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  1. Du-Rron, i forgot to say 'temp", thanks for sharing your knowledge. i will forward this to my brother in hopes this can help solve the problem. again thanks. Buz
  2. My brother owns a 2012 xvs95ctb©. He has a code 22, he has replaced air intake sensor. He said he found some info online on resetting the ecu but no luck. Anyone have any input thanks, Buz
  3. As a follow up to my recent post about "Morgonda" ( http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?102539-Our-New-Motorcycle ) , I'm attaching a pic of some of the great guys who comprise the group responsible for the success of our projects. Jim is our ringleader and creative mind and is positioned in the drivers seat, the gentleman for sparking the interest in Morgonda is in the red shirt and his name is Mike and if you're wondering where I am, that would be second from the left behind Morgonda. Here is link to some pics of our next project...it will be interesting if nothing else !........ http://s367.photobucket.com/user/naturbar/library/Proper%20Shop%20Projects/MGTD%20Pickup%20Truck?sort=2&page=1
  4. Thanks to all for the kind words. It is as much fun to build and figure out things as it is to ride in it ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Puc: "OH MY GOSH!! THAT IS AWESOME NATTY!! When I grow up I hope I am blessed by the god's of talent with the extremes that you and "Buzz" (hope I caught that correctly....almost Puc I'm the passenger) were blessed with me friend - THAT Morghonda that you created is a GORGEOUS piece of work Natty - UNREAL!! Loved the" I wish I were the brains behind these creations but my friend Jim (who was diving) is actually the creative genius mostly responsible for all that goes on at the Proper Shop. As a collective effort these projects come to fruition. We're currently in process of building a 1952 MGTD pickup truck (MG never did a TD truck). We're using a fiberglass body and MGB running works on this build. We recently did the same car and it turned out really nice (I'll post a pic). I'm documenting the truck build and will occasionally post our progress (if anyone is interested). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DARRINGT: I saw the episode of that Morgan, it is awesome.....they are expensive though as one could spend $50-$70K on one - that why when did ours on the cheap.
  5. I own a 1977 MGB Roadster and also hang out with a bunch of British car enthusiast - over the winter we (call ourselves the BNO i.e. boys night out group) began our build of an old British Morgan Three Wheeler. We started with a donated Triumph Spitfire (we used the front end and part of the chassis), a purchased 1978 Honda GL500 Silverwing and a bunch of scrap steel laying around the shop and began our project around Sept. 2014. We finished up around three weeks ago. I documented the majority of the build and will provide a link below for anyone who care to look at. Also one of our local TV station came out to the shop and did a mini documentary video piece several weeks ago and they aired it yesterday. I will also provide the link below to the video, hope you all enjoy. http://s367.photobucket.com/user/naturbar/library/3 Wheel Project?sort=6&page=1 http://myfox8.com/2015/05/04/randolph-county-man-builds-replica-antique-morgan-car/
  6. Sounds like some very nice chrome bumper cars Bongo. I hang out with a bunch of guys w/British cars. We just recently hand-built a Morgan three wheel lookalike. Started the project with a 1987 Honda Silverwing GL500, Triumph Spitfire chassis, some steel laying around the shop and some redneck engineering. It was our winter project and it actually turned out rather nicely, though I am just a little prejudiced. Here are a few pics of the finished project and a short video of one of the inaugural rides. If you're interested I can send you a photobucket link to the build....enjoy.
  7. would love to see some pics Bongo....
  8. I am humbled, thanks to the friend for their generosity and caring.. Just like a family member to step in and step up. It's difficult for me knowing that I'm done riding, for I truly enjoyed the whole riding experience and sharing that special time with my wife. Well it seems I'll be around for awhile thanks to my friend.......again a heartfelt thank you. Thanks you Don for passing this along.
  9. Thanks to all who posted with well wishes, encouragement and advice. I'm almost convinced to sign up for another year and see what you all are doin'. I actually have the next best thing to ride now that I have no bike.....check it out. I don't know what happened to the audio ?? But it's a 1977 MGB Vermillion Red, 1.8L engine, twin SU carbs, rebuilt engine 11K miles ago, Datsun 240Z wheels.
  10. You've been lifted up in our home.... Hoping a full recovery is soon to follow !
  11. Well gents and ladies, my yearly subscription is just about due and some here may remember that I totaled my bike last December...... My wife was with me when it happened and she is done riding. 98% of my riding was two up, so I won't be riding anymore either. This forum and family have been wonderful and the technical assistance to be found here is second to none as well as those who comprise this family. I didn't restart riding until I was 60 yrs. old and I had a blast for the past 7 years. It's not easy to give up riding nor to say goodbye to everyone here but it's time. My hat is off to Don for all his hard work and dedication for making this the world class forum that it is.....as well as many who have helped me personally (SkyDoc comes to mind). So it is with heavy heart that I bid you all farewell. Everyone ride safely and enjoy the breeze in your face. May God bless ya'll richly. Buz Rutan Maranatha
  12. Previously I made trunk brackets for RSTD's and sold them on this site.. Your comment "I'm going to add a trunk to my 07 Royal Star Tour Deluxe. Not as easy as it sounds" isn't true.. The bracket I made takes all of two minutes to put on or take off..one of my bracket & trunks is up for sale in classifieds......check it out..... http://www.venturerider.org/forum/photopost/showproduct.php?product=195&title=naturbar-trunk-mount-and-trunk&cat=23
  13. This is one of the things that makes America great.... The right (and place) to express our opinions.....peace accepted and certainly no need to be sorry for speaking out. Hope your Sunday is awesome !
  14. Agreed....there are always exceptions. Hope you are alright!
  15. That "crap" you are referring to is something that you previously admitted you were quilty of....."There was a time that I liked loud pipes a lot. Most of my previous bikes had loud pipes. I had a set of Screamin Eagles on my Venture and it had a really nice growl". You seem to come off as a 'holier than thou' guy now that your choice of pipes has changed. You should not assume that when someone uses ear plugs it is because their pipes are loud. I would ocassionally wear them because my tinnitus was being affected. Don't be so quick to judge and heap everyone into the same pile. Things aren't always as they appear. What a boring world if everyone felt and acted the same, eh?
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