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  1. Well she finally decided to come out. Venessa Leigh Sabin 7lbs 9ozs. about 2 hours ago. This is my first Grandchild. Mother and Daughter doing fine.
  2. Best present I can think of. My daughter told me Travis, her husband and his unit would NOT BE Rotated to Afghanastan in January! That's all I could ask for and more!...
  3. Hello My daughter Natalie Cameron made a video for a scholarship and was chosen as one of the five finalists but in order to win she has to get the most "likes" on it. Could you please go to her link: The direct link is Please make sure to "LIKE" the post itself and not just the group (there are two like buttons on that page. The one at the top right is for the group, the one on the post is for her video). Also if you could share the link. The more votes the better. (Natalie has supported herself throughout her post secondary education and this would go a long way for her) ☺ Thank you again. This means so much to her and me!
  4. About two days ago My friends wife was in the car with her two small children. For some reason she went through a stop sign at a country road intersection and got t-boned. Sadly though the accident was her fault the three of them were rushed to the hospital. His wife and small son were released yesterday but their small daughter remains in the hospital with severe brain trauma and internal head bleeding. She has been rushed moved from the kitchener Hospital to a speacial unit in london. Their little girl could certianly use all the prayer and good will hopes that she can get. I also believe the mother, who obviously is full of regret and tormented by her action and bad judgment, could use some spiritual and moral support as well. They are a very close knit and loving family.
  5. Looking at ammunition. Not sure how I got here. last thing I can remember my wife told me she had to go training bra shopping for my oldest daughter.
  6. For those of you at asheville that knew we had to leave early because our daughter was in the hospital heres an update. For those that didn't know my daughter had corpral tunnel surgery the week before and began having severe stomach pains, went to ER several times and couldn't find anything wrong, thought it was gas from the iv pain med she was on. Finally while we were at asheville they admited her to the hospital. So they thought it may be her gall bladder but the test showed ok. Yesterday they did an upper and lower gi and said if it was ok they were still going to remove the gall bladder. It checked ok and they got a gall blader expert in and he wanted another test which showed the gall baldder was functioning ok. So they finnnaly decided it was bacteria in the colon and since she was cleaned out from the gi sent her home with new antibiotics last night and so far no more attacks. So thanks for the concerns and prayers, hopefully thats all it was.
  7. things just have not been well for the last month. back in july i got a call on july fourth to please rush to ST Paul mn. my best friend of 32 years had a bad stroke and was not going to make it. i got the call from his daughter. 9 months before he burried his oldest daughter who had a bad seizure hit her head and died. and i was there for that funeral. i now am the last man standing of a group of 7 guys who where my child hood and early adult life friends. there is a big empty in my heart. i allmost gave in and was about to do something bad. but affter some time with his family and my daughter i pulled some what out of it. there must have been an intervention? as i was to go in on july 9th for a total knee operation but it was postponed. so i was there to hold this mans hand and say good bye. he never opend his eyes but placed his hand on top of mine. 3 hours after i got there he was gone he died on the 5th of july. now im going in on the 22nd of this month for the knee operation. i found a 1999 yamaha vstar 1100cc for $2500.00 i have that money but just cant ride the bike though i might still buy it and find a place to store it? kind of a goal for me to get well and ride again. the bike is red has 24000 miles needs a little maintenance. like a new battery flush the fluids you know the usual stuff. im talking to my daughter and older sister about doing this as there concerned about my healing first. i said to totaly heal i need to enjoy life again. and right now im just in a funk.if i can work it out i just might buy the bike. just need to store it. not sure if it can fit in a 5x10 room LOL thats the smalles storage unit i can afford LOL any ways thanks everyone
  8. Went out trying on cars today, thinking of this one. My daughter thinks it would suit me!
  9. Our Daughter and Grandson and I are visiting our other daughter and granddaughter in Kansas City, Mo. It has been very dry and no real rain in months. There was a storm last night and it is still raining this morning. Thank goodness. It is a little too late I am afraid for the farmers. I hope the air quality improves too. We will be heading home on Saturday. On the way here, I saw a lot of bikes on trailers heading to you know where on I-70. Yama Mama:smile5:
  10. We are in Orlando with my daughter her hubby and two kids, yesterday we did Universal Islands of Adventure and today we are going to Wet N Wild, went there with daughter and her brother when they were kids, but this place is 10 times bigger now than it was in 1983. I didnt care too much for all the waiting at Universal, raining on and off, but we did leave before the monsoon hit. Looking forward to the water slides. Rain is forecast for every day, and so far it has..........and I did get my cycle therapy at Universal.
  11. Mary's oldest daughter gave birth to our first grand daughter today. Mila was born this afternoon at 3:04 PM, 7 lbs 13 oz, 21 inches. Mother, daughter and grandmother are all doing fine.
