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  1. It was a great surprise to see 86er and Bubba again. Gene got to meet Bubba and came away laughing and not believing what he was seeing. After we got back to my house we had some really cold adult beverage. After the bikes cooled down we went down and put the finishing touch on my freshly finished 83, Todd had his carb tune with him, so we just had to sync the carbs. Now she runs even sweeter than before, we had to call in the Calvary because we couldnt get them to match side to side. Tried calling the Muffin but no luck there, we finally got hold of Squidley and he gave us a few tips on how to correct it. Brad came through for us and we finished it up. Thanks Todd and Squidley, another payoff for my big $12.00 investment. Todd ended up spending the night and we talked and drank till Todd started falling asleep . ANother testimony to the worth of this fantastic place, THANKS DON!!!!!:thumbsup:
  2. Can you recognise those two guys? Beavis and Butthead
  3. For the parts you sent me. My class system is working great and my ride to and from MD was a very comfortable ride as a result, the system is now working as it should.
  4. I ran into Squidley and Monkey Boy at the rodeo last night. We went to see KISS rock in front of 70,000+ fans. Did you know KISS donates a buck out of each ticket sold to wounded veterans? $500,000 so far. Impressive. Anyways, I ran into these guys at the Ag Adventure. I didn't realize Brad was so young. Dave
  5. Got any Venturerider decals left
  6. Jamie and I will be departing Newnan tonite to deliver the trailer Jamie sold to Rock Hound, we will be meeting up with him at Squidley's in Conroe, Tx. I will also be picking up the engine and frame that Squidley picked up for me up near Ft. Worth. We will be there around noon, so maybe if its 0k with Squidley we could maybe have a little meet and eat in the evening someplace near Brad's place. I sure we can find a good BBQ or TexMex to eat at...........
  7. Havent seen a post from him in some time, sent him a pm, but no answer...............hope everything is ok......you know how he can be..........
  8. Ok guys---I seen it. Can't use the nickname you gave me Dano--someone else has it.
  9. The moderator formerly known as Squidley will henceforth be known as CUPCAKE. Ask Kbay, I know nothing. Gary
  10. Got my new links on yesterday, everyone was right. the bike feels so much lighter and more fun to ride. I wanted say to those that haven't met Squidley, what great people he and his wife are. I had never met them before and they treated me like an old friend. Hope my wife and I can go for a ride with them soon. Thanks again Squidley.
  11. Man, what a burden Squidley took off my shoulders. for the TX maint day, my bike was 2nd to be started on and 2nd to last to ride off. everything was seemingly checked. the clutch fluid was thought to the culprit. after the scooter was back together, a test ride showed the same problem. Squid took a ride and came back with a very good notion of the problem. Eck had a similar problem and mine was nearly the same. the shifter knuckle was seizing and not allowing the shifter to follow the foot. you could fiddle with it but while driving this is not a good thing. the seizing was caused by heavy grease mixed with dirt from my gravel road and the bike sitting up while waiting for the rear tire change. daily driving previous to sitting up kept the knuckle just loose enough not to be a problem. Squidley looked me square in the eye and said "you will add this to your annual maintenance list!" this was my first maintenance day and boy was it a good time. I have to thank James for giving me a place to camp for the night, Kreg and Janet for hosting this gig and Squidley for keeping me on the road. I thank everyone who gave advice on what my problem could have been and I look forward to being able to help out others at maint days as well as work on my own. It was a good group meet and fun to put faces to names. until next time - ride safe to all.
  12. Hey Squidley I don't know if you won any of the last parts on ebay but there is another inner fairing on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2000-00-Yamaha-Venture-Royal-Star-1300-Front-Fairing_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem58867e6c82QQitemZ380213554306QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories and other parts off a 2000. Not sure of the condition.
