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Found 13 results

  1. OK we're riding along last week {Monday-Tuesday} going to Lincoln Caverns in Pa. listening to the radio. I reach up with my thumb to hit the seek button on the radio remote on the left handlebar. It changes channel but when I go to release the button it pops out at me. Luckily my finger is still there to stop it from its jumping to oblivion at 55. I manage to grab it and hand it over to the wife. Upon inspection of the button it seems to have a broken spear { for want of a better word} which renders it unusable. Does anyone have a spare one lying around with a few missing buttons that would be willing to sell me a button out of it?
  2. Shamue


    First want to that Diamond R Accessories for their great service. Ordered an RSV pillow stuff back rest on Thursday and got it yesterday. Great looking piece, nice size pouch, and matches my seats. Hope to install it today when I do an oil change and inspection for a long ride this weekend. Thanks again Diamond R, second time I've ordered from them and really like the product quality and service. Shamue
  3. I know this is a repeat of some other fairly recent threads, but I noticed that Pioneer Motorsports has EBC HH pads for sale in the classified for a very reasonable price, so I thought I would mention this again. I am sorry that we did not make a point of organizing the inspection of the rear pads on all the 2nd gens at Don's recent maintenance day - it only takes about 1 minute to open the saddlebag lid and reach behind it to pop off that plastic cover and inspect the pads with a little flashlight - No need for any tools! I want to stress the need to do this - the last time I had 5 RSVs/RSTDs together before Don's maintenance day, none of the owners had even given a thought to their brake pads with less than 20,000 miles on their bike, but THREE of the five bikes were already metal-to-metal on the inside pad! Please do yourself a favor and make this quick little inspection - new pads are sooo easy to change, and new rotors are sooo expensive. Goose
  4. Seems if you are on two wheels, you need a special 'inspection' to ride on I-95... The Story.
  5. Two weeks ago before we got all of our snow I rolled my 83 xvz12 in the house to do a little maintence. I fixed some of the plastics, changed the plugs, fixed the radio and that was it. Rolled it outside and now I have an exhaust leak. I know it is on the back bank, not sure where. Cannot feel any exhaust nor can I see any carbon deposit. How hard is the exhaust to take off for inspection? ANyody ever have anything like this happpen to them? Ideas suggestions. I have a friend who is going to let me roll it in his shop and put it on a lift to work on. Thanks in advance for your help. Dr. Psycho
  6. Most of you never have this problem as you wear tires out before they age. I don't get to ride much and when I do my time is shared between 2-3 scoots. The 89 had new tires installed in July of 06 with only 5500 miles on them now. They still look new but I'm going to do a close inspection for cracks and dry rot.I'll check the date codes as the tires may have been 1-2 years old sitting on a shelf somewhere. If the tires are 5-6 years old should I be concerned about the age if I can not see any signs of cracking or dry rot?
  7. Ok guys, I recently got an 87 Venture Royale (merry christmas me!) from my wife. (what a keeper!) i've refreshed old bikes before, but not a full dresser like this one. I have a list in mind of things to check/clean/replace but i would like your input as well, since, well, obviously you guys are alot more familar with these old gals than me! so far on the list: new cables all around New fluids all around New Brake Pads Rebuild/Replace all the seals in the brake calipers Master and Slave rebuilds for the brakes Rebuild for the clutch master New Tires Inspect, dielectric grease and general cleaning of all electronics, and fuse box Tank inspection Petcock inspection Air filter clean/replace Carb clean/rebuild Carb Sync anything specific to these girls i should know about besides this? Thanks in Advance! - Jared
  8. Ok....I've decided my gas tank is going to have to be dealt with. The bike had been stored for nine years before I bought it. The PO had run it once in a while and it had been in a heated garage all that time and the tank had been kept full (according to PO). The tank was checked as one of the first things during my inspection. Very little rust to be seen when I bought it. During the two winters I have owned it the bike has been kept in an unheated garage and the fuel treated with Sea Foam and Stabil during storage. Run it a bit every week and top off the gas with fresh. During the summer months I keep it topped off every few days unless I'm on the road then I'll let down to the last bar. But as luck may have it the rust is getting worse and getting to be a problem. It's clogging my fitler (3rd one) and getting into the carbs now. So here is my game plan after a lot of research on products. I'll say this is what I'm using and continue on unless you can convince me I'm going about it the wrong way. I'm pulling the tank and starting out with a alcohol and steel brad and BB cocktail to scuff up the interior and break up the rust. It's not heavy rust by any means but it's there. It surprised me from the looks of the tanks interior that I'm even having a problem this severe. Following that will be a soak with BEHR # 911 Concrete Etcher, a phospheric acid to break down the rest of the rust. The final step will be a treatment with Phenol Novolac Sealer from Caswells. Seems like a decent product for the coating. The tank is solid and no leaks or weak spots. Once I got the tank flushed out and found an inspection mirror that would fit inside I found most the rust problem in the lower end. So any advice or comments on the products I'm looking to use? Thanks Mike
  9. I need a new CB/CLASS/Coolant Inspection cover. If anyone out there has one I am in the market.
  10. Oh no! Not another tire thread!!!! Nah - just saying I ordered my new Venoms for my RSV. I just hope they live up to the hype! If so - thanks to all who swear by these! I am looking forward to a "new" ride in a couple of weeks. I have to wait until 8/8 which is the soonest I can get her in for inspection.
  11. Late last fall I bought an used 06 from a local dealer with about 10K miles on it. The dealer put new rubber on it and advised me that they had done a complete safety check as well. When I picked the bike up I did a respectable check out of it, not my usual detailed check. One of the things I usually do when I buy a used bike is pull the wheels and check everything myself. Since the dealer told me they had done a safety inspection and had the wheels off when they changed the rubber I did not do this. I have now put about 5K miles on this bike. Last week I completely lost the rear breaks. Come to find out that the inside shoe was so worn that it had started grinding the pistons and that it had broken in half. If this shoe had decided to flip it could have immediately locked the rear end up, needless to say it would not have been a fun ride. I was quite surprised to have a rear brake go out so early since the rear brake is the last thing I use to slow any bike down. Guess the previous owner had a different riding style. So what is my lesson learned here? No matter how great these bikes are never ever ever not do an inspection you would usually do yourself. Just because someone else told you they had done an inspection does not mean that it was the same one you would do, or done to the same standard you would do it. Also, do not become complacent just because this ride is so reliable. It is, after all, still a bike and it can reach out and bite you if you forget that.
  12. Its amazing how 30 degree weather feels great, been outside all weekend in the yard working on the shop, finishing the siding so I can get my inspection. The thought did cross mine mind about taking the bike for a little cruise.
  13. Guest

    License plate bracket

    I am trying to find a better looking setup for the license plate bracket and inspection sticker for my RSTD. The inspection sticker goes on a plate above the license plate and is really ugly. It sticks up in the air and looks out of place. Any suggestions?
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