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  1. Howdy gang. I reckon this question's been asked been asked before but I'm severely perplexed. I'm pretty sure in one of my last fork seal replacement abominations I got the under and over washer around the seal backwards. I have a flat one and a beveled one. Which one goes where? Thanks in advance! John
  2. Hi gang! I put R1/R6 calipers on the front and a front one mounted backwards on the rear of my 86'. The fronts are great but the pads are smaller than the stock venture rear caliper/pads. It works OK but I notice less stopping power in the rear and I burned up a set of pads in less than 7000 kms (mostly 2 up, fully laden w/trailer). I would like to put the original back on the rear and was wondering will a 2nd gen rear caliper fit? They look the same but I haven't read of anyone doing that. It was cheaper to buy the R1/R6 caliper for the rear than replacing my pad channeled up, sticking, 30 ye
  3. I'm convinced the linked brakes caused our 15mph crash in 2009. Invisible, silty surface entering a gas station. Front wheel locked and it was over. Sure did hurt! Delinked after that trip. Bike is way better.
  4. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if there's a way to convert the clock to 24hr time? Thanks! John
  5. Well I have no idea. Put old stator back and everything's fine after 200+miles.Totally confused but Rick's stator passed all the tests when hot. Can't say I'll be shopping there again.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a mind boggling charging issue with my 86'. Just now getting the bike back on the road after a bunch of upgrades. New stator from Rick's, Shindegen RR, Dingy's Czech TCI, new battery and a bunch of others. I've ridden the bike about 65 miles since doing all this. So my issue... When cold and for about 10 minutes into warm up, the charging gauge is nice and strong, around 14.5-15,even at idle. Then something happens and the gauge goes down to 12 and sits there. I rode 40 miles waiting to see if it was going to croak and it never did. I got back and immediately star
  7. Hi everyone, I recently got my 86' strapped back together and have aa leak where the bypass pipe goes into the thermostat housing . The pipe looks ok but it's leaking like mad! The parts fiche doesn't show an o ring or anything. It just sits in there? II tried looking for a new pipe but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. What should iI do? On another note, I bought a new thermostat lhousing and o ring (Yamaha oem) and I cannot get it inserted. Even with mounds of Vaseline and the vise it won't go. What's the trick to that? Wound up using old housing with new o ring. Thanks ever
  8. Hi gang! I'm going to be in Europe for awhile and was wondering if anyone ever manufactured a clear front turn signal lens? The reason I ask is that,technically,amber running lights are illegal here. However, clear ones are ok. I love the idea of a clear running light and an amber turn signal bulb. Just curious if such a thing ever existed. As it stands, I simply disabled the running lights. Thanks all! Great forum as always! John
  9. Could you please tell me the exact website and part number? Perhaps I spoke to the Wrong Mark. I still need aa collector bad. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, In removing my rusted to smithereens exhaust collector, the right rear header pipe broke off in the collector. What's involved in removing the rear header pipes? They're already disconnected bit don't seem to slide out too easy. Do I have to remove the tank? Thanks!
  11. Hi all, The exhaust collector for my 86' is cashed. I opened it up in 2008 and yanked the baffles but now the actual pipes are rusted to hell. One was cracked and broke off completely. There's almost no steel left in the other tubes. I was very excited to see a picture of Mark's pipe aftermarket collector but, sadly, when I wrote to him the other day he responded with: "Hi John, Sorry but I haven't had an order for those in several years so I scrapped the fixtures. Mark" So I'm curious about what others have done when the pipes are rotted away? Could I weld new (preferably stai
  12. Hey Rosie, I too am going to get the prv175. Is the built in amp not sufficient enough? I read that it gets very hot. Any heat issues? That's a good looking setup you have!
  13. So, I noticed the oil is coming out of that giant plug next to the spark plug (oil leakage and my twice run new spark plug boot covered in oil mist). I tried to losen it and it wouldn't budge. Mega, mega tight. Started to round off the plug. What is this plug? Thanks!
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