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  1. Will this work with the front end lowered? http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=58318&store=&catId=416&productId=p58318&leafCatId=41606 to check the air right now, I have to remove the handle bar. Does this take more room then the regular air valve at the top of the forks?
  2. Is this a good upgrade for the 05 RSTD? I know so little about the bike,I don't even know if this is possible. I want it to handle as good as possible. any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, Just bought an '88 last night. Unloading it from the trailer I was surprised how heavy it was. I found out qiuckly I couldn't lean it as much as other bikes. I thought I was going to dump it. How do these bikes handle at lower speeds? Good for a big bike, Bad? Thank you.
  4. my handle bars are to low, what do i have to do, to raise them a little?
  5. Yesterday I pulled up beside a group of Harley's at a stop light. One guy was yelling and gesturing to the bike in front of him. (beside me) The guy beside me bent over and picked up a chrome plug that fell off the end of his handle bar. And here I thought you guys were just joking about Harley's losing parts.
  6. Anyone have a MKII right handle bar grip end section just laying around. It can be in really bad condition. My wrecked 91 VR right handle bar got bent down vertically so bad that the bike is unmoveable. I just need one so I can move the wrecked VR in and out of the garage when needed. I'm not sure but maybe the end I need are interchangeable left or right.
  7. A friend of mine went off the deep end ( midlife crisis ? ) and bought a 2013 Victory Vegas 8-Ball. I rode it yesterday. Several questions.. I have NEVER heard a shifter clank so loud while shifting gears. Do they have a little midget troll in there with a 20 lb sledge hammer changing gears ? Also, when you let go of the handle bars it leans/pulls hard to the right. ( I know why let go of the handle bars) I would think that "fighting" that pull over a long distance would get tiring on a long ride. Has 200 miles on it now, and it seems to backfire when decelerating. So is all this normal for a Victory ?
  8. Most members here know "Boo" he has been a member here for a long time. His wife isn't a member on the site but attends M&E with him. I have had the pleasure of meeting her for the 2nd time at the Asheville Rally last weekend. She is a hoot and a fun person to hang out with. Well I think its time that she has a Road Name / Handle. From here on, she will be known as "HOO":happy65: So the next time you see her it will be easy to remember her name. Like "Oh look here comes BOO & HOO."
  9. What size P-clamps do we need for the rstd Kury brand? For the handle bar. Joe
  10. http://www.autoblog.com/2012/06/26/biker-gets-surprise-visit-from-155-mph-snake/?ncid=txtlnkwbauto00000002
  11. It looks like my rubber mounts on my handle bars supporting my fairing is toast. The whole fairing and windshield has started moving too much on rough roads. I think this may have been causing my windshield problems. As i am on the road i need a road fix for these things. Yesterday i cut some tie wraps and pushed them between the handle bars to use as spacers. This seems to help but here is my question. Is this a good thing to do or am i creating more damage? I am going to try to find a better spacer that i can slip around the whole handle bar. What do others do for this? Thanks, Tom
  12. I am looking to purchase another bike and after a lot of looking and research I have pretty much decided to go with a Yamaha Road Star or Stratololiner. I am leaning toward the Stratoliner but I can purchase a new 2010 Road Star S for $12,000 and it is tempting. The Venture was just too hard to handle at slow speed. I might add I like to tour and I just turned 71 if that is a factor. I appreciate any and all advise. Thanks
  13. OK, here's my latest invention on how I plan to mount up to 3 accessories on the Handle Bar Accessory Turn Buckle Bar. Now that’s a mouthful. Each End is a 17 mm opening that fits over each 17 mm nut. First You turn the turn buckle to draw the ends in. You slide the left end in over the 17mm nut. Then slide the right end into the opening You grab the Right End then you turn the center of the turn buckle down. As the right end buts up against the 17 mm nut you twist the right end to fit over the 17 mm nut as you continue to turn the turn buckle. The two ends will extend out putting pressure onto the handle bars. The bar is milled at 7/8 inch. I will be putting the least strength lock tight on the turn buckle threads. The 17 mm openings on each end will be slghtly tapered so to make a real tight fit. I plan to mount my GPS, Ipod, Cell Phone.
  14. Where the Black Plug goes into the hole to cover the 17 mm nut is. Could 1st Gen owners measure the widest open distance to the nearest 1/8 from left handle bar to right handle bar.. The widest opening would be at the top of the oval opening. And specify if MKI or MKII. Thank You.
