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  1. If you are ever inclined (or have to) remove the fairing (aka Cowl) on your GL1800 Wing, there is an undocumented "step" that you need to be aware of in order to get it off the bike. Hopefully the following link will work for you; however, if not, let me know and I will re-create a post here with the info. http://gl1800riders.com/forums/showthread.php?335313-Removing-the-Fairing-question(s) See my posts #15 and #21 in the above link.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to bluetooth their CB into a bluetooth intercom (Scala, Chatterbox, or the like)? I have heard you can do it but it will be a listen only. I want the full CB and think I figured out a way to do it. Just wondering if anyone has beaten me to it. I have good news and bad news. In theory this works, however I need to tweak it some. The problem I have run into is with the volume all the way up you can barley hear the cb. When you key up others can barley hear you. I think the problem lies within the size wires we used. I will tweak this
  3. Guest

    New Yamaha Bagger

    Did you click on this new thread thinking it was a new offering from Yamaha? Well...not exactly...but it IS cool looking. Click on the link to see just how good a bagger can look. http://www.corbin.com/yamaha/ylnrbag.shtml Saw this in a recent Bagger magazine.
  4. Ordered the grips at the below link. Anyone using these? Suppose to be able to use the OEM weights so that is why I ordered them...Wanted something other than the Kuryakyn Grips.... Here's the link to the grips page age Big Bike Parts.. The OEM weights will not slide into the grip ends...JUST a LITTLE to big... Also I assume that on the throttle side there is no need to open up the cable housing? Just remove grip like the left side.... Thoughts if any would be appreciated... Long Tall Lynchburg, VA http://www.bigbikeparts.com/Inventory/Navision/17-376?catalogNo=1
  5. For those of you who were looking for a solution to use the VRChat Room from your Iphones, Ipads, Androids, you can now do so at this link. The Iphone does not use flash so this is a html version of the room that then communicates with the Flash based chat room. I briefly tried it from my Iphone and it seems to work just fine. It is a streamlined version that does not have all the features available but does allow you to chat. Please give it a try. If it works OK, I will add a link to it in the menu bar. http://host718.123flashchat.com/venturerider/html-chat-login.html
  6. I'm starting to feel a little slow here. Trying to edit MY photo albums and what's in them as well as maybe add something etc.. Cannot figure this out.. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Is DiamondR still an advertising member here? Haven't seen their link for a while.
  8. As many of you know, I try to offer the highest quality parts at the best prices and combine them into my "KITS" to make the install easier. I do all of the brain work and you enjoy the benefits. I am now offering a "Kit" for First Gens. and Second Gens. (I didn't forget you guys!) that will replace the stock clutch spring with a VMAX clutch spring, AND a new FULL SIZED Clutch Disc to replace the "Wimpy" half Disc that is in the rear of the clutch pack, as well as a brand new Yamaha Clutch Cover Gasket. As usual, I am shipping these Clutch Upgrade Kits for free and the price is $67.00 to your
  9. I was looking on some other motorcycle forums and came across a modification to alter a stock flasher to work with led turn signals and keep the original flasher and the self cancellation function.www.650ccnd.com/PDFs/Flasher_mod_Revised.pdf . I haven't learned how to attach a link, but maybe some one who does will do that for us.I did a google search for Denso flasher modification, and it was the second link that was on the first page.When I convert my turn signals,I'm going to try this to keep the original functions.Hope this helps someone and thanks to the person that invented this and pos
  10. I've been sitting back watching all the info over the proposed weapons bans over the last few weeks. Won't even go there. No desire or need to. Don't intend to either. So please keep with my theme. But I ran across this listing this morning on eBay and it cracked me up. It's nice to see someone still is keepinng a sense of humor during all this. Found it a little late to post the link but made a couple .pdf files of it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tactical-Assault-Rock-from-CroMagnum-Arms-International-CAI-/261153926569?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&nma=true&s
  11. There are some issues with the chat server. The link in the menu bar will not work for now. Please use this link until I get it resolved. CHAT ROOM
  12. Today is the last day that you can enter the current contest for your chance to win either 2nd Gen Carb covers or an Ipod Shuffle. Contest ends later this afternoon and I'll draw a winner tonight. Here is the link if you somehow missed it. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=74684
