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  1. Decided to jump in my riding gear, pants, heater jacket and thermal socks, and take off this morning for a ride. Ended up in Lebanon, TN., then rode to Cookeville, TN, then to Chattanooga, TN and back to Madison Al... A little on the cool side but a peaceful ride today..
  2. Test rode a Vision today and it was a smooth ride, however I think the bike I rode was defective it clunked really bad when you changed gears and had no power on acceleration. The handle bars seemed way to high does anyone know if they are adjustable?
  3. I don't know how far most of you go before, but I usually start to look for gas at about 120-130 miles. The fartherest (before today) I ever rode on a tank a gas was about 152 miles... I was in the middle of NOWHERE in Southeast Missouri today and no gas stations around. Even at 165 miles, I still didn't hit reserve...I mighta went a few more miles even. How about some of you. Wally
  4. Guest

    kickin tires on a Ural

    Been contemplating a Ural Patrol 2WD for the winter riding season... Nothing new there, except there is a dealer just 50 miles from me. So I rode down there today and chatted. SOMEBODY STOP ME! http://www.imz-ural.com/wp-content/gallery/ural-patrol/2blpa.jpg Quote in hand.
  5. Three weeks ago, I only rode 3 times. Two weeks ago, I rode twice. Last week, I only rode once. This week, no chance. This weather on our area is driving me nuts. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Highway crews salted the roads yesterday. Tomorrow, I may have to plug in the battery on the trickle charger.
  6. I put new Dunlop Elite 3 tires on my 07 RSV recently and went to the 130/90 front instead of the stock 150/80. This is the first good ride I have taken with the thinner front tire. Rode to Hot Springs AR for a Rally. We rode HWY 7 which is a really nice rode and to Mount Magazine State Park which is the highest peak in Arkansa. On the way home took HWY 270 to Mena AR and then rode the Talihina Scenic Byway into Oklahoma and then back home to Texas. lots of good twisties and switchbacks on these rodes. I have ridden both Hwy 7 and the Talihina Scenic Byway before with the stock Elite 3 front tire. I could tell a huge difference in handling all the twisties on both of these roads. Did not feel like I was fighting the front end anymore and at times almost felt like I had added power steering. Could take the turns comfortable at higher speeds. Was very satisfied with the way it handles so far.
  7. I have returned...or so the saying goes. The guy I was riding with, and I...returned home last night, after 15 days and 14 nights on the road, from Western Washington State to Goose Bay/Happy Valley, Newfoundland. The round trip was slightly under 10,000 miles. I rode my 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere', and he rode my old...his new...2005 BMW R1200GS. No problems were had by anyone, and we had decent weather, no accidents, no tickets, and very few bed bugs at all the motels. All in all, it was a good trip. Next trip, down to Bolivia, to ride the Death Highway. We are leaving on January 2nd, 2013. Anyone want to join us ???? Miles
  8. Ok I just rode through town with issac blowing and not going I will down load pics as soon as I can
  9. I couldn't get away for the Asheville rally which I'm sure must have been amazing. I was able to get away Monday and rode down to NC and Tennessee. I rode the Dragon, Skyway, foothills parkway, smokey mountins and into the Blue Ridge parkway. I camped on the Blue Ridge last night. 4 camp sites away there was a bear incident that I could hear. The guys tent, BBQ and cooler was destroyed. I didn't get much sleep after that so I pulled into the KOA early so I'll be more alert tomorrow. Beautiful riding all around here
  10. Any of you guys from Kentucky or Virginia rode this road. Looks like a fun one.
  11. http://www.jpcycles.com/product/800-578 I am planning a trip to Houghton, MI (from Dubuque, IA) Tuesday and figured the stock seat could use some reinforcement. I rode around the block and I think I like it. I will give a ride report next week when I get to dah UP eh.
  12. Right next to my 08 RSV now sit's a 1987 blue Venture 1st Gen. It's in real good shape for it age. Rode it home with no issues just a few rattles. Pics will come after i wash it up.
