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  1. Does anyone have a good set of eyebrows from a 2 gen they would like to sell? I would like to add them to the front of my sidecar to match the bike.
  2. I actually have two of them to sell. One is based on the current cruiser styling of the RSV and the other an updated version of the first gen Venture. Both of these bikes have custom and slightly modernized body work. Both are fitted with mildly modified 1600CC VMax engines. Fuel injected, ABS Brakes, 600 watt stators, heated grips, power adjustable windshields, patented firmness control seat firmness, built in audio with 5 x 7 speakers front and rear and integrated satellite radio and MP3 players with 32GB of storage. Power center stands are also standard on both models. There are many other state of the art features that are all standard equipment but much to extensive to go into here. There is only one SMALL catch. These bikes are invisible. You will therefore not be able to see or actually use them but you WILL get a full description of the bike listing all features and specifications as well as the custom color of your choice. I figure if this guy can get away with selling invisible art, I should be able to sell a few invisible motorcycles. Please place your orders early...supplies are indeed limited...oh heck...no they aren't.....I've got THOUSANDS of them ready to sell. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/06/23/james-franco-creates-invisible-art/?test=faces
  3. OK we're riding along last week {Monday-Tuesday} going to Lincoln Caverns in Pa. listening to the radio. I reach up with my thumb to hit the seek button on the radio remote on the left handlebar. It changes channel but when I go to release the button it pops out at me. Luckily my finger is still there to stop it from its jumping to oblivion at 55. I manage to grab it and hand it over to the wife. Upon inspection of the button it seems to have a broken spear { for want of a better word} which renders it unusable. Does anyone have a spare one lying around with a few missing buttons that would be willing to sell me a button out of it?
  4. There has been a lot of talk about trikes and trike conversions. I am seriously considering going the trike route...only thing is that I don't know if it will be better to convert my 07 RSV (and, if so, using what system?) or to sell my bike and just purchase a trike (again, which manufacturer?) Sure would appreciate any help you all have.
  5. Found the proverbial oil puddle under the shock. This will be the second shock I have replaced on this bike and haven't even hit 50,000 miles. Anyway, has anyone ever used a shock off a RSTD pre 1999? I see that these are not air shocks. Or, does anyone have one that came off an RSV and is in good working order that they would want to sell? Can't afford a new one or a Works shock. I have been watching ebay and the only one so far that comes up is used for $399. You can get a new one for another $60 including shipping. Thanks in advance for any help. Charles
  6. Not sure if I am asking in the right place but does anyone have any extra headsets that they want to sell that will plug into my "06" Thanks, Kenny
  7. hi all hope the new year is a better one for all. it has come time for me to sell my '99 rsv motor trike. it has just over 31,000 miles on it. squidly ( brad ) will help me this weekend to post pictures on the site. also for sell is a m/c jack lift, a lift adapter, a carbtune, a front fork air pressure pump, and a progressive rear shock pump, which can also be used to top off air pressure in the tires. the price of the trike is $10,250.00 which is the pay off on the trike. i have a clear title to the trike as i found a independet finance source. i also have two color matched helments that will go with the trike. the pull behind trailer that i have had for a few years will also be for sell. i will still be a part of this site but will be just bike less for some time. best reguards don c. my e-mail addie is dcumps1950@yahoo.com phone # is 832-265-6236
  8. TEW47

    New bike

    As of the 11th I sold my Venture and now a Honda NC700x. For me it is so much easier to ride and weights 400 lbs less and am getting close to 70mpg on the first tank of gas. Hated to sell the Venture but the Nc700x is better for me. Thanks for all the help over the years, you saved me hundreds of dollars. tew47
  9. I know some of you 1st genners are looking for a heel toe setup for your bikes. I just removed one from an '83 I have and I'm looking to sell it. If your interested PM me and we'll chat.
  10. Well I just got back from the Eye Doctor and it isn't healing as well from my accident. getting some blank spots and double vision at times. Figured I better sell whats left of the bike. Maybe in a year or so I will get another if my eyesight comes back better. Will still keep in touch with y'all and will post some pictures of it when I get back to the house. Squidley was going to sell me most of the parts needed to put her back together.