  12. Biker Becky got a wonderful and unexpected Mother's day gift from her Daughter...
  13. My daughter is getting ACL surgery this morning. Just dropped her off at the hospital (and sat with here until she was wheeled into the OR) and came home to take care of the dogs and get a shower. Will be back there in an hour to see how the surgery went. My wife is hanging out at the hospital in case anything is needed. She blew her ACL playing basketball. May have screwed her for a D1 volleyball scholarship, but that is just a minor issue now. She should be back up and playing in 6 months or so. With me having been through this surgery (twice), I know it is a tough row to hoe. But she is young and in shape and should recover quickly. She will be very devoted to the physical therapy routine to affect a complete recovery. Still, we always worry. Wish she didn't have to go thru this. It is her senior year in HS and was doing so well in both VB (went to state finals the last 3 years) and BB. However, she is a great student and a wonderful daughter. This is but a minor setback in the long run. A short prayer is always welcome. RR
  14. Our daughter and granddaughter Ella, are moving the end of this month to Kansas City, Missouri. We found this out right before Christmas. Ella's daddy is getting a big promotion, which of course means more money. This is all good, except the part about not being able to see our Ella. I know I am spoiled. And I also know many of you have grandchildren who do not live right near you. It is just getting used to it, I suppose. It is a new start for our daughter and her family. I need to think positively of course. I am just used to seeing Ella all the time. I usually rush home from work to get to see her. They lived only 20 minutes away. Now it will only be 10 hours away. It is another reason to go for a trip, only more often I suppose. This is good. It is also half way to Sturgis. A free place to stay! See I am trying to cheer myself up. Just sharing with you. I do not know how long they will be there. Maybe they will come back, sooner or later. I just am worried about Ella. She is going to be 4, March 6th. She is not going to understand why MiMi & Papa are not coming over to see her like she is used to. I know she will adjust but that part is very hard to deal with. Thanks for listening. Yama Mama
  15. I Just received the Buddyrich cable last week and had some time today to install it. I like some of you need pictures and and maybe how too Instructions. # 1 Remove Fairing # 2 Looking from the front of the bike on the left you will see this cluster of color connectors (Lift the RED Connector up a bit and un-plug it. # 3 I put a little DIELECTRIC grease in the cables # 4 Now take the BuddyRich Cable and plug it into each of the bikes corresponding cables. # 5 This is what it looks like after the New Cable is plugged in. # 6 Take some Black Electrical Tape and wrap them up to help water proof them. # 7 Run the Small wire from the BuddyRich Cable through your fairing up the (MICROPHONE IN-PORT) on the Zumo Cradle # 8 Turn Zumo on and make it find your Cell Phone.. (TEST IT) Plug your helmet into your bike connector like always then have your Radio System on AUX switch to headset and make your call. I also Ran my Other 3.5 Connector in the AUX Port on the Zumo Cradle For my Loaded MP3 Music that I play from my Zumo. My Findings Were More then I Expected. The set-up worked perfect. I first called my Daughter from the bike with my helmet on from the garage. she could her me perfect and I could here her perfect as well. Then I Had my Wife come out and put her helmet on she could hear the call being made and My Daughter talking to me. My wife could not talk to our Daughter. But she could tell me what to say to her from helmet to helmet. Also , with the Zumo's MP3's Playing it will Mute it when the call is being made or coming in. I also was able to have the speakers on the bike on (not the H/S) and hear and talk to my Daughter. So for the price this set-up works PERFECT! Thanks Buddy for taking the time and making these cables for us. (Buddy make sure you add anything else I Forgot before Don puts this into the TECH Files.) I Hope this helps some of you folks. (not sure why these two photos are at the bottom of this page) --1/12/12 -- NOTE:: I have noticed that the 3.5 connector will fail after a year or so , so I have been going with the (GOLD PLATED ENDS) they seem to last longer from all the vibration going on. Jeff
  16. Well after a great day with our VR family I called my mom to check on my grandfather. He was put in the hospital on new year's eve day with a urinary tract infection. The call I made was very short due to my mom telling me he had just died and she was waiting for the funeral home to call her back. This was a bit of a shock to say the least to me. I'm the only one that doesn't live near by. So luckily my brother & his wife were there along with my sister who works in the hospital. I'm very glad we made the trip up for Christmas because that will be my last memory of him. I was hoping to be able to bring my first grandchild up to see him, but it wasn't meant to be. My daughter is due on saturday. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to grow up with my grandparents around. I spent a large part of my childhood with them and my grandmother's sisters. I also consider myself lucky that my daughter got to know her great-grandparents so well. My grandfather was born in 1918 after the 1st world war, he was in the 2nd world war. My grandparents dated for 5 years before getting engaged. I know he missed my grandmother terribly after we lost her. He lived on his own for most of the time after we lost her and only recently moved in with my folks (7 months ago). I know he was 94, but I don't think I was really ready for him to be gone yet. With grandma it was a blessing since she had cancer and she didn't really suffer till right before the end. With his passing all those in that generation in my family are gone. My grandparents were always there for me as a child and as an adult. I'll miss them both, but I'll have all those memories to help with the loss. Of course this one will be a bit harder getting over. When we lost grandma we still had him, now they are both gone. Margaret
  17. I would like to take a little time to express how thankful I am of all my blessings. Loving wife Penny Daughter Annie Fourman, husband Travis,grandaughters Madyson and Alyssa Daughter Amber and her boyfriend Josh Mother June Brother Jim Aunt Mary All of my cousins, nephews and family, Past and present and All of the friends i have made over the years, especially the ones I have made here and the ones I will make in the future. Merry Christmas! P.S. My dog Casper and cat Boo Roo.... LOL
  18. got a package from Amber my daughter today and i forgot to open it. well i just opened it and what do i see? a new cell phone an AT&T one nothing fancy just a samsung one with a camera. she said dear Dad im tired of you and that damn tracfone. i cant talk to you with out useing up your minutes. so Justin (son-inlaw) and I said you need this. it comes with 700 minutes and unlimited phone to phone? you can now call me anytime. boy is she asking for it now! so i have to learn this phone. im not good with new things. but now im at least in the circle? what do you do with kids like this?
