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  1. Well, I am DONE !! Its raining so when that lets up I am going for a ride :-) I don't think I want to ever do that again LOL , seem like it took forever. I did learn lots tho. I also had to wait on parts as well. so anyways lets hope the front end stays together ! :-) Jeff
  2. You can now be skimmed through your wallet in your back pocket, my new wallet has that new protection to stop that.
  3. OLD OLD OLD thread,,, Just had to say, I use the Dyno Rotella 15/40 with 8 OZ of STP for the past 5 years, :-)
  4. Spacer Cut is 6.75 inches. Using 15 wiehgt BelRay fork oil. 18 oz Yeah Don, I think these should be fine since the bike is triked I had Already ordered them and got them for $52 so I hope they work for my Bottoming out , otherwise my steering is upright at all times , no leaning.
  5. cut it out just now, thanks, and my forks have a drain plug in them at the bottom of each fork... what size did you guys cut the plastic tube for the progressive springs ? and did you use to same amount of fork oil ?
  6. Thanks much, yup, At my wits end, GUUNA CUT —- LOL
  7. OK gang, got the bearing out, but how the heck are you removing the RACE ? .... HEAT ??
  8. ( EDIT) ---- 27 foot lbs for the bottom star bolt and snug the top one, from what Hannigan says .
  9. Hey Old Boy. Hope all is well with you ! Yes, that is a great jacking point on both side. However I have it on my MAXJAX right now. now that rocks. LOL So far have have the springs out, and the top tree off, waiting on a new bearing tomorrow and the race it goes into, and some other parts. Gunna try and drop the shaft down so I can at lest pack in some grease on the bottom bearing for now I guess, not sure I wanna mess with changing out the lower yet. Just trying to figure out the best way to screw that darn caps back on when I put the new springs and oil in :-) that otta be fun. Oh and I am not pulling the forks all the way off as well. Anyways, nice to hear from you. I guess nobody loves me anymore, only 2 folks that I know have posted back to me in this thread. guess I did something to piss folks off ? I dunno. oh well..... Jeff
  10. If I remove that top will the shocks stay in place ? I still have the wheel on.
  11. Sweet , Just removed one of the springs :-) I am in this far , how hard is taking off that tree top and replacing the bearing or re-packing it ? Any tricks?
  12. Then when the other mess is out of the way do I put a wrench on these and turn un-screw them ?
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