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  1. Howdy gang. I reckon this question's been asked been asked before but I'm severely perplexed. I'm pretty sure in one of my last fork seal replacement abominations I got the under and over washer around the seal backwards. I have a flat one and a beveled one. Which one goes where? Thanks in advance! John
  2. I was checking the general tech section... and saw a rather routine sounding "trick" for we height challenged riders... lower the front forks by 1"... but it was adressed to the 2nd gen... They simply loosen the triple tree clamps (after removing tons of stuff to get there) and slide the fork tubes up and tighten her back down. Anybody done this on a 1st gen? Clearance issues? I sure hope it's that easy... it would be a wonderful help to my bike leaning SO far over on the side stand after upgrading to progressive front springs! And yeah, I'm a little low at the inseam.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy chrome lower wind deflectors that mount in front of the forks? Like to replace the clear deflectors.
  4. Will this work with the front end lowered? http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=58318&store=&catId=416&productId=p58318&leafCatId=41606 to check the air right now, I have to remove the handle bar. Does this take more room then the regular air valve at the top of the forks?
  5. I have searched through the forum and the instructions that came with the springs. I can not confirm the amount of oil to re-install in the forks. The only amount I see is in a thread about changing the oil but doesn't seem to be specific to Sonics. It seems to me that the 10 1/2 inches of PVC would displace more oil than the stock springs so less oil would/should be added to forks. In the middle of the job now so any help would be appreciated.
  6. As part of my changeover to the MKII forks on 83, I am wanting to slide the forks up a little in the tripple tree. When I changed my springs to Progressives, even though I did not use any spacers on the springs, it raised the front of my bike up some. I will be transfering these springs and won't be using any air and wondering if any others had done this and what did they do about the holes where the air goes into the tube. I suspect the holes will be up under the clamped area, but feel they would still need some type of seal to keeping from leaking shock fluid. RandyA
  7. '92 VR: I thought I would replace the fork brace with a Super Brace. Shouldn't be too hard, right? My problem is I can't get the Super Brace to fit in between the accordion style fork tube boots. When I look at other Ventures that have the Super Brace, there are no boots on the fork tubes. Instead, they have some kind of seal pressed into the top of the lower fork tube. I need to service my forks anyway, so can I take them down and replace the boots with seals? If so, can I just order lower fork tube dust seals? I will rebuild the forks, so can someone who is experienced in forks advise me on what parts I need to purchase for the rebuild and to replace the tube boots? Here is the link to the parts fiche on Boats.net if that helps any: http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Yamaha/Motorcycle/1992/VENTURE%20ROYALE%20-%20XVZ1300DD/FRONT%20FORK/parts.html Thank you so much, Richard
  8. This is open to gather experience about all bikes - any manufacturer - any model. I've been told by someone on another board that it is common for front forks to loosen then slip & ride up in the Trees. This is new information to me. In all my years of experience & all the fellow riders I've met & known, I have not heard of any factory motorcycle forks slipping in their mounts. So please... I'd really like to hear from people that have had factory installed forks slip. Then I will have learned something & have grown. Anyone? Slipped fork or forks? Please share your experience(s) & details. Help me change my mind on this slippage. Please - I'd be happy to change my mind. In fact, I'd be relieved to change my mind. JohnB
  9. These are the videos I promised on replacing the seals on a Gen 1. I did not document the entire breakdown. I assume we all know how to remove the calipers, antidives, & remove the front tire. This video starts as if you were doing progressives spring upgrade. The write up on here from skydoc was very easy to follow. I did use an impact gun for the 18mm allen bolts under the forks as they were spinning when I tried to remove them by hand. I used 5wt oil & have 8lbs of air in my class with progressive springs. It was recommended I use 7wt, but I could not find it. I have 15wt in it before but that was too harsh. befor the summe I will change the oil again. The best wt for me at 225lbs is either 7wt or 10wt w/o any air in the forks. I will figure that out! REMOVING THE SEALS [ame= ] [/ame] REASSEMBLY [ame= ] [/ame] I've put 50 miles on my bike & the forks seals are holding perfectly! I would be happy to answer any questions if you're planning to do it.