  13. Post pictures Of your scoots Mascots.. My old Mascot is with Squidley and Sweet Nothing and it sings
  14. You can always get a Job in Calisthenics
  15. Hi Everyone, I finally figured out how to handle the situation with my missing/stolen body parts... I gave the bike to Squidley. Now, he needs some parts to get this thing road ready, and since he's done so much the past few years to help so many on this site, I think it's only right that we try to help him get it going. Many of you have already responded via private message with offers of parts and/or questions. I was going to try to do this on the sly, but reality has reared its head and my handling this thing would be a nightmare logistically. So, my newest brainchild is to just put out an open call for help as Squidley is at this moment in the frozen tundra of Michigan and he has a trailer with him. Therefore, if anyone has any of these parts, please let him know so that he can make arrangements to receive them. He is a bit shy about receiving help so ignore his "We're okay" BS and let him know what you got. It will be easier for all as he can make arrangements with the donors for the best way to get the parts. He needs a fairing (front and back), both right and left cowlings, and covers for the saddlebags and trunk. Oh yeah, and the passenger backrest. I'm sorry if I've embarrassed Squid with this notice, but like I said, he's helped so many of us and it's time for us to help him if we can. Happy New Year to you all. Be safe and warm! Chuck (Moose)
  16. Im peaved Off.... You didnt send me your new address :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:
  17. A while ago, we tried to do this and it was funny, so let's try again. I will start out with a beginning of a story and you all add to it. It could be fun. The VentureRider's group were planning a Meet & Eat in Nashville, Tennessee. Everyone in the area was coming to it, including Squidley and Lonna. The list of members who were coming to the event was growing bigger every day, until the big day came when the absolute worst thing could of happen, which was.............................................. Keep the story going now! Yama Mama:big-grin-emoticon:
  18. Now I understand your License Plate since you live across from a cemetary :rotfl: So Quiet, Died Last Year :dancefool: SQuidley Does Lovely Yodelling
  19. Guess Whose coming for Dinner I will be leaving at 3 am should make
  20. I would like to send out a special thanks to Squidley for finding the issue that has for so long plagued my bike. After all of the troublshooting and head scratching, Squidley shows up and points out the fact that my rear brake fluid was no longer fluid. It is now a gel. Appearantly my rear brake has been slowly locking up on me. Thank you Squidley . He also pointed out a couple of other issues that I need a little help with. Is there anybody out there who may have a spare rear reservoir and a proportioning valve they would like to part with? My valve is no good and my reservoir is in pieces. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Clay
  21. 11 days later and my add-on for the scoot came in:bighug:
  22. I dont know if I thanked Brad for my LSU hat, I was so surprised at what transpired that I forgot to thank him. So, Squidley, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, your gift and your passion for St. Jude touched me to the core, I will never forget what you did for me and the kids at St. Jude. My Friend, and I say that with great pride, you are the best of the best. I also want to thank all the VR members who donated when the hat was passed and for signing the gift. The members here are the greatest, and I am proud to be counted as a Venturerider. God Bless you, Lewis
  23. Well M.D. was a great time this year.(my first ever) My uncle and brother only had good things to say about how awesome this group was, and how they felt like insiders not outcasts. We had a mini vacation planned so we pulled into Dons around 2200 on Friday and TRIED to set up MY TENT!!! That was a joke in itself all weekend. Thanks to several onlookers it only took us 6 people to get it set up. (thanks Squidley, Lonna,and others) We then talked to several of the members that I have only met on this forum. In the a.m. we went to town for breakfast and gas and came back to start M.D. My uncle would like to insert here that having never met or talked to Squidley, he was very impressed that he had no problem looking at and trying to tune the carbs on his 1984 goldwing. P.S. Squidley, he said it improved the performance on the rest of the trip and said to thank you. I had the Butler mod done to my seat on my 99 Venture, and the rest of the trip I was the one trying to get the other two to quit stopping! What an awesome improvement for the seat, Thank You Rick!!! We then ate lunch and I was pushed to leave early since we had a long trip ahead of us. Half way out of Ohio I wanted to turn around because I had forgotten to find Lonna and get a piece of the strawberry rhubarb cheesecake she had made at my request:( I am so sorry I missed that Lonna, i'm sure it had to have been awesome. We finished our four day weekend with riding Red River Gorge, Nada Tunnel, Natural bridge, and then rode to southwestern Indiana for a night. On Monday we rode back to Michigan. In all we rode four states in four days and had a total of just under 1500 miles. Oh and did I mention it was sunny for the whole trip, with the exception of the last day, when we rolled back into Michigan. We did have some sun peaking through the clouds on several occations Monday, but a half hour from home we rode through the only rain we seen the whole trip and it made up for it. We ended up riding through a tornado warning area where they were evidently told to take cover. We rode through without injury fortuanatly, and have memories to share for a lifetime. So I figured I would share some pictures of this great time. Big Mike P.S. thanks to Eck for my cover and manuals. P.P.S. The blasting zone pictures have a special meaning.....My brother works with a guy who calls sh...ing, BLASTING!!! He says he feels it is a nicer way of saying it, I couldn't stop laughing when I heard that. So we thought we would get these pictures and install one on the inside of the bathroom door and one on the outside of the bathroom door as a practical joke!
  24. When I set out for MD at Don's, my only quest was to find the Gift. I started asking as soon as I got there, but nobody seemed to know who had it or where it was, I was later to find out why I couldnt locate it on my first day there, the person who shall go un-named, forgot it and had to have it overnighted to Don's so I could receive it........... I just want to thank Squidley and everyone who participated in the Gift project, because unbeknownst to me it was more that just a Gift and a tease to keep me searching for it, and those that participated know what it was. For those of you who dont, I will give a brief explanation and then some pictures of the Gift. Since I didnt show up at the Tattooing of Sleeperhawk's Mechanic and Squidley, they decided to pass the hat around, literally to travel to different rallies and M&E till I caught up with it, when it was passed it was for donations to St.Jude Children's Hospital and those that made a donation got to sign the hat. I was in the dark about this. I dont know how many signatures are on the hat, but there are plenty..........and Squidley kept me squirming till the very end. I just want to thank each and every person who donated and signed my gift, I will treasure it for the rest of my life and it will have a special place in my heart and home...........THANK YOU VENTURERIDERS.
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