  19. oldgoat

    im back

    just got back last night from the funeral and a small vist with 2 of my best girls my daughter Amber and Dianne. the funeral for my friends daughter went well. then some time with my girls. and i got to see a picture of dianne,s boyfriend. hansome guy can a man say another guy is hansome? any ways. he got his insurance check from his stolen items that i talked about a few post,s back. he is now going to hold onto that money and look for a venture!! see i can talk some pepole into buying one of these great bikes. i warned him about the 83 frame problems and the second gear problems. and advised him to maybe go 86 and up. so looks like next spring we may have a new member?
  20. heading out to pine river MN. to attend the funeral. friday. then a few days with my daughter. dianne is going to swing down from dakota to see me as well in brainerd and to visit my daughter. so there will be some sad times and some good times. god bless all of you. try not to miss the oldgoat too much:bighug:
  21. I have to admit, it was kind of a between quezy and exciting when I got settled on the seat, adjusted the mirrors and fired up the motor. My daughter was standing next to me as I took the helmet off the mirror and handed it to her. She asked "Are you sure you don't want to wear this?" I'm living on the edge today kiddo. I think I muttered "hoka key." I belive that means "It's a good day to die." I rolled backwards out of the driveway and dropped it into gear. When I make my first stop I went to move my feet and had no where to put them. Odd. As I made my left turn I banged my head on the side window. Damn! Should have worn the helmet. And what the hell it this thing digging into my butt? Seat belt? Haven't seen one of them in a while!! You see, it was the first time since March of this year I have been in a car. Even sitting in one as a passenger let alone behind the wheel. I've been on my bike every day since mid March no matter the weather or conditions. So for most the riders I know in my area think I'm nuts. A daily seven month riding season in Nebraska? Nobody does that anymore. And I'm not done. I hasn't snowed yet. LOL! But tomorrow will be the true test. I have to go to Walmart and wiggle my way through the parking lot in a 3,700 car and find a parking spot. Yikes! Maybe I'll wear the helmet for that. Now I need to find a car for my daughter. She "borrowed" it in March. Wish me luck. Mike
  22. well its not for me this time. but kind of. early today my daughter Amber had to rush her husband my son in law to the hospitial. he woke her up screamming for help. he was on the bathroom floor verry sick and verry weak. i will give you some info on justin. justing is 29 years old and suffers from a defect of the heart this runs in his family. last year justin had a new heart put in. he has fought for his life and to keep a promise to marry my daughter. and he kept that promise. they where married this may. justin is the love of my daughter. they where high school sweethearts who broke up once then got back together. he is a fine young man. who tries to work as much as social security will let him. yes he is considerd dissabled. i allways pray for Amber and Justin. as my daughter is only 30 and yes sometimes i fear that she could become a widow at an early age. due to Justins health problems. so far i have not heard back from here and im on pins and needles here. they live in MN and im about 8 hrs or more away and to darn broke to make a mad dash up there. but if i get the call to come i will do every thing in my powers to get there. sometimes i hate being so far away but Amber and Justin have a huge family up there in MN so i know he will have fine folks around him. please excuse my spelling and typing. im just a nervous wreak right now thank you james aka oldgoat
  23. My daughter is bringing him up right , just wish I had been there!!!
  24. Muffinman got the phone call friday we're gonna be grandparents. Our daughter's due Jan 7th and they are gonna have an ultrasound to tell whether we'll have a grandson or daughter. So now we'll be grand muffins. Hope the Pillsbury dough boy doesn't get mad. :crackup: Margaret
  25. My daughter delivered my first grandbaby today at 11:30 Sophia Gracelynn 6lbs 1 oz. Mother and daughter are doing well.
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