  11. am looking for an ez-steer for a 1999 royal star venture before i start handing out big dollars thought i would check if anyone has one they would like to sell
  12. Anybody have an aftermarket (Corbin, Diamond or other brand) seat for a MM Venture they might want to sell?
  13. Yesterday I tore down my '83 frankenbike with the '86 engine. I just need finish by dis-assembling the front end and pull the engine to get the solid engine mounts so I can sell them. It looks pretty interesting on the center-stand with just the triple tree down intact attached to just the main frame with engine - that's all that's left intact (I pulled everything off of the frame including sub-frames & wiring harness.) And then the engine looks funny since I pulled the performance clutch, slightly used water pump assy, aftermarket high output stator assy, like new '83 carbs (new diaphragms & floats), ingnition coils,etc., & Vboost plenum with manual linkage off the engine. I want to know if there is any interest, meaning anyone having '83-'85 2nd gear problems that would be interested in the good tranny parts out of this '86 engine. I thought I would crack the case and pull any or all tranny parts if someone wanted to buy them. Otherwise I won't waste my time and the whole engine will go to the metal salvage yard along with parts that I don't think will sell, such as the main frame, probably some chrome handle/ crash-bar parts, etc. Please PM me or email me. Thanks, Doug
  14. Sharing my new bling, just put them on. Chuck AKA (Slowrollwv) is making them now next door on the other site. I think he has 5 more sets made. Outstanding work on these carb covers and REALLY HARD to find anymore these days. Comes with all the hardware and sell for $ 85.00 shipped. Here are a couple pics Before and After. [ATTACH]71736[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71737[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71738[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71740[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71739[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71741[/ATTACH]
  15. I love my RSTD and I think Yamaha would have a winner in they put the Vmax motor tuned down a little for better gas mileage in the RSTD. The bike has a great engine in it already but with the FI and more power I would think it would sell. What you all think?
  16. Heading from Atlanta to DC next weekend on a quick business trip and wanted to take the Venture. I managed to break my CB antenna taking the cover off and wondered if anyone had one they wanted to sell? Hopefully for less than what I just learned a replacment cost . Thanks!!
  17. Hey Guys, Are there any of you who have a set of Leveling Links you are not going to install....that you want to sell? Send me a PM, Rick
  18. Just picked up some parts off guy in Fenwick Ont. last night.Got left and right outer fairings-left and right lower fairings-side covers left/rt and front fender for $160can.I told him I would mention that he has some more parts to sell before he scraps what he doesn't need.So if any one wants his ad is on Kijjii under St.Catherines. look under Venture.Parting out two Ventures
  19. Does anyone have a set of these that you would be willing to sell and could someone post pictures or email me Pictures of what they look like on the bike? Thanks!!
  20. It must be nice to have a product to sell and anticipate a problem and be able to raise a price 30 % without proof of a problem to come.
  21. Hi everyone, Just noticed the carb mount, throat thing on on the front left cyl is cracked. That would explain all the goo. What are these called? Can they be fixed? Looks like a little epoxy might do it maybe. Does anybody have any they would like to sell? Thanks!
  22. i'm getting alot of folks interested in my cushman, which i was'nt expecting. it's for sale but not quite yet. there are a few bugs that i need to iron out before i sell it. here's the scoop. it is a 58 pacemaker. that looks original on the outside almost. it has a honda 390 cc clone engine that is built to the hilt. with a comet cvt automatic transmission. it is electric start, has a custom made hydraulic disc brake in the front, overcize polished aluminum wheels with tubeless motorcycle type tires. it is absolutely gorgeous, and has a $2000,00 dollar two tone paint job. silver and medium blue clearcoat. the bugs i need to iron out have to do with safety. i overbuilt the engine and it is just to fast for the particular model it is. i took it to georgia last summer and had a few close calls in the curves. it will probably run over 70mph like it is. i would'nt want anyone getting hurt. when i get time i want to detune it a little. smaller carb, and stock head. it is very well engineered. i built it last winter and rode it about 400 miles. i put $6000.00 in it not including my labor. i will want $6000.00 for it firm when i sell it. i have folks waiting in line for it that have seen it. i just can't sell it until i have it perfect. that may be awhile cuz i'm bulding an eagle for my buddy so it has priority. i got some pm's about pics i will work on that. every part in it except the frame forks and body are brand new including the engine and drive train.
  23. Does anyone know where to get a clutch switch for a MKII? Mine was broken & rigged by the PO as a fix- I just figured it out after a few years of ownership whilentrying to diagnose a cruise control problem. I can't find the part number anywhere. Looking at the online microfiches, I am having trouble actually identifying the actual part. Another idea- By chance does anyone have a spare that they are willing to sell?
  24. ok They can sell a whole MC for $500.00 & most parts for ours cost more than that....So tell me How the can sell a MC for $500.00 ?? and you know they are not going to lose $$$ on it... http://blog.leatherup.com/2012/07/03/yamaha-sell-500-dollar-motorcycle-in-india-cheapest-yamaha/#.T_N1ipE0m1e
  25. Just checked the gas mileage on the just rebuilt Venture, she got 47 mpg and this was before the diaphragm change and 2 of the 4 were bad. Cant wait to check this tankful. Hoping to get over 50. And the carbs haven't even been synced yet. And my wife thinks I ought to sell it because its so old, hell compared to me its very young, its only 29 years old. Thanks Yamaha for building such a quality bike. :thumbsup:
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