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  1. While in Eureka Springs we visted this company's location and they are the nicest, most helpful company I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. They went way be on the call of duty by assisting me and HeatonMT with some custom installations of accessories we purchased and would not accept any payment for their additional service. Note: Sean at CycleGadgets is going to hopefully soon be stocking a CB Microphone Only for the Venture after He worked with Mike on modifying a headset to work as a CB Mic only on his 2007. If you have time go to their site and look around. Better yet, when in Eureka Springs, stop in an visit. You won't be disappointed. Jay
  2. I found a spring at Ace Hardware that will work for the ones that hold the exhaust tips on a First Gen. It's a lot tighter than original, I think it may be #107. But the original springs are perfect for another project and I wondered if anyone has any laying around that they could send me? I could also use a couple of the little rubber covers that go on the shift linkage ball joints. If you have any larger parts you want to send let me know what they are and I'll let you know if they're needed. Depending on what you've got I could sure use a lot of stuff. I have the cassette deck mechanism if anyone wants it.
  3. I have searched through the forum and the instructions that came with the springs. I can not confirm the amount of oil to re-install in the forks. The only amount I see is in a thread about changing the oil but doesn't seem to be specific to Sonics. It seems to me that the 10 1/2 inches of PVC would displace more oil than the stock springs so less oil would/should be added to forks. In the middle of the job now so any help would be appreciated.
  4. As part of my changeover to the MKII forks on 83, I am wanting to slide the forks up a little in the tripple tree. When I changed my springs to Progressives, even though I did not use any spacers on the springs, it raised the front of my bike up some. I will be transfering these springs and won't be using any air and wondering if any others had done this and what did they do about the holes where the air goes into the tube. I suspect the holes will be up under the clamped area, but feel they would still need some type of seal to keeping from leaking shock fluid. RandyA
  5. I recently purchased a lowring kit from Baron. I'm fairly short, 5'6", and after riding the bike felt I needed a little better stability. My favorite dealer says I should also lower the front end to equalize the handling. We've tried to find some new springs, but were not successful. He is suggesting we cut the existing springs and that will do the trick. I'm not so sure that's a great idea. How will that effect the steering and ride? Anybody have any experience with this option??
  6. Would there be any interest in a Lubbock area meet and eat? I'm thinking that maybe we could put together a small Venture gathering at Buffalo Springs Lake, if anyone is interested. April or May might be a good time to shoot for. Just trying to get an idea of the interest level. This small lake offers camping, fishing, swimming, and boating, suitable for small inflatable boats and/or innertubes, all the way up to watercraft and powered boats, if someone wants to bring some water toys behind an RV... http://www.buffalospringslake.net/ There are also a few things to do in Lubbock, a short distance away, including some great restaurants and even the Buddy Holly Museum. There are some interesting roads in the area, mostly to the east, but also, to the north around Lake McKenzie and Palo Duro Canyon. But I think the focus of a gathering like this would be at Buffalo Springs lake itself. If this thread dies with only 2 responses then I guess thats the answer. But hey, you never know unless you ask!
  7. I am considering a diaphragm to coil spring conversion to try to minimize slippage during hard acceleration. Before I do, I would like to get some feedback from anyone who has done it. Was it worth it. I don't want to do something I will just regret later. Why did Yamaha change to the diaphragm clutch spring? My 84 had coil springs. Now I have a 99 RSV and I'm back to the same problem I had with th 84 until I installed the heavy duty springs.
  8. So when I load up a heavy passenger I can't go into any kind of lean angle without draggin parts on the ground.. Also bottom out on bad bumps.. I set the class to High and still have the problem. So I'm thinking the old springs are getting weak. I have a set of progressives for the front that i'm putting in over the winter. Does anyone know if rear progressive springs are still available and where to get them?
  9. Hi everyone, so I'm trying to relieve the insane stiffness from the front end on my 86' that I've just mildy overhauled. I'm having a hell of a time dialing this in I have Progressive springs and the block of plates from Skydoc. I've dissassembled everything and there is no binding with the forks whatsoever. One thing I find very curious is, even with the forks hanging in the air and no wheel attached, they are VERY hard to compress. Even the weight of the bike barely compresses them. They decompress fine. THen, when I drain the oil out, they slide perfectly. I'm starting to wonder if I need to put the AD's back on? I just returned from a 3500ish mile ride so I think the springs are broken in. I don't think it's a matter of too much oil because a lot of it blew out in the first 100 because I guess I put the 13.5 oz in and that's too much? Also, when I drained each leg, maybe half cup came out of each. Irony is, I go for a ride on my 1975 Kawasaki S3 w/horribly pitted forks and ancient springs and it is a FAR smoother ride. Yeah, it's mush but smooth. What could I be missing here? Thanks!