  15. Does anyone know if the 2nd Gen Venture's Handle Bar has changed since the introduction of the 2nd Gen Ventures. I have been asked by a couple of 2nd Gen owners if I could adapt the 1st Gen Accessory Mount Turn Buckle Bar for the 2nd Gen Ventures, and possibly for some of the other bikes in this group. I got to looking at the 2nd Gen Handle Bars and it seems like a very simple modification. If there has been no changes then a turn buckle probably would not even be needed. It would be helpful to know if the 2nd Gen Venture Handle Bar has changed or stayed the same. I've including a few pictures of what was made for the 1st Gen. Obviously the ends will need to be modified to accomodiate the 2nd Gen's Bars, but looking at it, looks very much do able. If you are a 2nd Gen owner and would be interested (non committal) in getting in on a group buy after the mods are complete, please indicate so on this thread. This will help me determine if making a prototype is worth the effort. Also if you are an owner of another bike an would also be interested one for your bike, please indicate the bike model and year. Your response would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I purchased a 91 VR last fall and one day riding, I for some reason let go of the handle bar to do something. At around 40 mph I noticed a sight handle bar shake left & right. As my speed dropped to 35 the shake got much more excessive then by the time it go to 30 it was very violent to the point I almost lost control. Today on a short ride I thought I try the handle bar test thinking I might need to tighten the steering. Now I just installed progressive about 3 weeks ago. I let the handle bar go at about 45 mph and coasted down to about 10 mph with no shake. I was controlling the VR with just 1 finger on each grip and oh so very lightly just to keep the VR going straight.
  17. Per the attached picture what is your handle bar spacing distance. That is at near the top which is the widest distance between handle bar opening around the nut that keeps the handle bar on. . Is it 11 3/8; or 12 1/8; or 13 1/8 inches. There can be other settings but I think these 3 are the most common. Working on a slight different design that will accomodiate various settings. Thanks.
  18. Hello, Just curious how riders handle (or would handle ) a flat tire. I dont like plugging my car tires, but in the event of a flat tire on my bike, i was planning on plugging it. How would you handle a flat? Al
  19. got them finished today. whew!! i was able to fit them so the rear trunk can go on and off without any issues at all! tell me what you think?? hmmm...the Pelican 1620 is 78 liters with wheels and handle......trunk?? i wonder how much those mufflers weigh?? not like i dont have enough work to do...Progressives sitting next to me, De-link and Stainless lines on the way, Master brake cylinder kits here somewhere....
  20. I have trouble sometimes keeping my cruise on and what is happening is the wind will push the clutch lever just enough to disengage the cruise. If I hold the clutch leaver out everything works fine. It feels like there should be a spring or at least a stronger spring in there to keep it out a tad more. Is there a way to make the lever stay out and not disengage the cruise. I had the handle apart and cannot find a spring so I'm guessing it is inside the housing.
  21. After 115000km my cruse control was not working on further investigation I discovered that my clutch handle has a slight movement in worn is there a way to fix it or do i have to replace it thanks
  22. Every time I have seen my Grand Princess, I have sat her on my knee with her holding on to the "handle bars" ( AKA my thumbs) while I made motor noises and bounced her on my knee. Just got her a real 1st Gen..AKA dinosaur "bike". At 7 1/2 months old...she LOVES it ! She holds on to the handle bars and makes her own lip noise. Cries if you stop pushing her or trying to take her off it. Now to figure out how to fit a baby seat on my bike with out Mommy or Grandma knowing...
  23. Won the Fleabay auction on a Garmin Nuvi 225, for $55.00 bucks. Then bought (now) a waterproof handle bar mount, again from Fleabay, for $17.00 and change. Not a gazillion dollar Zumo, but.....
  24. Yep, that's me....... I'm in the process of putting the bike back together after some major work (new front springs, new rear tire, wires for trailer lighting to my Voyager kit, yadda, yadda), and like a fool I didn't take pictures of the handle bar cable routing. The thing is I also tool the steering head out to clean and pack the bearings. I've got the front end back together but I can't remember if the air lines for the front forks go infront or behind the cables from the handle bars. I checked my scanned copy of the FSM, but the pictures are crap so they are no help. Does anyone have picutes of how the front fork air lines and handle bar cables are routed? I will forever be in your debt. Thanks in advance.
  25. Anyone know how to install these handle bar end caps. I have stock grips and the stock end caps just easly pulls of. Or maybe these are not end caps. If not does anyone know what they are and where they go?
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