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  1. Nothing like paying thousands of $$$$for a bike & then having to cure annoying noises with 10c worth of rubber weatherseal. You'd have thought Yamaha would have done something about that.
  2. He does seem a bit obsessed with TEMPERATURE! LOL
  3. Long shot but way back one of my bikes did that, cut out at 60-70mph, scary. It was a faulty connection at the kill switch! No problems since.
  4. So who actually got the trike? Are we permitted to know/
  5. Kretz


    I ddin't see whatever it is that was removed... But it does seem to me that people nowadays are looking for things to be offended at. Just sayin'.
  6. Congratulations :happy65:on the new jobs Jeff. Pleased things seem to have tuned a corner for you, Hope the jobs go well & that you enjoy them. Crazy expecting folks to be able to take 20% pay cut & no health insurance, sounds like your old company is really going down the pan. Good luck & all the best!
  7. I do like that new Ranger. I've only seen a few & not close up, but it looks almost as big as an F150? The old Ranger was a much smaller vehicle. Hope it serves you well.
  8. Holy cow! Most of those cost more than my house!... Actually, all of 'em as those prices are US$! LOL
  9. Well I can't tell you guys what's happenin' up here as it's seen as "political" (I think my last thread got deleted ) & I sure as heck don't want to see old Puc's thread get deleted!
  10. Hey Karl what a great gift, I'm sure your Dad would appreciate it. I second the advice to take him with you to buy if that's possible. I'm only 6ft but I find the backs of a lot of chairs/ recliners too low for me. It means I have to tilt my head back to get it on the backrest, as I have a neck/ shoulder problem from a previous MVA it can be quite painful (or I have to put a cushion behind my head which then moves around) So a "Dad test drive" in the store would be a good bet! It won't be a surprise but I'm sure he'll appreciate it just as much! Best of luck!
  11. Nah! It's not that you're forgetting, with all the stuff stored as we age, it just takes a bit longer than it used to, to locate that memory.
  12. Yup! Depends upon speed & circumstances but most times if it's safe to do so. Not often on major/ split highways though. I wouldn't really call it a "wave" in the accepted sense of the word. Here it's an acknowledgment, & consists mostly of merely taking ones hand from the left bar & more or less extending it out at seat (hip) level, Almost like you're pointing at the road a few feet from your bike. It's most definitely not a manic wave :banana:that could throw the bike off balance or be misunderstood as a stop or turn signal; that would be silly. I can understand that in countries that drive on the left that it's more difficult to take a hand off the throttle, so maybe a nod becomes more acceptable & safer. As for folks waving back some do some don't (mostly Harley riders). Their choice! But Yup I do it & will continue to acknowledge fellow riders.
  13. Kretz


    My Nephew is in Ralieigh NC. He said it was windy for a while & there was some rain but not really a huge amount. Stay safe everyone!
  14. I echo Sylvester's sentiments. I didn't know Bob but I'm very pleased to see his friends & members of this great group stepping up to assist his widow at what will be a very stressful & upsetting time for her. Thank you all!
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