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  1. Which set of the R1/R6 brakes is better? The Gold dots or the Blue dots? Which donor bike is better R1, R6, FJR? I have seen some six piston calipers. Will these fit a 1st gen MKII? The Blue dots appear to have different size pistons, the Gold dots appear the same size. Anyone know the piston diameters? Do they make plastic pad covers for these? I didn't see them in the parts fiche. I might put a set of these on while I am in there. Probably need to be able to slow this puppy down once I get it going. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/golddots.jpg http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/bluedots.jpg
  2. I had received a couple of complaints about the links in posts being hard to distinguish from regular text. I have made a change now so that links are underlined and when you hover over them, they are underlined and overlined. I hope this makes it a bit easier to see them. It was requested that I make them blue but that really messes up the style of the entire site because it's a global setting and changes all the links on the forum listings and etc. to blue. I hope the underline serves the purpose.
  3. Has anyone painted their helmets to match their bikes? I don't want flames, or graphics, just simply matching my 07 blue. What type/make of paint, and special insights would be greatly appriciated 3d
  4. Temps here in North Texas today was in the mid 70's. Went for a long, long ride; about 160 miles or so. Blue skies most of the time. Glad I live in Texas.
  5. I couldn't get away for the Asheville rally which I'm sure must have been amazing. I was able to get away Monday and rode down to NC and Tennessee. I rode the Dragon, Skyway, foothills parkway, smokey mountins and into the Blue Ridge parkway. I camped on the Blue Ridge last night. 4 camp sites away there was a bear incident that I could hear. The guys tent, BBQ and cooler was destroyed. I didn't get much sleep after that so I pulled into the KOA early so I'll be more alert tomorrow. Beautiful riding all around here
  6. I had my annual heart check up today at the Columbia Heart Clinic, when the Mechanic came and said there was a 07 Blue and Black venture on a trailer in the parking lot with Florida tags. Don't know if it was someone here, but I can see why he was at the heart clinic if he is tailoring a venture. :rotf:
  7. Im in the process of installing a Venture trunk to my '06 RSTD. I know I can cut off the lock pins for the passenger sissy bar but I dont want to do that in case I ever want to remove the trunk and switch back to the cruiser look. So Im asking if anyone here has a pair of the chrome saddlebag brackets from a Venture that the trunk mount bolts to for sale. Ive looked on eBay but the sellers wont seperate and also scanned craigslist. Heres a pic of what I need... http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/948/17888f.jpg Also my bike is Pearl White and I need to paint the trunk does anyone know what automobile color is close it. I looked here but I dont want to pay $400 for base coat and paint. Also an idea I did to my RSTD was to put extra lights so I can be seen at night. I bought 2 packs of the 12" red and 1 pack of the blue LED lights at Autrozone. The have adhesive tape on them so no drilling. I cut the wires off of one set and soldered the two 12" pieces together to make them 24". Started at the back and ran them across the bottom of the saddles. I took the blue 12" and stuck one on each side under the tank on the inside of the flange where the tank is welded together. I get alot of complements on them abd believe me I can be seen and I only have $60 in the lights
  8. So I'm heading home from a Tim Horton's where our club had just met. I'm on a 4 lane section of what is mostly a two lane road and getting ready for a left turn to the exit ramp leading to a 4 lane limited access highway (I hate when they cheap out and put the exit and entrance ramps side by side like that!). As I prepare for my left hand turn, I see a Jeep Wagoneer or some such, with out of province plates, come barrelling up the ramp from the 4 lane. I slowed and checked the driver's head and, sure enough, he's looking behind me and just rolls through the stop sign at a good speed and directly into my path. By now I'm on the brakes and the horn and the a**hole gives me a dirty look - I guess he didn't like me honking. I swear, it took every ounce of willpower I had to keep from hanging a right (There was no oncoming traffic and I had the time and the room) and chasing him down. A few good kicks into his car's pretty blue doors (Or preferably his ugly face!) would have felt soooooooo good. But, once again, I realized that I'm the one who would have had the chat with the men in blue so I swore at him (Had to do something - he was too far to hear any way) an continued on my way. What a week - still don't know what's happening with the wife's car after Sunday's deer encounter and now this. Hope to relax in Port Dover tomorrow for the 13th. I need a break about now. Andy
  9. so im heading to CA i see 3 ventures in a group 2 midnights 1 silver on I80 in NE then i see 2 in WY 1 is a 07 black and blue and 1 is a 84 or 85 blue one they were together after that i see 2 more in NV close to reno i honked and waved at all of them was it any body on here? if so have a safe trip. oh by the way i was in my truck with the family wishing i was on the bike.
  10. First the story: I was riding home yesterday afternoon and it was hot. I reach up on the dash of the 93 super fast blue bike and open the vents. Nothing changes so i put my hand up next to the vent and no air is coming out of either side. The Questions: Is air supposed to come out the vents? How in the world do you get them to stay open? Finally does anyone really know how fast the blue bikes go?
  11. Was parked at the Kangaroo gas station today (19-May-12) around 950 AM and a Blue & Black 07 just like mine went by going east on state road 42 towards Deland.
  12. Guest