  10. Well I started my "Winter" project early. I had to do fork seals ASAP as I was leaking all over the place. I lost 1/2 my fork oil in the right for. No wonder it was handling badly. When I disassembled the forks and inspected the seal, I noticed that it had a nick in it the size of a pinhead. I was leaking fork oil just parked in the garage!! Anyway... It was an intimidating tasks but actually the job is really not that bad. It's just a few extra steps over doing progressives. I have to give a shout out AGAIN to Muffinman for all his help. I used a 41mm MotionPro Ringer fork seal driver. [ame=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009M4COVI]Motion Pro (08-0489) 41mm Ringer Fork Seal Driver : Amazon.com : Automotive@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41bv0ErRFtL.@@AMEPARAM@@41bv0ErRFtL[/ame] Worked perfect on the 40mm forks I also made a short video showing the disassembly & reassembly process to hopefully take the fear out of someone considering doing them for the 1st time. My kid is going to do some editing on it so I can upload it. What's left is to put the tire & calipers back on, drop the progressives back in & add fork oil. Hey what else is there to do during a hurricane??
  11. How much air pressure should be in my front forks?? I don't think I have any air in them after checking with a guage. ( 99 ROYAL STAR BLVD. STD.) Any tips on front fork maintance would help, I have never had air front forks before! PLEASE REPLY ASAP! :confused24:
  12. Hi everyone, so I'm trying to relieve the insane stiffness from the front end on my 86' that I've just mildy overhauled. I'm having a hell of a time dialing this in I have Progressive springs and the block of plates from Skydoc. I've dissassembled everything and there is no binding with the forks whatsoever. One thing I find very curious is, even with the forks hanging in the air and no wheel attached, they are VERY hard to compress. Even the weight of the bike barely compresses them. They decompress fine. THen, when I drain the oil out, they slide perfectly. I'm starting to wonder if I need to put the AD's back on? I just returned from a 3500ish mile ride so I think the springs are broken in. I don't think it's a matter of too much oil because a lot of it blew out in the first 100 because I guess I put the 13.5 oz in and that's too much? Also, when I drained each leg, maybe half cup came out of each. Irony is, I go for a ride on my 1975 Kawasaki S3 w/horribly pitted forks and ancient springs and it is a FAR smoother ride. Yeah, it's mush but smooth. What could I be missing here? Thanks!
  13. So I finally got my class fixed(thank you to everyone for your help), and my front forks still dive and bottom out when I hit the brakes. I can see the forks raise and lower when I use the compressor. I rode it at 21 lbs and over little bumps and when I brake it dives down and clunks, what I assume is bottoming out. Anyone know what I should check? I just bought the bike and don't know any history of it, so I can only assume that everything is original. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Do the air collars on the front forks just slide up and off to remove the forks?? They don't seem to move. I sprayed some wd40 on the but still nothing. Trying to get them out for my guy to rebuild. Ideas, a little tap up to convince maybe?? Tx
  15. Hi All you guys with parts bikes... I was wondering if anyone has a set of forks for a MKII they would be willing to part with? Got a project to work on...
  16. Can anyone tell me what type of pump you use to pump up the forks? I don't want to damage anything. Thanks. (05 Midnight Venture.)
  17. Folks, The scoot in question is my 84 VR MKI with CLASS. Question is; where does the air go? ... or better yet, where is it coming out? Seems as though every time I go for a dialy ride, I have to add some air to the front forks via the CLASS compressor - I like the feel at about 16-18 lbs. And if I skip a day or so, the forks are flat empty, and have to go from zero to 16-18 lbs. Is this normal? Where is the air leaking from? What's the remedy? I'll be putting in Progressives once the riding season is coming to a close, so fork air won't be so critical - but for now, I'd like some input on how that air is getting out. Thanks so much - any input is much appreciated.
  18. I was wondering how much air pressure I should be running in my forks. The guy I bought the bike from ran them with no pressure but I think that is too soft.
  19. I found these forks on ebay last week and missed the end of the auction. I asked the seller if they were truly in good shape and if he would sell them for his minimum bid plus shipping. He said yes so I took a chance, $100 shipped. They showed up today and look great. Nice to know not all ebay sellers are selling crap. Since buying my basket case this spring i've received a lot of junk off ebay. I hope I can find the rest of the stuff I need for this conversion in as nice of shape as these forks. Now I just need the rotors and the calipers and the progressive springs and some anti-dive block offs and a fork brace and new brake lines and...and...um...nevermind...Now i'm bummed out...i'm gonna go get ready for work...talk to you guys later.
