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  1. I recently got a pair of Road King mufflers to put on my 2005 RSV, it was a very simple conversion except 1 thing. I need to find a exhaust sheild that will cover where the pipes meet the muffler. Anyone have any ideas?????
  2. Ok, I hope someone has a quick / easier / inexpensive fix for this one.. Because I park the bike in the garage over night with the key in the ignition, and seldom stop longer than a fuel stop when traveling, I just noticed that when I pull the key out, the little cover jobbie doesn't cover up the hole that the key fits into.. So if left out over night, and it rains, I'm going to be heading for some problems with rust and such and be out of an ignition switch / lock.. I've sprayed it with WD40 and other products but can't seem to make it move to cover the hole.. Thoughts, suggestions
  3. I read several threads on mounting a garage door opener on the RSV and newer RSTD's. None of them were on the older RSTD's. So here is what I did. http://images.photos1.walmart.com/232323232%7Ffp432%3C9%3Enu%3D33%3B6%3E%3A%3B9%3E238%3EWSNRCG%3D32%3C483%3B958329nu0mrj First I opened up the remote an soldered wires to the activation button. When the cover is closed, the wires come through the whole in the front of the cover. You might have to create one on your remote. http://images.photos1.walmart.com/232323232%7Ffp43332%3Enu%3D33%3B6%3E%3A%3B9%3E238%3EWSNRCG%3D32%3C4843753329nu0mrj The
  4. Hi guys. I have a 1983 venture royale. I have all the bolts taken off the stator cover, but there is the gear shaft and its linkage that's stopping me from pulling the stator cover off. Two questions. How do you remove the gear shaft from back linkage/stator cover entirely? How can you just slide the stator off the bike leaving the gear shaft put? Please help. Thanks. (1st timer, I'm 27 w a 30+ year old bike.)
  5. WARNING - this is LONG, so unless you are actually going to adjust your valves, or just like to read mechanical cookbooks, you probably should just stop here! There is a LOT involved in this job. It needs to be done, but it is probably worth whatever you local shop is charging. I'd certainly pay $200 for it if I trusted the shop, and I'm very comfortable doing the job myself. If you don't trust your shop, or don't have the money, then read on! We periodically have questions and discussions here on valve adjustments, like how often? (26,600 miles), is it really needed? (yes), how to? (
  6. I have oil collecting at the top of the left rear cylinder just below the chrome cover. I thought it was only occurring while running, but the bike has been sitting in the garage since Dec. 7th at which time I cleaned it thoroughly. While installing a Speed Bleeder and changing my clutch fluid over the weekend, I found oil there again. On the car I'd suspect a valve cover gasket. Do I have a valve cover gasket or similar on my RSV? Suggestions welcome. Ken
  7. Hey everyone! I need some help. I got my '86 Yamaha Venture Royale about 18 months ago. It came with nice floorboards and a heel toe shifter. I figured this was standard equipment. About a week ago, I started home from work and to my dismay, I could only shift into first, neutral and second. I babied it along sidestreets and took my time driving 5 miles. Three more stops, I could only get first and neutral to work. To shorten this story, I discovered that the fitting on the left crankcase cover had broken. Reading on here, I discovered that I could get it welded because the casing i
  8. Last year a member asked me to help fix his bike, turned out that water had got into the motor and it was ceased. He picked it up and has it parked since then under cover. It's been a few years since it has been used. He wants to donate it to somebody deserving. Let me know if you're interested. It's in Georgetown Ontario
  9. Do you need to drain the oil before pulling the cover? I know there will be some oil lost when doing so, but how much is up there?
  10. Something like this? http://www.motorcyclenews.com/upload/271405/images/golf-rack.jpg I want to build on that doesn't cover the brakelight/license plate. Possibly off to the side of the saddle bag.
  11. I know it says Honda but should probably work on other bikes. http://www.addonaccessories.net/shop_details.asp?cat=%2DGL1800+%2A%2ANew%2A%2A&prod=%2A%2ANEW%2A+SIDE+COVER+REPAIR+STUDS+2011
  12. My RSV has a coolant leak, under the left aft cyclinder cover. It is not coming from the cover bolt holes, but what I think is the cylinder drain plug (looks like #1 in the center picture on page 3-35 of the service manual). This 'plug' has no internal or external wrenching feature, but the center is threaded. Can I tighten this plug to try to stop the leak? How do I tighten it? Can I just thread another bolt in there to tighten it? Or will tightening the cylinder covers push it in to hold it? The bottom cylinder cover bolt was loose when I disassembled it.