    2011 Voyager pictures

    I sure hope I don't get pop for these lights...It was either blue or clear...
  13. Today i tried to install an after market taillight...i answer a call from my job and forgot what wires went where!!!!!!!!!!!...help!..i have a blue and yellow from the bike ,my aftremarket has 2 green(one has a yellow stripe) and a brown.
  14. Thought the PGR riders would appreciate these. Cheap and $1.00 shipping is nice for these I think. You used to be able to get them with the PGR logo on them and I can not find them no where any more. These are blue. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251033570852?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_720wt_1270 Fuzzy
  15. Hey, I was limo driving here in the Finger lakes area yesterday and saw a fine looking 86-93 Blue first Gen go flying by heading South. This was In Hector just north of Watkins Glen. Was that anyone from here? I thought it might be rstacy test ridin that new 19k mile 1st Gen he just bought. Was it him or someone else from here it was around 2-3pm.
  16. What is the thing with all the blue blade connections just below the fuse box? And while we are at it, what is just to the right of the fuse box? http://db.tt/mzfG4Eyb
  17. The Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Packers and Falcons are headed into the playoffs AGAIN! My pics are in blue... what say you??? -----1/7/2012----- Bengals/Texans Lions/Saints -----1/8/2012----- Steelers/Broncos Falcons/NYGiants
  18. Went to Port Dover this morning after midnight shift. Had bike all ready the night before BUT SNOW stopped me from ridding there.Got to Timmies and there was a Ural with side-car driving around.There was also an on-off road bike and maybe a V-star also that pulled in BUT you could tell they were from town or trailered as they were really DRY.Arrived there around 10am and left around 12pm and didn;t see any more bikes. Bought my shirts and a couple patches and left for home. Stopped in at Yamaha dealer in Delhi to look over the 2011 blue Venture they had and got a price of $18700 + tax & lic. Said they will be getting 2012 in around the 16th this month.They said it would be in same ball park for price. Kind of like the 2011 as it is blue with black lowers and 2012 is all black(one they are getting)
  19. I got off work Thursday night (12/29) and agreed to meet my wife and her parents at the SeaIsland Shrimp House in Live Oak. As I pulled up there was another bike in the parking lot with the blue engine glow lights on. As I got closer to it I realized it was an RSV. I was going to put one of my Venturerider cards on it, but it had a proximity alarm that chirped the closer you got to it. Pretty bike although I couldn't tell the color in the dark due to the blue LEDs on the engine and lowers. Gave me another idea for some more "Safety Accessories" though. Anyone here. I know It wasn't Buddyrich or JB, I have seen their bikes.
  20. I am adding a HD aftermarket trunk to my Tour Deluxe and want to paint it to match, or at least look like a match at 50 mph. There are rattle can kits for both colors, blue and black, on the internet that I think I will try. I could do the easy thing and paint the lid blue and the base black. Or, tape off and look to catch a similar angle to the saddle bags. There is a stripe on the bags where the blue and the black meet. Is this a decal? Or is this painted? If some sort of decal / tape, is this available?
  21. sorry new member and dont know where to look for parts for my 89 venture . in need of left side fairing parts blue preferable could paint if needed thanks
  22. This may be reaching but is there a Blue Tooth interface for the MKII communication system.
  23. We are in Indy with Friends until Monday. We are supposed to do a Charity Ride in the Morning. If any of you are doing the ride, my wife and I are on a Blue & Black 07 Venture. Stop by & say Hi. Craigr
  24. about 5 pm, west bound on Miramar, Parkway a Silver & Blue Venture, Miramar Florida anyone from here?
  25. Guest

    A Tale of Two Scooters

    Keep an open mind or read no further. You have been warned! So...back in early June I learned of a couple of 150cc scooters for sale. Cheap. Fast forward a few weeks and I bought them. I loaded them both up in my little-red-chevrolet-half-ton-pickemup-truck, and hauled them home. Roketa Bali 150cc Chinese Scooters. You can buy them on the interweb for around $1200-$1400 delivered. I paid $600 each. These are 2007 models, with 252 miles on the black one, and 688 miles on the blue one. Not even broken in. They have sat for most of the last 3 years. The previous owners bought them as a pair and just didnt ride them much. They are a hoot! These get around 70 mpg, will do almost 60 mph on a flat level road, and are super easy to ride. Twist and go...no shifting. No, you wont be taking these on the interstate, you'll get yer ass run over. But around town they are fun and easy to ride. The have some storage under the seat, enough room for a couple of bags of groceries...and more pep than you would think. They will easily keep up with normal traffic. In fact, most of the time I'm in front. MOST of the time! I traded the blue one off, and was going to sell the black one to another friend, but she backed out due to the long wait to take a motorcycle class. (that sucks by the way!) So I decided to keep the black one. Added to my stable. I have had 5 offers to buy the black one from me...two of those offers were from Harley owners who took it for a spin...its that much fun! I was really surprised when I took it to my insurance agent and they quoted me 7 dollars. I said, seven dollars a month? She said, no...seven dollars a YEAR! I can live with that! So off I ride into the wild, but nearby, blue yonder. http://s62.photobucket.com/albums/h113/tx2sturgis/roketa-scooter/?albumview=slideshow
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