  13. Picked up a 2006 and rode it home from Oklahoma today http://i45.tinypic.com/2qixkja.jpg
  14. I went to a Victory Demo Days event today. This is the first time I have had a chance for a good test ride on a Victory. I have to say I really liked the look of the Vision especially the Ness version I rode today. That gas tank and dash are humongous. It's like getting in a limo with an extended hood line. It looked so big when I got on the bike I almost just got off again. But I didn't. I stuck with it and took the extended demo ride. To my surprise the balance and handling were awesome. It was very easy to ride at low speed. Parking lot maneuvers and slow turns were a pleasure. Balancing the bike at walking speed was almost effortless. I also rode a Cross Country and another little sportier model. Again very good manners. Here is the thing. As well as these bikes handled the overall ride was no where close to as good as my Venture. There is a coarseness that permeates the Victory ride and boarders on roughness. It is felt throughout the bike much more so than the little vibration in the Venture handlebars. So after a couple of hours riding Victories I was very happy to return to my Venture for the trip home. All I can say is "no victory sale here". Mike
  15. OK, need a little experience picking, , , , ,My older brother, 72 and his wife, , 39 if she reads this, , , are wanting to get back into riding. They are looking at an '88 Goldwing with a Mike Harris trike kit. It is not a true trike, it is like a Voyager kit. I have never rode one or known of anyone who has experience with one. Can someone shed a little light on these things. Good, , , ,Bad, , , , any, , , , Thanks, Barry barry.higginbotham@gmail.com
  16. I just changed oil in the Midnight, and discovered it took me almost two years to get 3,000 miles. Sad that I haven't rode more than that.....
  17. So yesterday I was looking for a box of stuff and found an old box of photos going back to 1975. One of the envelopes had the photos of my very first road trip on a bike. It was in 1977, I was 18, in the Coast Guard and stationed in Yorktown VA and had just bought a slightly used Honda 360T. A couple of guys and I were going to go ride to D.C. They canceled at the last minute. I went by myself. As the pictures show, I rode through Virginia and around D.C. Being a desert rat from Arizona, the sights and scenery were pretty awesome. I ended up at the Capitol and then turned around and rode back. As you can see... I also had my first set of "poor man" saddle bags...
  18. Was hoping I wouldn't have to post for advice in this section so soon after purchasing my 2005 RsTD last week. The bike has only 5400 miles. I picked it up last Friday. Rode it down to NYC where it sat in my parents garage till Tuesday. I drove over, topped off tires and air shock and rode about 400 miles. Left it parked till this morning. Today my dad went to start it to ride to work and get it inspected for me and no go, he said the battery was drained. Him and my brother push started it down my driveway and it fired up. He let it run for 15 minutes killed the engine and went to restart but the battery wasn't charging. The original owner replaced tthe battery last year and even gave me the old one. I am a complete layman when it comes to anything mechanical and really can't afford to take it to the stealership. Any advice? Only accessory iis a 12v adapter.
  19. Okay, here's the deal. My RSTD has been a wonderful bike. My wife and I have loved it to death, and have rode it on several long range rides that have ranged from weekend getaways to 2 week vacations. I haven't had a hiccups trouble with it, and I intend to keep it until the wheels fall. Having said that, I have been tossing around the idea of moving up to a full dresser before a 4000 mile ride we have planned to go on in September. So, this past Saturday, Victory had their Demo Tour truck at the local dealership close by, and I accepted their offer to ride the Victory Vision and the Victory Cross Country Tour. I first rode the Cross Country and was certainly impressed, then I rode the Vision and it was an even nicer experience. Those two bikes are awesome, well thought out machines that I think would be very capable rides for the two up touring that we do so much of. HOWEVER, the whole time I was riding both machines, I kept feeling like something was missing, or off. I racked my brain so hard about it that after I got back to the dealership from the second ride, I decided to ride them again. It was in the middle of the second ride that it finally dawned on me what was gnawing at me. IT IS THE 4 CYLINDER!!! The difference between the throttle response and characteristics of the 4 cylinder in my RSTD is what i was missing while riding the V-Twin thumper type bikes the Victory's are. To me, there was a marked decrease in performance even though the Victory's are state of the art ultra modern high tech V-Twin machines. I also had this nagging feeling that I just don't want to stray away from a liquid cooled bike. Someone tell me, is this what I am going to face if I continue to flirt with the idea of buying a v-twin touring bike? I know I could just buy a new Venture and settle it, but I struggle with loving the motor the Venture has, but feeling lack luster about spending new money on a machine that is still......dated somewhat. I wish to the good Lord that Yamaha would get off their haunches and update the Venture with features like fuel injection, heated grips and seats, and for crying out loud a this millennium sound system that doesn't include a cassette tape deck. Someone talk me off of the ledge here. Lol.
