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  1. I am really enjoying my recently acquired 83 Venture Royale. I believe the radio speakers and in desparate need of replacement. Can someone tell me what size replacement speakers I need to get? I don't want to take the fairing apart to see because I want to ride the bike up until I'm ready to do the speaker swap. Thanks!
  2. Every now and then someone asks what size a particular bolt is. Just thought it would be helpful to post this from another site. FYI, you can get the part# from most Yamaha dealer websites or here. "How to get sizes of bolts from the part numbers... The Yamaha microfiche shows the bolt size, you just have to know how to read it. Here is how it works... The part number is broken down into 3 parts 99999-06012-00 is an example. The second part, which is 06012 tells you the size. That bolt is 6mm in diameter and 12mm in length. If the second part was 08024 the bolt would be 8mm in diameter and 24mm in length. The first part of the part number tell what type of part it is such as bolt, screw, washer etc. and last 2 digits generally determines the finish such as black, cad, etc"
  3. Ok, I found the idea for a tool to hold the damper rod in the forks . Simple enough, makes me wonder why I didnt think of it. Anyhow, can anybody tell me if a 15/16" bolthead will fit the damper rod on my 89VR? If not what size is it? Black Owl said he thinks it is a 17mm, but here in east Tn, the boys at home depot don't speak in mm. Just the same Black Owl, thanks for the input.
  4. Is there a way to set the font, color, and size when making a post? So each time I don't have to go through the motions to get what I want? Or have I looked over something? I know its not anything major, just makes it looks pretty.......
  5. Which set of the R1/R6 brakes is better? The Gold dots or the Blue dots? Which donor bike is better R1, R6, FJR? I have seen some six piston calipers. Will these fit a 1st gen MKII? The Blue dots appear to have different size pistons, the Gold dots appear the same size. Anyone know the piston diameters? Do they make plastic pad covers for these? I didn't see them in the parts fiche. I might put a set of these on while I am in there. Probably need to be able to slow this puppy down once I get it going. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/golddots.jpg http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/bluedots.jpg
  6. Sherry sent me a text today requesting that the Ventureriders please put her on their prayer list. She is having surgery Thursday July 26, 2012 for kidney cancer stage 1. They are going to be taking part of the kidney. The tumor they found is the size of a golf ball. She has been having pain and nausea. Will update when I hear anything else.
  7. Would like to put a trunk on my 2008 RSTD. What kind and what size do you have?
  8. OK.. having lots of fun trying to get rear wheel back in. Don't want to let the air out of tire and don't want to loosen the rear drive bolts either since I have it nicely aligned. Even with a jack it's just not going in. Same size tire as old one, too... Other ideas or tips?? thanks! david
  9. Hey guys . time has come for me to purchase a rear tire. I found the brand that i would like to try, my question is about reading tire sizes. I would liek to fit a taller tire to try and get more clearance on my 96. Leveling links wont work for my year RS. Manual says 150-90/15 as the size for the rear Is there any size that would be a taller tire. Also IS it possible to run a 140/90-15 . This would give better turnout but will it be safe on the rim and since the second number is an aspect ration of the first will a 140-90/15 be a shorter tire. I wish i could stand 4 tires up to each other to see the difference. has anyone tried a size other than whats listed by the manufacturer. As far as measuring aspect ratio 150x.9= 135 mm high which converted to inches is roughly 5.31" so thats 20 inch wheel 140x.9= 126 mm 4.96" so thats 20 inch wheel give or take 1/2 an inch
  10. I would like to order some risers inserts from Baron's as most of you seem to prefer those. But I've notice that most of you who have posted on this issue are over 6' tall, and I'm only 5' 7" so I'm really not sure what size risers to order. Any suggestions?
  11. I found my rear caliper leaking so I'm going to rebuild it. I have rebuilt calipers on cars before and don't think it should be difficult. I just thought I would ask if there is anything special I should be aware of. The other question I have is the size of the cylinder bore if I have to hone them. I dont have my small hone anymore. So if I have to buy one, it would be nice to know what the size is. Thanks for the help.
  12. I just noticed my '89 VR is missing one of the bolts that holds the chrome covers over my brake reservour. Not sure of the thread size on that and could just go to the hardware store but would like a true chrome replacement. Anyone know the screw size and if I can find one somewhere? thanks. Gary
  13. Need new tires. So whats the latest word on the Avon Venoms? Cracking fixed? Stay away? Would be buying the new Michelin Commanders if they made a front that fit, not interested in running a narrower size. Thanks in advance for any input. Ross
  14. I just got back from a STAR Touring BBQ in Branson, MO. 2500 miles, 900 of it MO & AR twists and whoop-t-doos. (rode straight home,950 miles yesterday,,, whew. About 18 hours.) So, my stock size Venom is now shot (now at 22k) I called my dealer to get another and was told they can't get it anymore. I looked on Bike Bandit and saw it only on CLOSEOUT for stock size. Guess that narrows the field again on stock size 150/80-16. No Avon, no Michilen Commander II. So I am having them put on a Dunlop E-3 Friday. Mike G in SC
  15. What is the size (in mm) of the crankcase vent tube on the "twinkie?" I need a new mini-breather and can't recall if it is a 15mm or not....
  16. What size are the chrome button head socket screws that hold the trunk brackets to the fender? Was leaving for work today and noticed the trunk was loose and one of the screws is missing.
