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  1. Were vacationing on Hatteras Island. Ready to enjoy a Seafood and Ham dinner with my Wife,Son, and youngest Daughter.
  2. Well I did make an emergency run at 3:00 am to the fridge for some lasagna. Got wine,food,heat,shelter,electricity,and internet. The generator is ready on standby. Life is GOOD.
  3. Shorts and tee shirt. I just put the snowblade on the john deere. Heavy snow coming for us.
  4. You might want to consider a tri fuel kit. Gasoline,Propane,or NG.
  5. Yammer got my scoot running just needs a little tlc now. I hope his computer runs OK It's amazing what you can do with a hammer.
  6. Several viruses and trojans in it. Transfered pictures and important docs to jump drive before wiping the drive. Loading drivers and security patches this morning. Sorry Dan I couldn't save the Hooters girls with Yammer Video.
  7. Hey Dan don't forget them brownies. Be careful with them brownies. Did I mention don't forget the brownies.
  8. I got trick that might work on that computer.
  9. Fuel still pouring out of 89 setting at camp. Got one stubborn carb float won't shut off. Anyway I can fix your computer if I had it over here. I bought the test gig to get data off of it . Done several of mine when the kids would trojan them up.I maintain eight here and 5 more at the office.
  10. Dan I got 9 pound hammer. You can work on my carbs I'll work on your puter. We can share hammer. :smash2:
  11. Dan if all else fails you may have to wipe the hard drive loosing data and reload the O/S.If the hard drive is bad then replace it and reload. I have to do it about once a year on my kids machines.
  12. I'm running some early 70's and 80's BOSE gear. I have a BOSE 4401 preamp I rebuilt driving two BOSE 1800 Amps. These are connected to 4 BOSE 901 series V speakers on one amp and two BOSE 901 series 2 on the other amp. You might say a Super Bose System. That's about 650 watts per channel. I have a BOSE turntable I'm repairing and currently running a Kenwood tuner. I also have a BOSE 1801 amp waiting on a restore.
  13. I am running the Kenda Kruz tires on both first gens. They seem to be a dependable long life tire. The only thing negative I have noticed is they seem a little slippery on wet road to me. Also that kruz on the rear has very deep grooves in the tread when new. This seems to add some wobble to a heavy trailer if towing. Pulling a light weight trailer no problem.
  14. I bought the portable one after that big ice strom in 2000. Used it more this year then the last 10.
  15. New generator is finally online. I done a load test this morning. Automatic transfer switch and natural gas hookup works great. I still have some cleanup work to do but were now ready for the next power outage. I could have used it last Friday evening we were down for 6 hours.
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