciated. It all adds up. Here is the info for Dano. You can use this email address to send funds via PayPal. Just got to paypal.com, login, click send money, enter Dano's email address, click on the tab that says personal, mark it as a gift and send. If you don't use PayPal, you can send a check, money order, whatever to this address. Dano's PayPal email address is: danob11@comcast.net His home address is: Dan Obert 8699 W 800 N Indianapolis, Indiana 46259-9402
  6. Folks, I hate having to post this type of information but I just received an email from Rosemary Obert that Dan Obert (Dano) was involved in a motorcycle accident this morning. I know very little at this time. The following is the email that I received. Please keep our friend Dano in your thoughts and prayers. Rosemary wrote: Dan has been in a motorcycle accident this morning on his way to work. Eight point buck and motorcycle don't mix. He is at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis in neuro critical care unit. All we want is prayers please.
  7. Looking at these 2 pictures it is really kind of weird how much Dano and me look alike. Look and decide
  8. I haven't seen a thing about what Ponch's status is lately. Especially since Dano went down. Anybody??
  9. Ok guys---I seen it. Can't use the nickname you gave me Dano--someone else has it.
  10. OK we have signed into the Airport Inn.. That is Wizard765 and Marcarl.. Meeting us in the parking lot was Bongobobny, B2Dad and Carbon1.. Shortly after that Dano and Rosebud showed up.. Getting cooled down a bit then heading out for dinner... YAHOO!!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN....
  11. Alright darn it....! I read it in the owners manual too so I know this site is right on but c'mon... really? Oil type/grade If temperature does not go below 40 F (5 C) Yamalube 4-cycle oil/SAE 20W40 type SE If temperature does not go above 60 F(15C) SAE 10W30 type SE I live in c o l o r a d o .... it is often above 60F and often below 40F (especially in the hills) So what now? 10W-40? Stupid question I know but in all my years of working for Toyota and Honda (cars) I've never seen anything like that. Hmmmpph.... LOL Many thanks to Dano for the help earlier... pics to come Dano, I promise. That way you can run this FNG through the ringer too.... LOL Kelly
  12. Some of you have seen the thread on the upgraded starter enage clutch that was the brain child of Squeeze and assembled by Dano. If you have had problems with your engage slipping, chattering or banging this is the answer. I installed mine today and it works great. My bike has not been started since the second week of December and suffered through a lot of subzero temps sitting in the garage. The first crank was solid and no chattering or slipping. The second crank she was turning over like she has never done before. The third try I gave it half choke and it was instant on. Everytime I shut her down and hit the button it was instant on. No hesitation at all. This is my third engage since I bought the bike. And I do think it is going to be the last one the bike will ever need. This thing is a monster!! Pics tell the story. Thanks to Squeeze and Dano for sharing this project. Mike
  13. You guys aren't going to let this one go this cheap are ya? Less than $700 with one day to go. Hey Dano, this is down in your area....might make you a good 2nd bike! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-XVS12-Venture-Yamaha-Venture_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem3ef98b98a6QQitemZ270474647718QQptZUSQ5fmotorcycles#ht_500wt_1182
  14. Dano, Have a question for ya............................... You posted on a thread that BigHack started saying that off-set brackets can be made to move the trunk back 2 inches on a 1st Gen ------- can the same thing be done on a 2nd GEn (2007)?????????????? We have moved the bolts to the second set of holes, but I was wondering if it is SAFE to move the trunk back further????????? If I could sit back a little further my stiff right leg would be in a better position on the bike and I wouldn't have to alter the seats so much.
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