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  1. Hey! I'm not sure where is better to post it but I need a little help. There's my dad's birtday soon and I'm thinking of buying a new recliner for him. He's 6' 6'' height that's why common chairs don't fit him and he is complaining about his back pain. So a new recliner is a perfect gift for him I suppose. Have you got the same recliner? How to choose which one is good for a tall man? What brands are popular nowadays? Thanks in advance! Thanks for joining my topic, now I'd like to share my experience. After searching of dozens of forums and websites, I finally found a chair that my dad would love. It's Ashley Furniture, you can check out it here smarthomedesk.com/best-recliner-tall-man/The recliner is amazing, it comes with a remote control so you can adjust the chair with one click. It's made with thick upholstery so it should be longlasting. And the design is perfect! My dad is so happy, as I am! On his days off they are inseparable haha.
  2. Sometimes I do, but usually I don't wave first.
  3. The damage looks pretty bad, hold on guys!
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