  13. I have always had a phobia of high bridges on the bike. I have crossed many border bridges and they always seem to be high and I get stuck at the top so the wind will blow me around. I have also crossed the Mackinac bridge in a rain storm and had to use the grate lane as the paved was closed. Simply I hate bridges, Now someone sent me this link and confirms my fears. I know I could not cross this. Some here might like this challenge. I would like to know how they built it? Enjoy the clip. http://www.youtube.com/embed/4T4vc1QqiPM
  14. Thought I would pass this on from my friend Skip. He has a collection of old dirt bikes from the 60's, 70's and maybe early 80's. I have always been impressed with his bikes since after a complete restoration, he will still ride them. Anyways, he has an old Penton he restored and had an opportunity to meet John Penton and they used his bike in the video trailer below: He sent the info and link below: ------------------- Hey all you vintage dirt bike lovers, here's your chance to make a great project come true. Below is a link to a movie trailer telling the story of PENTON and
  15. Hello My daughter Natalie Cameron made a video for a scholarship and was chosen as one of the five finalists but in order to win she has to get the most "likes" on it. Could you please go to her link: The direct link is Please make sure to "LIKE" the post itself and not just the group (there are two like buttons on that page. The one at the top right is for the group, the one on the post is for her video). Also if you could share the link. The more votes the better. (Natalie has supported herself throughout her post secondary education and this would go a long way for her)
  16. Well, The dust has settled a bit since Jean and I have moved into our new home! I have gone thru all of my Classified Ads in the "Member Vendor" section, and they are all updated now. My new shop is still a "Mountain" of boxes, but I have found all of my kit parts, and can ship anything needed. Here is a link to the Classified Ads: http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds/showcat.php?cat=500&ppuser=4738 It would be my pleasure to help any VR.ORG Member with their winter projects! Earl and Jean
  17. Got trunk complete other then some pinstriping to be done at Don's in June. Could not upload so check out you tube link. [ame] [/ame] hope it works. Tell me what you think. Joe
  18. Shot this while in Idaho Falls Colorado... I guess you should see them when they are not having fun riding http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/HDSmile.jpg There are some more bike shots on my photo link if you want to take a look in Colorado 2012
  19. I am a fan of Maglite flashlights. Never mind that I worked for them, and took my retirement from there. They are made 100% in the USA (Ontario, California) and I know how exacting the quality control is for everything from machining the aluminum to assembly of the finished product to packaging. At one time Mr. Tony Maglica sent a bunch of lights (thousands, I think) to (hmmmm, was it Desert Storm?) troops because he had read that they didn't have adequate lights for night activities (machine maintenance, etc.). Didn't cost the military or the troops a dime. They now have these AWSOME L
  20. I have an 85 that needs the seals on the luggage replaced. Asked at the dealer just for fun but they are discontinued. What are people using to seal the luggage? Where can I find it? Also are they still shpping the carb boots from the above link, $60 for 4?? TX
  21. ok They can sell a whole MC for $500.00 & most parts for ours cost more than that....So tell me How the can sell a MC for $500.00 ?? and you know they are not going to lose $$$ on it... http://blog.leatherup.com/2012/07/03/yamaha-sell-500-dollar-motorcycle-in-india-cheapest-yamaha/#.T_N1ipE0m1e
  22. Greetings all, Just had a look at a review of the 2012 Second Gen and it includes a photo of what is purported to be the motor of the bike. First time I've heard of an air cleaner for a 2G mounted between the pots. Who is having a go at whom here, and can anybody identify the motor? http://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-reviews/yamaha/2012-yamaha-royal-star-venture-s-ar117728.html (N.B. - I just had a look at this link here and the photo of the motor DOES NOT appear, only a description. I originally found it by Googling. See if you can find the same review and also see if th
  23. I just got this link from Flyinfool. What a great resource. Thought I would post it for all the new guys.. http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Yamaha/Motorcycle/1989/VENTURE%20ROYALE%20-%20XVZ1300DW/parts.html Thanks Jeff !! Hope you heal fast. In the mean time keep posting good stuff !
  24. I have talked to the Quaker Steak & Lube that we have went to the last 2 years in Shefield, Oh and they have a large party booked Friday night. The QSL in Vermillion can handle us. They have 28 tables on the dock balcony. It will be somewhat different than the Sheffield site, but still dinner together. This one will be a more traditional outdoor setting rather than the picnic type tables. We will need to use the tables to the maximum capacity, but we are all friends here. It is the same distance as Sheffield. About a 20 mile ride. Last 2 years people left in small groups to go to QSL
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