  20. Barb and I got home Friday night from a 15 day, 3500 miles long trip. We rode down to the southern tip of Illinois and visited friends, then the 4 of us rode to Nashville. Our friends left for home, and we continued to our daughter's house near Mufreesboro TN. A couple of days with the grandsons, and also took our son-in-laws new Concours for a ride---but it started to rain pretty hard right after I left, so I headed back home. Nice bike though, sure is fast. We left our daughter's house and headed to Cleveland TN, where he jumped on some of the back roads. When we were enjoying the Cherohala Skyway when we came up on an old motorcycle doing all it could to climb the grade. We passed him and noticed that it was a 2 cylinder flathead V, but that's all I could tell for sure. We pulled off on the next overlook, and the other rider did also. It turned out that the bike was a 1919 Indian Scout, and the guy was touring on it!!! We continued on the skyway and turned onto North Carolina 129 just a bit south of where it becomes the Dragon. When we got to the Dragon, there were very few bikes (it was almost 6PM on a Tuesday), and that the police were running hand held radar further north near the straight section by the lake. There was one Venturerider.org member on a red 2006 Venture (I've forgoten his name...sorry). We still enjoyed another trip down the Dragon, or at least as much as you can with an 89 Venture 2 up and the bags packed to capacity. We never saw the cops, but because of the time of day probably they probably gave it up. We had dinner at a neat restaurant called "Hearth and Kettle Restaurant" (great food and prices and a sign by the register that reads "You never see a motorcycle parked in a Psychiatrists parking lot"). Then we rode through Pidgeon Forge and spent the night in Gatlinburg. It started to rain lightly just as we got to town, but we didn't get too wet. In the morning we walked around Galtlinburg and also rode the loop north of town---beautiful. Then we headed south to Cherokee N.C. and then southward on back roads to Hendersonville N.C. and then south into S. Carolina to meet up with Barb's cousin and his wife. They ride a new BMW 1600 GTL. We rode around with them on his favorite back roads, and then loaded both bikes back up and headed for Charleston S.C. On the way to Charleston, his legs started cramping on the BMW and he wanted to try our Venture, so we swapped for a bit. This was our 2nd ride on a BMW, we test rode one last year. The one last year had the short seat on it and it was terrible. This one had the tall seat, but actually it was only a little better. After 50 miles, I my butt was telling me that it wanted the good old Venture back. As I said last year, the BMW has tons of power, great brakes, and handling. The throttle by wire makes it a bit awkward to start without slipping the clutch too much or killing the engine. Something I noticed on this ride is that there is a lot of drive-line lash that makes itself known with a big "CLUNK" whenever you back off the throttle or roll it back on---way more than the Yammie. We got to Charleston ok, and the 4 of us plus Barb's other cousin and his wife (who live in Charleston) had a great visit with lots of laughs. Barb and I rode up to Myrtle Beach for the bike show on Saturday---it was mostly Harleys with a couple of Gold Wings and some crotch rockets thrown in for good measure. The only Venture I saw there was mine. On Sunday morning, we headed down to Hilton Head to see how the rich folks live and then south into Georgia. On Monday morning we rode south and touched Florida just east of the Okefenokee swamp. Then we headed up to Atlanta and visited other family for a couple of days. My cousin told me about Georgia route 52 between Elijah and Chatsworth. A beautiful road to ride if you are in the area. We headed up into TN. and spent a couple of days at our daughters again and headed home Friday. It was a great vacation and trip. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery, rode a lot of curvy roads, and the bike ran great. Even with a tropical depression off the coast near Charleston the most rain we had to deal with was a few drops on the windshield and then it was gone. Now it rained a couple of times hard, but we were stopped for the night already or we were at our daughter's house. Many times on this trip I looked up and gave thanks. Frank D.