  20. Hi there, Wondering if somebody can recommend a shop to gut and rebuild the front fork's on my 99 RSV. I'm not worried if I have to ship them somewhere, I just want a reputable shop that can do the work, thank's. Jake Ride Hard/Ride Often/Ride Safe:cool10:
  21. All, I know this has been asked many times before, but I cannot seem to find anyone who has progressive springs in stock. I am redoing my forks this coming weekend and need to get some in a hurry. I also need seals and dust covers for my forks. I have an 87 Venture Royale. I live in the Houston, TX area. Does anyone know where I can buy some for a reasonable price? THe couple of places i called, buckeye and pioneer, dont have em in stock. Thanks in advance, JP
  22. Just picked up my project for next winter. A true barn find. 1975 Moto Guzzi 850T with 17k miles. Motor turns freely, inside of tank is in OK condition, no dents in tank, forks are straight, frame is solid and rust free, and seat is in good shape. PO put on a Windjammer which is going to have to go. Bought if from a guy that had it stored in his shed for over 10 years. It was his father's who passed in 2001. He was going to get it running but didn't have any time (or ability). It was last started in 2002 or 2003. Will need: Master brake cylinder rebuild Airbox replacement (has pods now) centerstand repair saddle bags either removed or repaired Windjammer removed and headlight moved back to forks With the removal of the fairing, will need turn signals All rubber (grips, peg covers, tires) Repaint and stripe (leaking MC got brake fluid on tank) Replace throttle cables and likely clutch cable Clutch handle NOS exhaust (current is home fabbed) Wish me luck. RR
  23. After putting in some air into the front forks then when letting out the air, the front air pressure won't go below 7 lbs. Thats on the center stand with the front wheel off the ground. I put the sw to Front, Manuel, Then press the decrease button. The air is let out and the pressure comes down but then stops at 7 lbs. How does one get it down to below 7 lbs.
  24. If you would like to response please read my posting throughly to understand each fact and statement. I'm very interested in your expert opinions and experiences. I've now had my progressive for about 500 miles and I really like them in the twisties and on nice smooth roads. However the slight bumps are beginning to annoy me. And I have nothing to say good about bigger bumps. These were purchased New from Sky_Doc_17 for a 91 VR. The old oil were drained for over 24 hours out the drain plug. I put the tight coils in first. I have no spacer except the OEM washer to center the springs in the forks to prevent the springs from rubbing against the inner forks. I have Zero front air pressure. I'm weigh in at about 175 lbs. The forks were completely compressed using a floor jack. I experiented from 5.5 inches of oil to 9.5 inches of oil from the top of the forks. Just a very slight improvement if any at the current 9.5 inches. I was told that even at 10 inches that is in all respect safe for all internal fork and spring components. It was recommendated 20 wt. I was also told that the oil wt does not have any relationship to when the forks are compressed but only on the decompression or expanding of the forks. The 20 wt slows the decompression action a bit more than the 15 wt and that difference are felt in high speed racing conditions when every little difference counts. So the 20 wt should really be a more smoother ride. So if you use an oil with less than 20 wt, I'd appreciate your response only if you have actually experimented with different weight fork oil. Otherwise to say that you prefer the 10 or 15 wt oil and have only used that wt oil doesn't help with the evaluation. I've read just about all the threads on progressive springs and seem like most riders weighing in at 250 plus like the springs all around performance. Now when my wife and I ride we weigh in at about 305 lbs and I really feel very little difference and that maybe becase the additional weight is mostly on the rear shocks. I've read one posting that it took a couple of 1000 miles to break in the springs. Is there something that I may have left out? If not then is there anything else I can do, besides gain about 100 PLus lbs for my 5' 8" stature? Oh one more item. I have Sky_Doc_17 replacement cover for removing the anti dive unit. Oh another item. I did try different tire pressure frmo 35 lbs to 42 lbs. Not much difference. I prefer to use manfacture recommended tire pressure than running it lower.
  25. Each of the assembled front forks on my 1985 VR weighs - 10.8 lbs:stickinouttounge:
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