  13. Hi everybody, Just installed my new custom radiator cover by one of our own fine meber venders,[steve Wagner]. If you dont have one of these on your RSV, you have to check it out. Best money I have spent to date on making my 99 look better. Always hated that bare old radiator look. This custom fab fiberglass paintrd to match is awsome. Installs in seconds and looks super expensive.
  14. Bought this bike about a week and a half ago. It was a pathetic, ugly, dirty mess. The windshield was so swirly, I had to look over it on the way home. My wife and I spent about 30 hours disassembling, cleaning, waxing and reassembling. Took it for inspection and the mechanic was impressed at how complete the bike was; all the parts are there. I still have detailing to do on the engine, clutch cover, etc, but it's not too bad. It runs like a top- I call it The Cruise Missile. The more I ride it, the more I like it. Amazing how light all that weight can seem when in motion. http://i275.phot
  15. A gell seat cushion made for autos at Wall-mart for $19.96. Yes gell seat covers are sold for $100.00 or more with the sheep skin cover just for bikes. If I could find just a sheep skin cover now to go over the geel pad, I would be in high cotton..... I hear that it works fine for our bikes from another rider here about two days ago. I found one at the local store here and I am going to go pick it up. The first store was sold out and the next store only had one, so they put it back for me. Evidently they are popular. I am driving the car to get because wifey wants to go to dress store and d
  16. djh3

    Rain Boots

    Just got back from a trip that I had to don the rain suit 4 out of 4 days of riding. 3 of the days was not bad an hour maybe 2. Anyways the last day I just rolled the suit, and boots up and bungied them to the trunk rack as it was easier. When I got home I noticed that the heel of my rain boot has a tear in it. The ones I have now are maybe 5 yr old so close to replacement. They are the "spyder" type that have a complete sole. I am thinking about the Tourmaster or Nelson Rigg type. The cover just the toe and the heel is open. Can anyone tell me do these keep your feet dry with the heel being o
  17. Do you have to drain the oil first before you take the cover off?
  18. Correct me if I am wrong (not everyone at once), but don't we have someone on this forum that has the valve cover gaskets, and valve shim kit, that...if I buy the valve cover gaskets from them, they allow me to use the shim kit ??? This is for my '06 RSMTD.
  19. I am wondering if anybody who has a a Corbin also has a sheepskin cover? I have been looking but haven't found anything.
  20. I'm looking at a Nelson-Rigg Trike Cover #TRK-350 on E-bay. Will this cover properly fit the RS Venture with the Hannigan trike kit? Are any of you using this cover? Or is there a better suggestion? Thank You! Owen.
  21. Stator went out on my awhile back so I have to replace it, got down to the bolt that holds the retaining cover for the stator wire going out of the case and snap off came the head. So I think ok I will drill it and use and easy out nope broke the stupid easy out in the middle of the bolt. I had thought about drilling to the side of it, tapping it and putting in a smaller bolt but I guess I really should just get a new side cover. Any thoughts , ideas or just plain jabs for my stupidity are Welcome. I am hoping I can find someone parting out an engine or has replaced one because it
  22. Next weekend I'm puttin the bike away for her long winter's nap. It's going to be staying in a pole bar at my Uncle's place. I figure it would probably be a good idea to invest in a cover to keep dust off of it. I've got the 1300 RSTD, not sure if that's going to require a "Large" bike cover or an "XL" bike cover. Suggestions? Thanks
  23. Going to visit my Grandkids in Illinois for Thanksgiving and I am considering renting a luxury Car or Minivan to make the 12 hour each way trip a little more comfortable (would ride but my daughter and her boyfriend are going too). I have never rented a car for pleasure so I have never had to deal with all the diffrent add ons. I have heard that my insurance will cover some damage and that credit cards will cover some items but I am not sure guess I should give them a call. The other thing is which rental companies do not charge per mile if you leave the area. Enterprise charges $.
  24. '88 VR......Is there a good way to install a retaining strap on the saddlebag top cover to hang it, rather than lift it off and set it down? Ideas are welcome...... -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83,88 Venture
  25. I just finished replacing the stator on my 87 VR. Thank God for the volt meter on the dash, it allowed me to notice that I wasn't getting charging voltage before it was too late, and I rode the bike home on battery power. What a pain this job is! The stator part is typical - remove the cover, replace the stator, deal with the little rubber plugs where the wires go through. But, as has been noted, the screws holding the stator inside the cover are SUPER TIGHT with Loctite. The gasket was like a piece of granite bonded to the cover - very difficult to remove. And finally, there's the
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