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  1. I would not use RTV silicone gasket maker in that location. I would use Yamabond 4. Excellent sealant and the excess levels and clings to surrounding metal and doesn't ball up and break off like RTV silicone. They use Yamabond 4 to seal crankcase halves on two stroke motors for this reason. (hondabond 4 is the same product, I do not know the manufacturer generic name for this product.). The OEM yamaha gaskets that have gray sealant preapplied to them, that is Yamabond. If the gasket has pre-applied sealant, you don't need to add more except for where your crack is. Make sure everything is cle
  2. Before ripping anything apart confirm the following: Spark on all four, Fueling on all four, Running on all four (Cold start spit on finger touch the header pipes or use a non-contact IR thermometer if you own one), after confirmed sparking, fueling and running on all four, check and perform carb sync. Then check the clutch and stator work done previously to see if something loosened up there. These motors do not have a reputation for coming apart on their own,so look for noises anywhere a human has worked on it previously. Also,there is a service bulletin/recall on the 2007 models for
  3. I did not have to go 15 feet for my kitchen project ( in your case 34 feet, 15+15+2+2). I did put a rectangular clear plastic storage container over the circular saw with a port for a shop vac using a HEPA filter and a hole for my hand to work the saw. This worked well to control the dust. Rental equipment is probably better suited for the amount of cutting you need to do. Don't think I would want to jack hammer all that. If you make roughly equal cross cuts you could end up with 6-7 ~2x2 pavers to use out side somewhere.
  4. My condolences to the OP for his loss. Most police officers have no formal training in accident reconstruction. No ability to interpret skid marks, yaw, rear crossing over front, etc. or Interpreting transfer marks on vehicles, directional patterns, etc. Accident reconstruction involving motorcycles is a science unto itself. Saddlebum did what is often done professionally, superimpose all the available pavement marks and information (Skid, peg gouges, vehicle points of rest, etc) to scale on an aerial of the accident area. That typically will clarify a number of things including when driver(s
  5. Not sure what size or shape hole you need, but if the slab is only 2 inches thick, Get a concrete blade for your circular saw. $15.00-$35.00 depending on brand. That will get you down almost 3 1/2 inches. (most concrete circular saw blades are only 7 inches so probably closer to 3" depth of cut) I think I bought the cheap Husky brand diamond blade from Home Depot. I used it to make a trench for conduit to move a kitchen island and the electric. For that trench (not going through the slab) made multiple parallel cuts and easily knocked out the thin ribs with hammer and chisel. I have also us
  6. We went in 2007 on Holland America. We did the cruise and land tour combo with the train. If you are going to do the inside passage cruise, I would recommend a balcony if its in your budget. Nice to be able to go and sit out side and have your coffee and watch the scenery go by. You may also have a choice of which direction to go. My vote would be start out south in Seattle or Vancouver on the inside passage cruise and go north. Form a scenery perspective south to north journey things keep getting better and better. The other option is go North to south, starting with the train and land to
  7. The new springs in front will probably settle downward after a while. Drive it a month or two and see if settles in and down. Other option is your new springs and shocks in front were probably enough to level it relative to your rear springs with 22 years and 91,000 miles on them. I have a Ford Van with the Twin I beam suspension soI am not familiar with the 97 F150 front end or what you have to do to replace front springs and shocks. Some vehicles if you tighten everything with the suspension in full droop (wheels hanging down when its supported by the frame on the lift), Any pivot points wi
  8. Yamaha's "Pre-Order System" is nothing new. This was the only way you could get an FJR1300 when they first came out. They did this with the FJR because of what happened with the GTS1000 in 1993. For me the SVTC is too large. I felt the same way about the Kawasaki Concours 13. I am 6' 2" so not too large for me to handle, just stylistically too large. Its a good looking bike and well executed and no doubt will be reliable. I think Yamaha mis-read the market for it though. Unlikely you will get many Goldwing riders to switch from liquid cooled, shaft drive, 6 cylinder to Air cooled V-twin belt
  9. Ducati Making Mechanics out of Riders since 1946.......
  10. My condolences for the loss of your brother. While tough to do if you don't have a computer (you can always head down to the library), one way to get an idea on the cars is take information from 20 of them , 10 Franklin, 10 Danbury and do a search of Completed listings on ebay. This is generally a good marker for what you could expect selling them individually. I can tell you that my brother has paid too much money on ebay buying toys from his youth, if people are going to over pay for something they really want it will be on an auction site. Auctioning them yourself on ebay or a dedicate
  11. Brand new Denso Beam style front wiper blades for Nissan Murano 1- 19" model 161-1319 and 1- 26" model 161-1326, Brand new Anco model 67-45 front windshield washer pump for Nissan Murano, Custom fit roll up sunshade for front windshield sold at dealership, very nice insulated Like New. Parts were for a 2005 Murano but should fit multiple years. Package deal $40.00 shipped for everything Wiper Blades, Washer Pump, Sunshade. PM if interested. Thanks for looking.
  12. Selling a Grom Model # NIS02B3 Nissan /Infiniti 2002-2011 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Adapter Kit- with Satellite emulation. This lets you have Blue tooth handsfree calling and music streaming with your factory Nissan/Infiniti Radio. In general this works with all Nissan or Infiniti OEM radios with a SAT button. Also the Grom model 35USB Aux-In 3.5mm audio and 5V USB charging cable (5 Feet). Purchased new direct from Grom in May of 2017. Works great. Removed before trading Murano. Have the original box, packing, harnesses, posi-tap, and instructions. Should work with most Nissan/Infiniti OEM radi
  13. Nice Bike. Another vote for Pillow tops. I put pillow top seats on my RSTD. When swapping levers over be sure to remove clean and grease all the pivot points on the lever, including the brass barrels, and on the perch side. Makes a world of difference. The lever pivots points are frequently neglected and get dried out and sticky. If you had to push lever out with your hand to disengage the brake or clutch switch, its time for lever pivot maintenance.
  14. You are not the only one.........https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?139127-I-want-one-of-these-when-they-are-available
  15. Congratulations. Thread needs better pictures!
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