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  1. Greetings all After 122,000 kms, I think I should change the FDO. I did a quick search for the method to do yourself. Anyone have a link or the procedure for doing it and the best oil to use?
  2. Lessons learned while riding my bike (and living life): I was just making a quick run to the store to pick up a couple things. Three blocks from my house a stupid cager suddenly turned left in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes. I was really angry. Come to find out this was a 19 year old single mother who had just got off a 9 hour shift at her minimum wage job and was rushing home to fix dinner, throw in a load of laundry, and try to spend a few precious minutes with her children before leaving again for her second job. I needed to top off the tank before heading to a friend’s house. Total was $8.22. After having to speak up twice to get the clerks attention, I handed him a $20. It took him three tries to get my change correct. I stomped out wondering about the younger generation and what this world is coming to. Angry again. Come to find out this clerk is a 25 year old college graduate who is still living with his parents because, after two years of looking, he still can’t find a better job. Seems like he is in the same place as when he was 16 years old, except now he has $45,000 in student loans coming due and no idea how to pay. Not going anywhere in particular, when this idiot takes my lane on the freeway. Hard braking, swing to the right, almost too far nearly hitting the guard rail. Was that a damn cell phone in his hand? There’s no excuse for that you dumb, ignorant,…..! Furious this time! Come to find out the driver is a 60 something year old gentleman who was really looking forward to retirement next year. The phone call was from his broker who called to let him know that his savings he had worked and sacrificed for all those years was just gone. No one’s fault, just gone! I pulled up to a stop light when a bum comes rushing over begging for some spare change. Just whatever you can spare to help a guy out. Hell no! Get away from me! Why don’t you get a job like the “rest of us”? When is this light ever going to change? Come to find out this man is a son, a brother, a husband and father of three. All who love him dearly, but he just can’t get past the addiction that makes his life something out of your worst nightmare. He’s tried, he really has. But real help is always just out of his reach. A beautiful country lane on a sunny day, looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. I would be enjoying it a lot more if it wasn’t for the old fart and his wife in front of me driving 20 mile per hour. He’s taking up most of the road, pointing out sights to each other. Why can’t they get off the road if he ain’t going to drive that thing! Really irritated! I have places to go! Come to find out they are childhood sweethearts who have been married for almost 50 years and are looking at the places where they grew up. Remembering their youth. They are taking their time because her biopsy report says they will never get the chance to take this trip again. Yes I get angry when I ride, especially when someone does something stupid and puts my life in danger. But I chose to be there. I put myself in that situation. And my “problems” aren’t worth mentioning.
  3. I'm thinking about replacing my tail light bulb with a red LED to make it brighter. Has anyone done this,, does it work with the stock red lens or do I need to change to a clear lens.. Eventually I also want to change the turn signals to a cluster with running lights, brake lights and turn signals but not willing to spend quite that much at this time.
  4. NEW GUY(to this forum) QUESTION: 2005 Royal Star Tour Deluxe owner, tired of paying dealer big bucks to change oil. Can anyone direct me to instructions on doing it myself? Is there a place on this website? HOW DO I CHANGE MY OIL?? Bruce Lamarche Glendora, CA
  5. I have basically been off of the forum for a while over the holidays and stuff so I suppose a lot of changes have been made but I keep getting logged out about every half hour? Another change is that if I have more than one window for the group open one window isn't aware that the other is logged on. I used to never log out and the site would just pick where I left off when I would load the web site. I was preparing a post with photos earlier and the site logged me out before I could get the photos uploaded with my post. I looked around the profile setting to see if there was a parameter I could change but didn't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas about this? It's becoming a PITA.
  6. If I am posting on an ipad to Watering Hole and want to change URL to another name....how to I do it?
  7. I have been researching the older post on LED's. I read some that say you don't have to add anything but the bulbs unless you change out the turn signals. Other post sound like you do have to add resistors. I would like to change out the running lights that I have and perhaps the headlight. I don't want to change the turn lights at this time. My bike is a 87' 1st gen. Can someone please clear this up for me?
  8. Does the rear tire have to come off to change the rear shock?
  9. First, I need new tires... What is your recommendation for brand? Second, Is it possible to go to 150 on the back? Is there anything to be gained by that change? Thanks, Mark Koontz '83 Venture Wichita, KS:680:
  10. Are you and your family traveling this holiday season and staying in a hotel, well you better watch this...........you might change your mind. http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf?token=a7f_1194813218
  11. Best thing since sliced bread. Took longer to installed the bleeders then to do the job. Here are a couple pics of how bad my master clutch looked like. Ended up having to use paper towels and Q-tips to clean the sludge out of there. the speed bleeders made this so easy to do. It also helps if your remove the number one cyl fin to replace the bleeder. Last change was seven years ago. (way to long) With the speed bleeders I will change once a year from now on. [ATTACH]72443[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72444[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72445[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72446[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72447[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72448[/ATTACH]
  12. Well yesterday I was finally feeling well enough to finish putting the R1 brake calipers with new pads on the 93 trike. At first it felt marginally better but not by much. I took it out for a test ride and after a few stops from varying speeds using the front brakes only (both sides) they starting getting better. By the time I got back home after about 20 miles I was able to cut down the stopping distance using front and rear by almost half of what it had before the change. Now as soon as I can save a few more dollars I will put the SS brake lines on, then see how much it improves. So far I only have $134.00 invested in this project.
