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  1. Nothing like paying thousands of $$$$for a bike & then having to cure annoying noises with 10c worth of rubber weatherseal. You'd have thought Yamaha would have done something about that.
  2. He does seem a bit obsessed with TEMPERATURE! LOL
  3. Long shot but way back one of my bikes did that, cut out at 60-70mph, scary. It was a faulty connection at the kill switch! No problems since.
  4. So who actually got the trike? Are we permitted to know/
  5. Kretz


    I ddin't see whatever it is that was removed... But it does seem to me that people nowadays are looking for things to be offended at. Just sayin'.
  6. Congratulations :happy65:on the new jobs Jeff. Pleased things seem to have tuned a corner for you, Hope the jobs go well & that you enjoy them. Crazy expecting folks to be able to take 20% pay cut & no health insurance, sounds like your old company is really going down the pan. Good luck & all the best!
  7. I do like that new Ranger. I've only seen a few & not close up, but it looks almost as big as an F150? The old Ranger was a much smaller vehicle. Hope it serves you well.
  8. Holy cow! Most of those cost more than my house!... Actually, all of 'em as those prices are US$! LOL
  9. Well I can't tell you guys what's happenin' up here as it's seen as "political" (I think my last thread got deleted ) & I sure as heck don't want to see old Puc's thread get deleted!
  10. Hey Karl what a great gift, I'm sure your Dad would appreciate it. I second the advice to take him with you to buy if that's possible. I'm only 6ft but I find the backs of a lot of chairs/ recliners too low for me. It means I have to tilt my head back to get it on the backrest, as I have a neck/ shoulder problem from a previous MVA it can be quite painful (or I have to put a cushion behind my head which then moves around) So a "Dad test drive" in the store would be a good bet! It won't be a surprise but I'm sure he'll appreciate it just as much! Best of luck!
  11. Nah! It's not that you're forgetting, with all the stuff stored as we age, it just takes a bit longer than it used to, to locate that memory.
  12. Yup! Depends upon speed & circumstances but most times if it's safe to do so. Not often on major/ split highways though. I wouldn't really call it a "wave" in the accepted sense of the word. Here it's an acknowledgment, & consists mostly of merely taking ones hand from the left bar & more or less extending it out at seat (hip) level, Almost like you're pointing at the road a few feet from your bike. It's most definitely not a manic wave :banana:that could throw the bike off balance or be misunderstood as a stop or turn signal; that would be silly. I can understand that in countries that drive on the left that it's more difficult to take a hand off the throttle, so maybe a nod becomes more acceptable & safer. As for folks waving back some do some don't (mostly Harley riders). Their choice! But Yup I do it & will continue to acknowledge fellow riders.
  13. Kretz


    My Nephew is in Ralieigh NC. He said it was windy for a while & there was some rain but not really a huge amount. Stay safe everyone!
  14. I echo Sylvester's sentiments. I didn't know Bob but I'm very pleased to see his friends & members of this great group stepping up to assist his widow at what will be a very stressful & upsetting time for her. Thank you all!
  15. Maybe it got cracked or broken & the former owner put a solid plug in. Not a good idea but if the bike wasn't ridden that much maybe they didn't care. For sure I'd be checking out those Lenz products above.
  16. Yep! All the time! LOL Ignore the aches & pains & they'll go away! It can't be anything serious I've had it for soooo long!
  17. Methinks it's not only your grandson that's going to be having a hoot! Good on ya Puc (aka Supergramps!) Now you need to get a pile of dirt for him to move from one place to another!
  18. Kretz


    The total we "made" includes the money we had to withdraw in 2014/16. So effectively the "cash in total" (now) plus the (2014/16) withdraw. Gave us a total return of 2.6%pa on our original investment. So yes! I agree totally, a pretty poor investment! Of course I see today after cashing in yesterday the fund has leapt some 4.5% today!
  19. Kretz


    Gentlemen thank you for your replies! I asked because we had an investment (Mutual Fund) taken out in 2004, it absolutely tanked in 2008 & we lost a lot (on paper) at the time, the original investment was around 40% of our portfolio (in that one fund!). My adviser has apologized many times, not especially for the investment (he felt it was sound) but for the amount that he recommended we put into it. Long story short we had to draw on it twice (at a substantial loss) for living expenses (2014 & 2016) what was left has now finally grown to be slightly more than our original investment. So in total we've "made" a quite spectacular 40% on the OE, (most of that in the last 5-6 years) BUT if I average that out over the 15 years (since inception in 2004) it averages 2.6% per year. So maybe just kept place with inflation! Anyway at least we didn't lose it all (like so many) so we are grateful for that, anyway we decided to "cash it in" & are now looking at what may be available going forward. We do have other investments but our adviser now seems to have gone so conservative that there seems to be no "growth" (eg another MF that we were recommended has made around 2.6% but in TWO years!) so that's why I was asking what sort of returns people are currently getting. Again thank you all for your help.
  20. Not looking to pry into anything private but I'm just wondering what sort of returns older (retired) guys are getting with any lowish risk investments they may have. I'm wondering if 5% is a realistic return in today's economic climate or whether that is too optimistic? Would be most obliged for any information. Low or High &/or Average %ages would be great. Thank You!
  21. As Cap'n Jack Sparrow would say, Rules of the Road to many are like the Pirates' Code, they're more like "guide lines!" As for the German cars, BMW used to be noted for fast &/or aggressive driving but we saw Audi drivers join that group after the Transporter movies. Jason Statham has a lot to answer for! LOL Around here on Hwy1 into Vancouver it would often be wonderful to actually get to 20km under the limit as we're often at a standstill.
  22. Ya! we use dto see that quite often here. Often made the TV "news". Drivers trying to make it look like look like they have a passenger in the vehicle. They still get a ticket if LEO's pull them over!
  23. Been that way in BC for years, glad you now have it too. They recently allowed electric vehicles to use HOV lanes too, with only the driver inside. Warning: do watch for drivers cutting into the HOV lanes (using them as a passing lane) they often don't see a bike (there's a surprise huh?) Here in BC lane discipline is abysmal & direction indicators must be an expensive optional extra so are not fitted to most vehicles! (or at least it seems like that). I just read the Ontario rules for entering & exiting HOV lanes LOL.... Good luck with that! We have similar requirement, but drivers cut in & out of HOV lanes wherever & whenever they feel like it. Maybe Ontario drivers are a bit more thoughtful.
  24. Well it's not to be, not atm anyway. See my post 441 above. I ordered the Kentucky LR Kit on 4th Aug. Supposedly it was "in stock" to be delivered to my local Cabela's within 5-8 working days. Now been 11 working days plus two weekends & there was no sign of it so I canceled the order. Cabela's were very helpful & good about it, so no complaint really. Anyway, while I was waiting for the kit to arrive I happened to come across this: It's a "modern" 50cal in line muzzle loader by CVA. https://www.cabelas.ca/product/116276/cva-accura-mr-mountain-rifle-nitridestainless-steelrealtree-max-1-muzzleloader-with-konuspro-3-9x40-ir-scope-and-gun-case-combo So I bought it! Looks to be little used made in 2014 & seems to be in good condition it had no case but does have a 3-9x40 Bushnell scope, good quality sling & powder storage/ measures. So having never shot any Black Powder, now I'm on a very steep learning curve re Powders, charges, sabots, bullets powerbelts, etc. etc. Great fun! But my brain hurts! LOL My other half said to get 'em both but I think that's a bit overkill. I may try the Kentucky LR (It'll be on sale again) at a future date but for now I'll see how I get on with the more modern one.
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