  17. Decided to take my front wheel of myself this time to take it to a bike shop to have a tire mounted on it. Usually I just have the shop do the whole job. So, my question is, what the heck do I have to do to get the axle out? I loosened the allen head pinch bolt, but I can't get the axle to break lose. I'm using a 22mm socket with a medium size breaker bar. Makes me wonder if I should get out the ole impact wrench. This axle is a left hand thread, right? Thanks for suggestions, Lynn
  18. OK, I'm ordering a new E3 for the Rear on the 08 RSTD.( MV85B-15 ) As to installing a Narrower, front tire to replace the OEM Bridgestone ?? ( The 150/80 - 16H OEM now installed ) Dunlop is showing Front size, 150/80-16, and MT90B16H sizes for E3 type. OK question, is for installing a Narrower Tire on the front, what is the preferred Brand, and Size to order. ( Not the cheap tires !! ) Is the MT90B16H the one to order ??? Or do I have to get a Michelen, or Avon for the front, in order to have the narrower tire up front for Improved Handleing ???
  19. Best shot I got of bikes parked in Front of Pioneer Motor Sports. Skipped a little on the panoramic setting, but not bad. I warned you it was large size for those that have a dial up connection. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/DSC00401.jpg
  20. What size P-clamps do we need for the rstd Kury brand? For the handle bar. Joe
  21. I'm considering rewining my stator since it does not seem too complicated. I have examined a XZ550 (Vision) stator that have the same number of coils (18) but is smaller. The copper wire has a diameter of 1.1 mm. Does the XVZ have the same wire size? Here in Europe I can't find high output stators. Probably because the XVZ did not sell in great number here. In UK the Electex company sells replacement stators for 90 £ (140 $) including VAT: http://www.electrexworld.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?REFPAGE=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eelectrexworld%2eco%2euk%2facatalog%2fOnline_Catalogue_Stator_Kits_424%2ehtml&WD=xvz&PN=G08%2ehtml%23aG8#aG8e They also have RR that seems up to date; http://www.electrexworld.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?REFPAGE=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eelectrexworld%2eco%2euk%2facatalog%2fOnline_Catalogue_Regulator_Rectifier_206%2ehtml&WD=xvz12&PN=RR36%2ehtml%23aRR36#aRR36 I have read about the cooling kit but it's perhaps a bit overkill here in Sweden (not being so very hot...)? So back to my first question; the size of the copper wire on the oem stator, please!
  22. Having reviewed all the previous questions on this forum regarding tire sizes, and having a lot of knowledge about tires...I am willing to ask if anyone has tried a lower profile rear tire on their RSTD or Venture yet ? I currently have the newer Dunlop E 3 bias belt tires on, and they are relatively new...but...given my propensity to eating up tires, I am always looking for my next set of tires. In 2003 I went through 10 (ten) sets of tires (front and rear) in ONE year, on a 2003 GL1800. Yes, I rode that many miles in one year. I currently have my own Snap On electronic computerized wheel balancer, and a Snap On fully power tire changing machine. That means if anyone is in my area and need emergency tire work, come on down. What I want to put on the rear of my '06 RSMTD is either a set of bStones...with the rear size being a 180/70-15 (G-702), and the front being a 150/80-16 (G-703). If someone tells me that they have tried those, and they will not fit in between the swingarm and driveshaft, then I would try the Avon Venom AM42 on the rear, with a size 170/80-15, and a AM41 front, with the size being a 150/80-16. What I want to do...is put Radials on this bike. What say ye, all you experienced tire mod people??? Thanks, Miles Million Mile Rider:bighug:
  23. does anyone know what size the screw is that goes to the throttle box on the handlebar, part# 98504-05025-00 pan head screw??
  24. I was contemplating changing the diaphragms on my 96 RSTC since you all made look so easy at MD, I looked at Sirius website and it listed the SD-1 for all XVZ1300 and XVZ13 models of venture, I sent them an email and asked if they would fit the XVZ13ATH Royal Star and they replied ...sure... but if they don't we'll take em back. I being an anal engineer type, sent back an email asking if they were sure as the ventures and some of the stars had different size carbs, like the 28MM and the 32MM ...the reply was they only carry one size. My concern is that they are missing the hole in the tab and the OD dimension for the DS-1 was 72MM which is wider across than my entire cover. Am I correct on this and if so does anyone know where to get the smaller diaphragms only?
  25. I have to replace the windshield on my RSTD. I started by looking for a stock windscreen, and all I found was this: STR-1D607-11-00 7” lower than stock, made of tough polycarbonate with Quantum Coating® for superior abrasion resistance and longer life. I couldn't find the stock size at the Yamaha website. I'll admit that the only place I could see the windscreen listed was in accessories. I couldn't find it in the parts section. So I started looking for alternatives. The most popular seems to be the Clearview. Threads here suggest that people are getting the shorter version, with the vent. The recurve is both praised and cursed. Any comments on this, comfort, mpg, passenger buffeting? How does the wider size impact attachments to the handlebars? How about riding in the rain, which I do a lot of? The stock windscreen keeps me nice and dry, but it kills my mpg. Another option is Cee Baileys. Anyone have this?? WHen would you use light green? What else is there to fit the stock RSTD quick connect? How does the smoke windscreen look on a midnight bike? Photo examples? Thanks so much for your experience and opinions! Dave
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