  10. just tore down my 88 venture forks to replace seals and it seems someone has replaced them with progressive springs because they do not have the stock look...nor do they have all of the yamaha parts after the top fork plug... when I disassembled the top for plug these springs did not have any spacer, washer or plug between the spring and top cap... Now I need some senior advice for what to do... Can I make a spacer and washer...the spring is just riding on the top plug...Thanks everyone in advance.
  11. Sorry for the wait my net. at home stinks! took me a whole day just to get these photos up loaded! Here are some photos of the rides and meet photos are from Eureka Springs to War Eagle mill down to Ozark and around Jasper area the next day. We had a blast seeing everyone and enjoyed the cook out as well Will do next year? all depends if anyone wants to have it again next year? Buddy
  12. This is the first time that we have participated in a venture rider get together. We enjoyed meeting all of you and we had a great time. We look forward to making another one. Thanks to all of you. Raymond and Joan
  13. the meet in eureka springs is just 2 weeks off. buddy is putting it on this year and it will be a good one. check it out under meet and eats for the agenda and motel accomodations. this will be a great meet as usual with lots of awesome sightseeing and things to do. this is one of the largest tourist areas in the usa, not to far from branson if you want to ride up there. it will be a fun pact weekend. if your not on the calender please do so so buddy can get a head count. we always have a great turn out. it's kind of a venturerider standard not to miss. see you there.
  14. 32 days until Eureka Springs AR. Wanted to up date it here in the watering hole to give the family the heads up that its just 32 days away Aug31 - Sept.3 2012 If we have new family members or just old ones wanting to come and need info? everything you need is posted in the Calendar on AUG 31 2012 and in the meet-n-eats area under Snarley Bills Eureka Springs meet So as of right now Edelweiss Inn still has a few rooms left but for how long is any ones guess? being Labor day weekend Peg & I are looking forward to this meet since its the first one we ever went to as a venturerider and loved it ever since! Buddy & Snowflake
  15. Hi guys, so I'm smoke testing my prog springs, R1 rotors, EBC HH's front and rear, new rear EBC. I thought I'd follow everyone's lead and ditch the power robbing AD's. I'd talked to Skydoc and I know he's busy now so I thought I'd fashion a couple of my own. Cut out some steel and lined the opening with gasket maker. Sat overnight. Loaded up prog springs and 13.5oz 10wt each leg tightened everything up. Dropped off center stand and SPLAT! I was wearing at least $6 of my $10 fork oil. Blasted out from the block plates. I had those things cranked down! I should have taken a picture so I could nominate myself for "Worst Bel-Ray Rep Of The Year." Even worse after I rode 8 miles. I'm starting to assume the o rings are necessary? I hate to tote the AD's around just to act as a cover Has anybody else made any? What's the key? Thanks! (I know this is pretty ugly but I'm kinda in a hurry as I'm going to Germany next year and am not sure what kind of space I'm going to have.)
  16. Watching the news and seeing all of those homes burning I hope it is not any of our members homes, and that all of this VR family is still, and will remain safe. I did look and there are several current members in Colorado Springs. :fingers-crossed-emo :fingers-crossed-emo :fingers-crossed-emo :fingers-crossed-emo
  17. All, I know this has been asked many times before, but I cannot seem to find anyone who has progressive springs in stock. I am redoing my forks this coming weekend and need to get some in a hurry. I also need seals and dust covers for my forks. I have an 87 Venture Royale. I live in the Houston, TX area. Does anyone know where I can buy some for a reasonable price? THe couple of places i called, buckeye and pioneer, dont have em in stock. Thanks in advance, JP
  18. On the way to work last night I got on the throttle in 3rd gear and around 6 grand on the tach the clutch slipped. This is the first time it has given me any trouble. I have a set of EBC springs I picked up on Ebay, anybody ever used them?? I am going to pull it apart this weekend and rough up the steels and put the new springs in. Anything else I should do while I have it apart that you can think of? I wish I could mic it but my nephew is going to school for machining and I gave him my mics to use.