  21. Hey Ya'll! This is a fantastic site! this is a long thread to give a little background on my situation, and its raining so i have nothing better to do......sorry... I am a new rstd owner and a fairly new rider. I hadn't ridden for 25 years when i bought a vtx1300 last november and racked up 2500 miles over the winter (not crazy mileage, but that's a lot of 50 mile rides). brrrr!! but loved it! I went to get new rubber on the front of the VTX and was tooling around the Honda shop looking at bikes while I waited. I sat on a used '05 RSTD that i had seen many times at the shop and just sat there in awe thinking, "some day..." Well, much to my surprise the asking price was way less than i expected. It had everything on it that i wanted on my VTX so I traded up!! The day i went to pick it up, i fired it up and started to walk around the bike admiring how beautiful it was and getting really fired up! Then i noticed a gas leak from under the tank- kinda flowing off the petcock and dripping down on the cylinder vents. Abort mission, up on lift, tank off, let's figure this out. They said that the bike had been sitting and needed some gaskets replaced and also floats in the carbs. "it didn't do that when we tested it", "this happens when it sits for awhile", etc. Ok. get'r fixed. back on the vtx... Ok cool. Go back 5 days later and it is ready to go. Of course, it is not a v-twin so i had to get used to the differences in torque (i guess?) and running the V4 at higher rpms. When i got it out on the highway and started to crank the thottle it was not responding and I was having trouble getting it over 65mph?? wtf? Well, part of this was that i was shifting into overdrive (5th) at too low a speed and did not realize that 4th gear had that type of range to it, BUT OD was doing NOTHING?? I had the throttle pegged and NOTHING. I returned to the shop and they rode it- everything is fine. Put it on the Dyno, everything is fine. Ok, rode it again. NOPE, everthing is not fine, and returned to the shop and told them this can't be right? I only got 100 miles to a tank of gas??!?!?!?!. The mechanic rode it and came back and said you are not crazy, 5th gear is just dumping fuel into the carbs. Its not getting enough air. The mechanic said that the filters needed to be replaced as they were probably soaked with gas and it was limiting the airflow. it ran fine 1-4 but sputtered in 5th. Long story short, they put K&N's in it for me, the mechanic took it out and said all good and he had it over 100mph. It WAS noticeably better. loved it. nice power. learned to run higher rpms, pretty much never get it into 5th gear around town. daily rider. frickin' LOVE it!!! Also started to realize what a big friggin' windshield does to power?? never rode a bike with a windshied?? took it off one day and i was like- holy sh!t, this is the way it is supposed to run!! still though, no long highway miles... 1200 miles later, I was riding down toward Myrtle yesterday and the frickin wind was insane. Got the big windshield on and I am desperately trying to maintain speed and i am just getting slowed down and pushed back from 60 to 52, then hit an air pocket and speed up to 65. I am pogoing back and forth and starting to get irratated. Finally i just hammer the throttle in 4th to 65 and shift up to OD, and it just bogs down and sends me back down to 50... so... They question after this long frickin history of my life IS: Is it typical for the windshield to cause such powerloss in windy situations?? If so, why dosesn't the bike have enuff power to push thru the wind? Is there something wrong with carbs or an adjustment that needs to be made?? what the heck should it do?? if i have to take the windshield off to go 75 mph, doesn't that defeat the purpose?? I wanna ride out west this summer! This just doesn't seem right?? I appreciate your time in answering some questions for this newbie:depressed:! educate me VentureRider.org!!!!! Thanks! Pete
  22. Finally made it after 3 years of trying.
  23. Jan and I had a wonderful day on the bikes! We rode with a group today and made the loop around the Great Salt Lake. We rode 425 miles today with stops at Promontory Point National Historical Site. Then on to Wendover, Nevada and had a great buffet dinner at the Rainbow Casino. We reached some milestones along the way. Jan broke in her new tire, in a big way. She showed some increased confidence in the corners, after her accident a couple of years ago. Also, Jan eclipsed 10K on her Sportster, all but 900 miles by her. Beautiful day!
  24. One of my high school friends is selling his goldwing and harley softail to get a venture. We ride together but he has never ridden my venture. I told him he was welcome to ride my venture anytime. He came by yesterday with his wife and wanted to drive my venture. He had the harley softail on his trailer and asked if I would like to ride it along with them. I thought sure, so we rode for about 20 or 25 miles and came home. He was pleased with my venture and is definately going to by one. The harley softail is one of the worst bikes I have ever ridden in my life. It vibrated so bad at 60mph that all you can see in the rear view mirror is a streak. When I got off my back was hurting, I felt like I had been punched in my side and the skin was off my right big toe from shifting gears. This morning my lower right back is so sore I can't bend over. I'm sure the road king and ultra are better riders but I don't see how anyone can ride a softail. By the way, how did they come up with a name like softail. It should be called hardtail.
  25. :)Man I never paid attension to how much HD bashin going on around here. I start out every Monday with one feeling and I got it hurt already . Now I would like to know how many guys have rode a Harley from the last couple of years and can give an opinion . If you havent, and have an opinion you must just be Venturerider brain washed.
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