  13. I figure since I have changed all the fluids, some more than once (I am replacing the 5wt fork oil with 10wt it feels too hanky) I might as well change the oil in the final drive. SO... What do I use (any preferred brand) How much is in there Is there any write up available Thanks!
  14. This is open to gather experience about all bikes - any manufacturer - any model. I've been told by someone on another board that it is common for front forks to loosen then slip & ride up in the Trees. This is new information to me. In all my years of experience & all the fellow riders I've met & known, I have not heard of any factory motorcycle forks slipping in their mounts. So please... I'd really like to hear from people that have had factory installed forks slip. Then I will have learned something & have grown. Anyone? Slipped fork or forks? Please share your experience(s) & details. Help me change my mind on this slippage. Please - I'd be happy to change my mind. In fact, I'd be relieved to change my mind. JohnB
  15. This might change your mind ... http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/people-who-are-having-a-worse-day-than-you
  16. Wondering how folks do oil chnges on long trips? Do you look for a dealer? Do you change it at a filling station? Thanks!
  17. Well it has happened , My poor old trusty 1996 XVZ Royal Star only 72000 kilometers or 45000 of your miles had started to consume clutch fluid and is starting to drag the clutch and sometimes is hard to change gear and to select netural. From what I have read on the forum it appears that slave cylinder maintainance is required. there are no apparent leaks visable. Because I am isolated here in rural Australia and there are no local dealers close by I would like some input from you great bunch of guys as to what is involved in this job as well as a reputable supplier for the necessary parts. I guess that it it advisable to change the slave out as against rekiting it. I am also thinking that a re kit of the master might as well be done at the same time. any thoughts about this please, Can the slave be changed out without dismantling any of the gearbox. Cheers to all, Winston66, Northampton , Western Australia
  18. how do i change my email contact info?
  19. Hey, fellas. Today I built the bracketry to mount a first gen stand as per Freebird's excellent tech article. I have, however, run into something Freebird never encountered, and he suggested I post here to find out what to do. As you can see, the charcoal cannister has to come off to make room for the stand. Seems like connecting the 2 hoses together is probably the way to go, but I'm afraid it will change the way it runs. The cannister is vented to air, so should I put a tee down there? Any suggestions to keep me from messing things up would be appreciated!
  20. While putting the bike away for its yearly rest....darn winter anyway! I noticed that my clutch fluid is gone again. This happened in Prince Edward Island this summer after the International. I cannot find any spots where this stuff is disappearing to! Just for tips I did change the clutch plates and spring while at the International. Can someone shine a light on in this dark room inside my head!
  21. Going in tomorrow to get service and also replace back brake pads as there is a metal on metal sound so using front right now.Figured should get more than 11500klms before having to change brakes.Might get them to change fronts because when slowing down is fine but the make noise when they come to a stop. Sometimes they will squeel just before stopping.
  22. Ok, looking for a little help. 2012 RSV, everyone says they can't hear me well on the CB. They say it sounds like I'm whispering. Changed out the factory head gear and mic and replaced with J&M top of the line unit, no change. Changed out the antennas (Marshall Mod), no change. I can find no way to adjust the mic gain. Any ideas???? Don't know what to check next. Thanks. John
  23. Well I had the back wheel off to change out the tire. Noticed the fuel filter hanging out there under the rear fender. Thought to myself, it would be a convenient time to change it out. On my way to the shop to swap tires picked one up at Cdn Tire. Wow what a difference. Fired up the bike and it goes through the hole rpm range now with no stumbling at all. I was thinking it needed diaphrams and such. Been running seafoam and helped a little. Just wanted to pass it on. If your ride is running like SH*t, maybe the $4 fix, not the $100 one needed:) Brad
  24. With a new post questioning second gear repair. I got to wondering how the others came out. i know there have been a couple of people asking about it. and one did a third gear repair. How did y'all come out? did everything turn out well, have you done it yet?? Mine is still holding well. I had to change my speedo out so i'm no sure of my mileage; but i'm thinking around 6,000 - 7,000 so far. And still going strong. Thanks again RandyA !!!
  25. Its a boy !!!!!!....Louciano William..7 lbs. 7oz....Mother and child doing great....Guess I'll have to change my info on my bio page.......
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