  19. Hey, need some help pretty quick. I've searched, but I can't find a thread that has instructions or pics on the install procedure for replacing the front fork springs with Progressives on a 2nd Gen. I need to know how far to break the bike down and pics of the process. Does anyone know of a link or tech article? Like I've said, I tried a few searches and got nada. I really appreciate the help.
  20. If you would like to response please read my posting throughly to understand each fact and statement. I'm very interested in your expert opinions and experiences. I've now had my progressive for about 500 miles and I really like them in the twisties and on nice smooth roads. However the slight bumps are beginning to annoy me. And I have nothing to say good about bigger bumps. These were purchased New from Sky_Doc_17 for a 91 VR. The old oil were drained for over 24 hours out the drain plug. I put the tight coils in first. I have no spacer except the OEM washer to center the springs in the forks to prevent the springs from rubbing against the inner forks. I have Zero front air pressure. I'm weigh in at about 175 lbs. The forks were completely compressed using a floor jack. I experiented from 5.5 inches of oil to 9.5 inches of oil from the top of the forks. Just a very slight improvement if any at the current 9.5 inches. I was told that even at 10 inches that is in all respect safe for all internal fork and spring components. It was recommendated 20 wt. I was also told that the oil wt does not have any relationship to when the forks are compressed but only on the decompression or expanding of the forks. The 20 wt slows the decompression action a bit more than the 15 wt and that difference are felt in high speed racing conditions when every little difference counts. So the 20 wt should really be a more smoother ride. So if you use an oil with less than 20 wt, I'd appreciate your response only if you have actually experimented with different weight fork oil. Otherwise to say that you prefer the 10 or 15 wt oil and have only used that wt oil doesn't help with the evaluation. I've read just about all the threads on progressive springs and seem like most riders weighing in at 250 plus like the springs all around performance. Now when my wife and I ride we weigh in at about 305 lbs and I really feel very little difference and that maybe becase the additional weight is mostly on the rear shocks. I've read one posting that it took a couple of 1000 miles to break in the springs. Is there something that I may have left out? If not then is there anything else I can do, besides gain about 100 PLus lbs for my 5' 8" stature? Oh one more item. I have Sky_Doc_17 replacement cover for removing the anti dive unit. Oh another item. I did try different tire pressure frmo 35 lbs to 42 lbs. Not much difference. I prefer to use manfacture recommended tire pressure than running it lower.
  21. This ? is for MKII riders with Progressive Springs weighing in at around 170 lbs plus or minus 5 lbs. I've installed my Progressive about 500 miles ago and I really like the ride in the corners and on really smooth roads. The slight bumps are getting to the point of being annoying.
  22. Has anyone had their gas cap come apart? I lost a screw most likely in the tank that I,ll have to get out . The other was still there but really loose. anyway the springs in it came out and I wanted to know if anybody knew where they went.
  23. I'm realizing the the VR I have is an '84, not an '83 (licensed as an '83) Anyhoo, the turnsignal switch needs to be replaced. It is the unit with the choke lever circled around the handlebar end. PN 41R-83973-00-00. Anybody have any leads to where I can purchase one? I've tried the NOS Yamaha dealers on Google, but no dice. I read the thread about taking it apart and cleaning it, but the way it feels when I try to use it, I'm thinking it has something physically broken inside. I can also see the tiny balls and springs disappearing onto my garage floor, so I prone to replace it, if possible. I found some used ones on E-bay, but who knows what you get that way. Don't need TWO broken switches! Any help greatly appreciated.
  24. Progressive Springs.....Is this a need for the second generation bikes or something that was upgraded and is only used on the first generation bikes? Information comes up some on the first generation bikes. I weigh around 275 - 285 lbs, 5' 11" tall. So kinda large fellow. I have noticed my bike being a little to soft or springy kinda jumpy on a hard pushing right or left lean curve. Maybe I just need to do the air shock stabilizing mod to the front forks. I need a pump just for this. Next on my need to get list. Fuzzy
  25. Got mine today and the instruction sheet says that for the RSTD Note: Do not exceed 6500 RPM on a stock Royal Star with out aftermarket valve springs. Do not Exceed 7500 RPM on a stck Venture with out aftermarket valve springs. So if I set my 08 RSTD at 7250, will it hurt it?
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