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  1. So yeah that's the ticket. Home Depot has some of the vehicle weather stripping, 1/2" and if you run it right at the top on the faring, when you put the metal trim back on it squeezes out enough to not let water pool on top of it and it's invisible. Works like a charm. and yes love having to tweak a 20K bike for noise issues, NOT.
  2. Hi there, I just got my Venture about 3 weeks ago. I had done a couple test rides and a demo ride and never heard this before, but I'm guessing I never hit the window for this to occur considering its very narrow. But, with the windshield all the way up when I hit 40 mph and all the way through 45 I get a whistling that is solid and constant that I can easily hear with a full face closed. Its not there at 39 and it goes away at 46, if I lower the windshield about and inch it goes away. I've narrowed it to the last 2 outside inches of the metal decorative strip. If I put tape from it to the windshield it goes away. I've tried putting a thin piece of plastic under it and coming up about 1/2 and inch above trying to change the air flow but that didn't work. Just trying to tinker and find a solution and narrow even further where it's coming from. Has anyone else heard or have this issue? My problem is I live in Washington state and tons of the roads here are 40-45 mph and I ride the 35 at 40 to, so it's pretty constant and with my height tl lower the windshield to make it go away it puts the top of it right in my view and lower gives me more wind noise. This is very frustrating. Thanks from the new guy.
  3. Hi there, this is my first post, just joined, and just got my '18 Venture 6 days ago. JUST discovered my dislike for the GPS on this bike. A couple questions maybe you or someone can help me with, or at least steer me in the right direction? 1. How do you name your saved waypoints? I saved my parking lot at work, but it just calls it an unnamed street, I mean after a dozen different places called unnamed how am I suppose to tell them apart, especially if they are new and I don't remember the address? 2. How do you delete a waypoint, I accidentally added my work twice but I can find no way to delete one of them. 3. What do you mean you keep a usb drive plugged in for the saved items? I have had a really hard time trying to find information about this thing, I guessing because it's so new. I love the bike itself, but man this infotainment system leaves a lot to be desired. I've installed navigation systems in aircraft for 30 years, so I'm not new to GPS or nav systems, some are harder to work than others, but this thing is a beast to work through. Thanks!
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